Republicans, Be Not Proud

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America Is No Longer Watching The President, We Are Watching Our New Legislature

America Is No Longer Watching The President, We Are Watching Our New Legislature

Republicans, tread lightly and be not proud, take your victories with a measure of humility. Congratulating yourselves on the running of brilliant campaigns and of having the best candidates will not endear you to the American public: the American people didn’t necessarily vote for you, they voted against the man in the Oval Office.

President Obama had a great PR outreach program; the MSM laid at his feet and became his personal propaganda bureau. The opportunities were endless, and the stunts, like women fainting on cue, were believable to many dim-witted voters, but the president lacked a key component of the successful statesman: he didn’t know how to compromise. Consequently, America has suffered through his presidency, instead of enjoying a period of prosperity.

A statesman knows how to work the system and his main tool is the ability to compromise. It was the president’s inability to compromise that condemned his presidency, but more importantly his deficit threw a wrench in to the gears of government and left the country and the economy in a quagmire.

America has had enough of the immaturity and petulance of Obama, and is watching the Republicans’ victory celebrations with a jaundiced eye. Republicans, please remember, you were the only option to the man who threatens to bring down our hallowed traditions of governance with his pen and phone. Indeed, it was President Obama who robbed the Democrats of their political power.

No longer are you required to treat this president like the Black Christ Child; he is a failed politician with serious personality flaws, who misjudged his messianic control over the dim-witted and easily manipulated among us. If he insists on playing Third World Dictator, America will expect you to kick his legs out from under him by defunding his whole existence. If he wants to be a politician and play the political game, we may assume he has acquired humility at the expense of hubris and has a chance of salvaging an otherwise hopeless legacy.

The Republicans can restore faith in the damaged American system or contribute to the destruction. Choose a direction for prosperity or expect to be decimated at the 2016 election.

America is watching.


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    OUR WORK as Citizens has just begun as well…we cannot afford to sit back and watch…WE must also be vigilant and effective…prodding and critical of our newly elected keeping them on course in moving America in a better direction…FOR THE COUNTRY…FOR EVERYONE…

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    Obama provided us with the fundamental problem of his presidency when he threatened a Democrat Congressman who was reluctant to vote for Obamacare with the taunt, “Don´t think we´re not keeping score, brother.” Loyalty to Obama trumped loyalty to American voters.
    From then on ”bi-partisanship,” was redefined by Obama as ”my way or the highway.”

    Now, I hope, one bill comes off Reid’s desk after another and makes a quick path to Obama’s desk.
    We will all then see who is the real bi-partisan…..
    Will Obama use his pen/phone to veto all non-Obama sourced ideas?
    Or will he move to the center?

    Being ”proud,” has nothing to do with getting this country moving into recovery, full-time work, adjustments to ObamaCare (not just Obama’s political adjustments) and so on.
    Obama’s threats, unfortunately, are backed up by a newly lefticised military whose generals and admirals have all been either fired for being defenders of America or who have been blackmailed by Obama and kept around.
    Even those men with their fingers on ”the buttons” of our nuclear missiles are being Obamacised.
    And, we know Obama’s love of fingering his decks of death cards, looking for his next drone kill.
    So, if I were a newly elected Republican I would work hard but keep my head down.

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    @NannyG…”we will all see who is the real bi-partisan”- – – Yes. Time will tell then his lies will once again be made apparent!

    From what I am hearing ALREADY…First day after historic sweep…Asshat Republicans (McConnell) has already handed over the purse to the Ofraud…ugh!! What are these idiots doing!!??!

    I feel my frustration erupting already…

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    Yes, we can join in the celebration, but our leaders have already given the president the keys to the government and the rights to an imperial presidency. It took less than 24 hours and your silly victory celebrations mean nothing more than drunks cheering a win at a sports’ bar. They could have at least waited until the new members were sworn in before Boehner and McConnell made them into impotent chipmunks. Yes, let’s hear your hurrahs and you can play the fools they expect you to be.

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    There is no time to relax and rest on our laurels as the next two years will be dangerous times for the continence of our constitutional Republic. We still have a President (who thinks he was crowned King,) disdainfully ignoring the constitutional limits of his office in making despotic unilateral decrees. The GOP leadership may very well prove themselves be too craven to stop his arrogant power grabs.

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    In related news: White House Cites Joe Biden’s ‘Superior Knowledge’ for Predicting Election Wins for Democrats

    “I think we’re going to end up with 52 about, in that range, Democratic votes,” Biden said in an interview with WPLR radio.

    “I don’t think it’s a surprise to anybody that the vice president is braver than I am, and he’s more willing to hazard a guess about that,” Earnest said, “It’s probably rooted in his superior knowledge of American politics.”

    Biden: Dems Will Keep Senate, Americans Agree with Obama on ‘Every Single Major Issue’

    Though nearly every election forecast and poll have found otherwise, Biden insisted in a Monday CNN interview that the polls and prognostications were wrong.


    “If you look at every single major issue of the campaign, the American public agree with our position,” Biden claimed, cherry-picking issues like infrastructure, the minimum wage, and gay marriage.


    But a recent national Fox News poll, conducted by Anderson Robbins Research, a Democrat firm, and Shaw & Company Research, a Republican firm, found otherwise. Contrary to Biden’s assertion, Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of Obama’s position on the issues they consider most important:

    Immigration: 34% approve, 60% disapprove

    The economy: 41% approve, 56% disapprove

    Terrorism: 41% approve, 54% disapprove

    Ebola: 41% approve, 50% disapprove

    Health care: 40% approve, 57 disapprove

    Foreign policy: 36% approve, 57% disapprove

    Combating ISIS: 35% approve, 56% disapprove

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    @Nanny: I wonder how many semiliterate no names would have won by running as a Republican and against Obama’s policies.

    The main weapon the House has is the power of the purse, and when Boehner and McConnell reiterate, after the greatest victory and repudiation of a sitting president in our history, that they refuse to use the threat of defunding and that they want to find common ground with a megalomaniac, we are pretty well back to business as usual with the same old eunuchs. To correct 6 years of mismanagement and lunacy, you better hit the ground running.

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    Now we must hold their feet to the fire, no more of this BS get along and go along by the ‘country club’ and checkered pants’ Republicans, who IMHO care much more about holding onto their seats than legislating for ‘We The People’.

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    I really ‘cringe’ whenever I hear Obama-Pelosi-Reid-Biden….or any of their ‘mouth pieces’ say: “The American People have Spoken…” or any like sounding – ‘sound bite’ …

    ….Especially when it is about something that ANY reasonable, common sense, individual thinking person KNOWS is BAD (for the COUNTRY)….

    I will most likely feel the same if I hear the same blather from Republicans…

    The idea that WE can now sit back because the Republicans have ‘control’ is fantasy…WE have to be just as critical….they work for ‘us’ not the other way around…

    I can attest from Personal Experience I have not come out ‘ahead’ in the last 6 years ‘because’ of “ANYTHING” this present Administration has DONE… it leaves me wondering who, outside of Washington and their cronies, has…really?

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