Voter Fraud Open Thread- Updated

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Voter fraud is well under way in Connecticut.

Hartford voters reported a slew of problems at the four polling locations first thing on Tuesday morning — with no monitors at at least one site and voter registration books missing from others.

Some callers said lines were building and would-be voters gave up without casting a ballot to get to work on time.

The moderator at the Hartford Seminary polling location in Hartford said they did not have a list for registered voters to check in. Instead, each voter was writing his or her name, address and phone number down on a blank piece of paper and then received a ballot.

One of the four polling places to encounter problems was the senior center on Maple Avenue.

The moderator got very ill and was rushed to the hospital around 3 p.m. on Monday, so they needed a backup moderator, Olga Vázquez, the Democratic Registrar of Voters, said. There was also a computer glitch and the voter list printout did not happen in a timely fashion, which affected four polling stations.

Apparently Connecticut officials were unaware that today is Election Day. In 2010 Connecticut kept the polls in Bridgeport open and kept churning out ballots until there were enough for Malloy to defeat Foley. I expected to see it again, and voilà!

This post will be updated through the day. Love to hear from you about voter fraud.


Déjà vu for Connecticut:

Just minutes after the polls opened across the state, voters in some cities and towns saw glitches.
Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, who is up for re-election, told Eyewitness News that a number of polling places had issues.

Gov. Dannel Malloy, who is running against Republican Tom Foley, announced on Twitter on Tuesday morning that issues in Hartford were resolved. However, he electronically filed a complaint to extend voting hours for those who could not get to the polls earlier.

“If you were unable to vote earlier, your polling location is open and you can vote now,” Malloy’s tweet said.

This now rots of planning. It’s 2010 all over again. They’ll keep the polls open until Malloy has enough to beat Foley.


Greg Abbott’s name is left off the electronic voting machines in Bexar County TX

About Bexar County:

Spanish Ad by Bexar County Democrats Calls Tea Party ‘Radical Terrorists’


More voting machine fraud

VIDEO Captures Virginia Voting Machine Casting Ballot for Democrat When Republican Selected

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    The governor’s race in Illinois is going to be close. No doubt the polling places in the Cook County cemeteries are going to have extended hours today!

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    Some types of voter fraud is OK while some others will not be tolerated.

    “I want the American people to know that the Justice Department will stand vigilant — working in a fair and nonpartisan manner to ensure that every voter can cast his or her ballot free of intimidation, discrimination or obstruction,” the attorney general said in a video announcement Monday.

    Unless, of course, a Black Panther wielding a club is doing the intimidating and discriminating. Then it’s OK.

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    Bexar County, TX has a ballot that omits Greg Abbott.
    The Bexar County Election Administrator’s Office has confirmed the complaint. “We’re aware of the situation and trying to resolve it,” a spokeswoman at the office told Breitbart Texas.

    Screen shot of ballot:
    You’ve got
    Lt. Governor Candidate David Dewhurst
    Wendy Davis
    Kathie Glass
    Brandon Parmer.
    But no Greg Abbott.

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    How is it that our Government can track you down like a drug sniffing dog if you don’t “pay up” to the IRS…


    Broken voting machines, cross checking voting registrations, non-citizens voting, Disney characters voting, and Democrats blatantly condoning illegal voting…(among many other illegal happenings in this country)…

    ALL remain UNCHECKED, Unmonitered and BROKEN…??

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    The thing about this election is it was tamper-proof.
    The wins were well beyond a trunk full of ballots.
    And, by-the-bye, where are all of those reports we expected about blacks being disenfranchised ?

    PS, the National Guard is reserving over 100 rooms near Ferguson for this weekend.
    A leaked report says the St Louis schools wants the Grand Jury result out on a weekend so their schools don’t get burned.
    This week-end perhaps?

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    If Obama goes through with his unconstitutional amnesty, the GOP is going to have to address the motor voter law out of a sheer need for survival of the so called “two party” system. They also need to hit the immigration department where it hurts, in their funding if they cooperate with Obama’s illegal mass election fraud scheme.

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