Why are some Americans anti-American (Guest Post)

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Recently, Fox news reported that some Harvard students said that America is a bigger threat to world peace than ISIS, the Islamic supremacist group that is beheading people in Iraq and Syria.

Where did they, America’s brightest students, get such ideas?

The idea that America is evil was planted long ago during the Cold War. At that time, there was a life and death struggle between American democracy and capitalism against Soviet totalitarianism and Socialism.

There was an intense propaganda war between the two countries – America and the Soviet Union. Each sought to win world opinion by painting its rival in the darkest colors. The Soviets tried to convince the world that America was an imperialist power.

An element of the American left was actually rooting for the Communism to win. So they took their cue from the Soviets and parrotted their propaganda. To the radical Left, America was an imperialist power trying to dominate the world. The purpose was to serve the interest of the ruling class, the plutocrats.

American democracy was a farce, designed to hoodwink the proletariat. Real power lay in the hands of the plutocrats. The Soviet Union waged what Ion Pacepa called a ‘Disinformation’ campaign to bluff people. General Ion Pacepa was the highest ranking official to defect to the west during the Cold War. He was the head of the Rumanian equivalent of the CIA and worked closely with the KGB.

I highly recommend his book, ‘Disinformation: Former spy chief reveals secret strategies for undermining freedom’. It explains how the KGB and other Warsaw Pact spy agencies, including his, recruited spies, journalists, playwrights, academics, think tanks to injure the west and the Catholic Church. The Church was targeted because of its anti-communist stance.

Pacepa’s book talk about how disinformation was used to spread lies about the Kennedy assassination. He was told  by his Russian counterpart that the Soviet Union had started a disinformation campaign blaming the CIA for Kennedy’s assassination and that they expect the ‘sister’ spy organizations in the Eastern bloc to do the same.

Soon all sorts of conspiracy theories involving the CIA and right wing groups appeared. Naturally, ultra-leftist film director Oliver Stone made a conspiracy filled movie, JFK about the assassination. The list of villains in the movie was in line with Soviet propaganda and ideology – the CIA, a businessman, the military industrial complex, the mafia were all part of the conspiracy to kill Kennedy. He even threw in Lyndon Baines Johnson for good measure.

The truth, according to Pacepa, lay in the opposite direction. Oswald was a communist who wanted to be remembered as such. The famous photo taken before the Kennedy assassination showed him holding a rifle and a communist newspaper, ‘The Militant’.

According to Pacepa, Lee Harvey Oswald was a KGB agent who spied for the Soviet Union while he was a US Marine. See his book, ‘Programmed to kill: Lee Harvey Oswald, the Soviet KGB and the Kennedy assassination.

You may ask why does all this matter? The Cold War is over. But the seeds the Soviet Union planted have grown into trees that bear evil fruits.

A good example is the ACLU. The acronyms are American Civil Liberties Union. This sounds innocuous and even noble. But most people do not know that it was started by communists in 1931.

The founders of ACLU were Roger Baldwin and Harry Ward, both Communists. The real reason the ACLU was started was not to promote civil liberties, but the destruction of America. Author, Paul Kengor discovered documents in the Soviet archives showing that Roger Baldwin wrote to American Communist Party leader William Foster asking for his help to make travel arrangements to the Soviet Union for Harry Ward.

If I want to travel somewhere in the world, I would call my travel agent. This is most suspicious. Obviously, Baldwin wanted Foster to introduce Ward to someone from the Soviet government.

So how has the ACLU undermined America? The organization is following one of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Rule number 4 is, ‘Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.’ This is what the ACLU had been doing and is still doing. That is why it invariably ends up defending America’s enemies, such as the Islamist murderers jailed at Guantanamo Bay on the supposed American ideal that every one deserves a fair trial.

The Soviet Union through their disinformation campaign spread the idea that America is an evil empire. People were gullible enough to believe. The useful idiots that believed them are still spreading this idea. It has gone mainstream and now infected the top universities. So that is why students at Harvard University can come to the conclusion that America is a greater threat to world peace than ISIS.

A successful businessman and author, Robert H. Lee has spent years extensively researching the history of nations for his book Saving Democracy from Suicide. (LINK: www.savingdemocracyfromsuicide.com) A self-professed Americaphile, Lee resides in Singapore with his family, but he previous lived in the United States where he went to the University of Michigan for his MBA.

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    …American democracy….

    That should be, “…American republicanism….” We are not a democracy. We are a republic, democratic-republic, constitutional republic, or whatever else we are called, but we are not a democracy.

    Every time the propaganda media hears or reads of someone calling the USA a democracy it is telling them that their brainwashing is working. If you would call the USA a republic, that would make people think of republicans. The propaganda media does’t want that, so they call it a democracy so you will think of democrats.

    PLEASE CALL THE USE THE REPUBLIC THAT IT IS. If someone asks you why you call it that, then you can tell them.

    …Oliver Stone made a conspiracy filled movie, JFK about the assassination.

    He rearranged the order of events to fit his cause.

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    bob sykes

    The US has been almost continuously at war since Roanoke: King Philips War, French and Indian Wars, Revolutionary War, various Indian wars, Mexican War, more Indian wars, Civil War, yet more Indian wars, Spanish Empire (world-wide), Moro Insurrection, Panama/Columbia, WWI, various adventures in Caribbean/Central America, China, WW II, Korea, Caribbean/Central America again, Vietnam, Chile, Congo, Granada, Iran, Yugoslavia/Serbia/Kosovo, Iraq, Aghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine.

    The last came close to provoking a nuclear war. We backed down after threats by various high-ranking Russian officials, including Medvedev and Lavrov.

    We also have an official Star Chamber that selects American and foreign citizens for assassination by drone-launched Hellfire missiles without any due process or trial. This missiles almost always kill dozens of innocent bystanders. When Anwar al-Awlake was murdered, his 16 year-old son was also murdered. This policy of serial mass murder is approved by Congress, both political parties and the courts.

    So, the girl is factually correct: The US is a greater threat to world peace than ISIS, and has been for a long time.

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    …Oliver Stone made a conspiracy filled movie, JFK about the assassination.

    He rearranged the order of events to fit his cause.

    The problem is there are those who think such things are documentaries. There are even documentaries that should not be considered documentaries…. Michael Moore is a left wing lying slob. But, they are targeted at those (like the resident idiot This one) who are hungry to believe the worst in the United States.

    I have seen multiple documentaries about how the poor Rosenberg’s were falsely accused of feeding nuclear technology to the Soviets and executed. Then, when the Soviet Union had collapsed and facts were revealed, they actually HAD been spying for the Soviets and contributed to putting millions of Americans at risk of nuclear annihilation. The same goes for many of McCarthy’s accusations.

    But, obviously, the left is either too stupid to accept it or too anti-American to want to.

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    You cannot talk let alone reason with a prog. I have a Nephew who at an early age in the 60s was a follower of some “end of the earthier” Volpey? Never paid taxes, worked for the commune finally figured he was being screwed, but still hated the US of A. Believed the moon landing was staged, had proof (flag waving). Hated Bush had all of the clichés and talking points memorized. Fast forward to currant time he somehow has qualified for SS even though he never paid into it and is being cared for in some social home paid for by you guessed it,we the US taxpayers.

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    @Bill: #4
    WE all must keep in mind that since the Revolutionary War, there has been a drive to turn the USA into a non-free type of country. Who knows how many organizations, religions, and countries are trying to do this secretly?

    I believe that both political parties have been infiltrated by groups that want to run the country THEIR way. They range from the businesses who want the government to make laws in their favor, to organizations who want to destroy us.

    We all need to look at EVERY organization and see if it fits OUR idea of what they want for the USA. I have just started getting emails from two organizations I have never heard of that profess to being conservative. One is called, “Lean Right America”, and the other is called, “Patriot News Daily”. I haven’t done an Internet search to find out about the two. They could be a ploy to try to swing votes to democrats, or to put malware in computers.

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    Where did they, America’s brightest students, get such ideas?

    Mostly from the anti-American far-left professors who are indoctrinating them.

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