The Left’s War on Women Returns to Northern Virginia (Guest Post)

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We’ve already seen how the Democrats have been waging their “War on Women”. On a national level we’ve seen the left making efforts to have more women infected with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), how leftists like to insult women by suggesting that they’re not capable of thinking about issues outside of their own genitalia, that is when they’re not suggesting that women are better off being rape victims rather than defending themselves or simply abusing, or even killing them.

Leftist misogyny also became a local one here near Bobville back in January of this year when one Democrat running for office trivialized rape by comparing people who disagree with her (namely Tea Partiers) to rapists. Now the war has come back in Virginia’s 10th district (basically the northernmost part of Virginia excluding Arlington County), where in late August Democratic House Candidate John Foust attacked his female Republican opponent Barbara Comstock on Thursday, saying,

“I don’t think she’s even had a real job.”In her mind [creating jobs] means giving tax benefits to special interests and the super wealthy,” Foust said at an event in Leesburg, Va. “I don’t think she’s even had a real job.”

This seems like an odd claim, given Comstock’s resume:

“As a stay at home Mom, Comstock spent her time raising two young boys during the day and attending Georgetown Law School at night,” the campaign said. “Following graduation from Georgetown, she had her daughter and then when she returned to work as a senior aide to Congressman Frank Wolf, she worked on federal employee issues, health care issues, transportation issues, business issues and appropriations issues.”

Comstock also worked as chief counsel to the House Government Reform Committee and a senior Justice Department official after 9/11, and started two businesses, Corallo Comstock, LLC, and Comstock Strategies. She is now a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, where she has served since 2009.

So how does Foust follow up on this? One month later his campaign sent an offensive tweet suggesting that Comstock is only getting votes because she’s a woman

And how does Comstock fare when actually doing work in office specifically trying to help women? Judge for yourself:

But she has also proven her ability to work with colleagues across the aisle. Comstock’s much-touted legislation increasing penalties for human trafficking received near-unanimous support in the Virginia General Assembly, as did earlier legislation she co-sponsored that provided additional government assistance to trafficking victims.

Mention of Comstock’s work to protect Virginia’s vulnerable young women is conspicuously absent among Democrats eager to claim that she is not a “woman’s candidate.” Nor do they mention her Young Women’s Leadership Program, which offers career-development assistance to junior-high and high-school girls by connecting them with professional leaders, such as Erin Egan, chief privacy officer for Facebook, and CNN political commentator Donna Brazile.

So naturally these two examples of Fousts’ sexism have been roundly condemned by feminists everywhere, right? Nope – crickets. As I had previously cited the NY Posts’ Michael E. Bongiorno:

In the dogmatic world of progressive ideology, a liberal politician can be forgiven for the serial abuse of women as long as he pays homage to a virtually unfettered “right” to an abortion, preferably paid for with taxpayer dollars. As a result, the Democrats’ War on Women continues, with Generals Weiner, Lopez, Silver, Clinton and Spitzer leading the way.

What I don’t understand is why Republicans refuse to call out the left when they pull attacks like this.

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    Similarly, the “war one women” campaign has been pressed hard, here in Colorado, by Sen Mark Udall’s re-election campaign against Republican challenger, Congressman Cory Gardner. Despite the effort by Udall and the lefty SuperPacs, Gardner has a narrow lead over Udall. Quinnipiac, two weeks ago, suggest Gardner’s lead is larger (8 points). One local political observer has said Udall shouldn’t be struggling, but suggests if Udall does lose, he can blame Harry Reid. By holding up legislation in the Senate, Reid has given his members very little to campaign on – there’s no record to run on. It’s an observation that has been repeated by other political observers like Larry Sabato.

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    Has everybody seen this online political ad against Mary Landrieu?
    Bayou State Republican state senator Elbert Guillory has some powerful words for Louisiana’s black citizens in it.
    Women are fair game if they use the voters’ prejudice to get elected then not deliver.

    But dirty politics is pretty par for the course, too.
    Look at how a very bland political ad – in which Republican Cory Gardner calls Sen. Mark Udall a ”nice guy,” and mentions Udall’s late father was in office and that his two cousins* are IN office – has generated ire and bile against it from Udall and his paid team.
    Watch the ad.
    It is mild and bland.
    Then look at the democrat(ics) response.
    It is bilious and putrid.

    And there is the Lucy-with-the-football technique.
    GOP challenger Scott Brown and Democrat incumbent Jeanne Shaheen agreed to several debates.
    But when the first one’s date came up Shaheen simply didn’t show up.
    She spends her time sliming Brown for his stands on issues while refusing to debate him on them face-to-face…..even after agreeing to!

    Frankly, I don’t think some of these candidates play fair.
    Then they turn around and blame males their opponent for noticing it.
    Male/female is almost beside the point.

    *Udall’s two cousins, Democrat Tom Udall of New Mexico and Republican Mike Lee of Utah, presently serve in the Senate.

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    Well if you say you know that you are smarter than all of 60 millions that voted for him I guess it must be true. So Bob how does that make you feel, knowing that you believe that you are smarter than all those people ?
    Do you really think that the litmus test for intelligence is party affiliation ?

  4. 6

    Brother Bob


    @John: Not a belief – fact. The results of the president’s policies speak for themselves. The litmus test for intelligence is to be able to interpret facts and reality no matter how much you wish that Obama was the savior you were told he would be. So what’s your excuse?

  5. 7


    I have never considered Obama or any other politician to be my savior
    Did you consider Romney to be your savior ? Is that why you projected Obama being my savior into your post ?
    Are you angry that your savior was rejected ? Do you consider Obama to be the AntiChrist?

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    Time, Slate, & Jezebel Say Yes to War On Women Ad Writers

    The ad is a take-off on the popular TLC reality series “Say Yes to the Dress.” Instead of choosing a dress, though, the blushing voter must choose between Crist and Scott. The spot is bright, cheerful, informative, and a nice use of popular culture:

    Almost immediately, withering attacks in the mainstream media against the women behind the ad began. The pages of Time Magazine declared it the “most sexist Republican ad of the year.” Slate attacked the ad as something that was surely “written by men who learned everything they know about women from reading bridal magazines.” (Note to Slate: Men don’t read bridal magazines.) Jezebel sniffed, “Bitches love wedding dresses.”

    Except, uhm:

    And just so we’re clear, these are the strong, talented women who wrote the @CRNC’s “Say Yes” ads!
    — Alex Smith (@AlexandraCSmith) October 1, 2014

    Yep, the ad was written by five women.

  7. 9

    Brother Bob


    @John: You misunderstood me – just trying to give you the benefit of the doubt! You didn’t actually look at Obama’s experience and performance and still vote for him anyway? For your sake I’m hoping you have a better explanation…

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