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    I just wish modern toothpastes were not so soapy and therefore gaggy.
    I used to love brushing my teeth right after I ate.
    Now I have to wait until an hour after eating lest the gagging soapiness makes me hurl.
    Is there a non-soapy toothpaste still in production?
    Crest is OUT.
    Colgate is OUT.
    Watermelon toothpaste sounds good, but you’re not supposed to eat it, so maybe it shouldn’t taste too good.
    It has become too PC when we can’t even talk about certain foods lest they be interpreted as dog whistling.
    Watermelon is a great natural diuretic.

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    My car radio has just about had the biscuit, so I am limited in some areas as to how many AM stations I can receive. Yesterday, I listened to the Progressive stations, and they got a lot of mileage out of the watermelon cartoon. It was identified as right wing bigotry and laid at the feet of Conservatism and used as an example of why we are all racists, but I love good watermelon and if fried chicken is prepared well, it’s good as well. Does this mean I have a latent desire to identify with blacks or that I just like certain foods?

    I am glad to see Muslims playing football, maybe they will play hockey with and against Jews! Does this mean I am a racist or just a renegade from Socialist political correctness?

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    The watermelon stereotype is foolish and ridiculous, but it has survived and, under the race hustlers of all stripes, remained a symbol that is past due for correction.

    If you were a physical laborer outdoors in the deep south, whether slave or sharecropper, black or white, you would be a fool NOT to prize watermelon. Here is a product that grows abundantly, is portable from garden to field or workplace, is cool, rehydrating, and contains sugars and vitamin C. Today, if you have summer picnics, especially with sporting activities, the fruit still is excellent.

    If black folks like watermelon, it shows just plain good sense. Other people could learn from them.

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    The Daily Kos is practicing a favorite far-lefty tool, redirection and diversionary distraction. Most of the trolls on FA also use such tactics to change the subject away from the main point into side issues and completely unrelated subjects. South Park‘s version of this was the “Chewbacca Defense” in the film Up it was accomplished by the single word “squirrel.” Rather than discuss the actual issue, the far-lefty completely ignores the subject and tries to lead us away into their diversionary side track. Sadly there are too many conservative posters here who will allow themselves to be led by the nose into discussing the distraction rarely to return to the original subject. Thus, the troll succeeds. Please learn from this.

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