Forget the bacon….what jihadis fear most is being killed by a woman

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Last week:

Block 60 F-16E/F Desert Falcon fighters from the United Arab Emirates Air Force took part in the coordinated attacks on ISIS targets in Syria. This is badass for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact the Desert Falcon is an absolute BEAST of an airplane, so much so that many within our beloved USAF wished we were fielding them here stateside.

Also noteworthy is that Arab nations (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, and Jordan) are taking part in this aerial campaign, sending the strong message that even nations founded on Islam believe ISIS is a blight on the face of Muslim culture and should be eradicated from the face of the earth. Also very badass.

But to take things to a mind-blowing, you-gotta-be-effing-kidding-me level, the pilot leading the flight of Emirati Vipers was, of all things, a woman.

Read that again. A woman.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she is Major Mariam Al Mansouri. She is a lady from a country, while progressive in its own right, sitting a part of the world where often times those of her gender aren’t allowed to show more than their eyes and hands in public, aren’t allowed to vote, and may not even be allowed to drive a car. Yet, she is doing what some would describe as unthinkable: flying the most advanced and lethal variant of the F-16 on the planet, raining down hate and judgment in support of the National Security interests of the United States of America. Boom.

Bad news for ISIS, because some claim the ideology of these barbaric thugs specifically states that if they are killed by a woman, they will spend their eternity in hell. No Paradise. No virgins.

From the Washington Times link:

Turns out, terrorists on a jihad are terrified of women — at least, of being killed by a woman.

That’s because their beliefs teach that suicide missions lead to an afterlife of 72 virgins — unless they’re killed by a woman. Then, their afterlife is virgin-free, spent in the fiery furnaces of hell, a lawmaker told the New York Post.

“These ISIL soldiers apparently believed that if they were killed in battle, they went to paradise as long as they were killed by a man,” said Rep. Ed Royce, chairman of the House International Relations Committee, in the New York Post.

But if they’re killed by a woman, then it’s a no-go on the virgins, he said.

Females are currently being recruited in Iraq to join the Kurdish peshmerga forces and fight against Islamic State terrorists, The Blaze reported. And the results have been eye-opening.

I hope this is true and more than just swagger-talk amongst female peshmerga fighters.

The Telegraph:

Koranic verses or poetry promising 72 virgins in paradise to jihadists who die in battle have been used frequently by radical imams and extremist groups as a recruitment tool.

However, it seems that male fighters are unclear about whether dying at the hand of a woman comes with the expected reward.

Women have long been a feature of Kurdish peshmerga forces. Now many from threatened towns and villages are signing up to join all-women units to fend off Isil forces who are threatening to overrun their homeland.

“We are being trained to use snipers, Kalashnikovs, rocket propelled grenades and hand grenades,” a woman from the minority Yazidi community told The Telegraph earlier this month in the Sinjar mountain range.


Tekoshin, a 27-year-old female Kurdish soldier, fighting in northern Iraq recently told AFP she had joined the struggle to protect women’s rights.

She said many women knew the power they held over their opposition.

“I think [they] were more afraid of us than of the men,” she said.

“They believe they’ll go to hell if they die at a woman’s hands.”

Meanwhile, British female jihadis sign up to the Islamic State’s all-women police force

And unfortunately for the UAE’s poster girl for jihad-killing, her attack upon “Sunni Muslims” is causing her to be “disowned” by her UAE family:

The female air force pilot whose missions against Isis were dubbed ‘boobs on the ground’ has reportedly been disowned by her family and labelled an ‘ingrate’.

Mariam Al Mansouri’s participation in F-16 bombing raids for the UAE was celebrated in the West, but an anonymous statement claiming to be from her family ‘disowned’ her for ‘taking part in the brutal international aggression’ against Syria.

It also expressed support for the Islamic State, saying ‘we are proud of the Sunni heroes in Iraq and the Levant’. The brutal terrorist group’s original name was the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or Isil.

The statement also expressed support for the Syrian revolution, according to the Palestinian Wattan news agency.

It said: ‘We the Mansouri family in the United Arab Emirates hereby publicly declare that we disown the so-called Mariam Al Mansouri as well as anyone taking part in the brutal international aggression against the brotherly Syrian people, starting with our ingrate daughter Mariam Al Mansouri.

‘We ask our countrymen not to burden us with the consequences of the actions of the so-called Mariam Al Mansouri.’

It continued: ‘We call upon all factions… on the Syrian battleground to unite and join efforts and forces towards the single objective of overthrowing the monstrous Assad regime.

‘Our family is proud of all free men who defend their cause and of all those who take up arms to defend the honour of their nation [the Islamic Nation]. We are proud of the Sunni heroes in Iraq and the Levant and all those who take up the banner of righteousness wherever they may be.’

It’s not clear whether the views expressed in the statement represent those of the entire family or indeed if it is genuine.

The Mansouri tribe has some influential members, including the country’s economics minister, but it’s also very large – the second biggest in Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, so it certainly can’t be assumed that the views expressed in the statement are representative of the whole group.

The statement could well have been made anonymously out of fear of punishment, as voicing dissent against the UAE government can result in imprisonment.

If true, the statement won’t represent the first time the Mansouri family has been linked to extremism.

In January this year high-profile lawyer Mohammed al-Mansoori was jailed for allegedly trying to set up an ‘international’ branch of the controversial Muslim Brotherhood in the UAE, according to the BBC.

Major Mansouri, from Abu Dhabi, made a remarkable rise through the ranks of the UAE air force. She joined it in 2007 and is now a squadron commander.

She is one of eight children and has a degree in English literature.

The UAE is known to have the most liberal views on women’s rights in the Middle East and Mansouri said that she was treated as an equal by her commanding officers.

She told Deraa Al Watan magazine: ‘Everybody is required to have the same high level of combat competence.’

She says that her nearest relatives are supportive of her role in the air force.

There was also no difference between men and women with regards to training and assignments, she said.

‘Everybody is required to have the same high level of combat competence,’

If they don’t want her, we’ll take her. We could use a few more good “boots in the air”, jihadi-hunters.

Lieutenant Colonel Nicole “FIFI” Malachowski and Colonel Jeannie “Tally” Leavitt, both F-15E Strike Eagle pilots with extensive combat experience.

Lieutenant Colonel Nicole “FIFI” Malachowski and Colonel Jeannie “Tally” Leavitt, both F-15E Strike Eagle pilots with extensive combat experience.

Oh, and Eric Bolling? StFU.

10 Responses to “Forget the bacon….what jihadis fear most is being killed by a woman”

  1. 1


    Yeah, apparently Bolling got the cold shoulder at home after his “boobs” remark and he apologized the next day. Then, when that wasn’t enough, he practically grovelled the next day. It was a lousy joke, not even funny (I don’t mean the PC element), but he apologized. I am sure the left (which routinely uses the most vicious insults against any woman that dares not parrot their party line) still demands him to be beheaded.

    How extensive is the quantity of female combat pilots in the armed forces? I wonder if utilizing them extensively would help or hinder the war effort? If these terrorists fear death by a woman so fervently, they might dissolve and wreak havoc by terrorism against civilian targets while what we really want is for them to continue to fight on the battlefield in formations that can be identified, cut off and killed, as Gen. Powell put it in the first Gulf War.

    Although, I do like the thought of those ignorant piles of excrement fearing being killed by a woman. Perhaps every sortie should drop a load of tampons on the enemy just to make that point.

  2. 3


    Who else remembers how we QUIT fighting psychological warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq?
    I do.
    We had female guards.
    We put women’s panties on the heads of these he-men jihadists.
    We even had a free radio airing about women in Islam and how jihadis were losing their moms’ love and approval.
    BUT apologists for Islam stopped all of this.
    Seems the UAE, which is basically one royal family and a whole lot of hangers on, plus servants, can’t take the sale of oil at $20/barrel.
    So they are fine with insulting Islam by using a female to kill jihadis.
    But, back when it could have helped us win in Afghanistan/Iraq we were NOT fine with doing the same thing.
    OUR female soldiers were supposed to cover up!
    NO Bibles allowed!
    OUR soldiers had to wear new white gloves just to touch a koran.

  3. 7


    I think that it should be widely spread around the Middle East that US ammunition is infused with pork fat as lubricant for higher velocity out of the barrel. Let the violent Islamist worry if that is true or false.

  4. 9


    Word, that film clip deserves another article.

    It is reminiscent of the Russian female snipers during the siege of Stalingrad. I hope they can hold out against the Muslim Brotherhood’s stormtroopers, known as ISIS.

  5. 10



    Perhaps our military should do leaflet drops on ISIS warning all those misogynous warriors that women may be piloting all US drones, attack aircraft and operating ship-based weapon systems.

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