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14 Responses to “Sharpton’s Big Lie”

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    @old guy: It is not only Al’s BS, but the left wing news sources are desperate to be relevant as the progressive US agenda continues to follow the same path as it has in other countries. Look at the lefties on this Blog. They continue to defend a failing agenda not by debating the facts, but by attacking the person who posted comments. The progressive agenda can not be defended because history shows how often it has failed.

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    As I wrote in the “What a Tangled Web We Weave” (yeah, that was me), just as with the case of the local Dallas race-baiter (who, though repeatedly caught in gigantic lies went on to be elected to the city council), these carnival barkers like Shaprton have learned that they can spew out all the false racist hatred they want and actually enhance themselves by it, even when (as in the rape case shown) they are later proven to be gigantic liars. What is it about that that works so well? Why aren’t the liars called to task for their lies, held responsible for the damage their lies cause, and punished, by credibility revocation, for their damaging, hate-filled, violence-inciting lies?

    Apparently, when a mob of blacks get together and decide to pillage, the authorities are duty-bound to step aside so as not to… incite them to riot and pillage? Is that the lesson Al is trying to establish as reality here? Then, I assume, when this horde comes across an establishment that would rather not be pillaged, equipped with a well-armed defender, and a black person gets killed by a white shop owner, this would be the fault of the police as well for NOT stopping them? Of course, the white shop owner is toast, but I guess the alternative would be for the police to shoot the shop owner so the horde can safely pillage the shop. THIS is where all this would logically be heading.

    It isn’t “either or”… Sharpton is an ignorant liar.

    Let me ask you this. If I give you flour, if I give you eggs, I give you water, I give you milk, will you have a turkey sandwich? No, you have cake. And so the recipe is there. You have no jobs. You’ve got no opportunity

    This is the blind stupidity of the left. One of the reasons areas like Ferguson has little opportunities for blacks is that those opportunities are run off by the way blacks act towards those opportunities (strong-arm robbery, pillage, destruction).

    When Johnson showed up and took control, the scene calmed down because, I believe, it was perceived he, being black, would somehow give them what they wanted: Wilson’s head on a platter and the key to the city. That didn’t happen, so the riots began again. Then Holder showed up and told them he was inclined to see things their way (something Johnson never even hinted at), so it has calmed down again. However, in a week or two, when Wilson’s body is not hanging from a lamp post, upside down, let’s see how calm it remains. Expect greater levels of rage and destruction if Wilson is exonerated.

    Bottom line is, these left wing racist blacks (not all blacks by any means) DEMAND all rules and laws be set aside when they have convinced themselves that something not to their liking has occurred or MIGHT occur. We may need more armor.

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    Nanny G


    And we’re still looking at those live images of people streaming out of the church. Very emotional people. We saw people leaping to their feet angrily, sometimes euphoric at the prospect of change but also still a lot of anger there, and we’ve seen that on the streets.

    Rowan must be too young to have ever seen James Brown.
    Rowan must also be too young to have seen the movie, The Blues Brothers, where James brown and a huge ”congregation” went exactly as wild as those people in Ferguson’s church.
    All the same moves.
    All the same ecstasy.
    Either black people are really weird apers of what James Brown did or there is such a gap between blacks and others that it will NEVER be bridged.
    It is really too bad we didn’t see their act inside their churches before now.
    It would have explained a lot.
    You cannot be logical or reasonable under such circumstances.
    All you can be is emotional.
    Maybe our all working to find middle ground is impossible.

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    Marla Hughes

    There were no SWAT teams, no militarization, no aggression, nothing more than the normal police force until the rioting and looting erupted. The Ferguson police force did its job. The SWAT teams and tanks were summoned when the violence got out of control. Gov. Nixon’s experiment with appeasement failed miserably. The rioters and looters ran roughshod over the Highway Patrol and Nixon was forced to re-insert the militaristic presence to secure calm.

    Fantastic synopsis of an excellent day by day recollection of events in Ferguson.

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    It is all about money.
    First, money for Democratic politicians. They want to run on race war, because they think it is a winning issue for them. And when they get elected, they get lots of money.
    Second, money for the media. They want race wars, because that sells papers, magazines, and TV programs. And gives reporters awards, too. You gotta have riots to have good video!
    So follow the money.

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    oil guy from Alberta

    When I saw videos of the looting and rioting, I concluded- paranormal blacktivity. When I saw the National Guard called in I concluded- paramilitary activity. Both sides- the so called oppressed who want justice, and the law and order crowd acting like storm troopers, over reacted. Fuel that with a media circus and race baiters, both begging attention, the event becomes world wide news. Respect for people, the law, and other people’s property, were sorely lacking.

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