What the left believes about the Michael Brown shooting (updated)

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The Michael Brown shooting was tragic and it was avoidable. The violence that has occurred in Ferguson MO subsequent to the shooting is just ridiculous. Bordering on the insane is the outrage from the left. The eruption of idiocy from the twin volcanos known as the Rev. Tawana Sharpton and Crystal Mangum Jackson was entirely predictable but it is unfortunate to see the mother of Trayvon Martin make threatening and stupid statements:

While we fight injustice, we will also hold ourselves to an appropriate level of intelligent advocacy. If they refuse to hear us, we will make them feel us.

That is what one could call an oxymoron. It really is distressing to know neither Fulton nor Jackson nor Sharpton nor much of the population has any interest in waiting for and learning the facts.

Fulton asserts that Brown was “executed.” Then again, so have many others. Numerous outlets have also claimed that Brown was shot in the back.

Today we learn that Officer Darren Wilson suffered an orbital blowout fracture in his encounter with the “Gentle Giant” Michael Brown. It takes a very significant amount of force to cause such an injury. Darren Wilson took a mighty blow from Michael Brown in their altercation. We can expect that neither this injury nor the audio evidence nor the lies of Dorian Johnson will sway liberals’ already concreted notions of what happened.

What happened is clear and it is supported by the evidence. Michael Brown assaulted a store owner and stole a box of cigars from him. Dorian Johnson was with him. The two then walked down the middle of a street. They were told by Officer Darren Wilson to get on the sidewalk. Wilson started to drive away and the realized Brown matched the description of a robbery suspect and backed up. As he tried to exit his vehicle he was twice puchsed back into the vehicle and smashed in the face by Michael Brown. During the scuffle Wilson’s weapon discharged. Brown and Johnson then started to flee. Wilson told them to stop. Brown then stopped and turned around and began rushing Wilson, head down, likely to again slam Wilson. At that point Wilson opened fire and Brown fell a few feet from Wilson.

That’s what happened, but let me tell you what Sybrina Fulton, Tawana Sharpton and Crystal Mangum Jackson and the left believe. They believe that:

– Michael Brown had a right to assault the store owner.
– Michael Brown had a right to steal the cigars
– Michael Brown had a right to walk in the middle of the street.
– Michael Brown had a right to shove a police officer.
– Michael Brown had a right to smash Wilson’s face in.
– Michael Brown had a right to again body slam Wilson.
– Officer Darren Wilson had no right to demand that Brown and Johnson walk on the sidewalk and not in traffic.
– Wilson had no right to investigate the robbery.
– Wilson had no right to question Brown or Johnson.
– Wilson had no right to defend himself.
– Wilson should have allowed Brown to take Wilson’s weapon.

That’s what they believe and no amount of facts are going to rain on their parade. If you don’t believe the same, you’re a racist. Ironically, the very people so sensitive to lynching want nothing less than the lynching of Darren Wilson. To top this off, Barack Obama is sending Eric Holder to Ferguson with a can of gas for the bonfire. Holder engineered the pardons of the FALN terrorists and Marc Rich, sent 2000 automatic weapons to drug cartels in Mexico, lied to Congress and can’t find a smidgen of corruption in the IRS.

Godspeed, Ferguson. You’re in the best of hands.

Some have made a comparison between this incident and the Zimmerman/Martin incident. It’s not close. This is a lot worse.


A St. Louis radio station is reporting that Michael Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson is recanting his story and now admits that he and Brown assaulted Officer Darren Wilson and tried to take Wilson’s weapon. This is unconfirmed as of yet.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    rich wheeler

    @Nanny G: I’m a long standing Methodist, a Church accepting of all Religions–love the Wesleyan Quadrilateral.
    Did see Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.
    The Mick was from Joplin.
    Much good to be said about Buddhism. Believe Word is a Buddhist.

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    richard wheeler

    Richard Wheeler

    rich wheeler

    Three monikers from the same guy? Will the real RW please stand up? And which one of you is the one that got booted from this blog not too long ago?

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    @Richard Wheeler:

    How bout a real name from you o5?

    Why does my real name hold such interest for you? Why don’t you demand Curt give his real, or full name? Why am I the only one you ever made that demand of? And why the three monikers? You obviously aren’t fooling anyone (cue your attempt to say that was not your intention)

    Curt booted me but I’m back in honor of Ms. Bees–a great lady.

    So you got booted but obviously think that the wishes of the owner of this blog take a back seat to your own. And what a hypocrite you are using Bees as an excuse.

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    @Richard Wheeler:

    You are full of horseshit–as usual.

    I’ll tell you what I am NOT. I am not someone who got booted from a blog and then created a moniker by changing it ever so slightly so that I can sneak back in and then use the death of a gracious lady as an excuse.

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    It should also not play a part in who we allow into the military, or hire in law enforcement. I was simply showing the absurdity of your comment.

    To Rich’s point, the following was written by Texas police official, Max Geron What Law Enforcement Needs to Understand about Ferguson

    Long before Michael Brown was shot, the Ferguson police department seems not to have recognized that they were in a precarious position for several reasons. Their minority representation was not reflective of the community they were policing. In the language of social identity theory, the police in Ferguson, Missouri are a 53 person out-group with the ability to take not only the freedoms of the in-group but their lives as well. Much work must be done in that department and community to repair the perceived injustices. Police need to do more to recruit candidates that are more representative of the population they serve, while at the same time making inroads to the citizens with their current cadre of officers.

    Their strategy for policing protest, if they had a formal one, seems to indicate a lack of understanding of the effect that a strong show of militarized force can have on a community that believes they have been disenfranchised by their police department. By being members of the “out group”, they were incapable of understanding the impact such a tactical display would have on the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri. Furthermore, their initial refusal to release the name of the involved officer supports the theory that they were unable to understand how that could be perceived as an inability to be objective and impartial in their investigation.

    This repair effort must come not only from the police leaders in Ferguson but also from the civic and community leaders. They must come together and have the critical conversations necessary to establish expectations and understanding on how things must change to rebuild trust and increase transparency in their government

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    Their minority representation was not reflective of the community they were policing.

    Why should that matter? Were the police not required to take an oath to serve the people of that community, no matter the skin tone of the residents?

    In the language of social identity theory, the police in Ferguson, Missouri are a 53 person out-group with the ability to take not only the freedoms of the in-group but their lives as well.

    So then, according to the social identity theory, Barack Obama and Eric Holder cannot represent the country because they don’t fit the demographics of the majority. Nor can they represent Italians, Poles, Hispanics, Catholics, Jews, Hindus, or Orientals. If we are to base our police departments on the citizens of a certain group that are considered the majority, instead of the most qualified, we are going down a slippery slope that will prove to be a disaster. No one from New York would be able to be a cop in Oklahoma due to the fact that New Yorkers view the world differently than Oklahomans.

    Much work must be done in that department and community to repair the perceived injustices.

    A police department does not exist to deal with “perceived” injustices. Their job is to catch the bad guys and keep the good guys safe. Nothing less, nothing more. If you want a Ferguson PD that reflects the majority of the citizenry, then the PD needs to hire protesters, looters and thieves.

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    Furthermore, their initial refusal to release the name of the involved officer supports the theory that they were unable to understand how that could be perceived as an inability to be objective and impartial in their investigation.

    Just a a “for instance” as to why a police department such as Ferguson’s acts as it does, while it would usually be normal and proper to release the policeman’s name, the reasons WHY the PD did not release his name immediately was borne out when the incorrect name was released, he was threatened and harassed, when Wilson’s name was released, another Wilson was threatened and harassed and now Wilson himself is threatened and harassed. In other words, in an adult world, there would be little risk in giving the public the information they deserve and releasing the name, but in the world of those who feel there is no rule of law and, driven by leftists who can gain from chaos and violence, have the vigilante attitude to mete out their own warped form of justice, such actions as simply releasing a name of someone that has yet to be determined to have broken any laws needs careful consideration.

    I guess I am breaking news here, for the first time: the police frequently come under violent attack. These stories sometimes get a lot of media attention, but you can bet that those stories spread like wildfire through departments across the nation. So, when a cop is confronted in a situation, he/she are well aware of how rapidly and pointlessly such a confrontation can spin out of control and result in serious injury or death to the officer. Perhaps Wilson overreacted to a threat, but no doubt, all this media overreaction and outright lies will cause police to expect more violent attacks, raise tensions and mostly likely result in further Brown/Wilson type incidents.

    Nice job, liberals.

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    @retire05: #59
    Not to mention the fact that if the police only reflect the makeup of the local community, then any outsiders are in for a rough time.
    We had quite enough of that here in the south a few years ago, where people from outside of the community were considered prey, a source of financing for local law enforcement.
    Nowadays, law enforcement is more egalitarian, seeing both locals and outsiders as a source of funding via asset forfeiture laws.
    Which is a subject for another post.

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    Maybe this is why cops get a little edgy and sometimes overreact (I would say that the instances of a cop shooting someone based solely on race is nil)? A cop shot serving a warrant due to graffiti?

    What should we white people do, based on the information presented in this article? Jump to the conclusion that all Hispanics want to and are planning on killing cops? NO, not just cops, ALL white people! Yeah, that’s probably it. We should, from all point, go to Elmendorf, Texas and destroy homes, businesses and throw Molitov cocktails and bottles of piss at every Hispanic we can find.

    Most likely, action such as this would be viewed, by rational people, as a bit extreme. What will happen instead is that the officer will be mourned, the facts will be collected, there will be a trial (unnoticed and uncovered by the media) and justice will be served. This time next year, Holder and Obama will STILL not know where Elmendorf is. That’s what will happen.

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