Rest In Peace ILoveBeesWarzone

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I received sad news today. Lise Grenier, better known to everyone at Flopping Aces as ILOVEBEESWARZONE passed away earlier this month. She had been a frequent visitor here for five years and while English was her second language she never failed to brighten up many a day with her comments.

Rest in peace ILoveBeesWarzone

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    another vet

    How very sad. She will be very sorely missed here. Rest in peace Bees. It was a pleasure knowing you even though it was only on the net. FA won’t quite be the same.

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    Angel Artiste

    I am extremely saddened by the passing of Ms. Bees. Her prose reminded me of a buzzing bee, and while not exactly in the king’s English, it always made perfect sense.

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    I had been wondering what had happened to her comments.

    She certainly took an interest in events and politics and made those interests known. Perhaps she can now share some insight on all this temporal confusion from her new vantage. I hope so.

    Sorry for her passing.

    Does anyone have any insight on that moniker?

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    James Raider


    Thank you Curt.


    Thank you for your determination, forthrightness, and creativity. You sure improved your English quickly. And thank you for some of the most profound observations on Curt’s Flopping Aces. You always knew where you stood and did not get swayed. As everyone else who enjoys FA, I will miss you. You and your Soul made friends here who are grateful to have known you. As you continue your journey, drop in on us from time to time. We’ll be looking for those CAPS.

    In Gratitude, James.

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    Thanks for making this post, Curt.

    She was always gracious toward me, even in moments where my posts or comments would stick a bee in her bonnet and she’d disagree with me. She never let that carry over into the next thread and hold it against me, though.

    A deeply, unconditionally pro-American non-American, if I ever knew one. Rest in peace, Lise Grenier.


    Does anyone have any insight on that moniker?

    Mata, possibly. She and bees I believe had corresponded, for a spell. So Mata might know a bit more about bees and her life outside of FA and her political commentary.

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    I am surprised at my instantaneous grief. Apparently there was a level of respect and appreciation for BEES of which I was not aware. Even last week I was remembering a thoughtful and considerate comment BEES made to me fairly recently. In retrospect, I see BEES as one of the Spartans holding the pass against evil, operating under a code of honor, and based on knowledge, which an insufficient number of people understand.

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    I had to take a moment to absorb what I had read…not only was I shocked but, deeply saddened hearing this.
    Our friend from up north. Sadly I know little about Bees except through any correspondence with her here at FA and what I picked up along the way. I do know Bees had a lot of spunk and was not afraid to speak her mind, she was passionate about so many issues, and she had a keen insight on so many of the issues she commented here about.

    I do know English was a second language for Bees, but, she never had a problem getting her message across. Behind all her passion and fire, Bees was truly a sweetheart, that, I do know.

    You will be missed Bees. You will surely be missed.
    Rest in Peace Dear Bees.

    Thank you Curt.

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    From her energy I would never have guessed she was 79, but her insights should have cued me into the fact that she had been around long enough to recognize foolishness when she saw it.


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    I was gone from the middle of June to the middle of July. When I got back, and started catching up at FA, I noticed Bees wasn’t commenting, but never thought about why. We need more people like her on this planet. I hope a replacement was sent.

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    Ms Bees, remember our “English Lessons”. They were fun

    It was fascinating how you constructed complex thoughts in a second language, a language you were in the process of learning. Right or wrong, you were always humble and irrepressible.

    Now, I am sorry, for not being more prompt with our communiques. With age, we all slow down, but you seemed much younger, with lots of time. Some of your questions were difficult to answer.

    Keep up the good work, for Liberty and Freedom.

    I hope you have many animal friends in the afterlife.

    Rest in Peace

    Your friend, Skook

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    She will be missed greatly. Whenever she commented, it always brought a smile. You could see the wisdom in her words.

    Rest well, young lady.

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    Miss Bees,
    Your words often stuck in my head long after I have read your comments. Some days you made me smile! Other days you made me think deeper. It is not like you to slip quietly away! We miss you already.

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    Puisse votre âme être hâté dans les cieux sur le swift les extensions des abeilles vous tant aimé. Vous avez été une reine cher les abeilles.Puisse votre âme être hâté dans les cieux sur le swift les extensions des abeilles vous tant aimé. Vous avez été une reine cher les abeilles.

    Translation: May your soul be hastened to heaven on the swift wings of the bees you so loved. You were a Queen dear Bees.

    Though not a citizen of our nation, Lise loved America and argued as best she could for our cause. Au revoir mon ami!

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    Richard Wheeler

    @Ditto: Bees had so many friends at Flopping Aces. We were her world–sure she’s got internet from where she’s looking down on us. You are missed but not forgotten dear Bees.—–An ardent supporter of the troops—I salute her Semper Fi

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    First time I’ve taken a punch to the guts in years…
    A very pleasant person who abused no one.
    She spoke softly and carried a big stick… in her words and thoughts.
    I will miss her. And her All Caps.

  16. 35



    Not meaning to divert attention away, but…..

    Rich- did you get yourself banned/suspended from here? Take a sabbatical/self-imposed exile, ala Mata?

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    My most sincere condolences to her family, and Godspeed on her journey in the afterlife.

    I was always humbled by her kind words of encouragement.

  18. 41



    Yes, RW got booted by Curt. And now he’s using the death of Bees as a reason he should be allowed back. Ask yourself, how did RW know about Bees if he wasn’t lurking around even after he got booted?

    What kind of person uses the death of a nice lady to come crawling back on his knees? Sorry, I ain’t buying his spin. You may, if you wish to.

    A deeply, unconditionally pro-American non-American, if I ever knew one. Rest in peace, Lise Grenier.

    Well said.

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    another vet

    @Wordsmith: That’s good to know Mata is in self imposed exile. I had sent her an email awhile back and when she didn’t respond I kind of assumed the worst. It’s been that type of year as evidenced by Ms. Bees passing.

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    Oh my God! I am heart broken by this. Our hearts and prayers to her family.

    I dearly loved her comments because they were from the heart.
    Skook is right. We need more like Bees.

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    I was just talking to my wife and she said I should mention this. We all know how I tend to go off on tangents on this sight now and again. When I let go, I realize I fire all cannons and let it fall where it may.

    Anyway, there were more than a few times after a tirade of mine in which Bees would give a response in support but more so in her own way reminding me that what comes from the heart is good and needed! (Another great person on this sight basically said the same to me once). I will value that forever

  22. 48


    Oh no….Oh God no….

    My soul just got a hole cut out of it.


    Yours always, “General PATton”.

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    Beth just south of Berkeley and just east of San Francisco

    She often confused me, but I’m sad at reading this news. Wishing you fields of beautiful flowers with plenty of pollen, Ms. Bees.

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