So what does Hamas want? (Guest Post)

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Egyptian officials are struggling to broker a 72 hour extension to the cease fire between Israel and Hamas. At the same time, Hamas spokesperson Mushir al-Masri had made clear that war may only be beginning.

“The war is not over yet. Our men are still in the field, manning forward positions, our fingers are on the trigger, and our rockets are trained on Tel Aviv, and Lod and beyond,” al-Masri said at a mass rally today.

Looking at media coverage of the re-ignited conflict in Gaza shows what many agree is a terrible ignorance of the causes of the war. The majority of media outlets seem to either blame Israel or hold Israel and Hamas in equal moral equivalence.

Many journalists and television news personalities do not have a deep understanding of Hamas and what it wants. They instead focus on the superficial like how many civilians have been killed in the fighting and calling for an end to the conflict.

The United Nations has said that as many as 1900 Palestinians have been killed in the fighting, three-quarters of them civilians, and 64 Israeli soldiers have also been died.

The best way to accurately find out what Hamas is really all about is to read the Hamas Charter which lays out clearly the terrorist group’s mission. The charter specifically calls for the destruction of Israel.

Article seven of the charter contains a quote from SahihBukhari, considered by all orthodox Muslims as an authentic record of Prophet Muhammad’s words and deeds. The quote goes as follows- Prophet Mohammed said, “The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, (evidently a certain kind of tree) would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.”

According to Islamic prophecy, there will be a final war against the Jews in which Muslims will slaughter all the Jews. Even the stones and trees (except for the Gharkad tree) will not hide them. This is preached often in mosques in Gaza and the nearby territory. This call for genocide of Jews is even on Palestinian TV.

If people believe that a final showdown with the Jews is ordained by God, it is therefore inevitable. This makes peace with Israel impossible to achieve. The Hamas charter is a very honest document and makes no bones that it wants the destruction of Israel.

Hamas Charter Article 13 says, “Initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences, are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).”

“There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.”

There is no grey area-Hamas is not interested in peace or any two state political compromise. They are only satisfied with the slaughter of Jews and the destruction of Israel. Hamas believes clearly that the destruction of Israel is their religious duty.

Hamas Article Seven says, “This is the law governing the land of Palestine in the Islamic Sharia (law) and the same goes for any land the Moslems have conquered by force, because during the times of (Islamic) conquests, the Moslems consecrated these lands to Moslem generations till the Day of Judgment.”

So, according to Islamic Sharia (law), any territory conquered by Muslims must remain in Muslim control till Judgment Day. It is thus their religious duty to wage jihad to recover any lands lost to the infidels. This does not just concern Israel, but also territories once ruled by Muslims.

Spain, Portugal, parts of Italy and the Balkans were once ruled by Muslims.

This belief that Muslims are entitled to take back lost territories is backed up by the verse in Quran 2:191 which say, “And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, …”

So it is not just an Israeli problem-it is also a Western one. The same religious belief that underpins the jihad against Israel can also be used against Western countries that were once ruled by Muslims. Most journalists covering the Gaza war do not understand this.

Not all Muslims share the religious beliefs of Hamas. But if Hamas wins, Muslims all over the world will conclude that God must be on the side of Hamas and therefore their beliefs are correct. Moderate Islam, already in retreat around the world, will be crushed by a Hamas victory.

With the large numbers of Muslims living in western countries, the west will also lose if Israel loses. An Israeli victory, on the other hand is also a victory for moderate Muslims because Hamas’ beliefs will be discredited-beliefs are similar to that of ISIS, Al Qaeda and other extremist terrorist groups.
Journalists covering the tragic events in Gaza should not just focus on the superficial like the destruction of schools, hospitals and homes. Nor should they call for a halt in the war before Hamas is destroyed. It is as if World War II journalists, on learning that tens of thousands of Germans were killed by the bombing of Dresden, called for a ceasefire before Nazism could be destroyed.

Both the ideologies of Hamas and Nazism called for the genocide of the Jews. Both ideologies are equally evil. Both ideologies are incompatible with and a threat to Western democracy.

While every death is tragic, the death toll in this conflict is light compared to Dresden, where the estimate of deaths ranged from 35,000 to as high as 100,000. How come no one called for a ceasefire to save German lives? Hitler’s Mein Kampf was not taken seriously by Western journalists when it first came out. In fact, western leftists like George Bernard Shaw were sympathetic to Nazism. Today, most western journalists are not taking the Hamas Charter seriously either. Those on the left are even sympathetic to HAMAS.

They are as usual wrong. Peace can only come when Hamas and its religious beliefs are destroyed. It would be better to do it as quick as possible before their beliefs infect the moderate Muslims living in non-Muslim countries.

A successful businessman and author, Robert H. Lee has spent years extensively researching the history of nations for his book Saving Democracy from Suicide. (LINK: A self-professed Americaphile, Lee resides in Singapore with his family, but he previous lived in the United States where he went to the University of Michigan for his MBA.

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    Scott in Oklahoma

    The lesson learned by Japan at the end of WWII has been ignored by the rest of the world, especially forgotten by our government. The lesson is this… attack us, and our retribution will be so ugly, so destructive and so painful to your entire society that the very first thought you will have, after considering an attack on us, is the last time that was tried it didn’t end well for the aggressors. Once again that lesson needs to be demonstrated to the world.

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    Nanny G

    “The war is not over yet. Our men are still in the field, manning forward positions, our fingers are on the trigger, and our rockets are trained on Tel Aviv, and Lod and beyond,” al-Masri said at a mass rally today.

    Maybe Israel ought to let these clowns burn themselves out, playing at war.
    After all…..
    One Wednesday, late in July, 140 rockets were fired from Gaza, indiscriminately destined for Israel.
    According to Israel Defense Forces, 81 hit Israel, 9 were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, and 50 fell short within the Gaza Strip. Thirty-six percent of the rockets intended for Israel fell short in Gaza.
    July 28: Hamas terrorists fired a rocket salvo at Israel from a highly populated area. Instead of hitting Israel, two of the rockets struck a hospital and refugee camp inside Gaza, resulting in the deaths of over a dozen Palestinians.
    July 13: A Hamas rocket fired into Israel struck a power plant, knocking out power for over 70,000 Gazans.

    So, maybe the reason the UN liberals want an Iron Dome for Hamas is so they quit killing their own people and destroying their own infrastructure!

    Now, I had heard that Hamas is going around confiscating emergency food supplies from civilians and taking it for themselves….executing anyone who dares resist their 100% tax. I had heard that Hamas fighters and tunnel workers are so hungry that they surrender to IDF as soon as they see them.
    These reports are from late July.


    Also, you are making an important point about lands ever controlled by Islam.
    You quote the Koran:
    Quran 2:191 which say, “And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, …”
    Now, you limit your concern to places Muslims have ACTUALLY controlled.
    BUT perhaps you do not realize the fictionalizd ”histories” of North America written by Muslim ”historians.”
    In THEIR school books we in the USA (and Canada) live as infidels on land ”overtaken” from Islam!
    At one point, a few years ago, they even tried to sneak these ideas into American K-12 history books.
    The usually PC, multicultural Canadians laughed these books right off the shelves.
    (One account is at ”lost Islamic history” on the web here: )
    So, according to their history, we are also living on land that is rightfully theirs.
    Islam can make up whatever false ”history” they want to ”justify” their next conquest attempt.

    I hope Israel utterly destroys Hamas out of Gaza.
    Sure, they might fester a while under a new name, but the people of Gaza might have another chance to live like adults (with jobs and responsibilities) instead of children and slaves of Hamas.

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    Hamas uses the cease fire to regroup and rearm. It is a tactic used to avoid defeat and continue the fight. Our media and the Left are complicit in this nonsense, and Israel is being cajoled, by the useful idiots of the world, to be politically correct. Consequently, the war is prolonged and the Left continues their proxy war against Israel and freedom in the Middle East. The homicidal maniacs among the Palestinians are allowed to inflict more suffering upon Israel and ultimately, their own people.

    Hamas and the Palestinians will continue their terror until they suffer such losses that they no longer wish to kill all the Jews of the world. The sooner Israel forces them to accept unconditional surrender, the sooner we will have a measure of peace in the Middle East.

    If Hamas was able to destroy Israel and accomplish their goal of genocide, they would begin their relentless assault tactics on the US.

  4. 4

    Nanny G

    @Skook: Hamas uses the cease fire to regroup and rearm. It is a tactic used to avoid defeat and continue the fight.

    Important that we learn this.

    Arabic has no term for permanent peace treaty.
    Hudna is a TEMPORARY truce…..always.
    The Muslim side in a Hudna MUST use the time to strengthen itself.
    What the non-Muslim side does should be the same, but ignorance leads to being caught flat-footed.
    The only time Islam thinks peace is attainable is after the planet is under one Caliph.
    Israel is not fooled, like the PC West.
    They use the time to re-arm.

  5. 7



    @Budvarakbar: Yes, just maybe, if these homicidal maniacs are hunted into extinction, the rest of the monsters will take notice. We can hide our heads in gopher holes or we can engage the A’holes in a war fought to destroy the enemy. If we want to fight a PC war, we might as wait until they start their insanity here at home and the Libs are pissin their trousers.

  6. 8


    Skook seems to advocate for others to do what he thinks should be done, but of course he himself would not have to risk anything.
    As far as the western leftists supporting Hitler? Don’t try and rewrite history. It was conservatives who embraced Hitler as a bulwark against communism. It was leftists who fought against fascism in Spain prior to WW II. It was conservatives who fought with Franco. Henry Ford and Lindberg were big fans of Hitler and of course Prescott Bush continued business dealings with Germany even AFTER Dec 7. He was lucky not to have been indicted for trading with the enemy. The original Bush family fortune rested on dealings with Germany.

  7. 9



    If we want to fight a PC war, we might as wait until they start their insanity here at home and the Libs are pissin their trousers.

    Make no mistake, that insanity is just around the corner.

    Last weekend, Muslims, and other supporters of the Palestinians, marched in Austin, Texas. One of the TV stations reported the march as having hundreds of participants. But Muslims got on line and decried the number reported and the TV station changed its website report to read thousands, not hundreds.
    Now, I understand that Austin TV stations are bastions of liberalism, but the station caved to the demands of Islamists.

    If we have a thousand Islamists, and their supporters, marching in the Texas capitol with anti-Israel propaganda, what do you think the rest of the nation looks like.

    We have to admit that we are in a “holy” war against Islamists. All this “religion of peace” crap has to end. Islam, if you read their holy book, is no more a religion of peace that Nazism was. And Muslims, when push comes to shove, will side with the radicals in their midst before they side with this nation. For them to do otherwise would label them as apostates and they would be subjected to the same horror we are currently seeing march across the Middle East.

    Frankly, I want to see Israel pound Gaza into the dirt. Like Germans elected the Nazis to power, the people of Gaza elected Hamas. They danced with Hamas when the Twin Towers fell. They allow their children to put on Hamas head bands and allow Hamas to put weapons in the hands of children. They allowed Hamas to come to power, and now they want to whine about it because Israel is tired of having rockets fall on the heads of their children.

    And as the Paliwood fims come out, take notice of one thing missing; dead Hamas. All you will ever see are women and children, and other men, moved from one site to another for another photo-op, but never Hamas “warriors.”

  8. 10



    @john: JR or whatever name you are now using, when they come over here which is probably happening today, I won’t be on my knees or volunteering for a hospital ward. To Hell with you and the pacifists, I’ll fight and die a free man. You can view the throat cutters at work to see what is in store for you and the rest of the appeasers. I refuse to cower in fear or expect others to defend me and its for damn sure I’ll not depend on nitwits like you.

    You and your phony call sign can impress the homicidal maniacs with the Spanish Civil War and whatever straw men you can grab hold of from the Huffing or Media Matters and I will watch the maniacs cut your throat.

  9. 12

    oil guy from Alberta

    @john: Look who’s rewriting history. Mussolini and Hitler were conservatives, lol. The Spanish Civil War was basically the birth and training ground of the Luftwaffe. Mussolini did very well supplying arms and materiel to Franco. It was one big happy fascist jamboree. Churchill, a staunch conservative, revived his political career warning the world of these miscreants. Lindberg was no conservative, he was a pacifist. The Bushes were Rinos and not a conservative like Reagan. Ford was an Industrialist and would cut deals with anyone. John, have you any more bs to spread around?

  10. 13

    Nanny G

    How can ANYONE say Hamas are the good guys????
    A Jewish woman married a Palestinian in Israel and, after the wedding, was smuggled against her will into Gaza.
    Her daughter (by a previous marriage?) was basically a captive who was forced into a life filled with abuse and humiliation.
    Hamas then forced this daughter into a suicide belt and ordered to into a Mosque where the tunnel from Israel ended on Gaza side.
    When IDF soldiers came up through this tunnel she was supposed to kill herself and as many of them as possible, but she hesitated.
    IDF saved her and her mom and her two young siblings.
    This tunnel was the very one where LT Hadar Goldin, 23, Major Benaya Sarel, 26, and 1st Sgt. Liel Gidoni, 20, were killed.
    The so-called kidnapping of LT Hadar Goldin, 23, was merely confusion as Hamas grabbed his body and dragged it in toward that Mosque.

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