Dear President Obama, About Those Tunnels

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Bobo: You must stop all aggression directed at Hamas Bibi: You realize. they started a war and we are winning. Bobo: Precisely

Dear President Obama,

I hope you are doing well, during these trying times. Most everyone sees Obama Health Care is on the rocks and only seems to be surviving because you were smart enough to have it come into full service after you leave the White House. This open border deal is also a hard concept to sell to a public skeptical of letting in so many Third World diseases, undocumented terrorists, and unskilled workers into a tired country. The empty promises of Hope and Change sounded great during the campaign, but we have massive unemployment and raw nerves left over from long wars with Muslim fanatics and watching your blunders turn victory into defeat. The country is immune to your flowery speeches, but I didn’t write this note to console you over your policy blunders.

Working with John Kerry is difficult, but you have based your presidency on the premise of surrounding yourself with mediocrity and proving that the government can still function despite the morons you hire. Hillary proved this point, but the Benghazi debacle nearly brought down your presidency and some Americans are still pissed about the performances of you and Hillary. In this modern age, it is hard to backtrack the lies being viewed on You Tube. However, except for a few glitches, Hillary proved a Secretary of State can continuously fly around the world, stay snot-slinging drunk and accomplish nothing, and expect to be congratulated for her dedication. Hillary is fortunate enough to have believers throughout the US, but if John Kerry lived in any other state, he’d be selling used-cars and hustling older rich widows.

He is not a well-liked bonafide celebrity like you, Barrack. He doesn’t even have a celebrity name; consequently, people who watch those airplanes flying East and West don’t really admire him and aren’t likely to forgive his stupid blunders like they have for you and Hillary. I know people in the heartland or as your celebrity and media friends like to call it, fly-over country, aren’t really beautiful or as hip as you like, but they elect congressmen and they have a voice in the government.

After you and John have made your sympathies for Hamas, and other Sunni terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, so well-known, (A big mistake, IMHO) it looks really bad when you demand that Netanyahu and Hamas agree to a cease fire and then have Hamas break the cease fire by killing two members of the IDF and capturing another within 90 minutes. It almost looks like you were complicit in helping Hamas score a minor terror victory with the phony cease fire.

Netanyahu was forced to tell you not to second guess him about Hamas and their terror. You see, he actually knows terror, he was part of the raid on Entebbe and his brother was killed on the same raid. He actually understands the mind of the Islamic Fanatic and isn’t steeped in their mind-numbing rhetoric and jingoistic slogans, nothing personal, I wasn’t insinuating anything about your political strategies, please don’t take offense.

Unfortunately, when you and Kerry condemn the actions of Hamas, your condemnation sounds so vacant and hollow after listening to you condemn an anti-Islamic film that no one had seen and using the film as the scapegoat for the Benghazi Debacle.

Now, to make amends for this seemingly naive and incompetent trust in Hamas, (the whole world knew it was going to happen), I have a unique idea about the tunnels in Gaza, whose primary purpose is to transport Palestinian weapons and terrorists into or near Israel, to allow them to play their homicidal game, Kill the Jew. Why not arrange another cease fire and ship in American troops to destroy the terror tunnels. After the tunnels are blown, you can leave munitions with sensors to cave them in once again if they try to rebuild the tunnels.

You can avoid the stigma of being a Hamas collaborator by severely limiting the the ability of Hamas to commit clandestine terror. Document the supplies of Iranian (another sore point with Americans and your chief Advisor Valerie) missiles and the entrances to tunnels, and be honest (I know this might be a bridge too far, but a little honesty from your administration would be appreciated) if said tunnels are in UN schools.

The people of the US and possibly the world will respect you as a man who tried to accomplish peace and they will tend to forget the bumbling buffoon, John Kerry, working so hard at being an officious nitwit.

Yes, after embracing defeat from hard won victories in war, and expecting a beleaguered American economy and people to accept unlimited immigration of future welfare cases, you must try to salvage something for your legacy. Being pulled off the golf course to reluctantly watch the assassination of Bin Ladin will hardly make up for eight years of failure.

Your True Friend and Confidant

PS, I see Bibi intends on destroying the tunnels within 24 hours; too bad, you missed your chance to imitate a statesman. Now Bibi will destroy the assets of Hamas without you and Kerry pleading for a cease fire to allow Hamas to rearm and reposition their terrorists.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. The book Fifty-Thousand Years is awaiting me to finish a final proofread and it should be sent to the formatter in a matter of days. I am still working, so it is not easy to devote the time I need to finish the project. The cover is a beautiful wok of art. I would put it up here if I could figure out how to make it work.

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    Nanny G

    Destroying the tunnels is only part of the job, if Israel wants the attacks to stop.
    Wolf Blitzer reported on about 3,000 Hamas fighters ready to use suicide bomb belt they already have in Hamas’ fight against Israel.
    I hope Israel doesn’t quit as if the job is done just because the present tunnels are destroyed.

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    @Nanny G: They reported the suicide bombers were elite warriors; it’s nice to know they aren’t using children and the mentally handicapped.

    More than likely, they are desperately trying to save face in front of the world. They look fairly incompetent as terrorists; especially after having the upper hand and the advantage of surprise. This probably explains the Left’s and particularly our president’s efforts to keep Hamas from being publicly humiliated.

    If they look like fools, money from Obama and the Sunni terrorist promoters may dry up. It’s better to funnel the hundreds of millions to someone who can accomplish something.

  3. 5


    “…but you have based your presidency on the premise of surrounding yourself with mediocrity and proving that the government can still function despite the morons you hire.”


    I hope Bibi does so much damage any, ANY terrorists would be hard pressed to mess with him (Israel) ever again.

    I cannot believe what I read about Hamas actually using (UN) SCHOOLS in which there are children to hide missiles, munitions and explosives. What excrement those terrorists are.

    – They (Hamas) knew Israel would not ‘dare’ to fire missiles at a school housing children ( Children
    – citizens that Hamas/terrorists have no concerns or care whatsoever for) it’s the – end justifies the
    means – mentality.
    – If the school happens to blow up – hell Hamas can and will blame Israel for doing so…a win win for

    So all the haters (of Tiny Israel) all over the world seem to think the actions of Hamas and terrorist just like them, using children whom they ‘supposedly’ care about and ‘civilian citizens’ whom they also ‘supposedly’ care about, to be encouraged (by Hamas) and ‘used’ as live shields as ‘protection’ against bombs and missiles is just…perfectly ok.

    However, if those same human shields -protection- who stupidly and willingly are used as bait by their own so called leaders and happen to get killed – by an Israeli missile being used to defend Israel – the world goes into a frenzy of hate for Israel who is only a TINY Country trying to defend herself – forever it seems…

    About those tunnels – too bad they aren’t filled to the rim with terrorists before they are blown up. Callous? No. You play with fire, you get burned. Simple as that.

    I pray to God for the world to come to their senses. There is way too much dysfunction in actions and in the thought process.

    Great Letter by the way Skook.

  4. 6


    In all this tunnel talk I have yet to hear anyone mention one of the most obvious uses — as mines — borrow to under some Israeli school, military or religious site, load the tunnel up with explosives and touch it off! Would be reported as if the Israelis blew it up – unless it was obvious Hammas – then would be reported as if the Hammas were genius’ that had just invented something new!

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    @FAITH7: Thanks Faith, the world seems satisfied to remain willfully ignorant by ignoring the contradictions. I don’t understand this inability or refusal to reason beyond the programmed talking points, when the contradictions are so obvious.

    The letter was written for The Won, as if he might read it. I know the odds are better on buying a winning lottery ticket, but I’ve always found gambling to be the ultimate boredom.

    @Budvarakbar: I was almost afraid to mention the setting of booby traps in the tunnels, the terror groups don’t seem to be particularly intelligent and you wouldn’t want to plant seeds in relatively unimaginative minds.

    Hopefully, the IDF is using robots to secure the tunnels, instead of humans like we used in Vietnam.

  6. 8



    Another home run (and thanks for the laugh). You mention something extremely pertinent as to this entire situation, one that for sure our brain dead leader and his minions refuse to want to understand.

    “Netanyahu was forced to tell you not to second guess him about Hamas and their terror. You see, he actually knows terror, he was part of the raid on Entebbe and his brother was killed on the same raid.”

    As I and so many others have stated in the past, Americans memories are far to short. Unfortunately 9/11 is in the distant past for far to many and as such, a brainwashed population is focused on vilifying the good guys. But what the hell, this is the tactic of all good totalitarian despots such as our clueless President.
    As an American I was first saddened by the fact that any foreign leader would tell our President in effect to eff off, NOT! Sad but true, but a kick in the head by a real leader is exactly what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately Commissar Obama and his lemmings will continue to march to the Anti-Semite tune they know so well.

    Having said that, one other thing that strikes me. As we all know, radical Muslims are killing Christians by the 1,000’s and destroying everything in their paths as to wipe out any reference to them. A holocaust just as bad as the Germans in WWII. Nothing is being said by our Muslim loving Jew hating leaders or the MSM! Apparently the war on Christians is a good war because our brain dead leaders don’t seem to give a damn! I mention this for another reason. I saw a speech by Netanyahu a day or so ago and he mentioned how his heart went out the the Christians being massacred by the Islamic hoards. Funny, isn’t it? A man whose country is under years of attack can see and feel for what is going on yet our leaders can’t!

    I’m wondering one thing Skook. Bibi, thankfully has shown the world he and the Israelis mean business. The world of course starting with Sheik Obama disagree. Nothing new there. But I’m wondering if or when Bibi will take out the Iranian reactors. My guess is sooner than one thinks.

  7. 9

    Nanny G

    Now that IDF is going to finish destroying all the tunnels they know of in the next 24 hours, Hamas has started flooding the border areas with crowds of rock-throwing ”civilians.”
    What next?
    IDF needs to destroy Hamas.
    Israel would be wise to occupy Gaza for a while.
    Sure the people of Gaza will hold a grudge….until they get jobs, have working schools and Mosques, roads and sewers repaired, hospitals that are more than false fronts and peace.
    A real judicial system that doesn’t punish people for mere suspicion would also bring stability.
    So far this month, Hamas admits to murdering over 30 Gazans for suspicion of helping Israel.

  8. 10


    Skook, nice letter, but I’m afraid it won’t make it to his desk. It doesn’t quite fit into how he “learn” things, “I heard about it like how most Americans, through news reports.” 🙂

    IDF has released video showing a couple of tunnels beginning in UN “schools” as well as a slew of weapons and munitions that were captured in “schools”. And, yes, they have been using robots to aid in the clearance of tunnels.

  9. 11

    Nanny G

    Rick Moran and others have noted what Hamas could have done with all the concrete they wasted on tunnels.

    IDF wrecked 31 tunnels in two weeks.
    The Egyptians claim to have destroyed 1370 tunnels.

    More than 800,000 tons of concrete was used to construct those tunnels.

    Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, required 110,000 tons of concrete.
    Hamas could have equipped with bomb shelters ALL schools in Gaza …..and had enough concrete left over for TWO Giant’s Stadiums!

    Now, if Israel is smart, concrete will NOT be so freely available to Hamas in Gaza.
    Supervision of its use might be a wise move.
    Otherwise 5 years from now we will be right back here.

  10. 12



    Yes, not all Palestinians want to play Kill the Jew, but they must all live in squalor because of electing a terrorist government and watching it convert humanitarian money from Israel and Obama into a mechanism for war and terror. Of course Israel must try to help these people who seem to be beyond help, but maybe the Jordanians were justified in killing them rather than admitting them.

    We think the Palestinians will see the error of their ways and elect a more responsible government, but even if they elect a new ruling party, will Hamas be willing to give up their position of power? If they face destruction, they will morph into an alternative identity like the Taliban and the MB, and enjoy White House privileges.

    Remember Sun Tzu’s warning, an enemy is not defeated until they no longer have the will or resources to continue the fight. I am sure Bibi knows this, but with Obama and the Left on his back screaming and scratching like a drunk woman, will he be able to deliver the coup de grace?

  11. 13


    Israel weakened the Palestinian Authority and Hamas took power in Gaza. If Hamas is destroyed do you really think a better more secular group will come into power? 50% of Gaza’s population is under the age of 18 Are these the people you hate ?

    From what I have read less than 25% of the near 2000 dead and 100000 wounded were Hamas fighters. Hamas was reported to have 10000 fighters losing 500 doesn’t hurt much
    Hamas honors its dead fighters at some point an accurate figure on their dead will be available. As far as tunnels are concerned more will be dug.They will be dug before Gaza is rebuilt. So what has Israel accomplished here? During WW II civilian populations suffered horribly, but they never blamed their own government whether it was the Japanese, the Germans or the Russians. They always blamed the people who were actually killing them “Hanas” is used as a generic rerm for various militant groups in Gaza. Hamas has never been in complete control off Gaza There are many more even more radical groups among the 1.9 million people who live in an area about 4 times the area of Manhattan island

  12. 14


    NanG#11 says-
    “More than 800,000 tons of concrete was used to construct those tunnels.”

    Now you have me wondering NanG if slave labor was also used to construct those tunnels?

    It would actually account for why many of the Palestinians are so poor, besides of course their ‘leadership’ keeping them that way.

  13. 15



    @john: You are saying the terrorist group that unleashed thousands of rockets on Israel, rockets that were meant to kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians, should be allowed to rebuild and rearm, and not be annihilated because another more evil group might supplant them.

    Brilliant John, you can change your call sign here at FA, but you still have the same shallow water intellect. Hamas is a terror group, founded on the principle of Kill every Jew. You and the JR of the past would be standing up for them and any terror group that opposes the only democracy in the Middle East as well.

    Play your moronic identity games on Liberal sites John; those sites don’t require a level of acuity or comprehension to communicate. Name calling and meaningless rants are acceptable, as long as you have a Leftist philosophy or can remember the talking points.

    Your mental deficiencies are too obvious on this blog and you continuously expose yourself as a fool and a simpleton despite your less than clever disguises.

  14. 17

    James Raider

    Good one, Skook.

    empty promises of Hope and Change sounded great during the campaign, but . . . . . watching your blunders turn victory into defeat. The country is immune to your flowery speeches . . . .

    I had long discussions this week with a seriously wealthy, hard travelling Chinese businessman who has been a good acquaintance for some time, and it’s always a pleasure to catch up, but mostly ‘listen’ to opinions and observations collected from the world’s capitals from atop his very insightful perch.

    I’ve slowed down my own travel considerably so it’s good to have a few good “eyes” able to bring back intelligence from over the horizon. I’m pleased to add to the accumulating acknowledgement (well beyond just perception) that Obama and Co. are clueless — The only people this Admin is fooling seems to be the local army of mindless sycophants.

    Over the horizon, few of consequence are getting fooled, it appears. The views I heard were quite consistent with so many of the observations many of us have made here on FA over the last 6 years. There is actually concern with how pathetic, weak and indecisive, this W.H. really is. They don’t particularly care for Putin, but laugh out loud at how badly he has trashed Obie on all fronts, starting with eating his lunch on the missile defence system. I was also positively surprised at the bewilderment that this Admin has no spine to support Israel. But most puzzling for me was hearing from the other side of the world a “what the hell is he really doing?” They are bewildered that the leader of a country, particularly America, would weaken it, or even ‘appear’ to weaken it. Meanwhile, they’re all making hay, while the emperor parades on the golf course with no clothes.

    @drjohn: #1

    They’re humanitarian tunnels doncha know…

    That’s about right, and meanwhile Obie thinks they’re misplaced bowling alleys.

  15. 18


    @Skook#16 –
    Thank you for the insight. How does one respond to hearing or reading something like this?

    A humanitarian cause – as the clueless Pelosi would like us to believe? The woman is insufferable!

    This only adds to the contradictions the world refuses to see.
    How many Israeli children has Israel ‘sacrificed’ in the name of hate? Zero.

    I am not understanding why Hamas ‘officials’ even report/admit to something like this anyway?
    Don’t they want everyone (in the world) to believe it is Israel, and Israel only who kills their children?

  16. 19

    Nanny G

    @FAITH7: Yes, children are ”conscripted” against their own will and against their poor parents’ will.
    When tunnel cave-ins lead to dead children Hamas puts on a show of force in the neighborhood where the young slaves came from to prevent any outcry.
    No wonder Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood (when it was in charge in Egypt) sought out and killed bloggers.
    Who else even gets the truth out of Gaza?
    Our reporters refuse to even show Hamas firing rockets into Israel unless those rockets go off right behind them.

  17. 20


    0Muslim has, more often than not, been siding with Islam and Islamic terrorists for many years now. He even said publicly that he’d do so (in one of the rare moments that he’s spoken the truth). Therefore, this closet Muslim’s recent comments and actions, in regard to Israel and Hamas, are anything but surprising.

    Meanwhile, those such as the media and everyday people who sympathize with Islam in general, and Hamas in particular, are only doing so in an effort to appear politically correct. These are, of course, the same entities who sympathize with thugs and criminals while, at the same time, often faulting their blameless victims for some inane reason or another.

    And nor is it any secret that corrupt politicians and tyrants have often used this difficult to understand human phenomenon has means of gaining undo power. Ultimately this “go along to get along” stupidity often leads such sheeple to disaster in the end (as seen in Communist Russia, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and Communist North Korea, etc) .

  18. 21



    @FAITH7: Hamas, like most totalitarian governments, wants to promote the image of children willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause. Unfortunately, the elites who collect hundreds of millions of Obama’s welfare money for dictators are sitting on a yacht in the Mediterranean, drinking cognac. smoking cigars, and making use of an endless supply young Eastern European girls who have no option but prostitution, if they don’t want to starve.

    So I would say, “yes, Hamas is indirectly a humanitarian organizations; we supply their leaders with enough money to live the life of international playboys and by taking advantage of the economic situation in Eastern Europe, they help support the young girls of Eastern Europe who are forced into prostitution.

  19. 22

    Nanny G

    Islamic historian Hessa al-Khaledi brought up historical evidence showing that women fought alongside Muhammad, and were honored for it. ….. From Hadiths:

    Nusavbah bint Kaab is perhaps the most celebrated of the many women warriors, since she helped save Muhammad’s life in the battle of Uhud.
    When the Muslim army was dispersed in an enemy charge, she was among the ten women who managed to hold their ground, shielding the prophet’s body with their own.
    She received thirteen wounds during her valiant stand; one, a near-fatal sword cut to the side of her neck, took more than a year to heal.
    In a later battle she lost a hand.
    Muhammad clearly honored Nusaybah’s contribution.
    He often visited her house and took dinner there.

    Hamas is just doing what their model, Mohammad, did.
    Every time!
    Women human shields.

    Hamas considers the unveiled as collaborators of a kind.
    It is our religious duty to execute collaborators.


  20. 23



    @Nanny G: It is another culture, but honoring someone by being served dinner at her house seems a little odd. Oh, we forget, the Islamics have been slavers and slave traders since their beginning.

    If you own people, it is easier to command them to watch over your missile stockpiles during precision bombing raids.

    There is also a major difference in volunteering to fight for someone and being forced to be a shield for missiles; although, it’s doubtful whether the Palestinian is capable of such minute distinctions, much like Pelosi and Reid.

  21. 27


    @Skook: American Jews are so far removed from the Holocaust and they have become so indoctrinated with the progressive movement, I do not think a significant number really do realize that they are under attack even in the US.

  22. 29


    Obama’s prevailing activities have raised question in every country in the world. he is a man of confusion now. war is a preferable thing to him now.

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