California Breaking-Up. Unlikely Gossip or Game Changer? (Guest Post)

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Some people love to gossip about celebrity break-ups. This could be the biggest of all time. California’s 2016 ballot will ask the question: Should California Break-Up into six different states?

“The idea … is to create six states with responsive local governments – states that are more representative and accountable to their constituents,” Six Californias spokesperson Roger Salazar told Reuters. Breitbart News’ Chriss Street has also noted that the initiative draws strength from Californians’ specific resentment of the Bay Area, which provides much of the Golden State’s political class and dominates its uneven economic growth.

The plan is staunchly opposed by Gov. Jerry Brown and other Democrats, and viewed with some degree of skepticism by Republicans as well, but it may have some wider resonance. Draper put an additional $750,000 of his own money into the initiative in February as he pushed for the initiative to collect the over 800,000 signatures. Even if the initiative passed, it would likely have to be ratified by Congress after 2016 to take effect.

Should it pass, this will give us a total of 55 states. The immediate problem for (former) Californians is the effect it will have on the loss of power and taxation that currently tends to force the everyone else in state to support the far-left policies of the leftist metropolitan mecca-centers. (“West California” would be in dire stress losing all the tax looting it counts on from the rest of the state to fund their loony entitlement programs.) What will this do to the balance of party power? It would result in 110 Senators, The number of House Representatives should not change by much, although it could result in one or two less seats depending on what the population division results would be for the six states. This would however have a huge effect on post-2016 presidential elections, as electors in the other five (former Californian) new states would be free to give their electors to someone other than who “West California” wants. The question is, hypothetically, how would they swing? Looking at various overall political maps (2012 electoral results, , 2004 electoral results, 2012 various election results, California’s Changing Electoral Geography, and
Overall US 2004 US elections purple counties ) We can try to guesstimate, and my rough take would indicate that: Jefferson State would be lean heavily RED, Northern California State would be a BLUE leaning purple, Silicon Valley State would be a heavily BLUE state, Central California and Southern California States would be solid RED, West California would of course be Solid BLUE (until such time as the coast beaks off and slides into the ocean).

This would without question cause Democrats to lose electoral votes in the presidential elections. How many would depend on the electoral split.

What do the rest of you think about breaking up California?

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    California break up would add 10 bat shi& crazy prog Senators, maybe not at first but slowly, just as Californians progs infect every state they move into.

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    another vet

    In the Senate, the breakout would be 6 new D’s and 6 new R’s. Right now the D’s have a plus 2 advantage in CA. That would turn into an even split causing them to “lose” 2 Senate seats. The population would most likely be a lot higher in the Blue states meaning a gain in the House for the D’s. The 55 electoral votes would be split giving the R’s a gain there.

    An interesting proposition. If successful, it would set off a chain reaction in other states. A couple of years ago there was an Illinois rep who wanted the rest of the state to secede from Cook County and Chicago. It never gained any traction. This is highly unlikely as well. While it would be far more representative of the electorate, the pols do everything they can to consolidate their power. The ensuing nationwide chaos would be too much.

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    The 55 electoral votes would be split giving the R’s a gain there.

    Not likely, going by the split you mentioned, with most Reps being Dimocrats, the electoral votes would be mostly dimocrats. Can’t have that.

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    It would be a hell of a lot better for this nation just to give California to Mexico…They aren’t far from being there already…

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    another vet

    @Redteam: I was going by the 55 electoral votes not being all 55 for the dims. Even if it would be 45-10, it would still be a loss of 10 for them.

    The proponents of this would probably stand a better chance if they advocated splitting into two states as opposed to six. If there was a way to get the east part of Northern California to go with the other Red areas, it would do the trick geographically. Splitting into six states makes it absurd to the rest of the country. Splitting into two, not so much. There would be historical precedent for one as in Virginia/West Virginia circa 1863. People could also sympathize with them for wanting to break away from a state run by burnt out hippies from the sixties who are still stuck in the sixties along with all of their feel good, save the world “causes” as well as their modern proteges.

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    @another vet:

    Even if it would be 45-10, it would still be a loss of 10 for them.

    Okay, I see what you mean. Yes since Dims get them all now, any that the Repubs get would be a loss to Dims.
    I agree that 2 states would be more likely than 6.

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    Yes since Dims get them all now, any that the Repubs get would be a loss to Dims.

    Exactly. People tend to think of California as being all Democrats, but that is simply not the case. The sheer population of the Coastal Metropolitan Democratic strongholds is what forces the rest of the state to follow their loony nonsense. Cutting the state up into the six states shown in the map will concentrate most of these power centers into 3 states, while two would clearly turn red with one being a definite purple state.

    I agree that 2 states would be more likely than 6.

    The ballot measure that will be submitted to the voters is for cutting the state up into six states. There isn’t a two state plan that I am aware of.

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    I hope CA splits up, it’s hard to imagine lucid people voting for Pelosi, Waters, Boxer, and Feinstein. Ir would be nice to absolve any connection to those loony tunes.

    I am afraid the biography for Ditto is mixed with Curt’s.

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    @Ditto: It was just a typo, but I like to read about the authors and their backgrounds.

    A thought closer to the article, if California were to split up into six states, its true people would have regional representation, instead of being directed by the urban centers, but all the rest of the country would lose a degree of power when the power of their senators is diluted by the addition of eight more senators from the former state of California.

    In CA the dichotomy is obvious, but other states could split just to increase representation,; consequently, the reason for splitting-up is important, and how do we gauge whether it is merely a power grab or legitimate grievances.

    In CA, the environmentalists sit in their urban centers and let the great farming industry of the Central Valley, one of the greatest agricultural centers of the world, wither and die to save a bait fish, while letting essential irrigation water flow to the ocean. This is a logical reason to split and will only be argued against by Liberals who want to control the great agriculture business of CA and its people.

    I laugh at the mindless dolts who praise this legislation and complain about the escalating cost of food. Brown and co is a ship of fools, but there is comedy in the tragedy on the horizon. You just need to laugh at them in privacy.

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