Obama Scolds Reporter For Asking Tough Policy Question

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It’s pretty telling that the most “transparent administration in history” is anything but when a recent poll conducted by Politico of White House reporters revealed that Bush was way more transparent then Obama is…41% to 5% specifically. Asked how many times different organizations have been granted exclusive access to the President the majority stated zero.

So with that primer I give you this video taken today:

How dare this reporter ask a pointed policy question of our President.

It seems this is the only way reporters can get a question in of this President, unless of course it’s about sports. Then he is all over it.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    Nanny G

    Obama saying, ”I’m sorry, we’re doin’ science here, OK?”
    Then he walks away as fast as his legs can carry him!
    What a chicken!
    Obviously the tabloids are wrong.
    They claim Michelle has the goods on Obama’s 12 GIRLfriends!
    I am sure they are not females.
    He’s too scared of women to have even one girlfriend.

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    It may not be because he’s arrogant. It may just be that no one briefed him on the answer and he’s afraid he might either expose his ignorance or accidentally tell the truth!

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    @Proof: Completely agree. Obama has been told by his handlers to be careful about going off script. His biggest flubs have come when he’s off the teleprompter or when he (rarely) gets a question that hasn’t been planted in advance. The truth is…this is not a bright guy. There are reasons his high school and college grades are cosmic top secret.

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    That sums-up 98% of the Left’s level of actual, hard knowledge. “We’re doing Science, here.”

    Um… “doing Science?”

    They think it’s like Magic, or something. Doing Science, Casting Spells, Reading Bones, Divining Clouds…

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    @This one: There’s a press “protocol”? Are members of the MSM only allowed to ask certain questions at certain times? Is this stuff all worked out in advance?

    I am old enough to remember Watergate…when members of the press almost literally threw themselves at Nixon when he was at the WH press room podium…literally screaming “Mr. President!” to get Nixon’s attention. Is this where the press is today? There’s a “protocol”? I think this MSM is afraid of this administration. Wire tapping reporters phones gets their attention. In many ways this isn’t an administration as much as a criminal conspiracy. RICO statutes should be applied.

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