“Accountability”…Obama Appoints Shinseki To Investigate Himself Over VA Scandal

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Sick Veterans left to die on secret wait lists and all Obama wants to do is wait and see?

They have known about these problems for many years.

And many studies and reports have already been done about the problem…so what does he want to do? Wait awhile for another investigation headed by the guy who was in charge while these secret wait lists were in place.


This felt like the sort of presser that the president typically gives the day after a midterm election in which his party’s taken a beating: He has nothing to say, but he feels obliged to show his face lest he be accused of cowardice. That was his goal today — stand up in front of the camera, check the box by looking appropriately outraged, and hope that the time you’ve just bought yourself ends up with the media and the public losing interest and eventually focusing on something else. This guy ran on accountability and now, five years later, here we are. He’s completely checked out, as even some Democrats lately have begun to admit.

This narcissistic leader could really care less. He achieved his goal of being elected twice and now just wants to play golf.

This VA scandal should be a wake up call to the nation of what government run health care is going to look like.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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  1. 3

    Nanny G

    Shenseki had a wait time of 120 days (far too long) when he first took office.
    He then promised to keep that wait time under 125 days!
    In other words…..
    He blew the dog whistle to VA workers that no heat was on.
    And, they listened.
    Now, the wait time is over 9 months!
    So, what’s to ”investigate?”

  2. 4


    @Nanny G:

    I have a close friend who’s son has done two tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. He’s a SAPPER, if you know what that is. When he came home from the last Afghanistan tour, he was pretty messed up. His marriage was on the rocks, he couldn’t get along with his mom who he had always worshipped, and he started drinking.

    It took him over a year to get an appointment for a diagnosis, which would up being PTSD. It took him another year to get treatment. But now, after six months of treatment, he and his wife are getting along well and he is back having strong ties to his mom again. TWO YEARS JUST TO BEGIN TREATMENT. The Army didn’t give him two years to report for duty.

    I will tell you this; this young man hates the VA as much as he hates Obama, and he has always been a Democrat. Our VA is a disgrace, and now, once again, Obama will kick the can down the road to leave the mess to be cleaned up by someone else in the future.

  3. 6


    The VA is overwhelmed with new patients. 45% of ALL recently deployed are putting in claims for permanent disability. This is just part of the “cost” of those 2 wars. Former Chief of Staff Shinseji was appointed by obama and approved by the Senate.\
    Some have NEVER liked him, he clashed openly with Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney aon how many troops would be needed after MISSION ACCOMPLISHED in Iraq. Some thought 25000 would be enough
    want to take alook into the time machine?
    ooopz looks like author had seconds thoughts on this post
    but the comments are still there anyone care to ahve a look at what they thought was happening way back then ?

  4. 7


    And Curt you DO realize that the hated Obama received as many vet votes as did romney and that teh younger vets gave most of their support to Obama while the older went to Romney. The man you despise was the recent vets #1 choice.
    google cnn exit polls

  5. 8

    Rob in Katy

    Plenty of healthcare for illegals but not for those that have given a part of themselves for this country…
    Would an American do that?

  6. 11


    @john, #6:

    Yep. An acquaintance of mine does VA claims evaluations and ratings. She says she’s totally buried under an avalanche of applications and medical reports. The backlogs keep getting bigger and the processing times keep getting longer. They need more staff, but she says there’s no relief in sight. I think she’s headed for a breakdown.

    The chart tells the story.

  7. 12



    The VA is overwhelmed with new patients. 45% of ALL recently deployed are putting in claims for permanent disability.

    At any given point, the DoD knows exactly how many active/retired military is in our population. You are telling me they didn’t pass that information on to the VA so that estimates could be made on needed health care?

    If you think the VA can’t handle the number of veterans we have because their numbers are rising, how the hell can the Government provide health care for 314,000,000 people?

  8. 13



    She says she’s totally buried under an avalanche of applications and medical reports. The backlogs keep getting bigger and the processing times keep getting longer. They need more staff, but she says there’s no relief in sight. I think she’s headed for a breakdown.

    Future visions of Obamacare, only you are too dense to see it.

  9. 16


    @Kraken, #14:

    The chart is about the reality of rising claim numbers and the rapidly increasing burden on a seriously overtaxed VA healthcare system, not about George W Bush or Barack Obama.

  10. 17

    Ronald J. Ward


    But-Bushing is unlikely to make this one go away.

    Maybe you can find a way to blame the Koch Bros. for this one instead


    Well, uh, yeah, Bush is long gone (thank God) but that doesn’t exonerate him nor does it address this problem (among many) that he dumped in Obama’s lap. Invoking the Koch Bros is a non sequitur and doesn’t address the argument one way or the other.

    There’s an amazing consistency of the cloned sockpuppets as they all seem to have some demented need to speak and appear stupid when they would have been better served remaining silent.

    It’s understood that the dog ate your homework so accordingly, there really is no need to remind everyone of that fact.

  11. 19

    This one

    Why Is the VA Suffering From a Lack of Resources in the First Place?

    Insufficient funding of veterans’ healthcare has been caused primarily by political decisions made by “support-our-troops” members of the US Senate and House of Representatives. Members of Congress who have in recent years voted against increasing the funding of veterans’ healthcare—increases necessary to meet the need created by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—deserve much of the blame for starving the VA into this scandalous situation.

    Congress has consistently agreed to to spend less money on the VA than Obama had requested. Since 2010, by our calculations, Congress has agreed to fund about $2 billion a year less, on average, in discretionary spending than Obama had sought.


  12. 20


    @Ronald J. Ward:

    non sequitur

    Yeah, you should probably stop parroting Latin phrases that you don’t know the definitions of.

    non sequitur — Latin for “It doesn’t follow” (e.g., Our nation will prevail because God is great. But nearly every nation pretends this to be true; the German formulation was “Gott mit uns”). Often those falling into the non sequitur fallacy have simply failed to recognize alternative possibilities;

    It just makes you look like an even bigger idiot than what we’re both fully aware that you are.

  13. 22


    @Ronald J. Ward:

    There’s an amazing consistency of the cloned sockpuppets as they all seem to have some demented need to speak and appear stupid when they would have been better served remaining silent.

    So why do you continue to be a sock puppet?

  14. 23

    Ronald J. Ward

    @Kraken: So, I’m “parroting Latin phrases that you (I) don’t know the definitions of” because, well, you found an atheist site using that phrase? Or, something? Or, what the hell are you talking about?

  15. 24

    This one

    The Republicans have done everything in their power to cut and curtail funding for the VA and Veterans Services. Yet, they want to blame the problems on the Democrats:

    1. 2014 – Led by Mitch McConnell, Republicans filibuster a bill that would have boosted funding for the VA by $21 billion, expanded benefits, and repealed cuts pushed through under the Ryan budget deal.


    2. 2013 – Paul Ryan’s budget CUTS $6-billion from Veteran Benefits.


    3. 2012 – Republicans block seven other bills that would have helped Veterans and the VA: H.R. 466, H.R. 1168, H.R. 1171, H.R. 1172, H.R. 1293, H.R. 1803, and H.R. 2352

    4. 2012 – Republicans filisbuster a bill that would have adjusted VA benefits to keep up with inflation.


    5. 2012 – Republicans block a bill that would have provided job training for returning war veterans.


    6. 2012 – Republicans block bill that would have help create jobs for return Iraq and Afghanism veterans:


    7. 2011 – Republican Michele Bachmann proposes cutting $4.5 billion from the VA, including capping heathcare benefits and cutting disability payments.


    8. 2011 – Republcans filibuster jobs bill that would have provide incentives for business to hire returning Veterans.

    9. 2010 – Republicans filibuster bill that would have provided benefits for homeless Veterans.


    10. 2007 – George Bush vetos H.R. 1591 that would have increased VA health care spending.

    11. 2004 – George Bush cuts $2 billion in funding for VA Health care.

    12. 2003 – Bush cuts $1.5 billion Veteran Funding.


    13. 2003 – Bush cuts $2 billion in Veterans health care.

    14. 2003 – Bush administration budget cuts force 200,000 to wait 6 months for health care.


    15. 1999 – In spite of Warning from the VA that their Hospitals were “in crisis,” Republicans (who control congress at the time) block a bill to increase VA health care funding.


  16. 26


    If the Bush administration and the Republicans were so busy cutting budget and services to veterans and the VA, explain why the VA budget increased by 25%. If Obama was so concerned about the “plight” of veterans, he would have made it a top priority from the very get-go, and not wait for it to come to a critical mass like it is now. Plus, I don’t need a lecture on responsibility and accountability from this president or anyone else. I’ve worn the uniform, my dad wore the uniform – we were responsible and accountable every second, everyday.

  17. 27

    Nathan Blue

    @john: The “Mission Accomplished” banner was for the carrier to celebrate them coming back from deployment, something internal and for the crew. It was used by the media to slam Bush, and taken out of context.

  18. 28

    Nathan Blue

    @Ronald J. Ward:
    John Stewart, lib ass-clown extraordinaire, is even slamming Obama…ahem, I mean the “administration”.

    But seriously, every president takes actions that will reap rewards/consequences years down the line. At any give point, a sitting president is holding a lot of cards that their predecessors drew. That is true.

    The issue is that the clown in the WH made so many promises, spoke so often like a political no-name without maturity or experience, that when the reality of the office came to bear, you really can’t blame the non-Obama supporters from flaying this idiot for being the incompetent politician he is.

    You libs made the 2008 election about “not-Bush”. You embraced a bullsh*t image of W, and scapegoated every little thing onto the guy. So you voted for the anti-image of the falsely-imaged Bush: a Soros-branded can of Pepsi named Obama, complete with Miley Cyrus fanfare mixed with good old demagoguery.

    You libs have to own this mess now, so own it.

    Obama is not a real president, just a sad blip in our history.

  19. 29

    This one

    You know, I think all of you conservative posters have a lot of good points, and I want to apologize for my pathetic and ill-conceived remarks made over time. As I’ve grown, I’ve discovered that personal responsibility is much more powerful than an overlord communist state that regulates happiness, that only a free market, capitalist society can ensure real equality of opportunity.

    I also understand that not everyone gets to be an astronaut when they grow up, so those who whine about not being rich are not mature, self-actualized people that any one of us should take seriously. I also acknowledge that the Democratic Party is making slaves of people by dividing them and exploiting their pain, that they are the most racist, sexist, and elitist party out there.

    So allow me to apologize, formally, to all of you readers here at FA…using correct spelling, punctuation, and complete sentences (I used to be so, so busy trolling as many non-lib sites as I could that never had time to write intentional, well-thought out prose)…and say that current conservative thinking is actually just common sense, one that commingles honor, integrity, and the true meaning of free will.

    I promise not to troll any more. Sorry.

  20. 30


    This one

  21. 31

    Nanny G

    This One, on your #24, every so-called ”cut” you point out is NOT a real cut……it was a lessening of the RATE of INCREASE in the annual VA budget.
    The VA budget has grown more under Obama than any other Dept in the federal gov’t over his 6 years.
    But I want to quote a liberal.
    “If Democrats are going to argue that government can be a force for good, their most basic responsibility is to make government work.”
    If, by the end of Obama’s term in 2017, “officials can say that every veteran who needs care is getting it without having to wait an unreasonably long time,” that “wouldn’t be just a victory for this administration” but also “a victory for the liberal vision of effective government.”
    And it would also be a victory for VETERANS.
    The only way forward that I can see, is to make it easier to FIRE ineffective workers who happen to be unionized federal employees.
    There is no way around this.
    Too bad so many Dems oppose this.

  22. 32


    Louisiana VA staff falsified documents; nurse claimed racial element

    New Allegation Of Patient Deaths At Miami VA

    What’s interesting here in the Collective’s frantic attempt to But-Bush this away, is that drones have previously touted the success of the VA as a harmonious model of socialized medicine. If the problems at the VA were all Bush’s fault, then why didn’t any of these drone commentators mention that when they were singing its praises?

    Intellectual vacuum Paul Krugman wrote in 2011:

    What Mr. Romney and everyone else should know is that the V.H.A. is a huge policy success story, which offers important lessons for future health reform.

    President Obama himself in 2008 promised to:

    “make the VA a leader of national health care reform so that veterans get the best care possible.”

    So apparently he couldn’t make good on this promise because of Bush or something. Maybe that’s what happened to all of his other promises as well.

    Meanwhile, some Democrats are urging inaction while others are calling for Shinseki to be thrown under the bus. Which begs the question; why do they want to punish Shinseki for something that’s supposedly all Bush’s fault? Hum?

  23. 34

    another vet


    2011. That’s 3 years after Bush left office for the individuality challenged.

    When you consider the source you are directing the comment to……………..

  24. 37


    who said the administration can count?

  25. 41


    because they say he is a WAR HERO
    well he is not alone,
    they all are WAR HEROS, SO DON’T USE THAT ONE,
    the fact the veterans are hospitalize is because he is war hero, as the many other are war heros,

  26. 42


    YES YOU GOT IT SIR, you are the best,
    you try to hide your tears, we saw it and cryed with you,

  27. 43


    ON YOURE 7
    you don’t seem to know how the votes are decided in a place close to self decision making,
    there are no individual decision making in votes,
    it”s the mind of the union”s employees that decide the votes for the sick peoples, with their power of authority they love to use,
    i saw it with my own eyes when visiting a sick person,
    the rule is the power of the intimidation from the ones making the decision for the masses,
    most cannot even put the v on their own, and there is no time to spend for the individual votes,
    so figure the rest and you get that ballot all neatly fill comming from those VETERANS’s votes,
    so sorry to debunk your comment,

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