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    Nanny G

    He’s correct, too.
    Is it funny (ironic?) that non-black girls have been being abducted and raped and forced into conversions to Islam then marriages with their torturers from Egypt’s Coptic community with nary a Dem outcry….then this?
    There’s nary an iota of difference between these acts.
    Just the Muslim Brotherhood doing the one while Boko Haram does the other.

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    Those girls are gone and the top price was $12/ girl. Why is the “dumb ass ” fool sticking its nose into this? Slave trade abounds, why now? Oh, mid-term elections, the democ”rats” have to look like they have done something.

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    Eric Margolis offer a good report in a recent on Lew Rockwell report. He noted that “Few outraged westerners knew that stealing girls is a traditional pastime in sub-Saharan Africa and child brides are second only to cattle rustling. There was no understanding in Washington that the tribal chaos and bloodshed now seething in South Sudan is merely a continuation of traditional raiding for cattle and women between rival Dinka and Neuer tribes. Washington failed to take this into account when it engineered the breakup of Sudan to create South Sudan as an oil-rich US vassal state”.

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    This one

    ‘ “While I’m not one to bash Michelle Obama”…let’s bash her attempts to help kidnapped girls with crass comments and unrelated comparisons, anyway’.

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    @This one: I bear no animosity toward Michelle Obama; and whoop-di-doo kudos to her for joining in with all my liberal FB friends in internet hashtag activism. It amounts to about as much as President Obama’s efficacy in the foreign policy department of global crisis management.

    That seems like a pretty uncontroversial demand — I mean, who doesn’t want the Nigerian schoolgirls brought back home? — but it hasn’t sat well with everyone. Just last night, the Nigerian-American writer Teju Cole went on a sort of Twitter rant against #BringBackOurGirls, arguing that the recent spate of Internet interest has not only oversimplified and sentimentalized the country’s issues, but failed to achieve anything:



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    I have no issue with this:

    Wish she would have mentioned that Boko Haram’s kidnapping of the 276 is only one of many atrocious acts committed by them.

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    Well done Michelle, but who are these grown men who kidnap young girls and want to keep them from being educated?

    Is this the thin ice covering the treacherous waters of your husband’s foreign policy?

    Why do you tread so lightly around the true nature of these monsters who kidnap, rape, slit throats, and behead young girls who want to better themselves?

    Are these the same men who locked up schools, set them on fire, and when girls escaped, cut their throats and beheaded them?

    What twisted perverse belief system allowed them to justify killing these girls and selling them into sexual slavery?

    What prevents you from detailing an accurate picture of the situation?

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    All this faux activism, brought-up by Hillary! before even MO got on board, is a smokescreen to cover for Hillary! refusing to add Boko Haram to the list of terrorist groups while she was SecState. Same reason Monica came out; to get this stuff out to the public, NOW, so when she’s campaigning in two years, “that’s Olde News, Dude. What difference does it make?”

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    @This one:

    let’s bash her attempts to help kidnapped girls

    Would you kindly enumerate the list of items she has done to ‘help kidnapped girls’? I can’t think of even one but since you clearly said:” her attempts” (which is plural) you apparently are aware of several ‘things she has done’ to help kidnapped girls. So I’ll help you out:

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    What twisted perverse belief system allowed them to justify killing these girls and selling them into sexual slavery?

    I just have to wonder if the people that sold the girls are worse than the people that bought the girls?

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    Nanny G

    George Will:

    It’s an exercise in self-esteem.
    I do not know how adults can stand there, facing a camera, and say “bring back our girls.”
    Are these barbarians in the wilds of Nigeria supposed to check their Twitter accounts and say “Uh Oh, Michelle Obama is very cross with us, we’d better change our behavior”?

    Reminds me of the useless and wasteful Earth Hour switch-offs.
    Actually it costs MORE electricity (to turn off everything then turn it all back on an hour later) than it saves.
    Add to that, it risks a grid overload when too much gets turned back on at the same time!
    So, stupid and counter-productive.

    Reminds me also of all those electric car drivers who somehow forget that COAL powers their cars.

    And reminds me of Obama putting solar panels on the roof of the White House.
    Almost enough for 22 100watt bulbs for almost a day.
    On sunny days.

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    Highly demonstrative of the mental illness of leftist “thinking”. It is just as impotently stupid as the rich kids in college building cardboard shanty towns on the campus green to show solidarity with apartheid victims, or putting themselves in cages in the student union building and eating rice and water for one meal to show they cared about starving people. Such ego-stroking propaganda exercises don’t actually do anything to help the suffering or oppressed, but it gives the weak-minded the illusion that they “did something” to make a difference….when in fact all they accomplished was a pathetic attempt at self-righteous posturing.
    And to make it worse, they deny that the actions of the Boko Haram animals “has nothing to do with islam”.

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    Excellent photo and commentary.

    How embarrassing was michelle obama’s hashtag photo – unbelievably inane.

    The obamas don’t seem to know much about boko haram – all the killings, the schoolboys they set on fire some time back, the fact that the leader of boko haram repeated not two weeks ago that they were in a war against Christianity.

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    Maybe Obama and Michelle should tell Boko Haram to stop clinging to their Guns and Religion….

    Maybe they should also tell the whole Middle East…

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