Harry Reid’s Cancer Bimbo Eruptions

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

It’s getting worse. It’s a malignancy. It’s a vast right wing conspiracy.

In what is one of most ghastly actions I can ever remember seeing from a member of Congress, Harry Reid took to the floor of the Senate and said cancer patients were faking it and called the Koch brothers “un-American.”

“Despite all that good news, there’s plenty of horror stories being told. All of them are untrue, but they’re being told all over America,”

Reid says these cancer patients are liars. They’re faking it. They’re part of a conspiracy.

Cancer victim Julie Boonstra, who Reid said was faking it, continues to insist that she has cancer and wants an apology from Reid.

Boonstra forcefully asserted her honesty and told host John Gibson she demands an apology from Sen. Reid:

JULIA BOONSTRA: He is saying, in my opinion, that I am a liar and that the people who have come forth who have had, you know, a negative outcome due to Obamacare, that we are liars and we are telling tales, our stories are untrue,tThat’s not the case, he is not in reality. He is not listening to the people. Obamacare – it drastically has affected my life. I believed the president when he said that if I had a health care plan that I liked, I could keep it. That was the lie. I am not lying.

This is Johanna Benthal. 89 surgeries. Obama took her health care away. Reid said she’s faking it.

Her story is here:

The Koch brothers have become the new Jews to Reid’s and Obama’s Fourth Reich. He called them “un-American.”

“It’s too bad that they’re trying to buy America, and it’s time that the American people spoke out against this terrible dishonesty of these two brothers who are about as un-American as anyone I can imagine,”

“As un-American as anyone I can imagine.”


Nasty stuff. This coming from the floor of the Senate.

Obama has singled them out by name. Reid has singled them out by name.

This is abominable and in tolerable behavior. Never in my life have I previously witnessed a President and a Senate leader single out, vilify and demonize United States citizens by name. Asserting that cancer patients are faking their diseases as part of a vast conspiracy is shameful. Of course, all of these actions constitute one giant red herring meant to distract from the problems created by Obama and Reid and their band of merry sycophants. This is a terrible turn in politics and they will rue the day they stated this. Those who voted for this Reid monster should hang their heads in shame. He is a vile human being. The Koch’s are breaking no laws. Calling them “un-American” is despicable and using the Senate floor to do it is unimaginable.

Fascism grows in this country- under the banner of the democrat party.

The truth about the Koch brothers can been found here. There’s more to be said about donors and lists. Stay tuned.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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  1. 51


    Thank you Greg

    Perhaps you didn’t understand my point. My brother knew and indeed, worked with Reid. He told me how it didn’t matter what was said about him, he would prevaricate to obtain his political goals.
    Please remember his slander of Romney’s taxes.
    I repeat: Harry Reid is a liar.

  2. 52


    Oh Greg

    Can you at least avoid the Koch brothers clichés? Can you please understand that from a ground-level assessment senator Reid is a liar?

  3. 53


    @Ronald J. Ward:

    Wow. You are beyond the pale with your completely brazen attempt to ignore the facts. Keep ignoring the fact that Americans are waking up to your leftist lies on healthcare, RJW. Keep telling yourself that the lies told by Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the dishonest dem party don’t matter. Keep deluding yourself that what I am saying are nothing but right wing talking points.

    What is made more clear daily here at FA is you, Greg, Tom and your fellow collectivists resort to the same empty critique of “Your rant isn’t worth trying to refute because it is nothing but right wing talking points” every time someone brings up facts invonvenient to your argument. Or you resort to your ridiculous “RAACISSSSST!” claptrap when you can’t defend your position. Actually being able to defend the failure of Obama’s presidency, Reid’s lies, or provide anything of value coming from the democrat party is beyond your ability, so you mimic Pee Wee Herman whining, “I know you are, but what am I?”

    Regardless, the upcoming elections will be revealing. How many dems will run touting their vote in favor of obamacare? The mere fact that dem candidates are running as far from obamacare as possible doesn’t shake your devotion to failed leftist policies one bit based on your posts here. But you – nor any other resident socialist here will ever answer the simple question I have asked many many times. If obamacare is going to be so wonderful for the economy and for jobs, then why did Obama violate the “passed law of the land” and delay the employer mandate until after the 2014 elections? Why, RJW? How does that make any sense, if what Obama, Reid and Pelosi repeatedly said would happen economically as an effect of obamacare?

    Standing by for your standard leftwing twist/turn/deny/change-the-subject response.

  4. 54

    Ronald J. Ward

    @Pete: To argue your distractions and spin would simply be beating a dead horse as we’ve gone over it multiple times-only for you and your fellow sock puppets to be evasive and then demand answers to irrelevant questions.

    But to be a sport, the main reason Obama delayed certain mandates of the law is due to obstruction and sabotage from the GOP both on a federal level and of red states. That’s really pretty much a no brainer.

    Now back to my original argument:

    The true “horror stories” of health care have actually partially been eradicated thanks to Obamacare. Granted, it isn’t by any means perfect but those imperfections are largely due to GOP obstructions and sabotage.

    The true horror stories are those of people being sent home to die, facing death panels, having their health decisions made from other than their doctors, and having health coverage unattainable and/or unaffordable prior to PPACA.

    You can continue to ignore that, spin it, cover your ears and sing “la la la”, stick your head in the sand, and even pound sand but it doesn’t change the reality of my argument.

  5. 55


    @Ronald J. Ward:

    Because your argument has no basis in reality. You have the gall to argue that people bringing forth concrete examples of the negative impact of obamacare are nothing but liars, while touting vague, unsourced references to alleged pre-obamacare medical horror stories, as if they are gospel truth rather than leftist propaganda based on nothing but wishful thinking and selective memory from the left. Jim Hoft of thegatewaypundit.com just had his insurance cancelled due to obamacare as well, and had to get a new policy that doesn’t come on line for a month after his pre-obamacare plan was cancelled.

    And it is typical bogus leftist lying to claim that Obama had to delay the employer mandate – illegally as the law clearly says 1 Jan 2014 was the mandated start date yet Obama delayed the start date without congress voting to authorize such a delay – because of republican obstruction to the law. That may work as an argument in leftist coffee clatches, but other than being an empty talking point it has no basis in reality. Tell us, how exactly did that happen? Did republicans have anything to do with the healthcare.gov website failure? Are republicans forcing employers to cut jobs and cut hours to less than 30 per week? How, exactly, has GOP opposition to obamacare forced Obama to delay the employer mandate until after the 2014 elections? If his signature policy was going to improve employment and cut the cost of medical care, then keeping the mandate for employers would make things better with regard to democrat election chances, wouldn’t it? So why are democrat candidates running away from obamacare, if the public is so enamored of it?

    Democrats own obamacare completely, as they were the only ones who voted for it, and cackled with glee as they crammed it down our throats, Pelosi carrying her oversized gavel as the dems marched in lockstep to the signing. The inherent absence of any integrity in democrat whining that mean old republicans are preventing them from making obamacare work is pathetic.

  6. 56


    And now Rasmussen reports that 1 in 3 Americans polled are reporting a negative impact from obamacare.

    But I suppose that is only because us evil republicans are obstructing the implementation of obamacare….

  7. 57

    David Brickner

    Ah yes,………but harry reid will probably have another stroke sooner than later and maybe his doctor will get stopped by a train or delayed by rain or…or …. karma always wins…….

  8. 58

    The Duck

    Nolon Lobe. If Socialism takes over it will do so at a great price. Semper Fi, Nolon Lobe. God bless the new generation as they give their lives and fortunes for freedom and country and loved ones.

  9. 59

    Nanny G

    Harry Reid just got 10,000 new horror stories right in his own state!
    Thousands of housekeepers, porters, cooks, cocktail servers, and others represented by Nevada’s largest union, the Culinary Union Local 226, voted to end a contract extension the workers agreed to last summer. The union wants to maintain its current benefits — including health care coverage at no cost to workers, pensions, and guaranteed 40-hour workweeks.
    Donald “D” Taylor, president of Unite Here, the parent union of CU Local 226:

    The biggest hurdle to reaching settlements in Vegas is the new costs imposed on our health plan by Obamacare.
    Even though the president and Congress promised we could keep our health plan, the reality is, unless the law is fixed, that won’t be true.
    You can’t just order people to do stuff.
    If their health plan gets wrecked, why would they then go campaign for the folks responsible for wrecking their health care?

    Under the Affordable Care Act, Taft-Hartley plan recipients (like the members of CU 226) are not eligible for tax subsidies.

  10. 60


    Referring to the Alan Grayson topic, Harry is merely a more polished and experienced version or Reid. He can say anything and tell any lie with a straight face and feel not conscience about it. The ultimate in politician liar (an redundancy, perhaps).

  11. 62


    You have the gall to argue that people bringing forth concrete examples of the negative impact of obamacare are nothing but liars…

    No one has brought forth “concrete examples.” The “concrete examples” fall apart the moment they’re subjected to close inspection. The information presented in the Julia Boonstra attack ad, for example, was revealed to be totally and deliberately misleading. This is fact. Yet the man who has pointed the unmistakable pattern out is being called the liar.

    Perhaps they are nothing but liars. If Obamacare is hurting so many people, why can’t its critics seem to come up with concrete examples that are actually supported by verifiable fact? If they’re really out there in large numbers, it should be easy.

  12. 63

    Bill Burris

    @Greg: Well….. he is a liar. An unrepentant liar.

    As Nanny G. shows above, he can go back to his own state and find some of those “liars”. Then, he can stay there.

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