Obama Changes Rules Again…No Reason To Trust Him On Immigration

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Heritage Foundation policy expert Derrick Morgan laid out the reasons why Obama cannot be trusted to implement immigration rules if some kind of reform was indeed passed:

First, Morgan cited that the president will press forward on the defeated DREAM Act on his own, saying that he had no intentions of enforcing the law regarding the accompanying deportations. Second, he said, “We have federal drug laws on the books, and the president said he’s not going to enforce them.” Third, Morgan pointed out that cap and trade restrictions were defeated but that Obama said he is going to use his executive powers to institute the very same policy. Finally, Morgan explained that with Obamacare the president has altered the laws by presidential decree and that he gave “unelected bureaucrats and departments you never heard of” the power to implement the laws and thousands of regulations.

And sure enough we get this news yesterday:

The same week the White House was assuring Republicans they could trust him to enforce immigration laws, the Obama administration quietly announced that it was reinterpreting the rules for refugees and asylum seekers so applicants could be approved even if they had given “limited” material support for terrorism.

…“Yet again, this administration is abusing the powers granted it by Congress,” Rep. Bob Goodlatte, Virginia Republican, said after he had a chance to digest the changes. As chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Mr. Goodlatte likely would be the chief Republican negotiator on any immigration bill, and his evaluation of the president’s willingness to reinterpret the law is indicative of where many of his colleagues stand.

…He and fellow Democrats say Republicans’ lack of trust in Mr. Obama rings hollow because of one chief statistic: Under his tenure, the government has deported about 2 million illegal immigrants, more than under any other president.

Yeah, and how did they get that 2 million number? Because Obama changed the way deportations occur. Prior to his Presidency they only counted someone deported when they were caught in the interior of the country and shipped out. Now they start deportations proceedings on people caught AT the border but who had not made it in.

Pure fudging of numbers.

But that’s Obama modus operandi.

The Republicans would be fools to trust Obama.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

2 Responses to “Obama Changes Rules Again…No Reason To Trust Him On Immigration”

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    This is more about the depleted mind in this country than it is about the President. It’s about fools too obsessed to realize they are in an abusive relationship. They can be lied to on a daily basis and still find a reason to stay with this little tyrant. I almost feel bad for them. Almost.

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    Obama is not only ignoring and not enforcing law, he has set upon and ripped the Constitution asunder, by arrogantly usurping Congress’ power in rewriting the laws and The Judicial branch’s in unilaterally deciding what parts of the law are just and what he can throw out.

    Obama is operating extra-constitutionally. He has discarded the Law of the Land and has declared himself above it, unanswerable to it. He knows that the Senate Democrats will protect him from impeachment which is why he dares commit this treason.

    Until this unconstitutional stalemate can be broken we shall be subjects under the arbitrary, tyrannical rule of Emperor Obama, The One.

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