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14 Responses to “It’s Official – Every NFL Team Mascot is Offensive (Reader Post)”

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    Nan G

    In Utah in 1972 the governing body of Utah’s four indigenous Indian tribes agreed to the University of Utah to use the name, ”Utes.”
    Now, all of a sudden, a few supposedly Indians supposedly from Utah are ”offended.”
    Well, the Utes, their drum and feather logo, is staying.
    The governing body of these four tribes reiterated its assent to the University to use the name and the loge just the other day.
    All Utah’s natives (3,200 people) can get free education in college here.
    Even free tuition and scholarships.

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    Bob, I am sick, sick unto death with these equally predictable columns, editorials and blogposts like yours that run through the same dumb jokes and whining about the unfairness of it all.

    These sports teams are owned by powerful zillionaires who are more than capable of putting together a counter-PR campaign and countersuits of their own if they so will it. If they are going to allow themselves to be rolled by a handful of professional activists without hitting back then they don’t deserve peasants like us carrying their water for them.

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    Here is a solution to all these teams using offensive Indian names.

    If all the Native American reservations start declaring the revenue they reap from gaming and pay taxes (like the rest of us) then I say yes, lets get rid of all those offensive names. You can’t have it both ways.

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    Common Sense

    @This one: Better than looking like a complete liberal wacho who must have nothing better to do than worry about such idiotic things!! Are you really that stupid or is 1 your IQ??

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    That’s just it! Survey after survey shows the vast majority of Indians are not up in arms and those who actually know the history of these teams and how they originally got their names know there was no insult intended. What we’ve got here are a handful of professional agitators and their liberal enablers using the Lefty media to push people around.

    I have no doubt that if the team owners put their heads together and organized a PR campaign AND did some background exposure of the supposedly aggrieved parties behind these campaigns they’d come up with all sorts of hilarious dirt to make these people a national laughingstock.

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    Tired American

    Political correctness is meant to both neuter our language and our thoughts so that we all become mindless robots that loyally follow the government leviathan.

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