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    Nan G

    Regarding this one:
    See, we’re in an extended recession.
    The only reason we will see less corn in gasoline this year is that the “blend wall” of has been reached because we use so little gasoline nationwide.
    But that may change if economic activity picks up substantially so that gasoline use began to climb again.
    The corn blend wall is the upper limit that refiners can safely blend into gasoline.
    It is already above the safety limit for small engines like chain saws and lawn mowers.
    They idle too high and can ruin engines.
    More ethanol also leads to lower MPG in motor vehicles.

    In 2005 we put 15% of our corn crop in our gas tanks.
    Today it is 50%.
    This diverts food for 570 million people earth wide into American gas tanks.
    Obama; perpetuating poverty everywhere he can.

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