ObamaCare…Let It Burn

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obamacare let it burn

Who woulda thunk it. David Gregory actually brings up a valid point:

The bungled launch of Obamacare’s federal exchanges may be confirming Republicans’ various warnings about the health-care laws, says Meet the Press host David Gregory. He also said that Obamacare’s “caricature of incompetence” thus far may doom the law if the administration doesn’t address the problems soon.

Because of the website’s issues, Gregory said, the Obama administration may also miss out on the window to enroll younger people, who are crucial to the law’s success. “The question I think you’ll see more and more going into next year is, ‘Is this too big, too complicated for the federal government to administer?’” he said on Morning Joe on Friday.

We’ve been saying the government cannot run ObamaCare successfully since the beginning. It’s just way too incompetent. But no one guessed it was SO incompetent that they couldn’t build a damn website in 3 years. If they can’t even do that can you imagine how much of a disaster the actual program is going to be?

And now with 10 Democrat Senators calling for illegal action to “save” ObamaCare the question is should the Republicans back the push to extend the deadline knowing it will make things worse by driving up premiums. I say let it burn:

The only way Obamacare would ever work is if people behaved irrationally. It is a system that requires the young to go out and by their own insurance, but allows them to stay on their parents’ insurance until they are well into their twenties. The law operates only if people do not behave like people.

Republicans should be opposed to any and all fixes of Obamacare. The GOP should not lift even half a finger to accommodate Democrat demands for changes. The Democrats planned and implemented Obamacare without a single Republican vote. They made clear they did not need the votes. They used a budgetary procedure in the Senate to get around a filibuster after the people of Massachusetts sent a Republican in Ted Kennedy’s steed to try to stop it.

So the Democrats can own it. They can own every deleted application, every delayed entry into the website, every denial of insurance, every decline in full time work, and every denial of care that comes from this horrible law.

They voted for it without a single Republican vote…let them hang themselves with it.

Exit quote:

CBS News has confirmed that in Washington, of the more than 35,000 people newly enrolled, 87 percent signed up for Medicaid. In Kentucky, out of 26,000 new enrollments, 82 percent are in Medicaid. And in New York, of 37,000 enrollments, Medicaid accounts for 64 percent. And there are similar stories across the country in nearly half of the states that run their own exchanges. …

But Gail Wilensky, a former Medicaid director, said the numbers are causing concern in the insurance industry, which needs healthy adults to buy private insurance in large numbers for the system to work.

“Either the private insurance enrollments come up somewhere around the expected amount or there’s going to be a problem. … You need a volume and you need a mix of people that are healthy as well as high users in private insurance, in order to have it be sustainable,” she said.

The Obama administration says they expected these high enrollment numbers in Medicaid because the law expands the number of low-income people who can get Medicaid, CBS News’ Jan Crawford reported on “CBS This Morning.” Supporters say this shows demand. But industry sources say that if we do not see some real turnaround soon, there could be big problems for the entire system.

Let it burn.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    Clowerd-Piven, writ large. The whole POINT of the so-called ACA is to crash the system and destroy private insurance, leaving “Single-Payer” as the only option left standing, and viability be damned.

  2. 2


    Blame it on bush!

    Seriously this an albatross around poutus neck that can’t be backtracked to bushie.

    This in and of itself is a positive development

  3. 3


    the woman is moving to a new place and her movers cannot bring that wide buffet inside,
    they try to push it, than to squeese it< than one go and get his hacksaw and cut the 1/3rd of the buffet
    and they push it inside looking like a wreck,
    she look at them horrified, but cannot find words,
    so she pay the movers and slam the door on their faces, very unhappy,

  4. 6


    Because he thought it was good sport. Because some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.
    The Obama Machine.

  5. 12

    Scott in Oklahoma

    I totally agree with you Curt, let it burn. And damn ANY republican that lifts a finger to help ease the democrats pain. I watched the CBS morning show today, and was quite surprised that the first two stories were pointing out the problems with Obamacare and, believe it or not, the failings regarding Benghazi. Slowly, oh so slowly, the media is catching on…

  6. 13


    It’s too bad that obamacare isn’t an actual structure. Then we could gather around it and watch it burn, and maybe throw more fuel on it. That would make a great rally. Help obamacare burn up completely.

  7. 14


    some DEMOCRATS where blaming the REPUBLICANS, accusing them to have done something
    to the obamacare computer,

  8. 16

    Nan G

    @Scott in Oklahoma: And damn ANY republican that lifts a finger to help ease the democrats pain.

    Have you noticed how Dems are trying to get Republicans to help?
    It sounds as if they really believe that not supporting O-Care led to it’s failings.
    If only more of the audience had clapped their hands Tinkerbelle would have recovered from the poison SHE drank.
    I agree that Republicans ought to sit on their hands and let it burn.
    But, too many of them can be appealed to to not ”waste all that money,” by letting something so expensive burn.
    It’s a Shame.
    But Reps own claim of frugality might be what Dems use to get them to save the most profligate program ever.

  9. 19

    Beth just south of Berkeley and just east of San Francisco

    I, too, wondered about Cloward-Piven, Thundergod. But, I see too many indications that they believed this cockamamie scheme would actually work. Also, too many indications that they messed up tech best practices for political optics considerations.

    So how do we let it burn if Republicans vote “present” on delays in the deadlines? Voting against delays might give grist for the propaganda mill. Or could delays be challenged in the courts quickly enough to let damage be damage?

  10. 21



    It’s too bad that obamacare isn’t an actual structure. Then we could gather around it and watch it burn, and maybe throw more fuel on it.

    The reams of paper that make up the passed law, along with all the subsequent bureaucrat created regulations is quite large and very burnable.

    I’ll bring the marshmallows.

    Clearly there is political life-blood seeping into the waters surrounding Washington DC:

    Photos: 2 bull sharks caught in Potomac River

    I say they should practice “catch and release.” Then announce a “Free Obamacare Supporter’s Swim Party.”

  11. 22


    @Smorgasbord: @Petercat:

    Maryland Law Enforcement is in a heap of trouble here.

    The documents, some which chronicled her sources and her work at the Times about problems inside the Homeland Security Department, were seized under a warrant to search for unregistered firearms and a “potato gun” suspected of belonging to her husband, Paul Flanagan, a Coast Guard employee. Mr. Flanagan has not been charged with any wrongdoing since the raid.

    Law enforcement serving and enforcing an unregistered weapons seizure warrant are not allowed to seize anything other than illegal weapons. While we realize that leftist bureaucrats can be quite confused regarding the definition of what weapons are illegal, documents simply don’t meet the description. This is patently illegal behavior and I expect the ACLU will be joining this court battle the moment one of their lawyers hears of it.

  12. 24


    @Ditto: #22
    I can’t see the ACLU getting involved, since there is a gun issue involved, but I can see the ACLJ getting involved. Even if they get a private attorney, I don’t see how they could loose, unless they get a crooked judge.

  13. 25

    Scott in Oklahoma

    @Ditto 22… I would question the validity of the search warrant in the first place, the whole situation there stinks like long dead road kill.

  14. 26


    The second civil war will be the right against the left. The hatred and contempt one for the other has been building for years and is on full display throughout the internet. The first impulse of anyone making a mistake is to deflect the blame onto another rather than remedy their error. Witness the haughty Sebelius and the strait faced lies of Carney. The sleeping giant is waking up and the martyrs have lost their principles. As was once stated in a fairy tale yet true; those who have no sword can still die on one. The American Spring is coming.

  15. 27


    ON 17
    they express themselves by bashing the Republicans,
    they are so easy to read, when they are stuck in a pile of manure,

  16. 28


    Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (For Govenor 2013) – A TRUE CONSERVATIVE who needs ALL of OUR (Americas) SUPPORT…

    This election for Governor (2013) in Virginia is crucial to ALL of us! (Think Scott Walker’s crucial victory in Wisconsin)

    Please visit his website and if possible, send a donation …Again this is a crucial election!

    His opponent is as far LEFT as they come…his opponent (Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe) does not think Obamacare “goes far enough”…Terry McAuliffee has some formidable backers such as Nanny Bloomberg, and the Clintons have been ‘wandering’ around Virgina as of late…

    “Leading in the polls since the partial federal government shutdown, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe hit opponent Ken Cuccinelli over social issues like abortion and gay rights while Cuccinelli fought back, linking McAuliffe to Obamacare and its rocky roll-out, asking “Why would we expand failure?”

    From his Website – KenCuccinelli.com
    He received the Defender of the Constitution Award from the Conservative Political Action Conference for leading the fight against the unconstitutional overreach of the federal government, which threatens the liberty of every citizen. He was the first attorney general to sue over Obamacare (although the case was lost, the Supreme Court of the United States agreed with his legal arguments).

    Mr. Cuccinelli advised the commonwealth not to create Obamacare’s state-based health insurance exchange where people can purchase subsidized insurance. By not creating the exchange, Virginia employers may be saved from the $2000-$3000 per employee Obamacare tax if they can’t afford to provide government-approved health insurance for their employees. Not creating the exchange could save Virginia businesses billions annually and put the commonwealth at huge competitive advantage for attracting businesses over neighboring states with state-created health insurance exchanges.

    Again this is a crucial election this year…Please show your support for Ken!

    THANK YOU!!!

  17. 29


    how can they elect a Mcauliffe now?
    it is mind bogeling to even think of it,
    after all the DEMOCRATS failures to now cover their master’s own failures
    hope CUCCINELLI get it and start the victory
    of CONSERVATIVES ,so needed to regain their USA
    while trying so hard to replace them by anyone crossing the border,

  18. 30

    Rob in Katy

    Republicans, the Democrats are asking you to help by providing the fuel and match to burn down YOUR house — I know you are too stupid to understand, but, “DON’T DO IT!” It’s a trick!

  19. 31


    @Scott in Oklahoma:

    Scott, isn’t a search warrant specific as to what items the police can remove as “evidence?” Seems to me that they would have no legal right to confiscate this reporters work, if the warrant specified illegal fire arms.

    We already know that one reporter who was reporting on the Benghazi scandal had her computer hacked into, and she knew who did it. It wasn’t Disney hacking into her computer, I can assure you.

    Does this go back to the left’s demand that anyone who is not employed by one of their approved media sources is not a legitimate journalist? Hummmm, seems to me that other dictators have gone directly after the press that did not support the regime. Anyone remember James Rosen, AND his parents, being hacked?

  20. 32

    Scott in Oklahoma

    @Retire05, in answer to your question, yes, a search warrant is very specific, and not, like Hollywood would like everyone to believe, a fishing expedition. When the cops apply for a search warrant, it is very specific about not only what evidence they are going to retrieve, but also the sources for that information. If something other than the specific evidence is found during the search, the scene is frozen and a judge has to approve an amended warrant for those specific items. From what I have read about this situation, the basis for the warrant is questionable in my mind I the first place, and it was obviously violated during the search and seizure. The reach (and corruption) of the executive branch appears to stretch all the way to Maryland local law enforcement.

  21. 35

    Nan G

    @Scott in Oklahoma:
    I would question the validity of the search warrant in the first place, the whole situation there stinks like long dead road kill.

    Recall the REUTERS story about how a ”parallel path,” had to be used when illegally used NSA data led to a criminal?
    What about when illegally used NSA data leads to someone who scares Obama in their investigative reporting?

    Reuters reports that the IRS got intelligence tips from DEA’s secret unit (SOD) and were also told to cover up the source of that information by coming up with their own independent leads to recreate the information obtained from SOD.
    So that makes two levels of deception: SOD hiding the fact it got intelligence from the NSA and the IRS hiding the fact it got information from SOD.

    Isn’t that what was happening here?
    Isn’t it what happened in EVERY case of an Admiral or General Obama ousted as part of his slo-mo putsch?

  22. 37


    @Nan G: #16
    “But, too many of them can be appealed to to not ”waste all that money,” by letting something so expensive burn.”
    And yet, they will stand by and watch as the liberals burn the most expensive thing of all, this nation.
    The expense of which was paid in the coin of blood, sweat, and tears of too many patriots.

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