Our Bloodless Coup (Reader Post)

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As I hear and read the news and pronouncements from the president and the political elite these days, I cannot help but to wonder about our country’s prospects. It is not as if I have lost faith in the American people, for I have not, is just that I am no longer sure that the will of the American people is even part of the equation anymore. We are being governed by a political class of radical leftist whose capacity for destruction knows no bounds, and by a spineless opposition without convictions who are perfectly comfortable with going along with the destruction of the republic, as long as their own perks are undisturbed.

It feels like a bloodless coup.

Much like it is on third world countries, the accuracy of our elections are being compromised from the top by an Attorney General who has institutionalized electoral fraud. His office will sue any state that attempts to clean up their electoral rolls, or performs the “racist” act of requesting a picture ID to vote.

Although all of our elected government officials are sworn to protect and obey the constitution of the United States, it seems as though the minute they lift their hand off the Bible, they succumb to political expediency and carry on with total disregard for the constitution they have sworn to upheld. Ditto for our judiciary, a large number of our judges are political hacks that couldn’t care less about the constitutionality of a law. They are instead influenced by the desire to advance a political agenda that would ingratiate them with powerful politicians and interest groups.

The ever more powerful and growing government agencies like the IRS, EPA, NSA, NLRB, etc. are used as tools of repression to intimidate and crush the opposition without a peep from the alleged Fourth estate. The submissive, complicit media remains silent of these abuses, and it engages in a degree of self-censorship greater than the government enforced censorship imposed by the old Soviet Union in its heyday.

Even our once independent private sector has been compromised. All of our major industries have been virtually nationalized, our banking, healthcare, education and insurance industries can no longer be said to be private. Many of our large, still independent, private sector companies benefit from unabashed crony capitalism, nurturing an environment where “Big Business” and “Big Government” openly collude with one another to share the spoils of the ever shrinking number of American laborers.

Our schools have become indoctrination centers, where the history of our nation’s founding and the principles that made us the greatest nation on earth are no longer heralded. Such teachings would conflict with a curriculum that promotes collectivism and a superficial concept of diversity. The diversity taught in our schools today has more to do with racial quotas, than with a diversity of ideas, independent thinkers are rebuked. A group of people of different racial makeups with identical points of view is the only diversity most schools are interested in. If ever a constitutional conservative speaker is invited to give a presentation at one of these campuses, his appearance is marred with hecklers comprised of diversity minded students, who are often times organized by the diversity conscience faculty, from the diversity friendly school.

Religious zealots of statism ridicule America’s Judeo-Christian values because they represent an affront to their nirvana. If you believe in the sanctity of life, you are right-wing-nut-job religious freak “waging a war on women”. If you believe in traditional marriages, you are right-wing-nut-job, bigot, homophobe who hates gay people. If you oppose reverse discrimination, you are a right-wing-nut-job racist who hates minorities. If you think our borders should be secure, you a right-wing-nut-job who hates immigrants. And so it goes with every issue that the left would never debate on its merits. Being aware that so many of their positions are untenable, they are more comfortable impugning and demonizing any group or individual who questions their rational, than defending their positions in the arena of ideas.

Under the pretext of political correctness our first amendment’s right to free speech is systematically suppressed with impunity. Media personalities are ostracized and removed from their positions, if they dare not tow the groupthink line. Law enforcement officials arrest and harass a citizen who respectfully challenges an arrogant bold face lying politician at a town hall meeting. And another official prevents a student from disseminating copies of the constitution at his school on constitution day. Even children are removed from the steps of the Supreme Court, for the incalculable transgression of praying in public.

When scandalized citizens demand that our government enforce our laws and respect the constitution, they are accused of being antigovernment right-wing-nut-jobs, or anarchists. Those who insult them are apparently too ignorant to figure out that the constitution is the document that provides the rules upon which our government was created. Therefore, how could a proponent of constitutional governance, be antigovernment as well? This nonsensical irony escapes the regime’s automatons.

As if the above wasn’t enough, it is the next initiative emanating from Washington that is design to be the final dagger through our nation’s heart. In spite of the unprecedented number of unemployed in our country, the political establishment wants to reward Millions of illegal aliens with citizenship. These men and women may have come here with the best of intentions, but they have also broken our laws in the process.

Many of them come from corrupt, impoverished, countries with centralized governments; to them anything is better than what they have left behind. This is precisely why they represent fertile grounds for demagogic politicians who will pretend to be their “champions”. If this law is passed, the left’s political control over our lives will be solidified for decades and our country would have indeed been fundamentally transformed.

In spite of all of this, pop culture and mainstream media icons continue to applaud these intrusions into the civil society as necessary evils. They tell themselves that these transgressions are essential to achieve their lifelong fantasy of a socialist Utopia. But what these history challenged fellow travelers cannot remotely envision, is that if they ever become disillusion and publicly decry their discontent, once the left is firmly in control, it is their heads that will be the first to roll.

The same can be said of all the large private sector companies that cooperate with the statist to be left alone and secure favors, they too will pay a high price in the end. Governments never admit their incompetence, and will always find a fall guy when things go wrong.

If we are unable to stop the current trends, future generations will read about America, much like we read about Rome, and when they do, they will ask themselves in disbelief…

Why did such a magnificent nation choose to commit suicide?

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    I have pretty damn upset as of late with the politicians and the RNC to exact. They do nothing to dump out the rinos in their ranks. So I did what Mr Reagan did. I signed up for another party. “ I didn’t leave the Democratic party, it left me” I feel the same way the republican party left me. I am now a libertarian. Been stewing about this and how the Gov is acting. They act like a petulant child. How do you fix a petulant child, put them on time out. I have come up with a way for WE the people to do so. If as a whole we all changed our filing status on the W 4 to have less taken out of our pay checks the Gov will have less money to operate. This does open a pandoras box, but if the RNC can’t /won’t keep only conservatives in office then we should choke off the money supply to the Gov. Perhaps if they saw a massive loss of income/ monies they take from us and use incorrectly perhaps they will sit up and take notice. Perhaps I am crazy but we still hold the power of the purse.

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    Scott in Oklahoma

    As I have said before…

    In a republic or democracy, the will of the people outweigh the will of the politicians; in a dictatorship, the will of the ruler outweighs the will of the people.

    Now I ask, what kind of government do we have now, in 2013?

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    You are telling the history of most of the countries that are now a dictatorship. I was lousy at history in school, but I have now learned that you have mentioned the steps a person, organization, or country takes to turn a country from a free country to a non-free country. I don’t know how many steps are involved, but their can’t be very many left for America.

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    Regarding 1) burying without firing a shot 2) steps:

    As was exposed via FA site before, many planned steps for converting this country (that suppressed people see as the hope of civilization ) to socialism has a lot of checks for step done:

    The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals

    Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963

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    Tired American

    Great post! I must make one comment about my observation of public schools. With 5 kids I’ve been to many open houses. And with each open house I have yet to see a picture of President Washington or of any of our founding fathers. Benjamin Franklin, President Adams and John Hancock are now an insignificant piece of history. There is nothing to commemorate our country, the founding of our nation or of our heritage. Students no longer are taught that the immigrants who came to America with only a dream made our country. They no longer speak of how these people built this country. Instead, they teach of American oppression and greed. History is no longer taught with a sense of pride. Instead, American history has been manipulated. No longer does the student know what made our country great or who the great people were in the country. Instead, they are spoon fed political correctness and socialism.

    It is sad. But it is not too late. The Soviet Union fell not to long ago. Hopefully the reign of Der Fuhrer Adolf Obama and his insane leftist cronies will also come to an end.

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    @Tired American: #8
    Some schools are not saying the Pledge of Allegiance, or flying the American flag. History says that if a country is to be taken over peacefully, you take over their schools, news media, government, etc. All of this has been done.

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    Clearly it remains for patriots and lovers of the founder’s vision, to shake off the shackles they would place on us. steel ourselves and endeavor to take our country back. It’s time to fight fire with fire and use their own weapons against them. Campaigns and protests of civil disobedience should organized. It is time to stop meekly allowing these political minorities to order how the majority of Americans must follow their path to enslavement. We must be determined of will to take America back, peacefully if at all possible, for no one else will step in and do it for us.

    Nor must it be allowed for the MSM (including FOX) to demonize TEA Party and other freedom and American restoration movements with impunity. They and their sponsors must be flooded with protest letters and emails. The news agencies must be told that we will not be ignored or denigrated without great cost to their own livelihoods, and then follow through by boycott.

    It is also required for members of various reform and restoration movements all over the nation, to back each other up, by traveling to and supporting their protests. Join a local TEA Party or similar such group, or gather like-minded friends and family and go out and protest on your own. (But make sure that you or a group spokesperson are educated in the facts of what you are protesting, for you can be assured that given the chance, many in the media will try to paint you as a rube or worse.)

    Congress-critters, Governors and State houses must also be made to understand that we will no longer suffer their statis quo National Party loyalty mentality, (rather than listening to their constituents,) and that we are fully prepared to vote them out of office or to vote third party in their next election if they don’t reform themselves immediately. The National party’s no longer represent us, they only represent their own political elite agendas. State Party leadership positions have been taken over by party machine drones, but it is possible to play their own game, to and infiltrate the parties on the local level and take them back the same way they were co-opted by progressives.

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    Nan G

    Paul, you wrote:

    Our schools have become indoctrination centers, where the history of our nation’s founding and the principles that made us the greatest nation on earth are no longer heralded. Such teachings would conflict with a curriculum that promotes collectivism and a superficial concept of diversity. The diversity taught in our schools today has more to do with racial quotas, than with a diversity of ideas, independent thinkers are rebuked.

    Eric Holder has gone this one better in Louisiana.

    In a motion filed earlier this year in federal court, Justice Department lawyers asked the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana to enjoin state officials from “awarding any school vouchers to students attending school in schools operating under federal desegregation orders.”

    Why? Because enabling such students to flee their typically failing institutions to other schools allegedly “impedes desegregation.”

    Holder’s briefs battalion doubled down on their arrogance by asking the same federal court to deny parents of such students standing to act on behalf of their children as defendants in the litigation!http://washingtonexaminer.com/mendacity-thy-name-is-eric-holder/article/2537852

    Parents shouldn’t have a dog in the hunt as to what kind of education their children get.
    None at all.
    As Obama once said, ”You didn’t build that.”
    Those children belong to the government, not their parents.


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    @Ditto: #10
    I agree with your ideas, but the problem is that we don’t have a two party system any more. Voting for a republican is the same as voting for a democrat, and voting for a democrat is the same as voting for a republican. I have had republican fund raisers call me to give to the party. I told them that I don’t give to the republican party any more, and that if I give, I give to an individual candidate.

    Just recently I read where the candidate has to give some of their donated money to the party, so that means I will still be supporting the republican party, so I haven’t given to anybody yet. We need to elect non-politicians. My hope is that a lot of the returning vets, or other vets, will run for office. They fought for their country “over there”, now they can fight for their country over here.

    Nor must it be allowed for the MSM (including FOX) to demonize TEA Party and other freedom and American restoration movements with impunity. They and their sponsors must be flooded with protest letters and emails.

    I never thought about boycotting advertisers to protest the anti-Tea Pary people and companies. I have a list of companies not to do business with for other reasons, I can add companies who advertise on the propaganda media. Maybe this is one way to go after the propaganda media. We can write the companies who advertise on the anti-Tea Party shows, and tell them we will not buy their products if they advertise on any program that is anti-Tea Party, anti-gun, etc.

    I just sent my Tea Party state coordinator the below email:

    One way to combat the anti-Tea Party, anti-gun, etc. people is to boycott the advertisers who advertise on those kinds of shows.  I suggest that the different Tea Pary organizations organize against the companies who advertise on certain shows, and ask their members not buy from a list of advertisers they set up.  We need to quit putting money in the pockets of those trying to defeat the Tea Party movement.  Companies not advertising on certain shows would be one way to do it.  Without the advertising money to keep those kinds of shows on the air, they would vanish.

    The National party’s no longer represent us….

    I realized this many years ago. That is why I say that we no longer have a two parties. We have one party with two branches, and both branches feed off of the same roots. As long as we have a campaign system where a candidate needs someone else’s money to get elected, we will have politicians who have to do what the ones who donate to them want them to do, or they won’t get the money.

    When I lived 200 miles from washington dc, I was at the very first Tea Pary rally, and at most of the others. Idaho is a lot more than 200 miles, so I don’t get to the rallies any more. If they have another major rally again, I will try to make it to that one.

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    Paul Acosta

    @Smorgasbord: I agree with much of what you and some of the other comments here have said. Except to say that contributions to constitutional conservatives are a worthy cause, also to the local Tea Party, the Heritage Foundation & Freedom Works, these are organizations that defend and educate our countrymen.
    Keep the faith.

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    @Paul Acosta: #14
    Some time ago I had gotten so frustrated with our politicians that I said to myself, “We need another Tea Party.” Just as few days later I heard that others had the same feeling and had started the Tea Party Patriots. I have donated to them, and the Tea Party Express, and have been a member of my local Tea Party wherever I lived ever since.

    The day after I had two stints put in an artery, I was marching at the first Tea Party rally in washington dc on Sept. 12, 2009, and attended almost all of the ones after that, until I moved to Idaho.

    I have written and called my three REPUBLICAN federal politicians about issues. They need to know how WE THE PEOPLE feel, or they will vote how THEY want to. We always hope that how THEY vote is how WE THE PEOPLE want them to vote, but that is getting less and less the case. If they won’t vote for WE THE PEOPLE because they agree with us, we need to let them know that they will be voted out of office if they don’t.

    Ask your politicians if they have looked at obama’s birth certificate. I have asked mine twice, and didn’t get an answer back either time. I went to Labrador’s Town Hall meeting and asked him something like, “How does a person who doesn’t have an American birth certificate, is using someone else’s Social Security number, has a fake Selective Service application, and doesn’t have a driver’s license, get to be president of the United States?” All he would say is that he believes obama is legal. I had printed out an image of obama’s birth certificate I had made with items circled on it, and asked him to look at it, and he wouldn’t. I had mailed him the image some time before and never received a reply back. Why hasn’t even ONE republican looked into any of the above issues? How did obama get vetted by all 50 states without having the needed documents? Please print out the image and mail it to your politicians. Ask them to respond to it and see if you get a reply:

    http:[email protected]/10186029104/

    One thing that surprised me is that it seemed most of the people there we illegals wanting to know when they could become citizens. I give Labrador credit for telling them they need to do it the way others have done.

    As I have said different times, as long as we have a campaigning system where the ones running have to use someone else’s money, the ones with the money will always get what they want, because they give to both parties. There needs to be a way for people to run for office without needing any money. Debate style campaigning is one way.

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    Paul Acosta

    @Smorgasbord: I believe that the Supreme Court was correct on its ruling of the Citizens United case, giving money to whomever you want is a First Amendment right. Having said that, I strongly suggest to everyone the reading of Mark Levin’s “The Liberty Amendments”. And to begin through our TEA Party affiliates a movement to have the state legislatures begin to work on many of the amendments proposed by Dr. Levin.
    I would start with the one about term limits for all Federal politicians and judges. This will help alleviate the air of royalty that many of these incompetent buffoons have about themselves.

  13. 17


    @Paul Acosta: #16
    I have to go along with the right of people and companies being able to give as much as they want to candidates, but would rather have some kind of campaigning system where no money is involved, or we will still have it the way it is now, where the ones who donate the most, get what they want. I go along with either term limits for federal judges, or a simple way to vote them out. I also agree with term limits for congress members. The country is in a very sad state when people have to join large groups to get the politicians to listen to WE THE PEOPLE.

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