It’s a trap!

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For Assad?

Don’t make me laugh.

Make no mistake- Obama has set a trap. A cagey, crass political trap. It is a trap designed to bail his a$$ out of the corner into which he’s painted himself.

Obama has set the trap for the GOP.

A year ago Barack Obama blurted out the now-infamous “red line” words regarding Syria. The classic Obama hubris has boxed him in. He told the world how he would teach Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad a lesson- that the US has an “obligation” to attack Syria.

A war-weary United States has little appetite for another conflict and polls reflect this. Barack Obama is sensitive to one thing above all- his own political viability- and his plans for a Syrian attack reflect this. He said an attack would be limited in scope and regime change was not a goal. And now he wants to consult with Congress before he acts but lest anyone think he’s become a weenie he’s said that he’s willing to go it alone.

Obama had no interest in Congress’ approval when he toppled Gaddafi in Libya. So you have to ask yourself- why now? Why does Obama want to involve Congress now?

For starters, polls overwhelmingly indicate that Americans want Obama to consult with Congress prior to undertaking any military action.

Obama has made the claim that Syria’s use of chemical weapons is a threat to US national interests, if not security. It’s such a serious threat that following today’s update, Obama went golfing.


Toppling the Assad regime could have the same disastrous results that toppling Gaddafi saw. Thousands of MANPADS went missing, as did RPG’s and land mines. About the last thing anyone needs is for Syrian WMD’s to disappear.

Not wishing to repeat the mistakes of Libya, Obama has had the proposed attack on Syria has been scaled back. And providing all the warning in the world to Syria allows Assad to hide his troops and weapons from the US cruise missiles. So one wonders what the point of an attack would be.

Mostly, it is for Obama to save face.

Obama undoubtedly recognizes the fecklessness of his words a year ago, but his bravado has left him little choice. Knowing how unpopular any more military action has become, Obama needs a foil.

Hello, Congress. Hello Boehner.

Obama can now throw the issue into the lap of Congress, most likely in the hope that they bail him out and refuse to go along with his war plans. That allows him to dodge the bullet of responsibility and make it their problem. If they agree to allow Obama to strike Syria Obama can take credit for punishing another Middle Eastern nation and burnish his Nobel Peace Prize bonafides.

Congress will either take the blame from Obama for handcuffing him or be seen as making Obama look good. It’s a trap. This has nothing to do with mankind or standards of decency. It’s politics. It has everything to do with Obama’s image. I’d be really surprised if Obama attacked Syria without agreement from Congress.

For the moment, Obama can do what he has always done best. Vote present.

I believe we should stay out of the conflict in Syria, as I did with Libya and Egypt. Nothing good will come of any of it. The devil you know…

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    I’ve heard it voiced elsewhere. Boehner should thank Obama for his graciousness and say the House will vote on the measure as soon as the Senate does. At least let Dingy Harry take the first bite of this poo sandwich.

    “Today I’m asking Congress to send a message to the world that we are ready to move forward together as one nation.”

    Hey, I wanted to save the children but Mr. Boehner wouldn’t let me.

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    Nan G

    Some, more cynical among the pundits, are starting to suggest that Obama’s entire ploy to attack Syria is just a way for him to get a budget passed that includes substantial tax hikes.
    (Remember, early in August, Obama’s plan to raise taxes as part of his Fiscal 2014 budget was considered ”dead on arrival.”)
    Since I heard that slant on it, and since Obama came out and said he’d let Congress vote its approval or not on it, both Boehner and McCain have said they would NOT be for attacking Syria unless they knew and approved the STRATEGY involved.
    Obama, 1. did not call Congress back to session and 2. did not lay out a strategy for Syria.
    So, I’m guessing Reps will NOT break apart on Tea Party lines over this vote.

    Also, just as Obama has had ”the dirt” on all six or seven Admirals and Generals he eventually fired or retired, so, too, Obama had knowledge that Syria was going to use these chemicals on its people….three days before it did!
    And Obama didn’t do a thing to stop it!
    I know Russia says it would be stupid for Assad to do that, but when has Assad been all that smart anyway?

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    @Nan G:

    Some, more cynical among the pundits, are starting to suggest that Obama’s entire ploy to attack Syria is just a way for him to get a budget passed that includes substantial tax hikes.

    That might very well be part of it. I could see the Senate pass a budget bill, and hide in it the funding for Obamacare. , The Democrats then declare that the House must pass the bill to fund the military, in order to get the stupid establishment House Republicans to agree to pass the Senate bill that nobody read because of it’s an emergency need to support the troops. Then when the bill goes to conference the increased taxation amount is kept the same, but the Senate ‘Gang of 8″ and House “Dems & RINOs” gang agree to give the military only a pittance of the funds, but keep the revenue increase the same and divert it to their socialist spending.

    If the House is hesitant to pass the “compromise spending bill” the Democrats will cry to the MSM that the “Republicans don’t want to fund our troops.”

    The only Syrian action I would even consider supporting is relief and medical aid to those who were attacked with the chemical weapons. We have no national interests getting involved in Syria’s civil war. They mocked and ridiculed Obama? I say suck it up and just get over it Barack. You’re wearing big girl pants now.

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    I wonder …

    what if the Senate and House passed a resolution voting “no,” but on the condition that the President make the final decision in writing? That it’s ultimately his and his alone? Just this time.

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    Tired American

    @Doramin: I agree. But this does denote a major policy change for the Obama administration. Instead of blaming President Bush for everything, they can now blame Congress.

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    Dude…CBS news is your source for the MANPADS????

    They aren’t missing or in the hands of AQ. If they were, they would have been used.

    CBS news….guffaw!

  7. 9


    if it’s a trap the CONSERVATIVES will get him in the snare,
    KERRY is mentioning HESBOLAH AND IRAN,

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    Common Sense

    0-blama is just like Slick!! He has no care of doing the right thing, all he cares about is the political thing. He sticks his finger in the air to test the direct of the political wind before making a move!!

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    Doesn’t it always seem like Obummer goes golfing anytime there is a serious “crisis” on the horizon??

    I just read U.N. Investigators haven’t come back on an answer to the Chemicals usage charge as they are getting their “report” together. Fair enough.

    But. I really wonder….if gas was used where did it come from? Not so long ago we had a problem with Saddam H using “gas” to kill his own people…WMD’s. Then when the US went in to investigate the gas mysteriously disappeared…to where? This made Bush Administration look like they were over zealous about going to ‘war’ and destroying the dictator Saddam H…

    And…I wonder if Al-Qaeda just happened to have “found” some of that gas and did some collateral damage to change the game…I would not put it past them to do this and make it look as though it was Assad who used the gas… to gain sympathy.

    Oh, and wouldn’t it be embarrassing to the Liberals and naysayers IF it is found this gas was leftovers of a cover up by Iraq SH?? That there actually “was” WMD’s smuggled out of Iraq into Syria?

    The Rebels?? Think Libya…the “rebels” in Syria are none other than Al-Qaeda and If we go to war with Syria we are doing nothing less then aiding an enemy who is determined to KILL AMERICAN’s.

    I say we stay out of this mess…we cannot afford it anyway…we cannot police the world..and what pray tell IS THE END GAME… what are we going to get out of it?? More hate “Love” for America? sarc/ Please, I can’t handle anymore “Love” from the world stage. sarc/

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    And val calls soros.

    How did obama start in chicago? USSR loving, state Rep Alice Palmer, plus marxist ayers. Who funded the chicago new party?

    Putin and Obama will be hitting high fives and vodka shots.

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