Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

9 Responses to “Rafael Cruz Delivers Epic Speech Lambasting Obama’s ‘Socialist’ Inclinations”

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    James Raider

    @Skookum: #1,

    it is nice to listen to a man who has been in Hell and appreciates Freedom.

    Personally, I do not know of a single person living in the U.S. I have ever met from an Eastern Block country, or socialist country, or communist country, who does not rail against the statist redistributionists. Not one.

    The Teleprompter’s sycophants have no appreciation and gratitude for the freedom they have been afforded. Send them for a 1 year stint to the Ukraine, or China, even today, and see how fast they discover that gratitude.

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    J. Galt

    Ayn Rand grew up in communist Russia and understood firsthand the horrors of a government that targets, and then persecutes its citizens. She came to the United States in 1926 and the next three decades became increasingly alarmed at the direction the ‘progressives’ were taking this country. She had seen it before. She wrote Atlas Shrugged as a clarion warning to anyone who would listen.

    There was a turning point in this country; the punitive targeting by the IRS towards conservatives. When the government targets and then persecutes its citizens, the Constitution may as well not exist.

    It’s time to start a new country. In a literary sense, the place John Galt went.
    Let’s create that place, and go there.

    John Galt Take Me With You . com

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    your speech is exactly what the PEOPLE need to hope for, THOSE DAYS

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    Nan G

    Mr. Cruz’s comments reminded me of so many of the Cubans I used to know when I worked at my dad’s metal shop in Huntington Park, CA back in the 1960’s.
    They were all so grateful to America for letting them come here.
    Virtually every one of their families owned a business.
    They all dreamed of a day when Cuba might be redeemed from its nightmarish communist experiment…..but that was then.
    Obama and the Left, the Dems and media go ballistic (can we still put it that way?) whenever the slightest cuts are made to any government programs.
    They call a 0.08 percent cut, ”Draconian!”
    Obama threatens to veto such HUGE cuts.
    His constituency is at risk by such cuts.
    See, every dollar in spending creates its own constituency.

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    Nan G
    I think DADY CRUZ said it so well,
    I was so impress not notes no ears no teleprompter and traveling from one subject to another,
    as easy as a PRESIDENT HE WOULD FIT IN.

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    I had the unique opportunity to work for a little while with a gentleman who also came from Cuba. He is well aware of the Liberal commie progressive ideology….needless to say we had a lot to talk about…he loves America as much as Rafael does…

    Dare I say he cannot stomach the Ofraud..

    We need more people like Rafael Cruz who have first hand knowledge and experience and knows of what they speak about… we need more of them to speak out against socialism – liberal – commie – lying ideology… and educate the morons in this country…

    Great Speech…

    This is a great site to explore the horrors of communism….of which Rafael speaks…a once beautiful thriving country now decaying and oppressed…all due to Marxist socialist beliefs…implemented.

    … after exploring it be thankful you live in America the Greatest Country on Earth…and be thankful there are those Patriots here in America who want to preserve our way of life…for everyone….Liberty Opportunity Freedom, the pursuit of happiness…

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