Long Live The Pig! [Reader Post]

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Domesticated swine and Western Civilization go back a long way together. The domestic pig was being raised in Europe by about 1500 BC. Rome improved pig breeding and spread them throughout their empire. The early Christians increasingly abandoned the Jewish ban on the eating of pork by about 50 AD and it’s been the celebrated ‘other white meat’ ever since.

Pigs and the discovery of the New World went hand in hand. Christopher Columbus took eight pigs on his voyage to Cuba in 1493 at Queen Isabella’s insistence. Hernando de Soto brought America’s first thirteen pigs to Tampa Bay, Fla., in 1539. Cortés introduced hogs to New Mexico in 1600 while Sir Walter Raleigh brought sows to the Jamestown colony in 1607.

Frankly, the West and pigs go together like, well, bacon and eggs. Who hasn’t enjoyed the cultural icons that are the ‘three little pigs,’ delighted in playing “this little piggie went to market” with a toes of a small child, or stashed a few dollars away in their piggie bank? And who can forget such beloved childhood characters as Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web, Babe the movie star (that’ll do pig), Miss Piggy, or Piglet from Winnie the Pooh?

Let’s be honest, even the most finicky among us has to admit that a side order of bacon at IHOP isn’t such a bad idea either.

But, alas, not all share our love for all things pork, bacon, and pig-related.

Piglets removed from agricultural exhibit because Muslim kids were stoning them to death

“Some children are sad that the funny pigs have been removed from an agricultural museum near Gellerupparken in Aarhus Municipality.

The explanation so far has been that the pigs were removed because of environmental and animal welfare.

But the actual reason is brutal mistreatment of the pigs – typically stoning.

In one case a piglet was killed after children of a different ethnic background than Danish had stuck a stick into it. …

‘- We protected the pigs’ hut with a fence so they could be left in peace from stones and other objects.’

But the attacks continued, and the pigs have now been removed.

‘- They were our most popular animals for most visitors. And we were excited to show how the pigs could live a natural life,’ he says and adds that also rabbits, chickens, lambs and sheep have been hurt.”

C’mon now, who could kill such cute little pigs? Our Jewish friends aren’t overly fond of our squealing little pink companions either, but you don’t hear about them attacking innocent swine belonging to others.

Now it may seem like a big leap to jump from stoning little piglets as children to slitting the throats of dirty Kafirs later in life, but to some there may appear to be a disturbing pattern of violence in Islam towards all that it deems “offensive” to it. Now I don’t have a problem with someone not eating certain things due to religious or any other prohibitions, but don’t come to the countries of the West and expect us to kowtow to your every complaint concerning your discomfort about the keeping, eating, or representation of a pig. Here in the West we have a little saying that starts with “When in Rome….”. What we don’t have is one that starts with “We should all be like Mecca…”

We should not put up with it here no matter what. Maybe the answer is to not let so many in, not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.

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    Nan G

    Michael Adebolajo: ‘These filthy unbelievers are pigs’: Woolwich terror suspect’s rant at rally to incite youngsters

    Michael Adebolajo filmed addressing crowd of young Muslims outside mosque in north London on anniversary of 9/11
    Alleged killer tells them not to be scared of ‘filthy non-believers’
    Moments later crowd hurl bricks and fireworks at the police

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2333039/Woolwich-terror-suspect-Michael-Adebolajos-rant-rally-incite-youngsters.html#ixzz2UpmZEujW
    The video of him inciting a crowd two years before he took the head nearly off that poor soldier is at the link.

    Ironically, after he murder (alleged) of Drummer Lee Rigby, the police in the UK have cracked down on speech…..not HIS speech.
    The speech of those who think wrong thoughts about Islam.

    Where were these same police when Michael Adebolajo was on his rant?
    Standing quietly by waiting to be pelted with the stones he incited to crowd to pick up.
    Bruce Bawer ends his piece by noting:

    As the days went by, and the stories in the British papers about the Rigby murder and its aftermath gradually diminished in number and prominence, one thing lingered: the sad, newly intensified awareness that dhimmitude in Britain is growing apace and has become well-nigh reflexive.
    In other words, jihad (both hard and soft) is working like a charm.
    Are you old enough to remember the world before, say, the Satanic Verses fatwa?
    If so, can you imagine British police officials, way back then, ever making statements of the kind made in the past few days by those cops in Bristol and Surrey – statements warning that individuals making comments that cause “harm” or “distress” to Muslims will be subject to arrest and punishment?
    Such a thing would have been inconceivable in Churchill’s Britain, or Thatcher’s.
    The grim fact, alas, is that if the Rigby murder and its aftermath demonstrate anything, it’s that Islam is still very much on the march in Britain – and free speech increasingly in retreat.

  2. 29



    His wife (my second cousin) died….heart attack at 37… I think her weight had something to do with it… gained while pregnant with her baby….we were all shocked…

    I’ll be nice, that’s all that needs to be said in reply to your comment….

  3. 32


    @Brother Bob: That was a good one. I don’t know how much time Whittle has logged in the bush, but at the very least he has an appreciation for what it takes to provide protein for a family.

    Whittle summed it up much better than me; this blogging will keep you humble if you are honest with yourself.

    Almost everything is better with bacon, a member of the three major food groups: bacon, coffee, and beans. I can cook a hell’uva a meal with those basics. Give me some cactus, butter, jalapeno, and leeks, and I can cook a meal that would cause Queen Elizabeth to ask for seconds.

  4. 33


    The Chinese consider the pig to be an admirable creature, so much so that it is included in their zodiac.

    Pigs are models of sincerity, purity, tolerance, and honor. When you first meet them, Pigs seem too good to be true. They are careful and caring, obliging and chivalrous. Put your trust in him, he won’t let you down and he will never try to. The Pigs simply want to do everything right.

    Pigs are the people everyone admires most. Make a list of the Pigs in your life: aren’t they the nicest, most loving and scrupulously caring people around?

    Pigs are born to give, to yield and to serve. Frankly speaking, most people take advantage of this Pig nature. Also, not only are Pigs easy to fool, they like it that way too. No matter how old they get, Pig people still only see and believe that all men/women are basically good. Pig people constantly sacrifice their own happiness and comfort for the sake of somebody else.

    The Pig is a splendid companion. If you have a lifetime Pig friend, don’t think that your worries are over. Pigs are loyal, faithful and giving – only as long as they approve of you. In order to keep your lifetime Piggy friend, remember, never try to force your opinions on a Pig – A Pig rarely asks for help and cannot graciously accept it….

  5. 34

    Scott in Oklahoma

    @Richard Wheeler: I have been in slaughterhouses, I have shot animals for meat, caught fish for meat and raised vegetables too and I am not ashamed of my eating habits (other than eating too much on occasion). I even eat hot dogs Richard, because I like them.

    I do not hunt for sport; if I kill, it goes on the table and gets shared with others.

  6. 35


    @Richard Wheeler:

    I’ll eat fish, but ideally I”ll give that up too. Amazing the flavor you can get in vegetarian dishes.
    BTW Have you seen film of the merciless killing in slaughterhouses?

    Won’t the ghost of Chesty Puller come and remove your globe and anchor for this blasphemy?

  7. 36


    Scott in Oklahoma
    MY GOOD FRIENDS at their farm always butcher some of their cows in spring time when they bring them in the pasture many acres of it for the summer and fall, and
    cure the meat for a while, they have done it from generations on owning that farm,
    and take the cut of meat
    so well done by a BUTCHER which they have been doing it for many years for them,
    they make a box of mix part well wrap ready for their freezer, and I always buy one box
    200 dollars, it goes directly in my freezer too,
    this beef is the most tender meat I have tasted,
    and I eat only when the craving come, not everyday, and I enjoy it. done like the old way of farmer
    I think we are keeping the food of our youth which was so good that it stayed in our mind,
    and to let it go completly is to my mind depleting our mind of the pleasures thoughts
    we all need to refer to,
    when things are hard to cope with.

  8. 38



    You don’t mess with Chesty Puller!

    One of my personal heroes, even though my opinion of Marines is somewhat tainted by my love of Air Force blue. I just can’t imagine the look on Chesty’s face if one of his beloved Marines told him he doesn’t eat meat.

  9. 39

    Richard Wheeler

    @Aqua: I was a meat eater in The Corps—been moving towards vegetarianism in last couple of years as my hard working paralegal spouse has become involved with Mercy For Animals.
    Chesty wasn’t around to meet Marine Capt. Alan Jones who has world record 17,003 consecutive sit-ups. Other vegan athletes include Hank Aaron,Tony Gonzalez,Sugar Ray Leonard and the guy I always loved Jack La Lanne—When asked how he was after a heart attack at 94,he responded, “I can’t die. It would ruin my image.”
    Mike Tyson recently became a vegetarian.Think it can help his temper?

    Semper Fi Go Seminoles

  10. 40


    @Aqua: It’s sad that our characters and heroes of the past, like Puller and many others, aren’t likely to reappear if the military looks for politically correct officers. At least it seems that way from out here in the peanut gallery.

    I know military members aren’t supposed to voice their political opinions, men like Patton and MacArthur won battles and lost their careers, but they were inspirational to the troops and civilians as well.

    Smedley Butler, one of the iconic Marines spoke out against politicians after he retired. Upon reviewing his career, he figured he was nothing more than a gangster for the rackets of corporations and politicians. He was an interesting character and was considered a Socialist, a political designation he denied, but he lectured many Socialist groups as well as many others, he won over the hearts of many Americans.

  11. 41



    It’s sad that our characters and heroes of the past, like Puller and many others, aren’t likely to reappear if the military looks for politically correct officers.

    The military or CIC can reactivate inactive reserve, long ago released and even retired military back into active duty. So, if a conservative Republican wins in 2016, they can bring back traditionalist military generals, and replace the leftist Pentagon leadership that is trying to turn the military into a “progressive” nightmare.

  12. 43


    Scot in Oklahoma
    a new tornado warning there fire on the road take cover now
    I 44will be hit wow he is on I40 every post are exploding
    north side of I 40 and SOUTH side of I40
    tornado heafing in populated area,
    multiple tornado heading for THE CITY
    oh my it’s big
    it’s moving toward AIRPORT
    eleven minute from now the TORNADO coming

  13. 48


    @Richard Wheeler:

    Well,, at least you have one point in your favor.

    Now, how can you in good conscience vote for politicians that support the mass slaughter of the unborn knowing that rape/incest represent less than 1% of all abortions performed and that the life of the mother, according to the testimony of a former abortionist, is at less risk when a C-section is performed compared to an abortion?

  14. 49

    Richard Wheeler

    @retire05: I personally am against abortion but I don’t have the right to force any decision on a woman’s right to choice regarding her body.If asked I would counsel adoption.

    BTW “Mass slaughter of the unborn” Your typical hyperbole.

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