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We must exercise caution and discretion, when voicing our frustration against Islamic fanatics and their tendency to commit terror.

Immediately after the first 9/11, I was visiting my married daughter in Canada when I noticed a large group of foreigners gathering in a park across the road. I asked innocently enough what was happening and my daughter nonchalantly replied that the people were Muslims.

I consider myself a practical person. I figured if there was going to be a riot, I would need to protect my family.

I calmly asked if they had a rifle and ammunition.

My daughter reassured me that everything would be OK and told me to just wait a few minutes.

Soon the crowd broke into a rendition of “Oh Canada” while singing with a funny sounding accent. My daughter, a fairly practical young woman, explained that these people were trying to assure Canadians they were grateful to be in Canada and appreciated their new home. They were making an effort to sing “Oh Canada” in as many neighborhoods as possible

Oh Canada is a difficult song to sing, much like the Star Spangled Banner, but I will never forget that touching imperfect rendition of the song, not for the musical merit, but for the emotion and intent.

We have prisons full of violent people, most of the inmates don’t have an identifiable cause; however, the hate filled Muslim miscreant can vent his anti-social rhetoric by using his religion as an excuse, a crutch, or a weapon. Persecutions of the past, real or imagined become a filter for anti-social thoughts. His religion gives the nondescript potentially violent loner a sense of belonging and a sense of meaning to a life that is otherwise without purpose.

The idea of becoming a crusader and correcting all the wrongs and sins of the world, particularly those of the West, fills the unimaginative weak mind with dreams of glory and of service to a greater cause.

Of course, the West has many appeasers, since the politically correct view is that we should live in guilt and offer effusive apologies for every misdeed of the past, real or imagined. Consequently, the simple minded loser is encouraged by this mantle of assumed guilt worn by many of our Western leaders of both the U.S. and Great Britain, and revenge through atrocity is indirectly encouraged through supplicants begging for persecution.

Like rapists lurking in the shadows, evil Imams consumed in hate and rage, look for victims to corrupt with sermons of hatred, death, and revenge. The impressionable and ignorant are led down garden paths with visions of paradise and beautiful women to serve his every need. The promises begin to sound so much better than working at the car wash or bussing tables for wealthy Infidels.

Yes, the vulnerable weak-minded are figuratively seduced by the degenerate Imams of Islam and willingly become martyrs, but how many home grown psychopaths occupy our prisons who have no identifiable cause to serve other than stupidity and hedonism.

There are many contributing factors with this ongoing problem. The degenerates who encourage the young morons are easy enough to find and prosecute, if we were serious about stopping them, but immigrating uneducated people with no marketable skills is an indirect contributor that is going to cause many domestic problems in the future. Yes, the terrorist Major Hassan was educated and employed by our own Army. The same Army that failed to follow up on aberrant behavior that precluded his terror. Terror that our government refuses to acknowledge and now refuses to admit that they refuse to acknowledge.

We as Americans who believe in the Constitution must be sure to remember those who have served this country as Muslims. Not only did they take the normal dangers of service during wartime, but they would have had a special treatment reserved for them if they were ever captured. Lest we forget!


Lest we forget! These men serve with honor and provide unique service to our war efforts.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. The book Fifty-Thousand Years is awaiting me to finish a final proofread and it should be sent to the formatter in a matter of days. I am still working, so it is not easy to devote the time I need to finish the project. The cover is a beautiful wok of art. I would put it up here if I could figure out how to make it work.

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    Nan G

    Skook, you make a great point that there are indeed loners and crazies.
    You contrast them with those who fall in the thrall of charismatic imams…..

    …..evil Imams consumed in hate and rage, look for victims to corrupt with sermons of hatred, death, and revenge. The impressionable and ignorant are led down garden paths with visions of paradise and beautiful women to serve his every need. The promises begin to sound so much better than working at the car wash or bussing tables for wealthy Infidels.

    Yes, the vulnerable weak-minded are figuratively seduced by the degenerate Imams of Islam and willingly become martyrs

    Today the UK Express had this:
    Time to lock up hate preachers
    DAVID CAMERON last night faced calls for suspected Islamist fanatics to be rounded up and deported, jailed or put under house arrest.

    MPs and campaigners demanded a crackdown on preachers of hate and other extremists in response to the ­murder of soldier Lee Rigby.

    Home Secretary Theresa May yesterday promised a string of measures to prevent extremist clerics spreading their poisonous message in prisons, universities and on the internet. But critics urged the Government to go further in tackling the fanatics.

    They want drastic action – including the return of control orders and wider use of immediate deportations.

    The article ends with a quote from a young Muslim much like those Canadian ones who wanted to re-assure their fellow Canadians by singing, “Oh, Canada,” in neighborhoods all over Canada:

    “Clerics like Abu Qatada should be put on a plane tomorrow. And those we are not able to deport should be locked up.” Moderate Muslim Umair Iqbal, 26, who set up a Facebook group in memory of Drummer Rigby, said: “I agree that preachers of hate are the ones who need to be tackled.

    “They don’t commit crimes themselves but warp the minds of younger people who are braver, naive and largely uneducated.

    “There’s not much else that can go wrong. It seems like we have experienced everything besides things turning nuclear. I welcome strong action. Anyone preaching any kind of hate simply breeds more hate.”

    Jesus (who Muslims say they respect) made an illustration about the wheat and the chaff.
    Perhaps the Mosques where the message is designed for the chaff should be so ill-attended that they go under for lack of financial support.
    Wouldn’t that be great?

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    @Nan G: Thank you, Nan, for the information. The British people are asking for a far more practical response than our appeasement and love overtures.

    Cameron responded with a typical Obama skim milk response to the atrocity or at least in the strongest terms possible, which accomplished next to nothing. Time will tell if the Brit leaders listen to the common sense solutions of the people or continue down the unicorn trail.

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    Re: Christians fleeing Iraq…should they be allowed in???
    Won’t happen under this anti-Christian, anti-God administration. Obama and Co. are doing all they can through the bureaucracy, and other means to drive Christians to the margins of society. The ACLU, major liberal media outlets, and the IRS, among others want Christianity gone within a generation.

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    Another wonderful reminder this Memorial Day, Skookum. Valor and patriotism to this country are not dictated by choice of religion.

    As to the susceptible and impressionable… such activity goes on via so many cultures. Kids enticed into gangs or illegal trafficking. People mesmerized by off the wall “preachers” like Jim Jones/Jonestown, or the Heavens Gate crowd. The most difficult part is how to effectively accomplish “protecting” the impressionable from violent indoctrination without destroying the 1st Amendment. It’s always been a walk on the balance beam… and always will be.

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    well if you know that the COUNTRIES they come from to EMIGRATE IN AMERICA,
    or the surgical of the young girl’s clitoris, by those who get away with it,
    don’t tell me that the emigrant will be a good asset for AMERICA,
    or you the agent of emigration is a nother MUSLIM,
    or you are THE STUPID put there to bring anyone in to vote for OBAMA from 2008
    they came by the BORDERS protected and led by the same agents while the WHITE HOUSE CLOSE THEIR EYES, they came from 150 COUNTRIES which most are MUSLIM COUNTRIES,
    they are here now sleepers,

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    Nice post, Skookum; and thanks for including a photo of Kareem Sultan Khan‘s gravestone.

    I befriended his gold star mother on FB a few years back to ask permission to use some personal photos of hers for one of my tribute videos. She is a wonderful woman. Her son was unquestionably an American patriot. And Muslim.

    Kareem gave his life for his country. And his mom accepts her personal loss with pride and dignity.

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    Every social group has it’s crazies, some more so than others. (If you don’t see it, you might be one of them.) While it is unfair to point to those individuals and declare that all of their group are like that, it is important to know how said group considers it’s more extreme members (especially valuable is to observe the group’s reactions when they feel relaxed and secure enough to exhibit their true feelings). In that way we can better know what to expect from said group.

    I have no aversion to Muslims, and even have friends who are. Having said that, the reactions I have seen too often televised of fellow Muslims regarding the acts of murderous and terrorist “brethren,” gives me much apprehensive concern.

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    @Ditto: I become more and more skeptical of media. We often consider ourselves above and beyond the influence of “programmed” or “manipulated” broadcasts, because they seem so obvious with their hokey melodrama, but it is precisely the casual reaction of the man on the street that can be the most devious of all the techniques of propaganda.

    Our media has lost all pretense of objectivity, the presentation of the message and its covert impression is the primary goal and none of us are immune. The media is willing to be a tool of tyranny if the message conforms to a particular ideology or a party line.

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    No argument there. I am fully aware that “man in the street” reports are all smoke and mirrors. The MSM has eschewed true news reporting and are mostly propaganda machines. I still have been hard pressed to find honest outrage against radical Islamic terrorism by other Muslims except when it is perpetrated on their own. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but if there were strong protests by sympathetic Muslims towards the victims demanding an end to wanton attacks, I haven’t been able to find it. Maybe it’s because the world news media and the internet news moguls are hiding such from us. Yet, I think it is more likely that it a rare Muslim leader who will speak out contemptuously against terrorist attacks by the radical Islamist.

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