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13 Responses to “Hail to the Redskins? The Dangers of Living in a Bubble [Reader Post]”

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    “In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness”

    – First they started hacking at the religion phrase in the First Amendment – chipping Christians and their God out of schools, public places and now the military…..
    – Then after weakening the 4th, 5th and 10th Amendments – they started after the 2nd Amendment …..
    – Now they are returning to that 1st Amendment to whittle on that silly freedom of speech phrase. Hate Laws, hate speech, and no-no words have become the new normal… and we sit in the pot while the heat goes up.

    It will be interesting to see if now that big gob’mint has gored the MSM’s ox (freedom of the press) … they will arise and lead the outrage, or if they have become such well trained lap dogs that they have have lost their bark and bite!

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    Most if not all First Nation people I know take pride in sports teams using them as team icons. It is a source of pride they don’t want to lose. In reality it is a compliment and a measure of respect for cultures that have largely been ground into the mire of history.

    If we must change the name, think about the Muslim Fanatics or the Islamic Homicidal Maniacs. That should make our Leftists happy. Let’s think team spirit and dedication to a cause, and put the sympathies of our executive and state departments ahead of everything. Everyone will be lungeing in the traces to buy tickets to watch the Muslim Fanatics score touchdowns and the cheerleaders in brightly colored table cloths will be a lively topic of conversation.

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    I care, it bothers me. I’m half NA, and I think the name completely degrades the Native American community. I don’t have a problem with Braves, I’m a huge Florida State fan, don’t have a problem with the Indians (although I find their mascot rather offensive). I have always found the name Redskins offensive, it’s not something I just happened upon. Going to elementary school, I was call Prairie Nigger, Bush Nigger, Redskin, Chief, Tonto, Cochise, and other names that don’t seem to relate to NAs. Just so you know, the name redskins comes from the torture bounty hunters inflicted on NAs by skinning them. It’s not some noble name NAs should be proud of.
    For whatever reason, NAs seem to be the only group it’s ok to denigrate. Hell, even the Rev. Al Sharpton says Redskins isn’t a racial slur. So, there you have it. Personally, I won’t loose any sleep over it. But if you say it in my presence, I will knock the crap out of you.

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    @Aqua: I am sorry you suffered abuse or discrimination in school. Some kids are mean and they grow up to be mean and vindictive.

    I’ve heard several variations of that story you referred to, most of them worse than the one you mentioned. I came to doubt the veracity of the story over time. I once made a living skinning animals and stretching their hides to dry, and although, I have never skinned a human, I can tell you with a great deal of assurance, the flesh side of all hides turns a whitish tan color when it dries.

    I am not being a wise ass; this is the truth and the reason I began to doubt the story on the origin of the name. I respect your opinion, and I must admit, I have never quizzed people on the Redskins name, it only came to my attention this year, but I am more familiar with names like the Blackhawks and countless other names of lesser teams. I only watch hockey and many NA people are rabid hockey fans. With these fans, the suggestion of dropping such names will likely produce an argument or worse.

    I write for two different First Nation groups in Canada, so I am not entirely out of touch with their feelings, but I will be more careful in the future. Thank you for your opinion.

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    I am sorry you suffered abuse or discrimination in school. Some kids are mean and they grow up to be mean and vindictive.

    Thanks, but no need to be sorry. Adversity in life makes you what you are; I’m happy with who I am.

    I once made a living skinning animals and stretching their hides to dry, and although, I have never skinned a human, I can tell you with a great deal of assurance, the flesh side of all hides turns a whitish color when it dries.

    True, I’ve done my share of skinning animals as well. Obviously nowhere near the same scale as you have though. But anyone that has ever skinned themselves in an accident can attest that the underlying skin turns red. That is where I understood the term to come from.
    I’m a huge football fan. I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan from way back. My favorite football team is the FSU Seminoles, the only team mascot sanction by NAs. I live in Georgia, love the Braves, although I refuse to participate in the stupid tomahawk chop. I do get a kick out of everyone else doing it though. But I do think Redskins is an offensive term. And I’ll admit, the fact that Al Sharpton says it isn’t, just makes it even more offensive.

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    Nan G

    Lefties aren’t the only ones prone to the bubble mentality, either. Most of you reading this are conservatives, and how often do we venture outside of our own ideological circles? How often do we look for news stories outside of Fox News, Drudge, and our favorite blogs other than when one of our favorite writers is ripping on some story in the MSM and embeds a hyperlink to it?

    Good point, good point.
    Just today I linked to a leftist ”truth-out” article about how Obama used a World War One espionage law (that had only been used three times before him) six times to attempt to stop whistle blowers.
    My use of it also shows that politics makes for strange bed fellows arrangements.
    The mainstream media refused to cover this story.
    Fox News had a reporter involved YET it was the first I’d read or heard about it!

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    1. The Washington Redskins are not from Washington. They are based in Landover, MD. Their pre-season camp will soon be in Richmond, VA. The only connection to Washington is that they played there from the time they left Boston to the time when Jack Kent Cooke (former owner) built a new stadium complex.
    2. The Washington Redskins are not Native American. They had an assistant coach 70 years ago who was Native American, and the team was renamed for him. They were originally the Boston Braves.
    3. The whole argument is specious: the D C City Council has no connection with the team.
    4. Let them be the Landover Larks (or the Landover Lapwings), if it really bothers you. But you will have to buy the team first.
    5. Dan Snyder is not selling. So forget about it.
    If you are offended, scrape up about $1.4 billion and make an offer.

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    Brother Bob


    @Aqua: Fair points, thanks for some good opposing opinions

    @Nan G: Pretty creepy. I don’t know how many times I’ve said that times like this make me miss Bush. Not that these things couldn’t have happened under him, but at least the MSM would give a damn. Of course, that might have been exactly what kept his administration as honest as it was…

    @Mathman: In all fairness to the ‘Skins on point #1, a lot of teams don’t play in their team’s city limits. I had years of fun with the Irving Cowboys fans and don’t even get this Jersey Boy started on how I’d bust my friends about their “New York” teams! As for point #5, as an Eagles fan let’s hope that Snyder never sells!

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    If you are offended, scrape up about $1.4 billion and make an offer.

    So…’re not allowed to be offended unless you can come up with the cash to buy the team? You should just shut the hell up and deal with it? Sometimes there are people on the right that sound just like the people on the left.
    I don’t care what he calls the team, but don’t tell me I shouldn’t be offended. And damn sure don’t tell me it’s a tribute to the Native American people.

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    Richard Wheeler

    @Aqua: As a NA you have every right to be offended by a name derived from such an act. You’re acceptance of Cleveland Indians, FSU Seminoles etc shows your rational thought on this subject.

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