Bengahzi Scapegoat? Mid-Level State Department Official Is Talking….

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A scapegoat is talking it seems…..

Time to get him under oath:

Following the attack in Benghazi, senior State Department officials close to Hillary Clinton ordered the removal of a mid-level official who had no role in security decisions and has never been told the charges against him. He is now accusing Clinton’s team of scapegoating him for the failures that led to the death of four Americans last year.

Raymond Maxwell was placed on forced “administrative leave” after the State Department’s own internal investigation, conducted by an Administrative Review Board (ARB) led by former State Department official Tom Pickering. Five months after he was told to clean out his desk and leave the building, Maxwell remains in professional and legal limbo, having been associated publicly with the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American for reasons that remain unclear.

…“I had no involvement to any degree with decisions on security and the funding of security at our diplomatic mission in Benghazi,” he said.

Who ordered his removal?

Why Cheryl Mills of course.

The decision to place Maxwell on administrative leave was made by Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills, according to three State Department officials with direct knowledge of the events. On the day after the unclassified version of the ARB’s report was released in December, Mills called Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Beth Jones and directed her to have Maxwell leave his job immediately.

The same person who ordered Gregory Hicks to NOT speak to a Congressional delegation. Something he has never been ordered to do in his 22 year career. When he challenged the State Department’s youtube story he was effectively demoted.

Who is Cheryl Mills:

Cheryl Mills is no run-of-the-mill State Department apparatchik, even among the top tier. She’s been one of the Clintons’ right-hand men for decades. She worked in Bill’s White House legal office, then as counsel to Hillary’s presidential campaign, then became chief of staff at State when Hillary was appointed secretary.

She is Hillary’s hatchet man. What Hillary wants she facilitates it seems.

And now they wanted to hide Raymond Maxwell.

But he isn’t going away quietly it seems:

“The web of lies they weave / gets tighter and tighter / in its deceit / until it bottoms out – / at a very low frequency – / and implodes…Yet all the while, / the more they talk, / the more they lie, / and the deeper down the hole they go… Just wait…/ just wait and feed them the rope.”


Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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  1. 1

    Warren Beatty (not the liberal actor)

    I can’t wait for 2016 to see what Hillary has to say about the entire Benghazi cover-up situation. She will try to dismiss it, and the lap-dog MSM will be with her. Thank goodness for Flopping Aces.

  2. 2

    Nan G

    He’s written some KILLER poems!

    I ran into a neighbor outside the building.
    She said, “I read your poem today.”
    We made some small talk, politics
    chit-chat that only Washingtonians
    care about. I steered the small talk back.
    “So how did you like my poem?”
    She said, “It sounded bitter, but I understood.”
    I smiled and thought to myself: perhaps
    twelve revisions would have made it sweeter.

    (Bolding mine.)
    Another ouch is:

    by Raymond Maxwell

    The Queen’s Henchmen
    request the pleasure of your company
    at a Lynching – to be held
    at 23rd and C Streets NW
    on Tuesday, December 18, 2012
    just past sunset.

    Dress: Formal, Masks and Hoods –
    the four being lynched
    must never know the identities
    of their executioners, or what/
    whose sin required their sacrifice.

    A blood sacrifice –
    to divert the hounds –
    to appease the gods –
    to cleanse our filth and
    satisfy our guilty consciences.

    Arrive promptly at sunset –
    injustice will be swift.
    there will be no trial,
    no review of evidence,
    no due process, and no

    Dress warmly –
    a chilling effect will instantly
    envelop Foggy Bottom.
    Total impunity.
    A kangaroo court in
    a banana republic.

    Refreshments will not be served
    because of the continuing resolution.

    And the ones being lynched?
    Who cares? They are pawns in a game.
    Our game. All suckers, all fools,
    all knaves who volunteered to serve –
    Us. And the truth? The truth?
    What difference at this point does it make?

    In the event of inclement weather,
    or the Queen’s incapacitation,
    her Henchmen will carry out this lynching –
    as ordered, as planned.


  3. 3


    From Judicial Watch:

    Judicial Watch’s discovery resulted in a six-month federal court hearing into the email scandal, during which Clinton officials were deposed, including Cheryl Mills. Mills was, in fact, aware of the missing White House emails but “assumed” someone else was handling the matter.

    In an April 28, 2008, ruling in the email scandal, Judge Royce C. Lamberth called Cheryl Mills’ participation in the matter “loathsome.” He further stated Mills was responsible for “the most critical error made in this entire fiasco… Mills’ actions were totally inadequate to address the problem.” (Unfortunately, Judge Lamberth ruled there was no evidence of a conspiracy or obstruction of justice.)

    Loathsome and totally inadequate. Say hello to the new Chief of Staff for the Secretary of State, ladies and gentlemen.

    Mills was also one of three Clinton White House lawyers who recommended Bill Clinton release the private letters of Kathleen Willey, in violation of the Privacy Act. Thanks to Judicial Watch’s legal efforts in this case, Bill Clinton was the first sitting president to be found to have committed a crime by a federal court when he authorized the release of letters written to him by Ms. Willey, whom the former president sexually assaulted in the Oval Office. (Mills was one of the lawyers who defended Bill Clinton’s perjury and obstruction of justice in the failed Senate trial to remove the impeached president. That may impress some, but most Americans are tired of corrupt politicians getting away with high crimes and misdemeanors.)

    Clearly, Mills is not fit to serve in any official capacity in the government, but most especially as Chief of Staff at our Department of State.

  4. 4



    I’ve been saying this for a few days now. The same thing happened to Daley and his Chicago admin along with a number of those on Chicago’s City Council. One scandal opened up interest in other actions that ended up in other scandals. None of it, of course, touched Daly himself. Only those below him. If I could say one thing to those in the Obama WH, I’d tell them to revisit what happened in Chicago under Mayor Daley and then prepare themselves accordingly.

  5. 5


    Most Americans don’t care. Most Americans don’t listen to Rush. Most Americans still approve of the way Obama is doing his job.
    Tom Pickering was the co chair of that review board, the other co chair was former JCOS Adm Mike Mullen. I think that they must have done a pretty fair job on that report.
    I have no idea why that man was demoted, maybe he was writing poetry when he should have been doing something else.
    I have 3 words to say about this scandal “underage Dominican prostitutes”

  6. 8


    The review board had a very narrow scope. They did not interview Hillary Clinton, Greg Hicks or anyone else who was actually in Libya at the time. It was by design to do just what its doing, giving people a false sense of closure.

    Hanging your hat on this is shortchanging yourself of information.

  7. 9


    The review board was also not tasked with looking into the talking points and change in storyline after the fact….despite there being many unanswered questions there.

    This is often the way it goes…one thread, begins to unravel a larger part..etc. And before long…the whole thing comes undone.

    The truth is…this stuff has been going on all along. It’s the way Obama set up his admin…and the path he chose. The problem was…nothing he did could get the press interested in doing their job. Everybody just chose to look the other way despite the warning signs.

    People just didn’t want to look under the rug. They just trust him that whatever he’s sweeping under there…is just to tidy up and for the best interest of everyone involved. Now that this has changed….and the press start looking…and talking about what they see under the rug…things look different. Obama looks different. And people are starting to talk about him that way. That he’s disengaged when things go wrong. And engaged when he wants to take credit for something. That he seems to be uninformed. etc.,

    The president has done exactly what Richard Nixon did when reporters starting snooping around asking questions. He’s suggested that any and all questions are simply politics by the opposition party and that there is nothing to any of the claims. And that he doesn’t have time to mess with their games….he’s got a country to run. And that only works so long as the story doenst change and/or evidence doesn’t come out to the contrary. Once drips and drabs start coming out…it starts to unravel. And although they can keep repeating that there’s nothing to the story…they are moving past the point of no return…the reporters aren’t going to give up. And you can thank Eric Holder for that.

    So, “now” that we have the press actually doing their job….we are going to see Obama’s presidency as it is…without the glitter and balloons of hope and change. Without the press simply releasing WH talking points as issues come up without actually investigating whether they are true/accurate or not. It’s not enough for the WaPo to issue a back page pinocchio rating after running full page ads passing as “news” full of WH talking points that they never even bothered to review for accuracy or discrepancies.

    So like Wizard of Oz, we see the feet under the curtain, know that things are being manipulated to alter public perception of events and to protect “Oz”. And Obama steps out to say….I know you see what you think you saw, but you didn’t see “me” doing it, and the “illusion” is what you think you saw…is not reality. Obama says the shoes under the curtain are not his. But, that he also doesn’t know who they belong to…who’s running Oz. (at this point, fairies throw dust in everybody’s eyes…but they blink it off and stare back at him). And he ends with…of course if someone actually “did” what you think you saw, it would be bad. But, in this case..there simply is nothing there. And that he had his own team look behind the curtain..and he can assure us…there is simply nothing to this. In the past..everybody would have just accepted that and moved on. Now..they are asking…ok…then who IS behind the curtain? And he says…I don’t know. But, it doesn’t matter. And nobody is buying it. And the more we insist on knowing…who IS running Oz..if the president isn’t…the more they push back with…it’s an irrelevant question that is partisan and/or racist and doesn’t deserve an answer. I think people have had just about enough of that.

    So, we have a president…who is present sometimes, missing at others…who is informed when it is something good…and not informed when something bad happens. Who makes decisions when good things result from it…and doesn’t know who made them when things go wrong. And who has people in his house…going after political enemies, private citizens, and the press in an election cycle that he knows absolutely nothing about. (that’s old school Chicago style). And they want to insist that this is all just somebodies imagination working overtime..crying “wolf”.

    We’ll…I didn’t see the wolf. But, I did see wolf tracks. Wolf poop. And a few devoured remains of what looks like a wolf attack. And the tracks lead right to the front door of the WH. The problem here for their Nixonian tactic of trying to dismiss all this as irrelevant, unimportant and/or there is no “there there”, is that one of the victims of the wolf has been the press. And they aren’t taking it lightly. They are finally starting to corner Carney with tough questions and calling him out when he shifts gears on them or tries to insist that the president didn’t say what he just said last week. And you can see him starting to crack already. It’s only a matter of time. More will come out.

  8. 10

    James Raider


    Why does this have the smell of being the truth?

    “Regarding General Ham, military contacts of the diplomats tell them that AFRICOM had Special Ops “assets in place that could have come to the aid of the Benghazi consulate immediately (not in six hours).”

    Ham was told by the White House not to send the aid to the trapped men, but Ham decided to disobey and did so anyway, whereupon the White House “called his deputy and had the deputy threaten to relieve Ham of his command.”

    The White House motivation in all this is as yet unclear, but it is known that Ham retired quietly in April 2013 as head of AFRICOM.

  9. 11

    Nan G

    @James Raider: Another Brig. Gen. has been removed from duty.
    Bryan Roberts has been accused of a physical altercation.
    He is a 29-year veteran whose service includes assignments in Iraq, Germany, Bosnia, Washington and elsewhere.
    BUT the military, Pentagon, Obama (???) removed his biography from public view.
    Did he take a position contrary to Obama on something so he needed to be slimed?

  10. 12


    I have noted the State Department has also pulled down the Resume of Cheryl Mills, one of the top
    voices and closest aides of Hillary Clinton, when this event occurred. One source states the reason for pulling it off line is the embarrassing over statements of experience and education contained within it.

    Another reason for removal of this information is probably to take her out of the chain of command
    at that time. She had ordered a Staff Attorney to be with any congressman probing the Benghazi affair.

  11. 14


    they will never take away the smell of death,
    he is down resisting and his four fingers print on the wall leaving a bloody imprint, he is half undress,
    his eyes shot, AND someone said he is taken to an hospital own by alqaeda,
    it made me recall the removal and butchering of KADAFI,
    AND HAD DEMAND 7 TIMES FOR HELP, months before,

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