The most dangerous place to be is between a liberal and a tragedy to exploit

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the most dangerous place to be

It’s downright dangerous. And oh yeah, never let a serious crisis go to waste.

The victims of the Boston bombing hadn’t even been identified when democrats began exploiting the tragedy. The clown known as Barney Frank blamed tax cuts for the disaster:

“I’m glad you raised that, because it gives me a chance to make a point I’ve felt strongly about,” said Frank. “In this terrible situation, let’s be very grateful that we had a well-funded, functioning government. It is very fashionable in America, and has been for some time to criticize government, belittle public employees, talk about their pensions, talk about what people think … of [their] health care. Here we saw government in two ways perform very well. … I never was as a member of Congress one of the cheerleaders for less government, lower taxes. No tax cut would have helped us deal with this or will help us recover. This is very expensive.”

Steny Hoyer blamed the sequester:

Asked by a reporter whether Monday’s attack makes the argument for addressing sequestration, Hoyer explained, “I think there are multiple reasons for ensuring that we invest in our security — both domestic and international security. That we invest in the education of our children. That we invest in growing jobs in America. And don’t pursue an irrational, across-the-board policy of cutting the highest priorities and the lowest priorities essentially the same percentage…. I think this is another proof of that — if proof is needed, which I don’t think frankly it is.”

Former Congresswoman (democrat) and left wing moonbat Cynthia McKinney blamed the government:

The pattern is becoming too, too familiar. So, Boston cops were having a “bomb squad drill” on the same day as…

Chris Matthews, who is never one to shy away from making a complete ass of himself, immediately blamed the right.

A minute later, while discussing the additional “bombing” at the city’s John F. Kennedy presidential library (which turned out to be a fire unrelated to the attacks), Matthews began to suggest this could be the doing of anti-Kennedy, anti-Democratic Party forces:

“Going after the Kennedy Library, not something at Bunker Hill, not something from the Freedom Trail or anything that kind of historic, but a modern political figure of the Democratic Party.”

“Does that tell you anything?” he asked Leiter, who promptly rejected such speculation.

Later on in the show, Matthews suggested that Monday being Tax Day could possibly have played a role in the bombings. “So many iconic days — it’s Patriots Day, it’s the Marathon Day, it’s the Kennedy Library always up there. And also as you point out — I just forgot because I filed already — that it’s filing day for the federal income tax, which does cause some emotions around the country, sometimes in the wrong parts of the brain,” he said.

David Axelrod suggested that Obama also thinks this is the work of the right:

Absolutely. And the word has taken on a different meaning since 9/11. You use those words and it means something very specific in people’s minds. And I’m sure what was going through the president’s mind is — we really don’t know who did this. It was tax day. Is it someone who was pro-[unintelligible]? You just don’t know. And so, I think, his attitude is let’s not put any inference into this. Let’s just make clear that we’re going to get the people responsible.

And Wolf Blitzer made the same suggestion while trying to appear not to be making the same suggestion:

“it is a state holiday in Massachusetts today called Patriots’ Day and who knows if that had anything at all to do with these explosions,” Blitzer said within an hour of the first blasts on CNN. He went on in that segment to list the many reasons why April 15 is a significant day for Americans and especially for Bostonians.

Actor and genius Jay Mohr used the bombing to call for repeal of the Second Amendment.

The moron known as the junior Senator from Connecticut said to that the country needs to promptly get past its grief over the Boston bombing and get back to important things:

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., said that the families of Sandy Hook are grieving from a tragedy just as Bostonians are, as he called for Congress to focus on passing a gun bill.

“We’ve go to get back to work to make sure we can listen to the American people who still want us . . . to pass a background check,” Murphy said on MSNBC, per a rush transcription, after saying that there should be an “appropriate time” for grieving over the victims of the bombing at the Boston Marathon.

“Hopefully, we can get back to work [by the end of the week],” he said.

The moron known as the senior Senator from the state of Connecticut is likely to exploit this tragedy for political contributions just as he did with the Connecticut shootings:

“In the wake of the horror of the December 14, 2012, massacre of 20 beautiful children and 6 dedicated educators,” Blumenthal is asking supporters to send money to his 2016 re-election campaign!

“As your senator, I will continue fighting for the rights of all the people, not the special interests. But I need your help,” Blumenthal wrote in an email to supporters Thursday morning. “Please contribute $5 now as the Senate debate continues on common-sense gun reform legislation this week.”

The TV show “Glee” decided to cash in on the boom:

Parents and loved ones of those killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on Dec. 14, are using Facebook to address their disdain for Glee’s school shooting episode on April 11. Some are claiming it was in bad taste, while others are saying it’s way too soon.

And naturally, Seth MacFarlane could not resist cashing in on mass killing:

NEW YORK — Fox has pulled from websites a recent episode of “Family Guy” that depicts mass deaths at the Boston Marathon, and has no immediate plans to air it again.

Fox spokeswoman Gaude Paez said Tuesday the episode has been removed from and

In the episode, protagonist Peter Griffin is asked by sports announcer Bob Costas about his performance at the marathon. A flashback shows Peter mowing down runners with his car.

“I’ll tell ya, Bob, I just got in my car and drove it,” Griffin says. “And when there was a guy in my way, I killed him.”

Later, Peter befriends a terrorist who, unbeknownst to him, is plotting to blow up a bridge. When Peter dials a cellphone the friend has given him, explosions and screams are heard.

Mowing down marathon runners is always hilarious.

Thing is, the left has a piss poor record when it comes to prediction of blame:

Media assumptions that violence is right-wing are routine — and routinely wrong.

On Friday morning, Brian Ross of ABC News speculated on live TV that James Holmes, the accused killer in Aurora, Colo., was a member of the Tea Party. A few hours later, Ross posted a short apology online; Holmes had no Tea Party connection.

Ross’ unfounded speculation wasn’t unusual (although the speed of his apology was). This was merely the latest case of media commentators jumping to the conclusion that violent attrocities should be attributed to members of the political right. Let’s look back at how often the media has falsely invoked Tea Partiers and other “right-wing nut jobs” in the past few years.

* September 2009: The discovery of hanged census-taker Bill Sparkman in rural Kentucky fueled media speculation that he’d been killed by anti-government Tea Partiers. In fact, he’d killed himself and staged his corpse to look like a homicide so his family could collect on life insurance.

* February 2010: Joe Stack flew his small plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas. The media immediately suggested that the anti-tax rhetoric of the Tea Party led to the attack. In fact, Stack’s suicide note quoted the Communist Manifesto.

* That same month, a professor at the University of Alabama, Amy Bishop, shot and killed three colleagues at a faculty meeting. The gun-loving Tea Party came under immediate suspicion. But Bishop was a lifelong Democrat and Obama donor.

* March 2010: John Patrick Bedell shot two Pentagon security officers at close range. The media went wild with speculation that a right-wing extremist had reached the end of his rope. Bedell turned out to be a registered Democrat and 9/11 Truther.

* May 2010: New York authorities disarmed a massive car bomb in Times Square. Mayor Bloomberg immediately speculated that the bomber was someone upset about the president’s new health-care law. The media trumpeted the idea that crazed conservatives had (again, they implied) turned to violence. In fact, the perp was Faisal Shahzad, an Islamic extremist.

So what do we know?

We know that the use of this type of weapon in the US was predicted:

Now, IEDs could be coming to U.S. shores.

According to Lt. Gen. Michael Barbero, head of the military’s Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, some of the same terrorists who amassed the know-how on building IEDs are setting their sights on the U.S.

“Today’s IEDs are relatively simple, low-tech devices, which routinely use command wire, pressure plates, or radio-controlled triggers,” Barbero wrote in written testimony released Thursday ahead of a closed hearing of a subcommittee of the House Homeland Security Committee. “Many readily available components such as cellphones, agricultural fertilizers and simple electronic transmitters and receivers have legitimate commercial uses, but are easily and increasingly adapted for illicit purposes in manufacturing IEDs.”

We know that this regime slashed the budget for domestic bombing prevention:

Barack Obama’s administration has cut the budget nearly in half for preventing domestic bombings, MailOnline can reveal.

Under President George W. Bush, the Department of Homeland Security had $20 million allocated for preventing the use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) by terrorists working inside the United States. The current White House has cut that funding down to $11 million.

That assessment comes from Robert Liscouski, a former Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection, in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15 that killed three Americans and injured at least 173 others.

He told MailOnline that the Obama-era DHS is, on the whole, about as well-positioned as it was during the Bush administration to handle the aftermath of the April 15 bombings in Boston, ‘but the Obama administration has continued to cut the budget for offices such as the Office for Bombing Prevention from $20 million started under Bush, to $11 million today.’

We know that this type of bomb is used by Al Qaida.

We know that Al Qaida has called for attacks on sporting events:

Al-Suri contended that civilians should be targeted “when responding to a brutal practice carried out by America and her allied forces.”

“This is done by targeting human crowds in order to inflict maximum human losses,” he wrote. “This is very easy since there are numerous such targets such as crowded sports arenas, annual social events, large international exhibitions, crowded market-places, skyscrapers, crowded buildings … etc.”

“It is possible for ordinary Resistance fighters among the Muslims residing in America and the allied Western countries to target them, in order to participate in the jihad and the Resistance, and to stretch out a helping hand to the mujahidun [Islamic warriors].”

But as of this moment, that’s about all we know and it doesn’t prove anything.

Unless you’re a liberal.

I don’t know who did this, nor will I opine as to who did. Then again, I am no liberal.

I do, however, expect that if this is shown to be the work of a Muslim, Obama will reclassify it as “workplace violence.”

Good thing the war on terror is over, eh?

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

22 Responses to “The most dangerous place to be is between a liberal and a tragedy to exploit”

  1. 2


    @john: As you know full well there is noting in your comment to support it. Whereas there are specific examples given of Democrats exploiting the bombing you have provided none.

  2. 4

    Nan G

    Obama claims he got a ricin-tainted letter too.
    Is all of this the work of the same group as the Boston bomber(s)?
    Or is it a piling on by others like when the various ones of Occupy crowd did illegal drugs, rape, property damage, theft, noise pollution and more all at the same time in the name of the 99%?

  3. 5


    Liberal Hypocrisy knows no bounds… they have no shame, no ethics, they are however, slimy lairs…

    “anti-government Tea Partiers” THIS IS FALSE.

    Can we finally get this straight???

    The Tea Party is ‘NOT’ anti Government. They are against BIG Government….they ARE FOR “SMALL Government” as the Constitution intended….

    Remember that!

  4. 6



    “The most dangerous place to be is between a liberal and a tragedy to exploit

    The irony of this post requires no explanation. ”

    Was it a Republican, or a Democrat, that said no crisis should ever be wasted?

  5. 8

    Nathan Blue

    @Greg: Yet we have three lib posts that say absolutely nothing . . .


    Not much ammo to argue against with, other than saying “nu-uh!”

    The irony of these posts requires no explanation.
    There are none so blind as those who will not see.


  6. 9

    Nathan Blue

    It hard for a group to accept that the very thing they think they are fighting against has become the core of their own deluded narrative.

    The above weak attempts at refuting the idea of scapegoating non-libs shows this brilliantly.


    Though I’d contend both parties (Rep and Dem) are hopelessly compromised, the modern face of oppression of thought and fomentation of hatred is clearly in the hands of the democratic party and its allies (the media and beyond).

    Even the trolls that frequent this site can’t seem to argue against this.

  7. 10


    @Nathan Blue, #9:

    With all respect, I believe this sort of event should bring the people of the nation together into a united front, rather than being used as a means to widen our divisions.

    We’re all Americans, first. Our different political leanings are secondary, and under some circumstances totally irrelevant. Some people apparently don’t approve of that.

  8. 11

    Nan G

    Obama’s agenda is being sidelined by a pressure cooker bomb.
    Compare and contrast his emoting when
    1. speaking after the Boston bombing.
    2 speaking just now about how a legal, legitimate, Constitutional vote in the Senate did not go his way on more tightly controlling guns.

    So, Obama is NOT a robot.
    He CAN exhibit emotions.
    He just picks weird places to do so.

  9. 12



    With all respect, I believe this sort of event should bring the people of the nation together into a united front, rather than being used as a means to widen our divisions.

    I believe that you left out the part where you believe that people should come together, as long as it’s behind the viewpoint you support. Don’t deny it, either. You were out front after Newtown calling for more gun-control laws and lambasting those of us who support gun rights.

    All of which makes your support for Tom’s statement about the irony contained in the headline a wild laugher.

    The question is, if you talk about someone exploiting a tragedy, does that mean that you, yourself, are exploiting that tragedy as well? After listening to all of the talking heads on TV speculating about the bombing being the work of “domestic” terrorists, i.e. their own exploitation of it, can we not talk about those same people using this tragedy without fear of being labeled exploiters ourselves?

  10. 13



    All of which makes your support for Tom’s statement about the irony contained in the headline a wild laugher.

    The question is, if you talk about someone exploiting a tragedy, does that mean that you, yourself, are exploiting that tragedy as well?

    Since you brought me into it, I guess the irony does have to be explained. Pointing out exploitation is one thing; upping the ante is another. Nothing any of the people in the above quotes said is as all-encompassing as DrJohn’s wide-net approach to branding liberals. Half of it is complete BS to begin with (where exactly does Axlerod mention “the right” as insinuated? – nowhere). Is the title of this article “The most dangerous place to be is between Chris Mathews and a tragedy to exploit”? No. It’s hardly limited to a refutation of these individuals. This is the saddest collection of pathetic scraps assembled to launch a ridiculous partisan hack job. Think about it. This guy’s knee-jerk reaction to the bombing to to troll the internet looking for a few quotes so he can then write his 5,000th anti-liberal bromide. Is this the classy “conservative” reaction to a tragedy you’d care to endorse?

  11. 14


    @johngalt, #12:

    The next time you notice that I’ve posted something like the graphic photo above showing horribly traumatized bombing victims, accompanied by a derogatory crack about conservatives, please do let me know. I think you might be waiting a very long while for the opportunity.

  12. 16


    “Chris Matthews, who is never one to shy away from making a complete ass of himself, immediately blamed the right.”
    I’ve already seen (lost the link, think it was MSNBC) where a liberal talking head has already said that “Right-wing hate groups have advocated using pressure cooker bombs for many years”.
    Funny, I’ve been observing all kinds of “hate groups” for several years now, and have never seen this advised.
    New Black Panthers? Nope.
    American Nazis? Nope.
    Nation of Islam? Nope.
    Nope. Nope. Nope. Just Muslim hate groups.
    Oops, sorry, I meant to say “The Gentle, Serene followers of the peaceful, tolerant religion of Islam”. My bad.

  13. 17

    Nathan Blue

    @Greg: That’s what most of us have been saying since 2000, so I’m glad your finally seeing that the lib/dems like to exploit events like this for a political/cultural agenda.

    Welcome to the fold.

  14. 18


    instead of everyone bitching about whats wrong, why arent we giving solutions, or creating a party that will do all the right BOTH main political parties right now obviously because of the extremism or corruption. its like choosing between the lesser of two evils when it comes to politics in the U.S.

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