Boston: Open Thread

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BOSTON — A series of explosions was reported near the finish line at the Boston Marathon on Monday, leaving two people dead and at least two dozen injured, according to the Boston Police Department.

A third explosion was heard just before 4 p.m., about an hour after the first two blasts. The police were apparently aware of that device before the explosion occurred.

The blasts took place about four hours after the start of the men’s race, which meant that there were still several thousand runners yet to finish the race. One senior counterterrorism official said it was too soon to tell whether the explosions were related to terrorism.

The Boston police confirmed they were looking into the explosions, but made no further comment. Another senior United States government official said that the Boston police and the F.B.I. said they had received no reports in recent days about a threat of an attack on the marathon and that there was no warning on Monday.

Latest I’ve heard as of this writing is that two more explosive devices were found.

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    Massachusetts police in a gun battle with terrorists, captured on video:!

    At this point—around 4:54 AM EST—one of the suspected bombers is reported dead while the second remains at large—presumably contained somewhere within a 20-square-block area that’s locked down by state and federal law enforcement.

    The bombing connection was picked up on early by an MSNBC news crew, which was already on the scene covering the shooting of an M.I.T. police officer. They were on location before the perimeter was established and kept their cameras running.

    The YouTube video was apparently recorded and posted by an area resident.

    I’ve had MSNBC on all night. It was impossible to stop watching as this all developed.

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    Nan G

    AP: Surviving Suspect Is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
    Joe Weisenthal |
    The first hard reports about the identities of the Boston Marathon bombin are coming out.

    Here’s what we know.

    — NBC reports that the two suspects are brothers.

    — They are reportedly of Chechen background, and is possibly from Turkey.

    — They have been repotedly here legally.

    — They are NOT, as previously speculated by some, connected to a missing Brown University student.

    — The age of the two brothers is 19 and 20, according to NBC’s Pete Williams.

    Read more:

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    Nan G
    if they could bring a big GIANT DIGGER, and start to dig the ground mechanicly advance toward the house,
    powered by remote and dig the house out of the ground and destabilize what ever and who ever is inside, he might be hiding in a hole underneath prepared before,
    the window would break opening holes for the visual search
    from a distance safe for the OFFICERS
    leave a path on the side for circulation after

  4. 104


    THAT’s what I thought, they are MUSLIMS, they where RADICALYSE by MUSLIMS FACTIONS, they have a MOSQUE
    to go to, they have access to their own around the world,
    some hang around schools and do it right there it was esy for them already into the MUSLIM GRAIN to get assignments at a certain point, this one was it,
    I thought about it being the continuation of a process of programming and then
    being ask to be a soldier for their cause, maybe with losts of money promisses to them and family.

  5. 106


    from FOX
    GUN SHOTs and now surounded the suspect is alive and moving,
    there was 30 shot fired, after a woman saw her shed door open, she saw blood on the ground and on the boat held by the trailer, she saw the guy, phone the police, who was here 2 minutes after.
    now some said at least 200 gun shots where fire in all.
    and the people just where given the okay to come out of their house
    and they where out walking their children and dogs for the first time since the bombing,
    he is in the boat refuse to come out,
    more gunshots now,
    they wanted him alive they are just waiting for him now.
    he refuse to move out of the boat,
    more gunshot from the suspect explosions 8 to 10 explosion
    bomb squad coming with robot,

  6. 107


    THE suspect number 2 is in custody with the police now, they did a good job,
    fantastic and the people are so happy,

  7. 108


    this man will be charge with capital murder and wiill be execute
    done for THE GOOD PEOPLE of BOSTON who endure
    having THE DEVIL roaming in their town, we are so relieve for you all.

  8. 109


    you came up with the right ending,right away which is so obvious there should not be any doubt,
    but now we see OBAMA unsure talking words and from what we notice of his simpathy with THE MUSLIM,
    I think he will not let him be executed,
    he is still collecting his military earning and put on hold untill they think we have forgotten, while the FORTH HOOD are demanding what they deserve that is their PURPLE HEART MEDALS denied to them who where under terrorist attack,
    so will that BOSTON KILLER TERRORIST WILL BE SPARE AND PUT ON HOLD, for a time they think we have forgotten, so like the BENGHASI is put on hold until he think we have forgotten,
    but we will keep all alive until justice is done with,

  9. 110


    What come to mind is ; CRIS MATTEW SHUT YOUR BAD MOUTH, and who other accuse the good TEAPARTY SHUT YOUR POISON MOUTH ignorant
    and who ACCUSE the CONSERVATIVES ; shut the fuck of,
    and turn to your favorite MUSLIM DEMOCRATES TERRORIST
    from HELL.

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