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    Nan G

    Seems people in Obama’s camp love to look at one part of the entire economy and point: “Look over there!
    Things are on the mend!”

    But back out of that extreme close-up and the real picture emerges.

    For instance, the stock markets are up.

    Gay Patriot Jeff:

    The markets are most likely up because the Federal Reserve Bank is pumping out $85 billion per month in new money. That’s a rate of about $1 trillion per year.

    Let me borrow, print-n-spend $1 trillion a year (or more), and I will also get you higher GDP numbers, along with financial market bubbles, $4.50 gas, and job growth that is positive, only after several years (and with a lot of part-time jobs).

    But, how much real wealth?

    Analogy: Say your spouse is out of work. You have a family business. You create a job paying your spouse $50,000. The job doesn’t really produce much. You created it so your spouse will feel good. Paying for it tips your business into a loss, that you make up by borrowing. Has your household gained? Your tax return says that your household income is $50,000 higher. Is it?

    The income isn’t an economic gain if, in effect, all you did was borrow money to simulate income. That’s what the government does. It borrows money, spends it on un-economic jobs (e.g., bureaucrats, bailouts, or paying the unemployed to do nothing), and says “Look – the national income (GDP) is up!”

    In the four years of Obama’s reign so far, the U.S. has added around $1.1 trillion to its GDP level, and around $2 trillion in cumulative GDP (giving Obama credit for all amounts above the deep-recession GDP level that he inherited).

    In the same calendar period, the U.S. added $5-6 trillion in debt.

    That’s a disaster.

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