Obama: Chris Kyle? Who’s Chris Kyle?

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Two weeks and counting.

Whitney Houston died on February 11, 2012. Her death was caused by choices she made on her own.

President Barack Obama reacted within two days

WASHINGTON — The White House says President Barack Obama’s thoughts and prayers are with Whitney Houston’s family, especially her daughter.

Press secretary Jay Carney says it’s hard not to be an admirer of the singer’s “immense talent.” And, he says it’s a tragedy to lose somebody so talented at such a young age.

Carney said he wasn’t sure if Obama and Houston ever had met.

The 48-year-old singer died Saturday.

He had thoughts and prayers for the Houston family.

So far he’s had no thoughts and prayers for the Kyle family. Chris Kyle died on February 2 trying to help a fellow vet.

ARLINGTON, Tex. — Military leaders, law enforcement officials and thousands of others gathered at Cowboys Stadium here on Monday to remember Chris Kyle, the retired Navy SEAL sniper and author who was killed with another man, investigators say, by a troubled veteran he was trying to help.

In a tribute filled with prayers, eulogies and country tunes sung by Randy Travis, friends and fellow SEAL members remembered Mr. Kyle, 38, as the military’s deadliest sniper, a Navy man who hated the water and a devoted father who walked away from his military career to spend more time with his wife and two children, ages 8 and 6.

“God knew it would take the toughest and softest-hearted man on earth to get a hardheaded, cynical, hard-loving woman like me to see what God needed me to see, and he chose you for the job,” Mr. Kyle’s wife, Taya Kyle, told the audience. “He chose well.”

On Feb. 2, Mr. Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield took the veteran, Eddie Ray Routh, 25, to a remote shooting range in Erath County. According to the authorities, Mr. Routh turned his weapon on the two men, shooting and killing them before fleeing in Mr. Kyle’s truck.

Investigators believe that Mr. Kyle, an expert marksman who survived four tours of duty in Iraq and became known for spotting enemy targets at extraordinary distances, was gunned down at point-blank range by a mentally ill young man he had tried to befriend and help, as he had many other veterans struggling to adjust to life at home.

Not a word from Obama.

Not a word from Leon Panetta

Not a word from Joint Chief Dempsey

Not as of February 12 and not as of today.

Whitney Houston self-destructed and her family got Obama’s thoughts and prayers. Chris Kyle was an American hero who died while helping others and Obama doesn’t even know his name.

That’s screwed up.

Chris Kyle wasn’t Hollywood enough for Obama, but Kyle was remembered by those who really matter.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    @Blake: #41
    If you haven’t checked into getting hearing aids, I suggest you do. I hunted quite a bit as a teenager, and was too close to the the 155 mm howitzers several times when they went off. I tried the in-the-ear type, but they let moisture build up in the ear, and that made my ear itch like crazy.

    Most places, if not all of them, give you a free hearing check to see if hearing aids will help you. If they can, I suggest the over-the-ear type. I don’t notice them, and no moisture builds up in my ears. The new electronic ones are adjusted for the sounds you don’t hear, and you don’t have to adjust the sound. I wasn’t worried if others see them, but most people didn’t know I wear them until I mentioned it. It’s nice to hear ALMOST like normal.

  2. 52


    @Richard Wheeler: Details CAN be confusing, especially if one is predisposed to not believe, before the fact- and what about the 1.6 BILLION hollow-point ammo the DHS has ordered, or the 174,000 rounds that the Social Security Administration has now- What might those be for, in light of the Geneva Convention’s ban on hollow-point ammo in war?
    As to soources,(since I am SURE you will ask)- try going to dianawest.net, and there she lays it out, and much more-

  3. 53

    Richard Wheeler

    @Blake: I’ve seen NADA to confirm your ridiculous claim in #27. Smorg thought it a joke in #33. Aye called you out in #43. Saw nothing from Ms West re this claim.

    Semper Fi

  4. 54


    @Blake: #52
    A long time ago I asked the liberals on FA what they thought of obama’s statement. I knew when I first read about his statement what his intentions for the USA are: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=362503727198356&set=pb.100003161941226.-2207520000.1363819539&type=3&theater

    I even posted the link so they could see him say it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt2yGzHfy7s

    They all seem to be fine with it. The water in the liberal’s pan keeps getting hotter and hotter, and some frogs have jumped out, but others seem to think the temperature is just fine.

  5. 55


    according to the insider OBAMA has a book full of names around the country
    who would obey his commands on the spot, he said to be many thousands,
    i forgot what name he gave them,

  6. 57


    the insider come with quite good things to come,
    I lost the link but if you can find it you would find it interesting,
    the last time one of us gave the link and he was telling the other to watch carefully
    I think they all chewing the same stuff

  7. 58


    @Richard Wheeler: Mr. Wheeler- there will always be some who will not believe, no matter what proof there may be- I saw all of this coming in 2006, when the liberal asshats won the Houses of Congress- you seem willing to give them a pass, but I say that is a dangerous thing to do, because, like any virus, if you give it time to get into the body, you risk death. I would rather err on the side of caution , and kill the contagion. Doesn’t that seem sensible to you?

  8. 60

    Richard Wheeler

    @Blake I simply questioned your assertion in #27. I live in San Clemente and am with returning Marines at Camp Pendleton on a fairly regular basis. Also talk with many in town and at the gym. NEVER heard ANY reference the” litmus test” you described.

  9. 61


    Richard Wheeler
    of course you won’t hear it by the MARINES, they are tight lips,
    why would they tell you,
    do you have a rank high enough to force them to talk?
    specially if you ask like a lib, they think you are a sold lib,
    and spying on them.

  10. 63


    Richard Wheeler
    you don’t believe anything,
    so between you don’t believe,
    and me , you say I believe anything
    which is not true,
    that middle has to be truth,
    we cannot cut the dont and does in two parts,
    there is a middle, and that one count,

  11. 64


    Richard Wheeler
    we use to reject the unbelieveble,
    but now we see the unbelievable happen too often to discredit it,
    did you ever think you would hear a PRESIDENT talk of the SEQUESTRER as he did
    to be an apocalypse in USA, well you did hear it and repeated over and over,
    did you ever think the WHITE HOUSE would spend 3 millions to teach how to put a condom.
    and hundred of thousands to research bird genitals.
    and another multi thousands to search what animals think.
    don’t you think the GOVERNMENT is regressing on BRAINS WAVES?
    there is more you would have never believed
    of leadership spending the PEOPLE’S HARD EARNED MONEY
    do you believe that they think you are to stupid to believe it,
    and they continue to do it.

  12. 66


    Richard Wheeler
    now my thoughts,
    it is very noticeble now, you can compare without a doubt
    that before the “UNBELIEVEBLE” in AMERICA was like going to the MOON, WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?
    and research in extraordinary like the gadget we play with right now, WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT
    wasn’t it uplifting? and more much more derived from the first walk on the MOON. derived from the
    computers , miniaturize of all kinds of things like phones, THE AMERICAN SILICONE VALLEY,
    buzzing with new ideas,
    now what was creative is offensive socialist empovering, empowering, like an evil destructive mindset which is some kind of virus affecting so many who get hook on it,
    like a beast growing more and more,
    so many crimes of all kinds, murders we where not use to see, millions of abortions of AMERICANS, planes falling to their destruction along with the occupants, deaths and more deaths
    the drugs widely liked along with all kind of enhancers, AMENDMENTS being contested as
    the CONSTITUTION being shove irrespectfully, and the INDOCTRINATION in school now
    so visual, there is no doubt any more even they deny it in as much lies they can make
    all this to say it’s a destructive time for AMERICA,
    it’s like there is no future any more, they are destructing it.
    it was not like that before, it was the opposite and the PEOPLE where happier before,
    it must be turn back to that effevescent time where the pride of the PEOPLE for the AMERICA was shout out loud with the FLAG, thanking GOD in the schools, for being in this blessed COUNTRY,
    where the BRAVES like you are protecting the FREEDOM of the AMERICANS
    here and far away in the WORLD from generations to generations,

  13. 67


    Richard Wheeler
    did you ask all THE MARINES?
    how many MARINES ARE in all the contingent.
    and they would not tell but they would answered with their hand with their fingers folded inside
    and extend that arm to touch the one asking,
    like a quick instantly gesture of goodwill
    then they would help the guy to get up and give him an hankerchief to wipe his red nose,
    yes the precious MARINES would answer like it.

  14. 68


    @Richard Wheeler: Richard, the info I got was from a returning vet, an Army guy, not a Marine, so perhaps the question was not asked of Marines- I do not know, but I have also heard from others that have much the same info.
    Perhaps the info is wrong, but I would not put anything past this POS who poses as a defender of our Constitution, when in reality, he is attacking the Constitution on at least four fronts- the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th amendments, and it is the 2nd amendment that protects the others.
    Our Constitutional system has been the one thing that has made our system viable and robust for 235 years, and it needs no alteration, just obediance to its basic tenets.
    Wouldn’t you agree?

  15. 69

    Richard Wheeler

    @Blake: Let’s be clear. I never have or ever will call an elected POTUS a POS. If you choose to slander a group or an individual best you provide corroborating evidence rather than hearsay.
    The Constitution like the Declaration incredible documents written by outstanding men. Do they define how we live as citizens of 21st century America? Not entirely. Like everything from man rather than God The Constituyion is open to interpretation and when deemed necessary— additions.
    I believe we do continue to adhere to it’s “basic tenets”

  16. 70


    Richard Wheeler
    you mean that would be changing the CONSTITUTION?
    IT WHOEVER want to change anything on it
    it’s those who are the most dangerous of all,
    by the way did you give your OATH to the whole CONSTTUTION
    as a MARINE?

  17. 71


    Richard Wheeler
    would you believe A MARINE shot a bear, fearing for his life,
    and the police charge him, for it, because he went inside to get his gun,
    the police said why did you stay in the house and call the 911,
    he said yes and I would say : mister BEAR will you wait for the POLICE to come?
    why the hell the police don’t believe his words.

  18. 72


    14 students stabbed by a guy with somw exacto knife,
    he went randomly slashing any one on his way,
    blood all over, students running some praying wishing they would have a gun,
    police will come public soon at FOX NEWS

  19. 76


    Richard Wheeler
    how dare you change THE CONSTITUTION,
    you will be arrested and go to jail for it.
    no wonder we have trouble now, no jobs,
    people are broke,
    and the WHITE HOUSE are having PARTYS
    close to the PEOPLE’s CHILDREN

  20. 78

    Richard Wheeler

    @Scott in Oklahoma: I personally don’t take the Bible literally and agree there are different versions.There is no procedure for amending the Bible.
    As you know Article V provides a means to amend The Constitution. I see this as a major difference.

  21. 79


    @Richard Wheeler: Richard, let’s be CRYSTAL clear here. I call him a POS because in my opinion, he is.
    It has nothing to do with him being Prez- rather it has to do with him being such a poor example of a human being.
    Yesterday, when he came out for a statement on the Boston Bombings, he couldn’t even say the word “terrorism”, even though even the most brain-dead person would call it thus when not one, but two bombs go off, and they find several more un-exploded devices.
    The man is a moral worm, and I quit sugar-coating words when I turned 40. Sorry if you do not like it.

  22. 81

    david c hargis

    It’s simple, Obama is a fucking douche bag. Let him or any one else try and take my god, guns, or liberties from me. I swore an oath to my country, via God , to defend Her and the constitution, and I meant it. So come fuck with me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  23. 82


    Chris Kyle is a patriot and American military hero who won’t be forgotten. Who knows how many American lives he saved because of his amazing marksman skills. He also was a gentleman who would go out of his way to help anybody but with his martial arts training could mop the floor with any bad guy. If he would have been in Ferguson, Missouri when that black thug attacked the police officer he would have kicked his black ass all over the street. He was a great looking guy with the best male physique I have ever seen. His arms in the picture are a small sample. Not an ounce of fat but 6′ 2″ of rock hard muscle. Huge chiseled pecs and eight pack abs. With his shirt off he looked like the Greek statue of Hercules. I wish I had a picture to post. I sure do miss him. We’ll meet a again bro.


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