Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

4 Responses to “Innocents Betrayed – The History of Gun Control”

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    This exemplary documentary is perhaps the best produced second amendment advocacy film on record today. Glad to see FA hosting this viewing. Highly recommend.

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    Excellent!! I hope a vast number of people get the opportunity to view this…tons of people “need to view this” …. should view this…

    I find it disturbing there are so many people, inclusive and above all, politicians ready to jump on the [anti-gun] bandwagon…

    It is vastly easier to pick on, demonize those the Government already has a Name and And Address for…. It is easier to pick on those who follow the rules than those who don’t…It is easier to try to STRIP THE CIVIL RIGHTS of those follow the rules….and go ahead and ‘create’ previously non -existent ‘Rights’ for those [protected groups]…why is that and who turned this around so much? [that was a rhetorical question I just asked]

    So, I have to question over and over why is all of this so damn Ass Backwards?? Why is the bizzare and stupid slowly becoming the new norm? And so kool aid acceptable?…But, following the natural order of things, and keeping it simple, stupid…. has become so, so…’ yesterday’ for this society?

    Exactly what do people want?? I don’t even think they know what they want….I do know these ‘followers’ somehow have decided they want the evil, rhetoric and propaganda that is plied to them by our Government/Politicians and ‘others’..without having a full grasp of it… or a conceivable grasp of history…

    Throughout history, in different countries they [the Government] singled out a specific people, in Turkey the Armenians for instance, in Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, etc…it was the Joooos… makes me wonder if I am not already correct in my own opinion, who will the next “group”/ “Label” be for Government extinction [genocide]….especially if the eye of the pie in the 21st Century is to have genocide happen here in the United States…and, no, I never stated my own opinion…but, I do know who is hated the most here… and who gets the most backlash…

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    yes, very powerful to read the past and see it’s potential of redoing the same mistake,
    by focussing on peacefull people so tolerant to accept the worse and not trying to eliminate
    the blood thirsty leader of such agenda,
    until the possibility is gone

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