The Sandy Relief Bill: A Sham, Wrapped In A Disappointment, Inside A Travesty [Reader Post]

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My apologies to the late Sir Winston Churchill, minter of the the original words “It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” speaking of the now defunct Soviet Union. This is the only way I can describe what I feel the upcoming Sandy Relief bill has become. One would think, after the disaster left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, that elected officials from both parties would show some respect for citizens who have suffered the hurricanes destruction. That would be far beyond a reasonable expectation it now appears.

Neil Cavuto, of Fox News, recently interviewed New York City Republican Councilman Daniel Halloran, concerning the relief bill being hijacked by congressmen and woman of both parties. The councilman briefly laid out the problem:

“Of the $60 billion allocated for supposedly the emergency relief and hurricane bill, you’re talking about roughly $24 billion of which has absolutely nothing to do with hurricane relief. It is going to projects like the Alaska fisheries. It is going to projects like Amtrak subsidies, at the tune of almost $330 million. These are things that have nothing to do with any of the hurricane damage and more importantly are adding on to the national deficit at a time everyone claims they want to deal with it.”

The Sham:

The original estimate , which was considered to be conservative in scope, was that New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut would require 80 billion dollars in state and local spending for infrastructure repair and victim relief. The congress agreed to fund 60 billion dollars according to Councilman Daniel Halloran. Of that 60 billion dollars congress wants to take 24 billion to fund projects unrelated to the disaster to get the necessary votes needed to pass both House and Senate on January 15th.

The Disappointment:

If there were any doubts as to the waning trust citizens have towards our elected officials in Washington D.C., this should erase them. Taxpayer money, intended to aid the victims and repair the damage of Hurricane Sandy is, for lack of better words, being stolen from those it is intended to help. All this is being done while 360 million people watch and hundreds of thousands remain suffering.

The Travesty:

Any elected official who tries to point out the snout-in-the-taxpayer-trough actions of their peers in Washington will be branded as a inhumane heartless bastard hell bent in prolonging the pain and suffering of Sandy’s victims. The media will regurgitate the narrative and feast on the propaganda slipped to them from both parties. The upcoming bill should be for relief only, and those who are hijacking the funds to fund pet projects should be dragged before the public to answer directly as to why stealing funds intended for relief is justified. This,of course, will never happen. Both parties have greedy snouts rutting and squealing for more taxpayer slop and will nip at anyone trying to stop them from getting it.

Lastly, there are two more parties responsible for the travesty of the corrupt attitude infecting the Beltway pigsty: The taxpayer and the voter. Both enabling this behavior by sitting back and doing nothing. Both condone these actions by re-electing officials time and again that are well practiced in the art of taxpayer money manipulation. Both have the resources to bring this a sudden halt. The problem is when will both taxpayer and voter finally have had enough?

The Sandy Relief Bill should have already been voted on with no reason for contention about its contents. Yet, here we are again, as with anything else done in Washington that should be a matter of common decency, delayed because of the amount of slop the pigs in the sty demand to be fed.

If I had my way they all would be in tin jackets with the word SPAM printed on the label.

He is just a fat guy in Maine.

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    Nan G

    New York’s entire 2012 budget was $132.6 billion.
    New Jersey’s 2012 budget was $29.4 billion.
    Connecticut’s two year budget, signed in May of 2011, was only $40.1 or only $20 billion for 2012.

    How is it that Sandy caused more damage than two of these states’ entire budgets?
    Obama was taught at the feet of David Axilrod to NEVER let a crisis go to waste.
    His intent is to use Sandy funds to reward his friends and ignore his enemies.

  2. 2


    Until someone starts putting crosshairs on those that bloat these Bills, there will be business as usual. Exposing these traitors is no longer enough. Their smuggness, haughtyness and outright cronyism will only be cured with lead.

  3. 3


    When almost 1,700 homes burned in the Bastrop Complex Fire (Bing it, don’t use Google; Google tracks your internest use for the government), it took The Won almost a week to declare that area a national disaster while over 6,000 people were living in church halls and community centers wondering what was going to happen to them, as the fires continued to rage. When Obama did agree to send help, did he send the largest fire department in the nation stationed at Fort Hood? Nope. He send the National Forestry Service who informed volunteer firefighters that they were not certified by the federal government and they were to pull off their fire fighting efforts. Basically, those firefighters told the NFS people to stuff it. It was their homes going up in flames.

    The FEMA effort consisted of two people in FEMA shirts, setting up an E-Z up tent, taking the names of anyone who did not have insurance. If the fire victims had insurance, they were told to call a 1-800 number in D.C. which was either busy, or gave the victims a recording. To this day, over half those who lost everything in that fire have never heard back from FEMA. That was a year and four months ago.

    The response from Americans all across the nation was remarkable. Firefighters from as far as California came to help fight the fires; food, medicine, clothing, bedding, household goods, diapers and formula poured in from private individuals. Church groups from Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma came to help with the relief and stayed to help with clean up. The Feds, not so much.

    Yet, you never saw a bunch of Texans on t.v. whining how their government was not taking care of them. They just got busy and did what needed to be done. But whining seems to be what others think they are supposed to do. Perhaps the governors of those states that were affected by Sandy should have prepared for a “rainy day” that will eventually come to ever state in the Union, be it because of a hurricane, tornado, wild fire, or any other natinal disaster. Now, not wanting to let a crisis go to waste, we will hear how those who think the Sandy bill is an abomination and a total insult to all those folks who have equally suffered because of the severe ice storms that hit the Mid-West during the winter of 09-10, or the wild fires that took 40,000 acres of central Texas landscape, are just hateful people who have no sympathy for others. And I have one question to ask those victims of Sandy; “Did you not have insurance?”

  4. 4

    james raider


    @Nan G: You’ve nailed it. This is NOT a 60 billion dollar fix. That amount is absurd. It is another theft of taxpayer cash to fund friends. Watch where the money goes, . . . as always – follow the money. We may be in for a surprise on this one.

  5. 5

    Scott in Oklahoma

    @james raider: The only thing that would surprise me would be IF both the House and the Senate suddenly grew a pair and stepped up to do the right thing. Oh yeah, and IF the MSM suddenly started reporting factual news instead of twisting crap to fit the Progressive Agenda.

  6. 7

    Nan G

    I think Woody Allen was doing a case of imitation is the sincerest form of flattery toward Churchill when he wrote this in his screenplay, Bananas:
    “It’s a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham.”

  7. 9


    I’ve been asking my local MSM’S affiliates to report on the waste in this bill. It may not help much to ask them to report on this, but it can’t hurt. The squeaky wheel…

  8. 10

    Common Sense

    The pain or suffering continues and the photo ops and election is over. I wonder how many of the impacted citizens voted Democrat? No deserves what happened to them but when the BS is over they learn the empty reality of false promises!!

  9. 11


    now they know and this is just their beginning , we have pity for they don’t know
    who they where voting for, just a mouth in an empty suit,

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