Media Bias and the sale of space to 2012 Election [Reader Post]

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Which candidate was the darling of the Media?

Romney spent more on TV ads but got much less

I thought we were done with 2012 Election! I guess not so.

I will keep this one really short.

It seems no one wants to ask, what to me is an obvious question, and that is, “Did the media outlets charge the same rates to the two campaigns? Or did Obama’s team get a better rate because of sweetheart deals?”

What better way for the Left-aligned Media to influence the election outcome than to be sure their candidate was able to air so much more than Romney.

Could it be?

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  1. 1

    Nan G

    According to your article these are the facts:
    “[T]he Obama team, in carrying out its ad strategy, took advantage of discount rates and used sophisticated buying techniques and precision targeting to make the most-effective buys.”
    On the other hand, “[the] Romney campaign officials say they managed well, watched spending closely and pursued an independent advertising strategy intended to save on overhead and commissions.”
    Two completely different strategies.
    Obama used pinpoint accuracy, targeting their ad buys for their various audiences.
    Romney was trying to save money……
    “We had in place a process to be sure that the dollars we were spending per demographic group and per voter were attractive.”

  2. 2

    IB Wright

    To Nan G, and your point is?

    I just find it hard to believe that Romney’s people were this inept. Surely as the campaign progressed, someone on the team must have been noticing the disparity in air time.

    Maybe not.

    It is obvious that Obama’s Team ran a better campaign.

    But my question remains. Did the media provide better rates to their candidate?

    IB Wright

  3. 3

    IB Wright

    Sorry, back again so quickly.

    Had to say, I loved the cartoon they used with my post at

    Wish I had found it for my original.

    IB Wright

  4. 4

    Nan G

    @IB Wright:
    Customers are not always told what every possible buy combination would cost.
    Sales reps allow them to say what they want to achieve and then offer a few of the infinite combinations to them to pick from.
    I have done estimating work and it is incredibly complex.
    There are literally hundreds of decisions that could each impinge on the bottom line.
    IF the article you posted it accurate, Romney’s ad buyers used a different approach to their ad buys than did Obama’s.

  5. 5


    Romney needed to confront his liberal-media questioners as Gingrich did…he did not and was cooked. Candy Crowley is a national disgrace. NBC was part of the Obama campaign…and I’m not talking only MSNBC. ABC has Clinton favorite Stepawhatshisface pretending to be a journalist. CBS was closest to being fair…likey trying to get back from the place Rather took them in ’04. But except for Sharly Atkinson few asked any hard questions. NPR is pure socialist. They don’t even pretend to hide it anymore. NPR/PBS knows the Democrats will protect their funding as the voice of the left…as long as the left controls one house.

    Romney did run a terrible campaign. No getting around it. He needed to confront the media’s and Obama’s lies and refused to…he deserved to lose. He needed to ask basic questions about Obama’s largely unknown background…he wouldn’t…he needed to confront Crowley and the CNN crowd…he didn’t; and he lost.

    I blame some people for his nomination: Coulter, Rove, The National Review, and The Weekly Standard to name a few. I’ve not continued the magaizines and no longer read Coulter’s books. Not that anyone cares, but if enough people can let the country-club Republicans know we’re not going to take it anymore maybe it’ll start to make a difference.

    Personally I’m looking to a third party movement. In 1852 Americans began turning their back on the Cotton Whigs and formed the Republicans. It can happen again. It’s why the msm is so terrified about the Tea Party…they have tried to strangle it in its cradle. One of the few Tea Party types is Justin Amash…stripped by the Republican leadership of his position on the Budget Committee…if that’s the road the GOP wants to take they can travel it alone.

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