The Only Thing Left for the Republican Party is its Obituary [Reader Post]

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Despite its own insistence that it is very much alive, the Republican Party has now joined the crowd invisible. The sad pathetic truth of its demise is that those who once believed in it, and cared deeply for it, are no longer around to bury it with dignity. Its corpse has now become the dancing play thing of Washington D.C. consulting firms and lobbyist.

The most ironic fact of the Republican Party’s death is that it was not a showdown at high noon on Capitol Hill that killed it. Nor a rare exotic virus that provided the mortal blow. It was killed by something very common in society and usually not fatal in Washington D.C… It was done in by a severe allergic reaction to the truth.

There has always been one thing Conservatives, Libertarians, Tea Partyers, Constitutionalists, and Social Conservative could always agree on. We all agreed in one basic primary principle. The principle of less government and even less spending. That very basic principle was the glue that held all these factions together under the Republican Party tent. Recent events paired with a close look at the Republican Party’s actions over the course of fifteen years have now exposed that the Republican Party has been living a lie. They are not for less spending and smaller government. The foot of the Republican Party has always been just as heavy on the pedal to hurtle our great country off the financial cliff shooting out into space as the Democrat Party. The only difference is that elected Republicans have been pretending to be innocent kidnap victims of President Obama and Democrats, being forced into going along for the ride.

The current Republican Party Establishment is not the victim of the main stream media clouding their message of the benefits of spending cuts. On other issues that is surely the case, but not this one. The reason the Republican Party fails to articulate the primary virtue of less spending and small government effectively is because it does not believe in the words that are coming out of its mouth. It is a lie they are forced to say out of political necessity, not because of some deeply held belief.

The Republican Party’s primary concern for a while now has been to deliver tax payer money for lobbyists and consulting firms who represent the industries that fill the campaign war chest. Erick Erickson at RedState delved a little into the incest problem here. These consulting firms are the middle men. The paper bag carriers. The mules. The blood sucking mosquitos. They are the ones who make the promise and make sure the Republican candidate delivers. They are in fact the buffer between corporate Washington D.C. Insiders money and the Republican politician’s conscious that allows them to sleep at night thinking they are as clean and pure as a bowl full of freshly poured Clorox.

The curtain that once protected both the Republican and Democrat party’s shady alliances from public view has now become threadbare thanks in part to the World Wide Web and Google searches. The conservative voting public is now finally getting a full view of what is going on behind the curtain and the ugly truth it once had hidden.

The truth is that we all have been watching a low budget, but highly expensive ticketed production of World Wide Wrestling. The Republican Party once was a billion dollar steroid infused vein popping behemoth hero in a red mask fighting for a smaller government who always seemed to get pinned at the last second by the Democrat Party, the other billion dollar steroid infused behemoth in blue tights (who fought for an even larger government) due to some trickery or unfair sportsmanship in the political ring. But long before the match had taken place we now know both political wrestlers and the consultant promoters representing them were at dinner together, at some posh restaurant that no one in the audience would be able to afford or get reservations to, clinking wine glasses and smoking after dinner cigars laughing at how easy it is. The prize money already distributed and spent, the outcome already agreed upon and scripted. All that was left was the show.

As long as the audience was still paying for the tickets, spending money at the concessions and buying t-shirts both the Democrat and Republican Party were raking in the money. Those days, unfortunately for the Republican Party are now over. The people who cheered them on and paid hard earned money to see their Red Masked Avenger have finally started to realize they have been played more times and harder than a fiddle at a Bluegrass festival. In despair most dropped their foam fingers and twrilly towels and headed for the exits. They were not even around when the guy in blue tights delivered what was scripted to be a pretend third buckle high elbow drop to the throat. Though it was scripted, the elbow drop was not pretend.

Now the Democrat blue tighted devil and his followers are laughing all the way to the bank with a stop at the Oval Office. They were never playing a part in this violent political theater. They were playing for real. More importantly they never had to dupe their fans to get their adulation. All they had to do was make sure they kept their fan base’s pockets full of money for hotdogs, beer, and free cell phones and they would always have their fanatical cheering little minions. They knew all along that this would be the outcome since the Republican Party agreed to take part in their l money making vote securing little ruse.

The Republican Party however did not die in the ring that night. It was rolled out on a stretcher, shoved into the back of a waiting ambulance, and driven to the hospital. It eventually recovered, but never regained its former fans or glory. Dejected and led by even less competent promoters, it had a hard time finding a gig, and in its weakened depressed condition it eventually succumbed to an allergic reaction to the simple truth. A waste of a party and a sad un-heroic way to go.

You can still see the Republican Party if you want to. It is now a carnival attraction in Washington D.C… Lobbyists and consultants have pumped it full of a millions dollars’ worth of embalming fluid, tied strings to its hands and feet and now make it dance the Potomac Jig for a few fans and donors who still believe that its better days are ahead even though its conservative soul long ago departed this world. Eventually even these die-hard fans will not be able to stand the stench of corruption and decay and will find some other sideshow to gawk at. The consultants will most likely dump its body in some dirt road ditch once every ounce of usefulness has been wrung out of its corpse.

All that really remains is for the Republican Party now is for someone to write a forced glowing obituary of what it once had been.


He is just a fat guy in Maine.

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    I love your imagery as well as the analysis.

    The beast is dead. Too stupid and incoherent to defend itself. The GOP will still be around, but it will be of the pre-1994 variety, a Democrat lite, that goes along to get along.

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    Hard Right

    Boehner is purging Conservatives who voted against him. Allegedly, some Republicans have posted a study calling Tea Party types stupid. The GOP elite want the status quo to continue and are fighting back.
    They’ll burn along with the rest of us, not that they seem to understand that.

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    The body politic has been a wing of surly patients nearly overcome with a cancer called “Progressives.” This has proved to be an incredibly expensive and disabling disease, and the bills are so near insurmountable, that the heirs will not only lose their inheritance, but they will be held responsible to pay through the nose for all the ineffectual treatments to date. One possibly saveable group, in the GOP ward had what could have been a cure in 2010, but it refused to follow doctor’s orders or take it’s medicine. Instead, it went to every medicine show flim-flam artist it could seek out and bought into their “miracle” snake oil cures.

    The situation is not hopeless, but it’s clearly time to fire all the quacks and perform radical surgery.

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    Wm T Sherman

    Just got a fundraising letter from the RNC, signed by Prince Reibus.

    In the “amount of donation” box I wrote “dick.” I also enclosed a brief message explaining that I know the money would just go straight into the pockets of greasy consultants who don’t care if their candidate wins or not, that the Republican Party at this point stands for nothing and only serves as a scapegoat for the Democrats, and that the party has no reason to exist. Plus I suggested an impossible sexual maneuver.

    I know they don’t care what I think. But hey, the return postage was paid.

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    @ Sherman I got the same letter,I used large black permanent marker to get my point across.

    Im still working and giving locally but it ends there.Its damn funny how these guys are soooo happy to be 2nd rate.You’d think that yrs of Rush,Savage,and others that it would sink in….Whats really funny is GOLD is going up just like the DEBT.Geez is that sad or what.

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    This is an optimal time to start a new party. It’s basically as far away from the Presidential election as you can get, therefore, there is time to put something up that would be more than a pyhric victory in 2016.
    The next election could be a transitional one as the current crop of Republicans can decide if they want to be with us or against us.

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    I think what hurt them is what they did to RON PAUL, and his team , they where ready and able ,
    where cast out as nothing important, to give all the chances to MITT ROMNEY, TO DELIVER,
    and the young PAUL followers with the energy of their youth , to move in other young from OBAMA
    after they had shown it when RON PAUL was a CANDIDATE,
    one of our blogger express his disgust and anger at the REPUBLICANS and when that is told on a public forum, make sure it is picked up as a great fault,
    and if it’s followed by so many other critics against the prime CANDIDATE MITT ROMNEY , done by his so called followers, it damage the unknown yet profile of the one SEEKING THE POSITION,
    no matter how qualify he is better than OBAMA,
    it is destructive as oppose to the adoration given to AN OBAMA no matter how his destructives failures where so
    obvious it was enough to cast him out easy
    he had not done his job in the last 6 months, NONE AT ALL,
    thousands on multiple computers selling OBAMA,
    there was no competition because he was already on power to spend multiple millions ,
    some to demonize MITT ROMNEY as never been so RUTHLESSLY DONE IN THE HISTORY OF THE USA,
    the only hope was faith on the AMERICANS VOTERS,

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    Repubs could unite around the theme: any government big enough to entitle you is big enough to take away everything you have. Or: entitlements = slavery.
    We once believed in individual hard work. Remember Emerson, and self-reliance?
    The poster is correct. Members do not work for constituents. They work for lobbyists. Lobbyists write the bills. Lobbyists pay the bills. No lobby support: no election (it costs money).
    We are lost.
    We need to recover the idea that you pay your bills!

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    I think what hurt them is what they did to RON PAUL, and his team , they where ready and able , where cast out as nothing important,

    Bees, I couldn’t have said it better myself! I can’t get the smile off my face after reading that.

    Joyce Riley interviews Jack Abramoff who says Ron Paul only man in DC that lobbyists would avoid.

    She also brings up the fact that voting is totally rigged in America.

    But the real death to the GOP has come from the neocon takeover. Had people NOT allowed the neocons into the Republican Party with their slick ‘perpetual warfare’ spew and had instead remembered Madison’s words that “it is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or pretended, from abroad,” (JM to TJ May 13, 1798) we wouldn’t be in half the mess we’re now in. Hey, if drones are good enough for Pakistan they’re good enough for the US, right?
    Yet people will continue to upport the next McNDAACain/Rmoney because the ‘leadership’ (cough cough) tells then to do so. I betcha anything. Toeing the line is the last thing free-thinkers should do.

    Ron Paul would have beaten Obama. There’s no doubt in my mind about it. But folks didn’t want to end the wars either in other countries or at home (War on Drugs – a huge waste of money that only protects the elites who want that flow of money – why we’re still in Afghanistan).
    How many here even know that Ron Paul was nominated on the floor during the Tampa Convention? The GOP refused to follow its own rules and allow that vote to happen. This write-up explains the entire GOP rigging.
    But how many here, except for me and Bees, actually care that this happened? IMO, the GOP crowned Romney so Obama would win. The GOP was more concerned about NOT being in the WH when the financial collase happens than it does about founding principles.
    I am happy to see this post, though. Michael, you said it so well when you describe the GOP as a ‘carnival attraction.’ I’m still praying that the GOP will stop interfering in local elections and we’re able to elect real liberty-minded folk who can take back the Republican Party from the neocon/RINO death-grip.
    Oh, and there needs to be a concerted effort to get rid of Boehner. Just thought I’d stick that in here.

  10. 12


    I was hoping you would come, to expand my sentence, because after so many of our exchanges,
    I knew you could better than me take on where I saw my limit,
    yes when I read this POST, I instantly saw it was made to fit your comments with me before the election,
    when I thought that they cut RON PAUL to give all the chance to ONE ONLY TO TAKE THE WHITE HOUSE,
    and when it collapse, I kept thinking that maybe who knows BECAUSE RON PAUL had the many young,
    TO INFLUENCE THEM TO JOIN, I knew they knew what to say because I went to check on them and they where very knowledgeble of RON PAUL agenda, and also many MILITARY LIKED HIM i SUPPOSE BECAUSE HE WANTED TO STOP THE WAR, WHICH THEY ARE OVER TIRED OF IT.
    so now it’s time to reflect, like MICHAEL IS DOING UPTHERE,

  11. 13


    I find it very dynamic even more than the crowd I was expecting,
    he had more young than I have seen.
    yes I believe you, he could have won,
    because the election was won by mostly the youth.

  12. 14



    I agree. I have voted Republican since 91, all the while thinking we were just one more election away from getting to that promised land of freedom and independence. I feel like I’ve wasted so much time and money..I think we should really have all got behind Ron Paul. I think a new party or shift to the libertarian party is just the ticket.

  13. 15


    @ilovebeeswarzone: The problem with Ron Paul is that he wanted to isolate the US from the rest of the world. Conservatives are not isolationists. I think that is the major problem that some had with him. The problem with Mitt Romney is that he is not a conservative.
    But the real problem…. when ever anyone gets elected to a high political job, the House or Senate, the objective from that day forth seems to be to do whatever is necessary to keep their job for the rest of their life, regardless of what game they have to play. Anyone will cave if they perceive it to be in their interest to do so. Why do you think none of them will address the Obama ineligibility issue? because they don’t see it as being in their interest.
    Two of the most mentioned Repubs for next time is Jindall and Rubio, neither of which are eligible for the office. But you don’t hear anyone speaking up about that. Surely there are some eligible Republicans we can run.

  14. 16


    There is a third party that may very well fit the need. It’s called the Constitution Party. I’ve been looking at it and it seems to fit the bill for Conservatives who think the Libertarian party is too anarchistic and isolationist.

    Seven Principles Of The Constitution Party:

    Life: For all human beings, from conception to natural death;
    Liberty: Freedom of conscience and actions for the self-governed individual;
    Family: One husband and one wife with their children as divinely instituted;
    Property: Each individual’s right to own and steward personal property without government burden;
    Constitution And Bill Of Rights:interpreted according to the actual intent of the founding fathers;
    State’s Rights: Everything not specifically delegated by the Constitution to the federal government, nor prohibited by the Constitution to the states, is reserved to the states or to the people.
    American Sovereignty: American government committed to the protection of the borders, trade, and common defense of Americans, and not entangled in foreign alliances.

    Sound good so far?

    We declare the platform of the Constitution Party to be predicated on the principles of




    according to the original intent of the Founding Fathers. These founding documents are the foundation of our Liberty and the Supreme Law of the Land.

    The sole purpose of government, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, is to secure our unalienable rights given us by our Creator. When Government grows beyond this scope, it is usurpation, and liberty is compromised.

    We believe the major issues we face today are best solved by a renewed allegiance to the original intent of these founding documents.

    Download The Full Version of the 2012 Constitution Party Platform

    Frankly I was holding out, hoping that the Republican party leadership would get their heads out of their posterior orifices, but with the foolishness of culling party Conservatives,their continued bad-mouthing of the Tea Party movement, and they way they are eschewing their traditional values to roll over for the Democrats and Obama, I have no confidence in the ability to convince them of the error of their ways. So far the above party sounds just like what the doctor ordered, and it is already in existence.

    With Obama’s farmer and rancher hostile USDA (‘…rural America, …is becoming less and less relevant,) EPA and Agriculture Department, The folks who grow our food have no skin in the game. It is time they too dumped both parties and got involved with saving the nation from Washington DC and the status quo.

  15. 17


    @Wm T Sherman: #5
    The RNC called me to donate. I told them that I don’t belong to any party, and that I usually vote republican, but I won’t donate to the republican party. If I donate, I donate to INDIVIDUAL candidates. That way I know where the money is going.

  16. 18


    @Ditto: #17
    I was going to suggest that the Tea Party Patriots start a campaign to get ALL incumbents out and replace them with people who have never been in politics before. I forgot that there are several other parties besides the republican and democrat. Maybe we should encourage the Tea Party Patriots to look at the OTHER existing parties and see if there is one they can put their support behind.

  17. 19


    The republican party didn’t die. It has merged with the democratic party, and they are now the republicratic party. I do believe that both parties have been infiltrated by an organization or country, with the purpose of overthrowing us. We have done it to other countries. Why wouldn’t other countries try to do it to us?

  18. 20



    I was going to suggest that the Tea Party Patriots start a campaign to get ALL incumbents out and replace them with people who have never been in politics before.

    The problem is that the establishment leadership of the Republican party has for many election cycles now, tried to control and influence what candidates are put forward in state primary elections, has used manipulative tactics at state conventions, and there are indications that they plan to continue this on steroids, in order to block out Conservatives and Tea Party backed candidates. The GOP party leadership has stretched and strengthened it’s tentacles and in many states appears to have co-opted the local leadership and in effect controls the party machines.

    This cycle the Ron Paul supporters surprisingly learned from their past clashes with state party machine trickeries, and they too deviously tried to turn the establishment progressives very own own tactics against them. That is why they tried to get a floor vote at the national convention. Loading the caucuses and state conventions with duplicitous delegates was something that was used against the Paul-supporters in previous elections. I suppose it’s only fair that at the national convention the Paul crowd tried to pull the same tactics used against them in various states. That is no doubt part of the establishment types plan to take control at the state and local level in 2014. Ron Paul will not run again, so that faction will most likely either migrate to the Tea Party. That is I expect why, they are doubling down on discrediting the Tea Parties.

  19. 21


    Well, I guess I’m not a “conservative” then, because I see a big difference between minding our own business and “isolationism”.

    Dose this mean that a “true conservative” thinks the government should stay out of American’s lives but interfere in the lives of others? That the government should squander billions of borrowed dollars trying to buy friends and curry favor? That we should turn our military into the international “meals on wheels/rent a cop” combo whenever there is a natural disaster or “wrong to be righted”?

    I guess I’ll need to find a new label, because I say let the world stew in it’s own juices with the sure and certain understanding that if anyone messes with the US they’ll get a mufti-kiloton surprise package down their chimney.

  20. 22



    This cycle the Ron Paul supporters surprisingly learned from their past clashes with state party machine trickeries, and they too deviously tried to turn the establishment progressives very own own tactics against them.

    That is an outright lie and I am calling you on it. Ron Paul supporters committed no devious tactics. They are only guilty of learning Robert’s Rules of Order and using them – rules the GOP refused to abide by. ‘Team Romney’ deviously tore up the rules in exactly the same way the GOP has torn up our Constitution.

    You obviously don’t even actually know what happened at any caucus, or else you wouldn’t speak falsehoods like you do.
    Snippets from what happened in just one state:
    “Sources report that state party officials panicked when it became clear that Ron Paul delegates commanded a decisive majority of the delegates on the floor – at least 111 of 180 (62%).

    Roger Villere, Chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party, then attempted to recognize the former Chair of the Convention’s Rules Committee who had been ousted from his position last night. When Alex Helwig, the newly elected Rules Committee chair, rose to address the delegation, Mr. Villere ordered him removed from the floor. Video footage shows Shreveport police dragging Mr. Helwig out of the room despite his protests that he was a duly elected delegate…

    At this point, a motion was made to elect a new convention chairman. Henry Herford, Jr., was elected by an overwhelming majority. Nevertheless, Mr. Villere – who had appointed himself the convention chairman – refused to relinquish control of the gathering…

    While the state party insisted that the “supplemental rules” were unamendable and overrode the existing rules as well as Robert’s Rules of Order, legal observers remarked that the new rules were in material violation of the Rules of the Republican National Committee…

    Full story and videos are here if you care to know the truth.

    The fact is that if you openly stated you were a Ron Paul delegate at many of the later caucuses/conventions, the GOP elites did everything in their power to keep them out – exactly the way Boehner is now denying fiscal/Constitutional conservatives their rightful seats on committees. But I suppose you agree with Boehner’s tactics since you obviously approve of the way the GOP treated Ron Paul delegates.

    Please do yourself and us a favor and and learn the truth before you speak.

  21. 23


    “Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto.” –Thomas Jefferson to T. Lomax, 1799.
    Hmmm, I guess you believe Thomas Jefferson was also an isolationist.

  22. 24


    after all is done now, I think the idea is onto another PARTY,
    justme95 and Ditto could have the right idea, and yes REPUBLICANS COULD JOIN IN TOO
    we have enough injured BRAVES, and enough dead BRAVES,
    YES, a new party on the like of RON PAUL SEEM TO BE VERY CLOSE TO DITTO’S LIKING.
    I like and trust those guys after all the presence they gave us since I came here at FLOPPING ACES,

  23. 25


    @Ditto: I’ve looked at the Consitution Party before and it might be a good alternative. My impression of them is that they tend to be isolationists.
    The point is that this is the perfect time to get *something* viable rolling – not a year before the election.

  24. 27



    Bees, another party won’t work unless/until the people can get the election laws changed. The republicrats have a monopoly when it comes to elections and some states won’t even allow any other party but the republicrats to be on the ticket. This is why Ron Paul told his supporters to take over the party.
    I don’t see Ron Paul supporters going to the TEA Party. First off, they’re the ones who started the original Tea party thing, secondly too many feel it’s been co-opted by the GOP.
    The rules changes during the Tampa convention were set to destroy any grassroots efforts to oust the neocons/RINOs. Fortunately, several states’ Republican committees have refused these rules changes and will adhere to the 2008 rules.
    I don’t really want to go to a ‘new’ party – I want my Republican Party back! McNDAACain, Boehner, Lindsey Graham, McConnell, to name a few must go! When I see or hear any of those I know it’s time for term limits on the entire fed government.

  25. 28



    Tell me, how well do you know Dr. Paul? Other than just shaking his hand a couple of times, and wishing him well in his campaign for POTUS? He is NOT what you think he is, some savior of the U.S. Constitution. And this Texan, along with many others, is glad he is retiring. He is an embarrassment to my state, although not as big an embarrassment as Sheila Jackson-Lee, I will grant you.

    What do you know about Dr. Paul other than what he has told you when he speaks of the U.S. Constitution, going back to the gold standard, his isolationist philosophy and auditing the Fed? Do you know his real background, his associations that are less than honorable? Because I damn sure do, and he is the last man I would vote for as POTUS.

    Ron Paul needs to return to Lake Jackson and continue running stop signs while riding his bike. It is long past time for him to retire. He has become an embarrassment to anyone who once supported him.

  26. 29



    But the real death to the GOP has come from the neocon takeover.

    I agree with 100%

    The fact is that if you openly stated you were a Ron Paul delegate at many of the later caucuses/conventions, the GOP elites did everything in their power to keep them out

    I followed this pretty closely during the primaries. First, I want to see the party that supposedly believes in State’s Rights to actual believe in State’s Rights. Romney won the GOP primary. As the nominee, he should have some leeway, but that should not include shutting out duly selected delegates.

  27. 30



    Ron Paul supporters started the TEA Party? What hogwash. Once TEA Party rallies were being held, Ron Paul supporters jumped on the band wagon trying to co-op the TEA Party. They failed.

    Ever take a look at the average age of the Ron Paul supporter? I have, and most of them are early 20’s, except for the few Alex Jones devotees who joined in with college students who were vocal just as they were in the ’60’s. If Ron Paul is so marvelous, then why couldn’t his hand picked candidate, Debra Medina, carry his own state? And please, don’t give me some crap about how the game is rigged against Dr. Paul in Texas.

    Oh, yes, Ron Paul will spout about the U.S. Constitution, but it is HIS interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, and holds very little resemblance to the writings of those who actually promoted that document in the Federalist Papers. Dr. Paul has become more and more radical as the years progressed, but has done a really good job at hiding his past from his current crop of unlearned supporters.

    So please, while you blather on about the greatness of Ron Paul, remember this; there are those of us who have known him since he ran for office the first time. We have had to deal with all his radical associations, his craziness, his lies, his obfuscations. And we are thrilled he will not be returning to Washington, D.C. at the end of his term.

  28. 31



    Ron Paul supporters started the TEA Party?

    That’s not what I wrote, it’s what you wanted to see. Read what I wrote again, but this time use the part of your brain where ‘reading comprehension’ resides – if you can find it.
    And I ain’t looking for no ‘savior’, I already have one.
    You make a ton of assertions just to be combative which makes me think you’re a die-hard neocon. Your an embarassment to yourself.
    I’m not going to waste my time replying to the rest of your screed.

  29. 32


    you wrote ; first of all they re the one who started the original tea party thing,
    I too thought this was right,
    maybe a word missing there? is that so?

  30. 33



    You said:

    I don’t see Ron Paul supporters going to the TEA Party. First off, they’re the ones who started the original Tea Party thing.

    What hogwash. Ron Paul, nor his supporters, had a damn thing to do with the original TEA Party movements that popped up all across the nations. Debra Medina also tried to claim TEA Party support, only to be embarrassed by that claim when Texas TEA Parties came out and disputed that claim.

    I don’t make “assertions”, I can quote you chapter and verse about the downside of Ron Paul. You see, unlike Ron Paul groupies, I am quite familiar with him, his campaigns, his obfuscations about his past, his past associations with people who should not only be shunned, but discredited for their lies and their racist views. And the only reason that you question my intellect is because you have no argument to present to those of us who really know Dr. Paul and have worked with him on his “committees” in the past.

    Do I vote Republican? You bet. And my state shows that doing so is good for the state. But am I a dedicated Republican? No, I am a Constitutional conservative, not a groupie that follows one man as if he were the Second Coming of George Washington.

    And it is quite clear that you are an expert on “screed” since it is you who provides it. Just a poor little sheep who can be duped by the likes of Ron Paul and his friends, Lew Rockwell, Alex Jones and the late (but not so great) self-loathing Jew, Murray Rothbard.

  31. 34



  32. 35

    Hard Right

    I will never vote for the fraud and loon ron paul. His son seems to show signs of being almost as bad, so he will not get my vote either.
    I have seen too many RP supporters who idolize him the same way the obama zombies worship obama. It’s very disturbing.
    They also seem to forget he will be president and not a dictator. So his claims about what he will do are really just to get his worshippers to donate money.

  33. 36


    to follow up about a leader needing some radicalisme;
    he succeded it in his term, and was demonize for the first few years and call the names
    not fit to repeat,
    he succeded and turn his budget from under to over in just a couple of years,
    that is a radical move and needed by a leader a real leader not a puppet

  34. 37



    Spare us the melodramatic outrage and false innocence. Dr. Paul made it very clear in his own writings to his campaign supporters of his plans on how they could win the election, and it’s in part the same tactic the establishment used in taking over the party leadership. The plan was “stacking the deck” on the state level with your operatives. It’s also not unlike how the Reform Party was destroyed from within, although the goal in that case was not to take over the party, but to splinter it into irreconcilability.

    I like Ron Paul, but I have no illusions about him. I would still be delighted for him to be put in Geitner or Bernake’s place, but he was no more the right person to be president than Obama was.

  35. 38



    My impression of them is that they tend to be isolationists.

    I agree there is a “tendency” in support of “butting out” from international affairs that don’t concern our nation, and an attitude not to get “entangled” by treaties and “alliances”, however that doesn’t preclude them. It points a to needing to be very skeptical, hesitant and cautious in making such decisions. I’d point out that a good many of the treaties and alliances our nation became “entangled” with during the last twenty years have not exactly ended up benefiting us as a nation. I of course, don’t have to point out how anti-American and corrupt the United Nations has turned out to be. Nor can we deny that there are quite a few event in various nations we really shouldn’t have involved ourselves in (Libya and Egypt comes to mind), as well as a few atrocities that should not have been ignored. None of this means that we can’t reach mutually beneficial international agreements through Constitution Party representation, and this can be done without becoming total isolationists.

  36. 39


    It doesn’t matter how good a third party sounds, it is a waste of a vote and usually causes bad things to happen in an election. If the Repubs get 40 % 3rd party gets 15% that leaves the Dimocrats to get 45% and win with a minority of the vote. always works out that way. 3 parties will never work.

  37. 40


    Retire05, whew, I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one that felt as you do about Dr Paul. Everytime I comment on him, several people jump on me telling me how great he is. I, like you, kinda think he’s a nut. I have no problem with the US being a little less involved in other countries problems, but if someone doesn’t keep a lot of those nuts running other countries in line, we will suddenly find out that the world is 99% nuts and we’re the only ones left (though we have our own share of nuts running this country) at least we’re not trying to invoke evil on the world. A third party will never work in this country, but the correct people need to be running the two we have. All the powerful Repubs now running the country are big spending advocates, same as the Dims.

  38. 42


    that says that there is no use to start another PARTY unless that new PARTY
    eliminate the other by having PRIMARY ON PARTY instead of on CANDIDATES,
    and the one who is chosen his embrace by all other PARTIES,
    and support as one, without public critics or attacks, which would be the confusion and damnation of the DEMOCRATS to not know who
    will take the lead until the end by secret votes
    how would it work?
    would there be enough goodwill to achieve that, so to dethrone the other one,
    so, what about my idea?

  39. 43


    @JustAl: #21

    I guess I’ll need to find a new label, because I say let the world stew in it’s own juices with the sure and certain understanding that if anyone messes with the US they’ll get a mufti-kiloton surprise package down their chimney.

    I agree that the USA shouldn’t be involved in some of the things around the world that we are, but we sat back two times and let other countries try to settle their differences, until we realized that the rest of the world was coming to us, and we would be fighting them on OUR land if we didn’t get involved. When do we get involved in other countries battles has always been a problem to decide. If a poll was taken on when to get involved, there would be many different suggestions.

    One problem is that our laws allow one person in the USA, our president, to decide what military action will be taken in many situations. For years, I have said that the Joint Chiefs of Staff should have veto power over military actions if they feel they aren’t appropriate, or that there could be too many losses on our side. An example would be Blackhawk Down. Politicians wanted to teach the enemy a lesson, so they ordered the military in. After we lost as many men as we did, we found out that the raid should never have happened. They weren’t given sufficient time to plan the raid, and there wasn’t any backup if things went wrong, which they did.

    One way to change the way things are done now is to vote out ALL or the politicians and start over. Most of the ones in congress now have been their so long, and sold out to whoever will donate the most to them, that money runs their lives. One example is the fact that the tobacco industry is exempt from the Food And Drug Administration because they have bought off the politicians. Another example is congress keeps extending the patents of pharmaceuticals so no generics can be made at a much cheaper price.

  40. 44



    I have been done with Dr. Paul for a long time.

    When he first ran, he wasn’t as crazy as he is now. He sounded rational and really seemed to care about sticking to this nation’s Constitution. I was was more than happy to serve as his precinct chair, and work on one of his state committees. But then came the Ron Paul Financial News letters that somehow I wound up on the mailing list, although I never paid for them (he, Lew Rockwell, and a few Paul family members made pretty good money off those “news” letters). And yes, everything you read about them is true.

    Then our district lines changed, and I got a Democrat representative. By then, Dr. Paul had made clear his close relationship with Lew Rockwell, and started making comments about Israel, whom I support, prompted I’m sure by his friendship with Murray Rothbard, a self-loathing Jew. My opinion about Ron Paul crashed and burned.

    Ron Paul is a 1938 type isolationist. Oh, his supporters try to deny that by changing the word “isolationist” to “non-interventionalist” but they are just wordsmithing. Paul claims to be a Hayek economist, but he really is far from that subscribing to the Rothbard philosophy. Rothbard claimed the mantilla of Hayek, but it was really Milton Freidman who picked up the torch and Rothbard and Freidman disagreed vehemently.

    Ron Paul’s biggest drawbacks in the last 10 years are his supporters. They refuse to accept that his news letters contained some pretty racist comments, and even Paul himself would never admit to writing them, although his name, and signature, were on them. Either he wrote them, or Rockwell did, and Paul needed to fess up about them, one way or another. He opposed both the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and after 9-11 started showing up on that lunatic, Alex Jones’s radio show more and more. Jones is a truther and Paul basically agrees with him., as did his protege, Debra Medina, which killed her chance of becoming governor of Texas.

    I guess one of the things that bothered me the most was Ron Paul’s treatment of Tom DeLay. DeLay understood that Paul was fixin’ to lose one of his elections (his approval rate was in the crapper) so DeLay campaigned hard for Ron Paul and pulled Paul’s fat out of the fire. When Ronnie Earle went after DeLay, Ron Paul forgot how his “friend” had helped him and stabbed DeLay in the back at every chance. Loyalty is not in Ron Paul’s book. I called his office to get some information on a bill that was pending in the House. The Congressional aide that worked for Dr. Paul was the MOST helpful young man I had ever spoken with in D.C. He did the research I needed and two days later called me back with it. That was in 2004. I was a delegate to the TxGOP convention that year, and at Dr. Paul’s hospitality suite I told him how helpful, and nice, the young aide had been. Ron Paul, in a caustic tone said “He better. His job depends on it” without so much as a smile. The young aide was standing there and I was not only embarrassed, I was embarrassed for him. Ron Paul can be a total ass when he thinks no one is looking.

    Yes, I’m glad he’s retiring. He doesn’t fit in with the Texas delegation that has men like Louie Gohmert, Ted Poe, et al, that are solid core conservatives with a ACU rating of 100.

    I know that Rand doesn’t totally agree with his father on all issues, especially foreign policy. I just pray he doesn’t slip into lunacy like his father did as he gains in years.

    One other thing; if you look at the ACU’s ratings, there are only two Republican Congressmembers from Texas that have a lifetime rating below 90%; Kay Granger and Ron Paul.

  41. 45


    @ilovebeeswarzone: Bees, yes I believe that there can only be 2 parties. I don’t know if the way is to eliminate the Repub and replace it or just replace the people that are running the Repub party. One thing is for sure, as long as the battle is within the one party, they will never beat the Dimocrats. But, this is likely just a short term problem. It hasn’t been all that long since all the infighting was within the Dimocrat party. They still are about as divided as the Repubs are, remember the election was a 51-49 situation. Had the Dims not had the fix in for about 6 million votes, the Repubs would likely have won. Yes, voter fraud is still rampant and was certainly the deciding factor in this election. Keep the faith and get rid of the Rino’s.

  42. 46



    He opposed both the war in Afghanistan and Iraq

    Wrong. He voted Yea on the HJ Res 64 – The Authorization for Use of Military Force in 2001.

    I don’t share you pathetic ‘righteous indignation’ re: Ron Paul’s lapse of praise for someone because that’s what you would have wanted him to do. Apparently anyone who doesn’t act the way you think someone should act is an enemy.

    Re: TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party vs Tea Party

    And why are you still moaning about some newsletters that came out how long ago that no one knows the author of? Did you moan when Romney passed CO2 regulations in Mass in 2006? Or when Romney abrogated the 2nd Amendment with gun regulation? Or when Romney passed Romneycare? Or that Romneycare is the blueprint for Obamacare? Or when Romney put his stamp of approval on the NDAA sections that have cause so much consternation among those of us who defend our God-given liberties? Or about Romney’s missionary position in France was to avoid being drafted (I’ll never believe otherwise)? Or when Romney chose that slime, Michael Chertoff – the guy who gave us the TSA body scanners, as his Security Advisor?
    Of course not! Romney wanted war, war, WAR!!! so he’s a great guy.
    Here’s just one of many blog posts cataloguing Romney’s Lies.
    But I’m certain you overlooked all of that because Romney was ‘your guy’…. a ‘saint’ perhaps?
    I have no illusion that Paul was or is a saint. But I agree on many of his positions which you, apparently, oppose.
    The real questions I have are as follows:
    Why do you, Retire05, support our involvement in the UN and Agenda 21?
    Why do you support perpetual warfare?
    Why do you support drones flying over America?
    Why do you support GMO crops?
    Why do you support the Dept of Education?
    Why do you support Obamacare (the GOP talks about ‘repeal and REPLACE – with what? Romneycare?)
    Why do you support central banking?
    Why do you support the IRS?
    Why do you support the ‘Social Security’ ponzi scheme?
    Why do you support gun bans?
    Why do you support CO2 regulations?
    Why do you support the Marxist principle of ‘redistribution of wealth’ with the so-called ‘foreign aid’ program?
    Why do you support the abrogation of our Bill of Rights (TSA, DHS, NSA, etc)?
    All the above Ron Paul opposed while Romney supported. Now you tell me, who is the real kook?

  43. 47


    In your #20 you called the tactic ‘devious’ when in fact it’s the only way to win the nomination. No delegates, no win. He never hid his strategy so I don’t understand what you see as ‘devious’. What I see as ‘devious’ is the fact that many regard the primaries as something more than the beauty contest/straw polls that they are when the the true winner of a state is one who has the plurality of delegates – and many states still choose their delegates at a separate convention. Most Americans don’t even understand how our elections work and the republicrats have done everything in their power to ensure the voting public remains ignorant.
    I also think the black boxes are devious as it’s documented that algorithmic vote flipping is rampant.

  44. 48



  45. 49



    #1, you show what a clown you are because you automatically assumed that I supported Romney. Those who have been here for awhile, and have read my posts, know that Romney, although by far superior to Obama, was not my choice. By the time the primaries rolled around in my state, my pick of the litter wasn’t even on the ballot. And one of the reason was the lies told about the person I was supporting by Ron Paul. So, if anything, you prove that Ron Paul groupies make assumptions (something you accused me of, remember?) with no information to back those assumptions up.

    Now, to Dr. Paul’s newsletters being a thing of the past. Sorry, bubba, that dog won’t hunt. They were racist, and had his name on the header and were signed by him, so if he didn’t write the trash that was in them, he had a responsibility to say who did, and to distance himself from that person. Bottom line? Either Ron wrote them, or Lew Rockwell did, and he should have put that issue to rest. He didn’t.

    Now to your questions:

    No, I don’t support the UN, have questions about Agenda 21, and think the UN should be moved to the EU where it will fit in.
    Perpetual warfare: I believe there are evil people, and evil religions, that wish us harm. Frankly, I would have adopted a William T. Sherman approach; total war. Make the cost so great to the enemy they never entertain the idea of another September 11th, or anything close to it, again.
    Drones over America? Nope, but Ron Paul is not the only one screaming about that. And what exactly has he done about it? What legislation has he introduced to put a stop to it?
    GMO crops? Be specific.
    Department of Education? State or Federal? State, yes; Federal; no.
    Obamacare? Will prove to be the bane of our society. But again, what legislation did Paul managed to get enacted that would put an end to that horror?
    Central banking? I vote with my personal money.
    IRS? Yes, but I do think it needs to be reduced to nothing more than making sure a taxpayer fills out one simple card, and if you weren’t such a uninformed newbie, you would know my stance on taxes.
    Social Security Ponzi scheme? Most definately, and personal, I believe it is unconstitutional. But it is now an ingrained system and good luck getting people to give it up.
    Gun bans? ROTFLMAO I’m a Texan, bubba. I am also locked and loaded.
    CO2 regulations? Really? You have to ask that when I live in the only state willing to take on the EPA?

    Why do you support the Marxist principle of “redistribution of wealth” with the so-called “foreign aid” program?

    Where did I say I did?

    Why do you support the abrogation of our Bill of Rights (TSA, NSA, ect?)

    Are you stupid? Did you not read the part where I said I am a Constitutional conservative? Why do you assume that I support the TSA, NSA, ect? You Paul supporters are really not very bright, are you?

    You claim that all of the above Ron Paul opposed? Do you think he was alone in those things? Don’t get out much, do you? Now, you answer some questions:

    Have you ever served as a precinct chair for Ron Paul or been active at one of his campaign offices?

    Have you ever served on one of Ron Paul’s committees made up of people from his district?

    How many times have you ever met with Ron Paul, if ever, and if so, for what purpose?

    Have you ever been in his office in Washington, D.C. for a private meeting with him?

    What legislation has Ron Paul written and gotten passed? What bill would you call Ron Paul’s “signature” legislation that he got passed?

    How much pork did Ron Paul manage to write into legislation for his district in 2008? And what bill did he get that written into?

    Between fiscal years 2007-2010, how many earmarks did Ron Paul write into legislation and what was the total dollar amount of those earmarks?

    I doubt you even know the man. And if you have met him, it was as nothing but another groupie trying to get close enough to shake his hand. You’re barking up the wrong tree, bubba. Ron Paul is going to be history, and none too soon.

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