The Obama Middle East Failures Continue To Grow

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I’m sure we all remember this:

The White House congratulated Islamist candidate Mohammed Morsi on his election as Egypt’s first freely elected president, calling it a milestone in the country’s transition to democracy.

…Mr. Obama “underscored that the United States will continue to support Egypt’s transition to democracy and stand by the Egyptian people as they fulfill the promise of their revolution,”

And why shouldn’t he? The President of the free world was a major contributor to the “Arab Spring” which helped to install those freedom loving governments like Libya and Egypt.

He helped install a leader who is trying to give himself more power then Hosni Mubarak ever had as a dictator. A leader who aligns himself with the blind sheikh, Omar Abdel-Rahman, the leader of a group responsible for the assassination of Sadat and 9/11.

And even now, as tens of thousands protest against Morsi he still refuses to condemn the power grab:

When asked at a White House briefing if President Obama supports Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, press secretary Jay Carney said, “The president has an important relationship, well, the United States has a very important relationship with Egypt. The president has worked effectively with President Morsi on key issues, including recently the negotiated ceasefire in Gaza. We are monitoring the situation.”

Carney did not say whether Obama has spoken with Morsi or taken any other action. A White House official later confirmed to POLITICO that the president did stop by a meeting between national security adviser Tom Donilon and Morsi adviser Issam Al-Haddad. The official did not say what they spoke about.

‘We’re gonna stay out of it.’

Like he did in Libya. Like he did in Egypt before his Mursi came into power. Like he is doing in Syria.

And now we have the Muslim Brotherhood in power all over the Middle East. Coming soon is Syria, Tunisia, Bahrain, Jordan and even Kuwait.

Andrew McCarthy, the author of a recently published book that predicted these events, said it best:

The country is aflame again because there is no “Arab Spring.” We are witnessing the rise of Islamic supremacists who regard democracy not as a way of life but as a route to power. Rather than opposing them, Obama is the wind at their backs.

Like Carter before him Obama is the proud owner of a middle east in complete and utter turmoil and can claim credit for doing what no other leader has ever helped accomplish. Hand the keys to the kingdom over to the Muslim Brotherhood.

He must be so proud.


Syria mixes chemical weapons into bombs

Syria has loaded chemical weapons into bombs and are ready to use them, Fox News confirms.

A senior U.S. official told Fox News that bombs were loaded with components of sarin gas. They have 60 days to use these bombs until the chemical mixture expires and has to be destroyed.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

86 Responses to “The Obama Middle East Failures Continue To Grow”

  1. 51


    he said it why,
    BECAUSE he doesn’t see, but the difference is that you see,
    and it’s a factor VERY WELL OBSERVE in the liberals be them progressive or other
    they all follow the same blind vision,
    and don’t want to be told the truth because the cannot bare to face it,
    Richard told you so clearly and he cannot be led to change, because he think he is on the right side.
    IT’S good to know that he has retired from the MARINES, I don’t see him be a factor
    talk your way out to win the war is sure to lose it or to be there forever as they are doing now with OBAMA IN CHARGE.

  2. 52


    @Richard Wheeler:

    Wow! That was fast. Are you telling us that a loser like you (who doesn’t honor legal contracts) has access to Ken Calvert’s cell phone so you could call him so quickly? If you do, it only proves that some RINOs will do anything for a vote.

  3. 53

    Wm T Sherman

    @Richard Wheeler:

    The beauty of this great country is we can freely express our views and can exercise our right at the polls on a regular basis.

    Old people have a tendency to live in the past. They also have tendency to substitute an unquestioning faith in individuals and institutions for facts, logic, and recognition of harsh reality. Not all, but many. That’s a cold thing to write, but it’s simply the truth.

    Recent elections demonstrate that a population that’s been dumbed down in government-run school systems, bribed with free stuff, and fed Leftist propaganda by a state-aligned media industry can be easily convinced to vote for their own destruction. A majority that freely exercises its voting franchise to simply do what its told by the Left isn’t really free.

    The future we face is bleak. Pretending that the unfolding crash isn’t happening won’t make it go away. I can understand why someone might wish to live in a rosy artificial glow of optimism, complacency and hero worship late in life. Sometimes people just get tired. I don’t wish to stick my own head in the sand, at least not yet, but nobody can stop you from resting easy and feeling pleased with yourself. Go right ahead.

    And people who choose the harsher path of facing up to the real nature of what’s coming, will give your commentary all the credence it deserves.

  4. 54

    Richard Wheeler

    Sherm “Old people tend to live in the past” Retire05 might resent you saying that about her.
    Personally, I know that should we meet,( maybe at Larry’s F.A. PARTY) I’d out run you,out swim you and most definately out lift you in the gym.As in “Once a Marine–
    Bees At this season of joy and light nothing is uglier than a bad loser.Romney lost. The Senate is controlled by the Dems. Admit it and move on. Anticsrocks certainly has.

    Retire05 When you send that check to Repub.Congressman Ken Calvert make sure you identify yourself as an F.A. poster.I’ll tell him to expect it. Don’t let me down.Ck. him out. He is definitely not a Rino.VERY Conservative.He’d remind you we needed great credit and appropriate verifiable income to qualify for our refi. About 75% of applicants were turned down.

    If any enjoy being doomsayers ,by all means continue to revel in your misery.It’s not for me.

    Semper Fi and Merry Christmas

  5. 55


    Richard Wheeler
    I wonder who will come on CHRISTMAS EVE, THIS YEAR,
    last year we spent it with TEBOW,
    I sure feel bad for him having two broken ribs this year,
    hope he get better soon,
    and MATA, NAN, anticsrocks WAS HERE, REMEMBER?
    AND ANDREW C SCOTT brought the whine and the humus,and his MUSLIM FRIENDS,
    YOU STAYED TILL THE END of our 700 comments
    and thank’s to MATA’s help, I won, that was hectic, even CURT JOIN IN WITH SUSHI,

  6. 56


    @Richard Wheeler:

    Sherm, “Old people tend to live in the past” Retire05 might resent you saying that about her.

    Tell me, Richard, where did you purchase your crystal ball that tells you how old I am? Because with the nation’s economy as unsettled as it is, I am sure many of us would like to have one of those crystal balls. Or does it only tell you the age of anonymous posters on a web forum?

    And since you made the claim you were at Marine Officer’s Basic School in the mid-60’s (we can assume it was not the 1860’s), chances are you were born somewhere around 1940-43. So I wouldn’t be raggin’ on someone else about their age, if I were you.

    Now, here is something else that bothers me; why would you sent your DD-214, to a blog site owner? What did you hope to gain by that? What where you trying to prove, and why? Seems a bit over the top, if you ask me, which I know you didn’t.

    Now, as to your being able to get in touch with Ken Calvert within minutes of my post (26 minutes, to be exact, between my post and your response to it), I have to offer you the willing suspension of disbelief on that one, bubba.

  7. 57

    Richard Wheeler

    Retire05 I was born in 1944. How bout you? Sent my DD-214 to Aye, who I like and totally trust, to confirm my service which had been questioned. No big deal.
    My quess is alot of the over the top. B.S. coming from you has kept great Conservatives like Aye and Mata away.
    They are missed.Would you agree BEES? Curt?

  8. 58


    Richard Wheeler
    MATA AND AYE are miss yes, but not because of anyone ,
    they have their own personal life and reason to not comment,
    I’m sure they will be back when they can possibly do it.
    it’s foolish to say it’s the fault of anyone of us,
    if you know their strength, nothing will prevent either one to come when they want.
    stop blaming anyone

  9. 59


    @Richard Wheeler:

    So you were intimidated by an anonymous poster who questioned your military service, and due to that , you sent your DD-214 to Aye? Tell me, just how damned insecure do you have to be to worry over what someone you don’t even know says about you? Or is paranoid a better discription of you? That is why I said YOUR actions were over the top.

    Now while I find it flattering that you think I have the power to drive anyone away from this blog, I don’t think that is the case. Did it ever occur to you that Aye and Mata might have other things on their plate beside posting here?

    Now, about that crystal ball. Where did you buy it?

    One other thing; people with good credit, which means they are meeting their financial obligations, including their house payments, don’t need to refinance to get their debt reduced. Frankly, I am beginning to think you are nothing more than a fiction story teller.

    And how did you reach Ken Calvert so quickly?

  10. 60

    Richard Wheeler

    Retireo5 Intimidated, HardlyYou may have noticed guys like Larry and myself are a little more open and honest than old gals like you that hide their name and age.
    Obviously you’re the one who is intimidated. What’s to hide if you’re honest.

    Calvert is easy to reach.WHY NOT. He’s honest and not easily intimidated like you.
    You want his #– E-mail me at [email protected].
    If you knew anything about the mortgage bus. you would know I needed excellent credit and verifiable income to get that 625,000 refi
    I truly believe good honest people like Mata and Aye want nothing to do with your brand of Conservatism.

  11. 61

    Wm T Sherman

    @Richard Wheeler:

    Personally, I know that should we meet,( maybe at Larry’s F.A. PARTY) I’d out run you,out swim you and most definately out lift you in the gym.As in “Once a Marine–

    Yes. Personally. Which is why none of the things you just boasted about have anything to do with me or this discussion.

    You have participated in public discussions on an internet forum, and in those discussions you have repeatedly defended the gaggle of statist thugs currently running our country into the ground. That has something to do with me since I participated in the same discussions and I have to live in the world of s*** being constructed around us. So do my offspring. In an indirect way, you’re coming after them.

    If you really wish to mount a defense of this government, I would hope to hear something more from you than “yay team,” “we won,” “in your face,” “I can bench press xxx,” “my testosterone level is xxxx,” “I served and you didn’t,” etc. Because, it’s just not getting the job done, and is not really the basis for any kind of a debate.

    You don’t have an argument. Just feelings, emotions, and blind faith. And your giant ego.

    I repeat – we have to live in this world of s*** you are helping in some small way to build. It’s as though we’re all cattle and you’re making the case for the slaughterhouse as you explain why we are really better off being made into chops, roasts and shoe leather. You find it strange that the discussion makes us angry. Yeah, inexplicable.

    Make a muscle and kiss it why don’t you. And enjoy your health while it lasts. People judged to be past their productive, taxpaying years don’t fare very well under socialist medicine (which you are supporting, whether you realize it or not). I’m sorry, man. There’s a glue factory in your future. You’re a loyal old workhorse but it means nothing to them. What have you done for them lately? Glue factory. I’ll see you there. You can explain one last time why it’s all for the best and then into the rendering vat we go.

  12. 62


    @Richard Wheeler:

    Parrot, much? No, I have no intention of making my name public on this, or any other website. I notice you don’t rail on Greg, or Tom, or Lib1 because they haven’t make their names public. Only me. What kind of man Marine picks a fight with someone he thinks is just a feeble little old lady? Certainly not any Marine I have ever known. But then, honor doesn’t seem to be your forte. Just bragging about things you know no one here can prove, or disprove.

    As to Calvert’s email address: no, I’m not as stupid as you seem to think I am (your opinion being all conservatives are just dumb rubes). Calvert not only has his email on his website, paid for by taxpayers, I might add, but his phone number in D.C. as well as his California offices. I think you’re lying about calling him, but I cannot prove it, and frankly, you’re not worth the time it would take to prove you’re lying about calling him within 26 minutes of my post.

    $625,000 refi? Perhaps you should have thought about buying a cheaper house to begin with, or downsizing, instead of putting the American taxpayer on the hook for your greed of wanting to live in a place you obviously could not afford. But that’s not the way you progressives think, is it? And damn man, you’re 68 years old and still paying for a house? Yep, “loser” describes you pretty well.

    Now, I am sure there is some point to your constant dragging of others into your lame posts. Perhaps that insecurity you seem to suffer from needs back up, perhaps you are just a weasel that, like all pack animals, are just too cowardly to fight on your own.

  13. 63


    he remind me of the other guy which was trying to get the name of one of our group,
    and when he got it, he came back at him with insults, a despicable person who come luckyly not to often but just to damage the people he target,
    and rich is doing the same question, trying to identify someone,
    like a snake ready to stick his tongue out to inject his venim
    once he identify his prey. just like the other troll
    those who give their real name might have a surprise call at their front door one day, to rob every thing they got,
    and start to cry like babys,

  14. 64


    @Richard Wheeler: You said:

    … I will not vote for those who would set us back on social issues discussed many times previously.

    So you think that gay marriage and abortion on demand right up until the day of the birth are more important issues than whether or not this nation spends itself into oblivion?


    Amazingly stupid, even for you Rich. And whether or not you believe my assertion about our country’s insane, third world like debt, that’s fine. But since you think Obama can do no wrong and the massive amounts of debt he piles up pale in comparison to the sex of married couples, then by all means continue on with your head in the sand.

    While you are marching in the next gay ‘rights’ parade, just remember that when the house of cards that is the United States’ financial mess falls in, you were warned. Go ahead, and make glib, (half) witty remarks about this, but the truth remains.

    Tell me, (although why I am asking this, I’ll never know since you avoid answering direct questions like, well like a liberal avoids relying on facts) why is it that you have no problem with Obama adding 6 trillion dollars to our national debt?

    Just isn’t important to ya?

  15. 65


    @Richard Wheeler: You said:

    He is definitely not a Rino.VERY Conservative.He’d remind you we needed great credit and appropriate verifiable income to qualify for our refi. About 75% of applicants were turned down.


    Only to you would someone who voted FOR TARP, and cost the American public a vote on the “Cut, Cap and Balance” issue last year could be considered ‘VERY Conservative.’

    For crying out loud Rich, his ACU rating is only 84. Hell McCain’s is 83 and everyone knows he’s a RINO!

    Sometimes you say some funny stuff. LOL

    Ken Calvert: RINO

  16. 66


    they are spending money in THE AMERICAN mansion cheaper,
    and more,

  17. 67

    Richard Wheeler

    Bees and Retire o5 I’ve posted not only my full name and rank but my home address. Would I do that if I had any fear of harm or had any intention of harming anyone else?
    I laugh heartily at such paranoid suggestions.
    Anticsrocks You gotta be right of Atilla The Hun to consider Calvert a Rino scores 81/100 Con. and 2/100 Lib. No wonder you can’t win Nationally.
    If the country blows up in the next few years you can all give me a gleeful I told you so. I don’t buy it.
    Meantime this ‘old war horse’ ( I kinda like that Sherm) will enjoy life and family and tune in sparingly for the humor provided here.
    That is unless true Consevatives Aye and Mata return. They were the reason, along with Word,that I originally came over.

    Semper Fi

  18. 69


    @Richard Wheeler:

    You have no fear of making your identity public because you are a progressive (liberal) and know that a) conservatives don’t resort to threats or intimidation and b) because liberals like the OWS crowd, and union goons, don’t attack their own. If you were a CEO of some company deemed “evil” by the above mentioned groups, a conservative or a Republican, all bets would be off and you would not be so brave.

    Now, let’s be very clear as to why Republicans are losing; people like you who depend on the federal government to bail them out of a tough spot, who think that the government (read; taxpayer) is responsible for your irresponsibility, who are looking for a handout or other benefits at the taxpayer expense. Your side advocates for wealth redistribution, discounts personal responsibility and you most certainly took advantage of that. Again, what kind of loser do you have to be to still be making house payments when you are almost 70? What kind of loser hangs on to a $625,000.00 house they could not afford without taxpayer assistance instead of downsizing to a home they could afford? I am not surprised, considering your own personal history with finances, that you are not upset that the Obama administration spends like a drunken sailor on shore leave.

    Still, you try to drag others (Aye and Mata) into your battles. Weasel. Did it ever occur to you that Aye is an independent businessman (a jewelry maker) and is probably trying to take advantage of the biggest selling season of the year? Yeah, I bet Aye is one of those “evil” capitalists that your side is constantly railing on. And good on him. And if they were the only reason you’re here, why stay? Not that I want you to leave this site. You are proof positive that your brand of “liberalism” must be fought even harder.

  19. 70


    @Richard Wheeler: #67

    I’ve posted not only my full name and rank but my home address. Would I do that if I had any fear of harm or had any intention of harming anyone else?

    Have you ever heard of conservatives threatening to kill anybody? Most liberal protest have one or more conservatives threatened during it. You don’t have to worry about any conservatives harming you. Conservatives who upset the liberals have to be concerned about it.

    I challenge you try an experiment. Sign on to liberal blogs using a different email address and ID name, then pretend you are a staunch conservative. Be sure and post with the same vigor you do as a liberal. Then, give your real name, rank, and address. I am curious to see what MIGHT happen.

  20. 72



    My point exactly. While Rich, and Larry, tout their “honesty” in their identity, they know they have no fear from any conservatives who may disagree with them. But if you’re a conservative, and you hack off a liberal (esp. OWS crowd or union goons), watch out. It was Obama’s liberal union goons that showed up on a CEOs front lawn (trespassing) and scared the hell out of his young teen aged son.

    Liberals have no moral compass. Just look at what they do or what they say. Jamie Foxx, a BIG Obama supporter, just said how cool it was to have a part in a movie where he gets to kill white guys. Where is the outrage from the DNC on that? Do you think Obama will call Foxx on that comment saying there is no room for that kind of talk from progressives? Hell, no.

    But I ask you, Smorgasbord, what kine of person has to come on a internet forum and brag about how his physical prowes is so great that he can out swim, out lift, out-whatever another poster? Seems like someone who is pathetically insecure to me.

  21. 73

    Richard Wheeler

    Retireo5 I know your comprehension level is low but allow me to be clear ONE LAST TIME.
    I am here because I respect and have learned from the Conservative viewpoints of Mata,Aye and Word.
    I think you a mean, sad, old frustrated woman who actually hurts the Conservative cause. As O’Reilly says –give you the last word. Nuff said.

  22. 74


    Richard Wheeler
    no you don’t come here for MATA OR AYE,
    BECAUSE YOU ARE STILL HERE and love to brag and tempt the devil with your infos,
    you send some insults and you get it right back,
    you did not know we have a AUSTRALIAN BOOMERANG,

  23. 75


    @retire05: #72

    But I ask you, Smorgasbord, what kine of person has to come on a internet forum and brag about how his physical prowes is so great that he can out swim, out lift, out-whatever another poster?

    So, you can tell a liberal by their physique, and you can tell a conservative by their lack of one. I can’t swim, I don’t exercise like I should, and I have no desire to beat anybody at anything. Judging by the evidence, I guess I’m a convicted conservative.

    Almost every liberal who talked to me at the Tea Party rallies I have been to, got mad and wanted to argue. One guy even poked his finger in my chest, and was talking so irate I thought he wanted to start a fight. I guess that is more evidence of my conservatism: I’m never been in a fight, and never wanted to, and don’t ever want to.

  24. 76

    Wm T Sherman

    I notice that many conservatives on this forum have military experience, but never cite it as a source of moral authority.

    I would like to add my voice to those pointing out that Progressives can post their contact information with far less risk than contrarians. Look how Leftists pile on to the scapegoat du jour. Obscenities, death threats, harrassment, attempts to get the target fired. It doesn’t have to be a conservative. They give the same treatment to any Lefty who is thought to have strayed off the reservation. Obama lovers post their information at a conservative site. BFD. You want to impress us, do that at a leftist site and express a contrarian view.

    And what is this crap about waiting for the true conservatives to return? Comes across as a feeble attempt to generate a wedge issue.

  25. 82


    I see skiniving in the more and more take over companies and assets of importance like MANSIONS ON THE HILLS,
    am I getting paranoid ? or there is an underneath market, between who is borrowing from CHINA, AND WHO IS THE GIVER IN CHINA,
    OKAY I need some cash, YES,SURE WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME,

  26. 84


    yes you’r right, if they are playing with your money,
    they are despicable even more,
    and those who give them that power are the snakes we must crush their head,

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