The Obama Middle East Failures Continue To Grow

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I’m sure we all remember this:

The White House congratulated Islamist candidate Mohammed Morsi on his election as Egypt’s first freely elected president, calling it a milestone in the country’s transition to democracy.

…Mr. Obama “underscored that the United States will continue to support Egypt’s transition to democracy and stand by the Egyptian people as they fulfill the promise of their revolution,”

And why shouldn’t he? The President of the free world was a major contributor to the “Arab Spring” which helped to install those freedom loving governments like Libya and Egypt.

He helped install a leader who is trying to give himself more power then Hosni Mubarak ever had as a dictator. A leader who aligns himself with the blind sheikh, Omar Abdel-Rahman, the leader of a group responsible for the assassination of Sadat and 9/11.

And even now, as tens of thousands protest against Morsi he still refuses to condemn the power grab:

When asked at a White House briefing if President Obama supports Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, press secretary Jay Carney said, “The president has an important relationship, well, the United States has a very important relationship with Egypt. The president has worked effectively with President Morsi on key issues, including recently the negotiated ceasefire in Gaza. We are monitoring the situation.”

Carney did not say whether Obama has spoken with Morsi or taken any other action. A White House official later confirmed to POLITICO that the president did stop by a meeting between national security adviser Tom Donilon and Morsi adviser Issam Al-Haddad. The official did not say what they spoke about.

‘We’re gonna stay out of it.’

Like he did in Libya. Like he did in Egypt before his Mursi came into power. Like he is doing in Syria.

And now we have the Muslim Brotherhood in power all over the Middle East. Coming soon is Syria, Tunisia, Bahrain, Jordan and even Kuwait.

Andrew McCarthy, the author of a recently published book that predicted these events, said it best:

The country is aflame again because there is no “Arab Spring.” We are witnessing the rise of Islamic supremacists who regard democracy not as a way of life but as a route to power. Rather than opposing them, Obama is the wind at their backs.

Like Carter before him Obama is the proud owner of a middle east in complete and utter turmoil and can claim credit for doing what no other leader has ever helped accomplish. Hand the keys to the kingdom over to the Muslim Brotherhood.

He must be so proud.


Syria mixes chemical weapons into bombs

Syria has loaded chemical weapons into bombs and are ready to use them, Fox News confirms.

A senior U.S. official told Fox News that bombs were loaded with components of sarin gas. They have 60 days to use these bombs until the chemical mixture expires and has to be destroyed.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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  1. 1


    I have to admit I find a certain joy in the absolute failure of the “Arab Spring”. At the very least Obama can say “he built that” but it certainly is nothing to be proud of. Don’t get me wrong, the people that were or are in place over there were no better in regards to how they treated their countrymen but at least to a small degree we had made our peace with them. Another example of how appeasement is not a foreign policy.
    Now the Middle East is turning into one big crap sandwich and we will all get to have more than one bite of that meal.

  2. 2

    Nan G

    Egypt is the least of Obama’s failures in the Middle East these days.

    You gotta love Obama’s moveable ”Red Line,” with regard Syria.
    Obama originally said if Assad moved Chemical Weapons that was the Red Line.
    Assad moved the Chemical Weapons.
    Then Obama said if it looked like Assad might USE Chemical Weapons THAT was the Red Line.
    Assad has mixed the Chemical Weapons (60 days to use or lose them) and loaded them on bombs and loaded the bombs on planes.
    Where’s Obama now?

    Can you say, “WEAK HORSE?”
    I knew you could.

  3. 4

    Wm T Sherman

    @Nan G:

    Obama is currently preoccupied with preparations for vengeance on Americans who voted against him. He’ll get to this nerve gas thing when time permits.

  4. 5


    Barack Obama has no more control over the course of the revolution in Egypt than he does over Bashar Assad, who is probably the most dangerous lunatic in the Middle East at the moment. Any other president would be in the same situation.

    Regarding red lines, it probably has been crossed already. We’ll know what the military response will be once it’s being taken.

  5. 6


    And right on cue, with his lips firmly affixed upon Obama’s buttocks – here comes Greg defending his savior and the only surprise in his idiotic comment is that he didn’t try and assign blame for the mess in the Middle East.

    I have to agree with Bobachek. Barry built that mess.

  6. 9


    @anticsrocks, #6:

    And right on cue, with his lips firmly affixed upon Obama’s buttocks…

    Speaking of fixations, many on the right seem to be so fixated on hatred of the imaginary Barack Obama they’ve constructed that they’ve become totally out of touch with reality. If Assad uses chemical weapons, I wouldn’t be surprised if he immediately becomes the personal target of a missile strike. If chemical weapon launching sites can be clearly identified as they’re being readied, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them preemptively struck.

    Either people haven’t been paying attention, or they’ve been very selective about what they’ve paid attention to. I think there’s a fair chance the administration has been waiting for some credible excuse to pound the crap out of the Assad regime and then let the rebels do the rest.

  7. 10


    I’m guessing obama is jealous of Morsi. He can give himself the power of a dictator. Why would anyone try to stop somebody they idolize and want to be like? After we go over the fiscal cliff, I expect the economy to go downhill, and for obama’s occupy crowd to start their protests, and probably violence. That is when obama will have to declare martial law, BUT ONLY UNTIL ORDER CAN BE MAINTAINED.

    This reminds me of obama’s statement that he wants a civilian security force as strong as, and equally funded as the military. What would obama do with a civilian security force that he has authority over, is equally funded as the military, and is as strong as the military? How many guesses do you need. Some have speculated that the occupy movement was a warmup for this force. I’m neutral on that idea, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out to be true.

    Can any conservative think of one positive thing obama has done for the USA? Remember when obama wanted the military to pay for their own medical care? He is trying to take control of your 401(k)s and IRAs. He is adding thousands of pages of regulations to businesses. He has shut down drilling. He is creating new federal agencies. Whenever an American Muslim kills one of more soldiers in the name of Allah, obama doesn’t declare it terrorism. This means the victims don’t get the Purple Heart and the benefits that go along with it. He is buying votes by giving welfare, like obama phones and food stamps, to anybody who asks for them. One man on Fox News or The Blaze (Glenn Beck) said he applied for Social Security and was told that his four children qualify for it. He didn’t ask for anything for his kids. They offered it to him, even though the kids LEGALLY didn’t qualify. He wondered how many others took the offer. obama gave us ObamaCare, the stimulus, Cash For Clunkers, the bank bailout, more borrowing than all of the other presidents combined, more debt than all of the other presidents combined, and that is just in his first term. Now that he can’t be reelected, look for a lot more executive orders and power grabs.

    The free stuff for the takers only costs them some of their freedoms by voting for a person who wants to take as many of our freedoms away as he can. The bad thing is that I don’t want him to take away ANY of my freedoms, no matter what giveaways he offers me. Once a person gives away their freedoms, it is hard to get them back. Too many people have died and lost body parts so that I can have the freedoms I have now. How could I even think about telling them and their families, “No thank you. I’d rather have the free stuff the liberals are giving away to buy my vote.” For those of you who either fought for my freedoms, or have family members who did:


  8. 11


    Wait a minute. We can’t do a military response of any kind in Syria. Liberal doctrine is if they don’t attack us directly we can’t attack them. If they use chemical weapons it won’t be on us so what will be the justification? We bombed Libya for months and they never attacked us. I expected libs to have fits over that but they didn’t. I guess the wrong President was in office for a negative reaction.

  9. 12


    @Greg: Yeah, right. The Anointed One won’t be invading, bombing or in any way using force against Syria.

    Hell, you’re already giving him cover –

    If chemical weapon launching sites can be clearly identified …

    LOL, it is automatic in your worship of the man to leave wiggle room in everything you say about him.

    Do you agree with 100% of all the decisions he’s made? I don’t recall your ever holding his feet to the fire on ANY issue or subject, yet you accuse me of a “fixation.”

    Glass houses, bubba.

  10. 13

    oil guy from Aberta

    @Greg: If anybody is going to pound the crap out of Assad, it will be Netanyahu. Israel is right there to sniff the chemicals. The Messiah will be reborn in Hawaii. Where did all these chemical weapons come from?

  11. 14


    @oil guy from Aberta:

    Many people have assumed that Syria was the destination of all of those WMD’s we never found in Iraq. And the other night the NBC correspondent on the evening news mentioned ‘SCUD’ missiles and chemical weapons when speaking of Syria. Interesting, isn’t it. Of course they could have bought those weapons from Iraq pre-sanctions, but then, Saddam wasn’t the type of guy to give power willingly to his neighbors, was he?

    Is anyone questioning where Syria got these weapons from?

  12. 15


    Failures? What “Failures”? He has elevated the muslime brotherhood, brought the caliphate closer to reality, is making the “small Satan” vulnerable to the enemies that surround it and is doing more damage to the “great Satan” than any other single person in history.

    He’s banking on all those virgins and laughing his ass off at anyone who doesn’t think he’s muslime.

    It’s quiet simple. The Egyptian military knows where it’s money comes from. It would only take a phone call to flip them to the side of the protestors and insure a moderate government. . . but His “O”lliness will never authorize such a call because his goal is to see radical islam rule the middle east and more.

  13. 17


    @Mully, #11:

    Liberal doctrine is if they don’t attack us directly we can’t attack them.

    Really? You may be making a jump from a specific case to a generality. I think with Bush and Iraq there was an additional element besides the fact that Iraq hadn’t attacked us: Iraq had no apparent capability to do so. One had to be invented.

    In the case of Syria, the presence of chemical weapons seems to be a given. Syria is believed to have been producing its own stockpiles of chemical weapons since the 1980s. If stockpiles were in danger of being used or of falling into the hands of terrorists, it could be necessary to take control of them very quickly.

    We bombed Libya for months and they never attacked us.

    The Gaddafi regime was a known sponsor of international terrorism. I suppose some might consider the bombing of PanAm Flight 103, which killed 189 American citizens, to have been an attack on the U.S.

  14. 19

    Nan G

    Liberal doctrine is if they don’t attack us directly we can’t attack them.

    Mully, I seem to find that liberal doctrine under Obama is closer to, if they are important to our national interests we can’t attack them but if they don’t matter one way or the other, we can.

  15. 20


    By the way, where did Syria get that Sarin Gas? See “summer patriot, Winter Soldier”. See Gen. Georg Sadr. See the UN and thier crack inspectors give Saddam Hussein Months to years to transport such weapons somewhere else. Greg, if Syria had such wepon technology Isreal would have destroyed it long ago,e.g., nuclear program (you do remember waht happened there or do you have the usual liberal selective memory?)

  16. 21

    W. C. Taqiyya

    Not being an admirer of Obama, I won’t waste my effort to deflect any of the barbs and arrows thrown his way. He is a huge failure in every respect but one. He is very good at undermining America and her friends and allies and in encouraging her enemies . Culturally, economically, and politically Obama is a disaster. So, the stuff I might see as technical differences in the criticism, aren’t worth mentioning.

    Maybe just one. And that is I’m not ready to put Egypt in the lost column just yet. Sure, Morsi ran for president after the MB promised not to run a candidate, sure he got elected and yes he was praised by Obama. But, when he tried to grab all of the power, he got slapped down by Egyptians. Lots of Egyptians, Muslim Egyptians and Egyptians who mostly don’t like us. The Egyptian supreme court revolted and the military let Morsi get run out of town. At least temporarily. Maybe to make a point?

    I don’t give Obama much credit for skillful string pulling. He just sort of goes with the flow of his infantile world view. Be nice and they will love you, if they oppose me they hate everything that is good, if that guy has something nice lets make sure everybody gets some, nobody should be deprived of anything, plenty to go around, make the rich pay. It’s not complicated.

    But Egypt is another story. I’m starting to think those Egyptians really do want freedom from tyranny. I’m thinking they should get some credit for thinking outside the primitive mindset we see in Afghanistan, Somalia and Gaza. I’m even willing to wager that most Egyptians are not going to sit still for the destruction of the pyramids and all the other monuments and relics of their ancient civilization. Lots of Egyptians are well educated, even the females, many are fairly wealthy and I don’t think they want to live like it’s the year 600. Plus, the military hasn’t surrendered it’s power, they still run things behind the scenes. If and when Morsi grabs all power, the tanks will be rolling over the protesters (Morsi said as much) and the leaders of the opposition will be killed. Since the protesters outnumber the MB thugs and since the army is sitting still, I can’t rule Egypt out just yet.

  17. 23


    @Greggster: What’s the matter, Greggie? Afraid to answer my question?

    I thought so, well anyway here it is again:

    Do you agree with 100% of all the decisions he’s made? I don’t recall your ever holding his feet to the fire on ANY issue or subject, yet you accuse me of a “fixation.”

    It’s not hard, Greggie. Just give us ONE example of Obama’s policies that you disagree with. Just one.

    Can you do it?

    I bet you cannot bring yourself to criticize your savior.

  18. 24

    James Raider

    As we decipher the confusing fog of lies emanating from the Obama narrative on the Benghazi attack, here’s another twist on the underlying motivation: Benghazi bungle an attempt to advance Islam?
    “The Obama administration, and especially the Department of State led by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, are coordinating closely with the [Organization of the Islamic Conference] to achieve implementation of U.N. Human Rights Commission Resolution 16/18, which despite some cosmetic wording changes, remains the vehicle through which the OIC is determined to work toward the criminalization of the criticism of Islam in U.S. law, . . . . . .the Obama administration’s stubborn adherence to the false narrative of the YouTube film, ‘Innocence of Muslims, for so long after the 11 September 2012 attack on the Benghazi mission is inexplicable except in the context of a globally coordinated campaign through the OIC and U.S. Muslim Brotherhood affiliates to advance the anti-free speech agenda of U.N. Resolution 16/18.”

    The above noted 2 year old resolution is a United Nations (U.N.) resolution entitled “Combating defamation of religions” introduced by Morocco on behalf of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. The U.N. General Assembly adopted it with 79 votes in favor, 67 votes against and 40 abstentions. This resolution was intended to directly target the criticism of radical Islam. This resolution continues to morph into forms mostly suitable to extremists but inclusive of softened language acceptable to sensitivities of “appeasing” leaders from the West. After all, the Western leaders have to pretend to promote the principles of tolerance and respect to the world. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that these leaders HAVE TO show respect to their own people – so, leaders like Obama don’t.

    Isn’t it about time the Administration came out with a little clarity on Benghazi, a little truth, so that rumours can be squashed, . . . or verified?

    Until then, let the rumours fly, because the continuing line of lies are well beyond contemptible.

  19. 25


    @James Raider: #24

    Isn’t it about time the Administration came out with a little clarity on Benghazi, a little truth, so that rumours can be squashed, . . . or verified?

    He hasn’t done it for four years, why would he start now?

  20. 26

    Hard Right


    A rabidly devout marxist like greg will always support the left no matter what.
    The funny thing is he would accrue credibility points merely for disagreeing with certain points of leftists belief/policy, yet would not have to disavow his beliefs. You’ll also note so called “moderates” like rich who also refuse to criticize specific dem actions/words.
    Proof there are no “moderate liberals”. They are leftists plain and simple.

  21. 27


    @Hard Right: #26

    Proof there are no “moderate liberals”. They are leftists plain and simple.

    Today’s liberals remind me of frogs that will sit in a pan of water that is slowly heated up until the frogs are boiled to death. The democrats know not to turn the heat up too fast, or the liberals will see what is ahead for them, and jump out. Now that obama can’t run again, look for the heat to be turned up a lot faster.

    This is why the gun and ammo companies can’t keep up with the demand. Just like it was the first time obama won. My ammo guy says he will try to get me some, but I might have to wait a while. People who were anti gun, are now realizing what obama is up to, especially since obama went to the U. N. six days after getting elected and wanted to get the U. N. gun ban going again.

  22. 28


    @Hard Right: I figured Rich out long ago. He sits on his ivory throne of righteous indignation and pretends to love this country. He may have at one time, who knows? But all he is looking for now is the chance to agitate an argument and stir up trouble.

    As for Greg, he doesn’t have the balls to answer my question because he knows that his position is indefensible.

  23. 29


    You have most of the liberals on FA figured out. When are you going to figure out that the more you reply to their comments, the bigger their ego grow. I have mentioned before that it wouldn’t surprise me if they have bets on how long they can keep a conversation going. These guys are like the guys with their supped-up CB radios trying to start an argument. The more you argue with them the more they like it.

    I used to think that guys like these had no useful purpose on this planet. Then I realized that if we didn’t have people like these, we wouldn’t appreciate the really NICE people as much as we do. So, the next time I meet a really NICE person, thanks to these guys, I will appreciate them a lot more. So, these guys are serving a useful purpose on this planet, and they are serving it quite well.

  24. 30


    @Smorgasbord: Yeah, it’s just amazing how much stupid can be packed in between a liberal drone’s ears…

    You’re probably right about replying to them, but sometimes it just seems too easy.

  25. 32


    HE had pinpoint his ENEMIES, he knew where they where, he knew how to get them,
    but OBAMA FORCE HIM GONE , to help his friends the brotherhood,
    so then who ever was the enemies got lost and scattered around the all EGYPT,
    learn about them, to know their agenda, to know where they where,
    NOW the enemies are killing the AMBASSADOR put there with the LIBYAN PROTECTION, THOSE

  26. 33


    SO to conclude the comment above,
    IF ASSAD GO, he also know who are his enemies, where they are, but if he is gone, there also will be a scatterd enemies all on the surface mixed with the good PEOPLE
    not to be found, and like in lLIBYA AND EGYPT THEY WILL KILL AMERICANS

  27. 34

    Richard Wheeler

    Anticsrocks re#28 and #30 Stupid would be your prediction Romney was gonna blow out Obama and buying into Dick Morris and his absurd predictions re Repub. control of the Senate.
    As to my love of this country. I’ll match it against anyone at F.A., particularly the flag wavers who’ve never worn the uniform or actually fought the enemies of our great country.

    R. J. Wheeler Captain USMCR

  28. 35


    Rich Wheeler
    you have been respected because of your service in the MILTARY,
    unfortunetly for us you come as a democrat lover on this FLOPPING ACES floor,
    and you insult the good tolerant CONSERVATIVES WHO RETRAIN THEMSELVE
    which make you blend with the whole MARINE CORP, while you allow yourself

  29. 36

    Wm T Sherman

    @Richard Wheeler:

    particularly the flag wavers who’ve never worn the uniform or actually fought the enemies of our formerly great country.

    Fixed it for you.

    R. J. Wheeler Captain USMCR

    Rep. John Murtha (D-Dirtnap) was an officer in the Marines, too. Duke Cunningham (R-Penitentiary) was an Air Force fighter ace. Obviously military service is no guarantee of honor, or character, or even a basic lack of criminal tendencies. You prove it every day — assuming of course that you have not fallen prey to that unfortunate tendency that some men have to invent their military histories.

    By all means go and forth preach the wonder of President Blue Falcon to past and present members of the military. Tell us how that goes. But first, tell us all about what a great guy your fellow Marine John Murtha was. His innovative fundraising techniques were caught on tape by the FBI. He got taxpayer funding to build John Murtha International Airport and the John Murtha Interstate Highway (which dead-ends at the airport) in the middle of the piney woods in his district in the Appalachian wilderness.

    His work on The Haditha incident was particularly noteworthy. From your perspective, his finest hour.

    Tell us about Murtha. Tell us.

  30. 37

    Richard Wheeler

    Sherm Murtha and Cunningham have nothing to do with this discussion.
    Aye has my DD-214 which includes a Navy Comm. Medal with combat “V”
    ” formerly great country” Still the greatest country in the world. What have you done for it?

  31. 38


    we bomb SYRIA for months
    it doesn’t count for OBAMA,
    he help the rebels and their guess ALQAEDA with them , BUT

  32. 39

    Wm T Sherman

    @Richard Wheeler:

    Murtha and Cunningham have nothing to do with this discussion.

    You are the one flaunting military service as a show-stopping, argument-winning display of moral superiority. The counter examples have everything to do with your part of this discussion, as they illustrate the absurdity of this maneuver.

    Aye has my DD-214 which includes a Navy Comm. Medal with combat “V”

    Decorated. Just like Murtha and Cunninham. Got it. I didn’t directly accuse you of faking your military service – I allowed for the possibility — nothing as direct as your fellow Marine John Murtha accusing his fellow Marines of war crimes without evidence. Let’s all honor John Murtha’s service and elevate him over lesser mortals who did not serve, as well as over the innocent men he denounced from a position of safety.

    Still the greatest country in the world. What have you done for it?

    I did my R&D and helped create economic value in an industry in which the US is still strong. I paid my taxes, which paid your salary, which eventually allowed you to preen about your imaginary moral superiority on an internet forum. I refrained from criminal behavior such as selling my integrity to the highest bidder like your fellow Marine John Murtha. I raised a kid and taught her to have character and not be a lying poser like your associate John Murtha. I donated money to and voted for politicians who would slow down the trainwreck that you and your allies (people like John Murtha) seek to bring about A typical life. Just one of the masses.

  33. 40

    Richard Wheeler

    Sherm. This post was a response to assertions by Anticsrocks in #28 and #30 and you stuck your two cents in.

    BTW You say you paid my salary. Was that easier for you than actually suiting up and showing up?

  34. 41

    Wm T Sherman

    @Richard Wheeler:

    You say you paid my salary. Was that easier for you than actually suiting up and showing up?

    What a one-trick pony you are. Does your head whistle when the wind blows?

    For political discussions it’s irrelevant whether I served. You keep bringing it up because you think it’s a substitute for facts and logic. It’s not. All I hear from you is football-style political score keeping and “miltary service trumps any argument.”

    I served just as much as your idol, Commander in Chief Barack Hussein Obama, but much less than the Democrat Party boogeyman George W. Bush, and way way less than his father George H.W. Bush.

    And of course much less than your fellow Marine, John Murtha.

  35. 42

    Richard Wheeler

    Sherm Your assertion that the USA is a “formerly great country” leads me to question the “facts and logic” that bring you to that conclusion.
    This is still a great country. I see it in the dedication of young Marines with whom I’m in daily contact. I see it in the young men playing in today’s Army-Navy game who’ll go on to protect your right to bash our democratically elected officials. Don’t worry so much. This country will survive and flourish long after you’re gone.

  36. 43

    Nan G

    @Richard Wheeler:
    A PDF breaks down our military personnel by which states they come from.
    New York, (TRUE DEEP BLUE) has 6.7% of the US population.
    New York only sends 2.3 % of them to the US Military.
    Illinois, (Also PRETTY BLUE) has 4.4% of the population.
    Illinois people only account for 1.4% in our military.

    Texas is a red state.
    7.4% of the population but 10.0% of the military.
    North Carolina 2.9% but 7.6% in the military.

    Some places are skewed because of the Pentagon, like Virginia and DC.

    When someone says he is so impressed by America because of what he sees in our military, look who he’s looking at!

  37. 44

    Wm T Sherman

    This is still a great country. I see it in the dedication of young Marines with whom I’m in daily contact.

    To be great, the nation, its government, and their commander in chief should be worthy of them.

    who’ll go on to protect your right to bash our democratically elected officials.

    A tradition as old as the Republic. Remember Bush portrayed as an ape or with a Hitler mustache? Sarah Palin called a c***? No, of course you don’t.

    Don’t worry so much. This country will survive and flourish long after you’re gone.

    After I’m gone, you say. The sooner the better, hey? I see the implied wish. As far as flourishing – what does that even mean to you? We are currently programmed for permanent economic stagnation, curtailed liberty, gradual abandonment of the Constitution and the rule of law, a de facto one party system that holds onto power by setting different groups of the population against each other, and a C-in-C with a track record of abandoning his people to destruction. Maybe by flourishing you mean lots of rainbow flags, happening government-funded art exhibits, free s*** from the government, and reparations to descendants of history’s official victims based on their DNA, from descendants of their official victimizers based on their DNA.

    You sound like an unusual sort of military officer. Do you ever share your, uh, political philosophy with other soldiers?

  38. 45

    Richard Wheeler

    Nan Point taken. The South has a great military tradition. Economics also plays a role.
    Note When I was at Marine Officers Basic School in the mid 60’s my 2nd Lt. friends from the South jokingly(?) would say they couldn’t go home in their dress blues.

  39. 46


    @Richard Wheeler: No, that wasn’t stupid, Rich. It was incorrect. And if you bother to look back, I admitted my error the very next day. Stupid would be holding to my prediction and claiming widespread voter fraud, or some giant conspiracy.

    See the difference?

    By the way, how would you measure one’s love of country?

    I’ve never worn the uniform, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. I was turned down due to my congenital heart defect, even though at 18 I was healthy enough to have completed basic training. I tried to join the military right after I received a letter from the Navy expressing interest in having me enlist in their nuclear engineering program.

    As for fighting America’s enemies, well I do what I can on the battlefield of ideas and ideologies. I try to debate things with folks, instead of just trying to stir up emotions and agitate people into fights.

  40. 47

    Richard Wheeler

    Anticsrocks You are correct. Those on here “claiming widespread voter fraud or some giant conspiracy”,are truly stupid.
    In #28 you questioned whether I love my country. That assertion will ALWAYS get a response from me.
    I do not question YOUR love of country. I’m sure you do

    Sherm For better or worse I discuss politics with most anyone and everyone. Believe it or not, the military consists of people with very varied political views.
    The beauty of this great country is we can freely express our views and can exercise our right at the polls on a regular basis.

  41. 48


    @Richard Wheeler:

    exercise our right at the polls

    Except in your state, where the majority votes their opinions, and it is overturned by radical courts that do not apparently understand the U.S. Constitution.

    Oh, and thanks for giving me the name of your Congressman who told you to fleece the taxpayers in order to meet your mortgage obligations that you seem to think you had a right to go back on although you made a contractual agreement. For a fomer Marine, your word doesn’t seem to be worth much. But I am going to send him a campaign donation because he said he “didn’t want to lose you to Texas.” He needs to be rewarded for keeping you out of my state. I wonder if he would be willing to help relocate a bunch of liberal progressives from Austin.

  42. 49


    @Richard Wheeler: Of course, I am sure you admit that voter fraud DOES occur. It might even be widespread, but let me clarify; I said that ‘stupid’ would be to cling to my incorrect forecast of the electoral results WHILE claiming that the ONLY reason I was wrong HAD to be due to widespread voter fraud in a large enough scale to have garnered Obama the 3 million or so votes he won by.

    Okay, Rich. If you love your country so much, why do you time and time again vote for far left liberals whose policies have brought us to the precipice of Greece-like economic collapse? Why do you continually profess to be proponents of politicians who favor spending vastly more money than the government brings in?

    One would think that if someone loved their country they would not want to put people in charge that damage it…

  43. 50

    Richard Wheeler

    Anticsrocks I do not see us “on the edge of a Greece like economic collapse” That’s your belief not mine.I believe that prediction is as erroneous as your predicted Romney landslide. We’ll see. More importantly I will not vote for those who would set us back on social issues discussed many times previously.
    Voter fraud occurs on both sides but not on a scale to alter the will of the electorate.
    Look forward to your 2014 electoral predictions lol
    Merry Christmas and be well.

    Retire05 Ken Calvert tells me he’ll be looking for your contribution. I assured him no matter how dire things become I’d never move to Texas.

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