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    Obama has no intention of compromising. As a typical liberal, it is simply my way or the highway. Compromise is not in their playbook.

    And too, remember from ‘his’ books, he has no regard for the constitution, for Christianity, for white people and for uniquely American qualities that made us a great nation. In his eyes, we are colonialists and we owe those whom we ‘used’ reparations (recall too that he stated in the early 80’s that the Warren court did not go far enough, in that it did not address reparations). Why do you think 95% of blacks voted for him, they believe the same thing, and they want ‘theirs’.

    His intent is to tear this country down! Once we understand that philosophy, we will understand his goals.

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    Liberal1 (Objectivity)

    The history books will be written such that President Obama with be given credit for the first national health care program and allowing gays to serve in the armed forces without having to hide the fact—among whatever accomplishments occur in his second term (for example the extension of the Dream Act), while the Republicans will be remembered for opposing these civil rights issues, and starting two wars with negligible benefits to the US or the world.

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    Nan G

    Some pundits (on the far right) believe that Obama is merely a front man for a cadre of very ”progressive” communist/socialist workers.
    They name George Soros and Valerie Jarrett as two of them.
    If it were true, Obama placing himself in the middle of the bus (like Rosa did) makes perfect sense.
    More likely Obama just sat where he was told to sit for the photo op.
    No symbolism (other than PR, credit-by-association, Jungian unconscious symbolism) intended.

    Then you take that photo as emblematic of the drive over the fiscal cliff.
    The shoe fits.
    Obama wants to play hardball (my way of highway) because ”he won.”
    Problem is, EVERY one on either side also won their own election.
    Hopefully, they won’t forget that little fact.
    And by being in the middle of the bus, Obama can pretend he has already compromised…..even though he’s only put forward a ”my way or the highway,” ploy.
    Obama has gotten away with this before, so he knows his media will cover for him.

    It is ironic that the ex-CEO of COSTCO, Jim Sinegal, who spoke in Obama’s favor at the DNC convention while he opted for EARLY dividends to AVOID paying the Obama taxes that slip into place Jan 2013.

    Wonder what pretzel Buffett will twist himself into?

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    Nathan Blue

    @Liberal1 (Objectivity): Please include the names of the Democrat Congresspeople and Senators that voted for the Irag and Afghanistan Wars. It’s not like a majority bulldozed the rest of us . . . like Obamacare. When Obamacare fails, you won’t be able to say the same. No Reps voted for it.

    No, history just might have objective historians available to tell the true story: Obama was a demagogue installed by foreign interests, and the American populace was culturally bereft and gullible enough to fall for the whole farce.

    It doesn’t matter what the books say–Obama is the worst President in US history, period. He’s riding on a tide of ignorant people who think they are being kind and tolerant by placing America’s social issues squarely on the backs of white, Christian, straight, males. That’s bigotry, and that’s why most critical thinkers won’t support the elitist, racist, sexist, exploitation of the Democratic Party. It has no purpose now, other than to grow and substantiate itself . . . like a cancer.

    No, “liberalism” (I use quotes because the average American liberal is anything but) is a cultural yoke placed on the young, the inexperienced, the angry, the poor, and the disenfranchised. It’s a kind of mental slavery, and too many people in this country simply won’t think for themselves. They want secularism, relative morality, and an a complete abdication of their own responsibilities as free people.

    It’s understood that you control the perception of the truth by controlling the presses (funny you go right to the “what the history books will say” line. It’s like you are in such deep denial, but subconsciously know it, so if the history books affirm your disillusion, then you must be “right,” eh?). I’ve living this government nightmare now, and like the Joker in The Dark Night, people, “in their desperation, turned to a man they didn’t completely understand.” That man is Obama, and he’s a sham, a child, and hand-picked Manchurian candidate used by foreign socialists (one theory . . . history will reveal what the hell happened here, that’s for sure.).

    What will the history books say? It depends on whose writing them, and tyranny has a way of writing it’s way into “history” (see dumb photo above).

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    It doesn’t matter who is driving the bus… BO has thrown so many people under it that it’ll never move again. It’s just another Obama facade.

    ps I find it significant that there is no one else on the bus. The emporer must NOT be upstaged.

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    Hard Right

    Funny. He demanded that Mubarak must go. Morsi? Not a peep.
    The differences?
    Mubarak: Pro-American and secular
    Morsi: Anti-American and Islamist
    You do the math.

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    WHO would have think that it could happen in AMERICA,
    and now the other half don’t know how to tolerantly get rid of the problem,
    any clues? anything? anybody?
    calling once, calling twice, ca ll ing, callin, call, ca, c, ….

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