21 Responses to “Democrats Oppose Nomination of Rice to Secretary of State”

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    Nan G

    Let’s discuss the merits or demerits of a Susan Rice Sec State…..

    1. Remember the genocide in Rwanda during Bill Clinton’s presidency?
    Susan Rice was criticized for her part in the decision not to intervene in a serious way to stop that 1994 genocide where more than 500,000 people were killed.
    Later Bill Clinton said it was the worst mistake of his presidency.
    SHE was ALL for how it was treated.
    The policy SHE created is the one Bill Clinton followed.
    She did something Obama appreciated, however.
    On Rwanda she suggested the USA vote “present.”

    2. Prior to Sept. 11, 2001 Osama bin Ladin was in Sudan.
    Sudan offered to help the USA capture him.
    Susan Rice opposed this.
    We talk about Bill Clinton’s dereliction of duty.
    But we should talk about the woman who had his ear and encouraged him not to get bin Ladin.

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    Nathan Blue

    Today, November 27th, 4:44pm Mountain Time. Top Headline on Google:
    GOP senators ‘hold’ on to flimsy criticism of Rice, Benghazi
    The sponsoring agency is shown as NBCNews.com

    If you hit the link, you go to MSNBC.com, specifically Martin Bashir’s page. The whole “story” is a propaganda piece to make you think McCain and gang are jerks for not going away about Benhgazi.

    Is this the nation we now live in, where the state-run media lies for the WH, al a Cold War Pravda-style?

    There are so many things that the WH should want to clear up, but this is just ridiculous.

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    I feel sorry for them always using the RACE CARD, because they have nothing else to critic on
    the poor DEMOCRATS so desperate, crying to the people for having been victimize by THE PEOPLE,
    aren’t the role inverse there? aren’t they suppose to SERVE THE PEOPLE?
    BUT THEY ARE SO WEAK, that the people feel sorry for them, and re-elect them
    on compassion for their weakness.
    they say please elect me, I need this job,
    what else would I do without it.

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    @Nathan Blue: You have to ask that after the last 4 years — actually for people paying attention — the last 60+ years — start waking up for real people — two main points:

    1) Has been under way since the 20’s and 30’s

    2) It aint just Obie

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    Mike O’Malley

    @Nan G:

    And not just the Rwandan genocide. Consider this observation from Ethiopian review:

    This one sentence crystallizes the nature of Susan Rice as a morally bankrupt person bereft of human decency. Therefore, when she heaps praise on Meles Zenawi, a genocidal dictator who burned entire villages in Ogaden and slaughtered the Anuak ethnic group in western Ethiopia, to mention just two of his countless crimes, no body should be surprised.

    Samantha goes on to write:

    Susan Rice… feels that she has a debt to repay. “There was such a huge disconnect between the logic of each of the decisions we took along the way during the genocide and the moral consequences of the decisions taken collectively,” Rice says. “I swore to myself that if I ever faced such a crisis again, I would come down on the side of dramatic action, going down in flames if that was required.” Rice was subsequently appointed NSC Africa director and, later, assistant secretary of state for African affairs…

    Susan is repaying a debt by sharing a stage with an ICC-indicted war criminal, Al Bashir, in calling a mass murderer, Meles Zenawi, a wise man with a world class mind.

    Susan Rice was a bystander to genocide during the Clinton Administration, and currently in the Obama Administration, she is a cheerleader to genocide. If Obama is elected for another term and she becomes a secretary of state, who knows what she will become.

    Obama’s adviser on human rights accuses Susan Rice of being a bystander to genocide

    Bystanders to Genocide

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    Mike O’Malley
    OH MY GOD,
    did OBAMA knew her then? If yes, that is trouble for him,
    just the fact he want her in that position, is very wrong,

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    @Nan G:

    thank you for the reminder about susan’s history. i am sure that she will say that she has learned alot since then, but given her recent complicity in the benghazi situation, one would think that in fact she has learned nothing

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    it look like she repeated the advice she gave to PRESIDENT CLINTON before on the slaughter in AFRICA.
    advice to OBAMA to refuse to send security to help the AMBASSADOR from being kill, he seem to trust her
    quite a bit
    to plan a bigger position for her, and willing to fight for it.
    and more , that is to tell the SEALS to stay down, and leave the BENGHASI AMBASSADOR TO DEFEND HIMSELF , PLUS being responsible of the death of the SEALS, WHO WOULD NOT LEAVE THE AMBASSADOR TO HIMSELF, AND DECIDE TO GO,
    she might have done it again, as she said before in AFRICA,
    CHOSE THE FIRE AND DEATH, IT look like OBAMA took her advice and deny the demands for help.
    that’s my understanding, they are together in their mindset,
    the only difference now , is that PRESIDENT CLINTON is said to have regretted listening to SUSAN RICE advice, he said it’s the worse thing I have done is to listen to her advice.
    but OBAMA did not say anything,
    that is a plausible scenario, because he vehemently keep protecting her, that is more than what we ‘re being told, and the SENATORS KNOW MORE THAN WHAT THEY TELL US,

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    Mike O’Malley


    Thank you Beez.

    I can amplify your observations. In late 1994 I read an extensive critique made of Pres. Clinton’s failure to stop the Rwandan genocide. The critique was written by left-wing human rights activists who had been actively lobbying the Clinton Whitehouse to intervene and stop the genocide in the Winter of 1994. I recall that they identified Susan Rice as Pres. Clinton’s representative to the press on this matter and that it was Susan Rice who dissembled for Clinton (lied to the press; Wash. Post and others) denying that a genocide was going on. Susan Rice I recall relayed the Clinton administration party line explaining that the Whitehouse was aware of (isolated) “acts of genocide” taking place in Rwanda but that the Whitehouse did not believe that genocide was taking place. The left-wing human rights activists explained that such a position was impossible since they and the CIA provided amble evidence to Pres. Clinton that a long planned genocide was indeed underway in Rwanda.

    Now I’m work on memory mind you. I think I may have a copy of that report somewhere. Maybe I can find it and double check and provide a link so you all can check too.

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    Mike O’Malley
    yes you are right, there was a CANADIAN GENERAL,also trying to intervene, he was desperatly asking for help to the whole world, he did not have enough troops to fight the regime of blood thirsty people working for that demon,
    they where no more humans they where beast from hell turned loose by the devil himself,
    I don’t know at this time if he is still alive, and like a PTSD FROM THE WARRIORS who have seen hell,
    he suffered also. even with all the decorations he was given, where not enough to heal his wounded soul.

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    Richard Wheeler

    H.R. Is there any question that 50+ Dem. Senators will support Susan Rice if her name is placed in nom. for Sec. of State?
    BTW I personally think very highly of Condi Rice.

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    Hard Right

    You ducked the question as usual.
    I guess admitting the bigotry and hypocrisy from your side is just asking for too much honesty or integrity from you.

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    Richard Wheeler

    H.R. I ducked nothing. It’s called politics.You oughta know with that moniker.
    BTW Unfortunately bigotry,,racism and hypocrisy exist on all sides in this wonderful yet imperfect society we live in.

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    Hard Right

    @Richard Wheeler:

    Nice cop out-again. You refuse to address the abundant bigotry your side constantly displays. That leads me to believe you approve of it provided your side is the one delivering.
    You challenged me to comment on Askin, but refuse to comment on your side. You only prove your hypocrisy and cowardice.

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    Hard Right
    that is quite a revelation of the Susan Rice best interests,
    maybe she’s got some from her friends who trust her enough , and don’t want their name on it,
    yes trust her to propel her on higher grounds , where you scratch my back and I’LL scratch you’re

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