Unions To Launch Class Warfare Ad Campaign

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Yup, tax hikes on the rich and small business will cure our economy. (h/t Zip)

Several major labor unions are banding together to launch an ad campaign next week urging members of Congress to raise tax rates on the wealthiest Americans and to protect entitlement programs from major cuts as a solution to the looming fiscal cliff, a source with knowledge of the effort told CNN Friday.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the Service Employees International Union and the National Education Association are banding together for this campaign, which will be launched next week.

The effort will include a “six figure” buy of television ads, as w

ell as ads online, the source told CNN.

The groups will argue, using new polling data, that the public does not favor major cuts in entitlement programs like Medicaid, but wants to see a solution to curbing the nation’s deficit based on raising the tax burden on the wealthier parts of the population, as well as policies that encourage job growth.

Idiots! These dummies caused 18,000+ people to lose their jobs in an economy that is in shambles. Now they believe people are gullible enough to buy the fact that raising taxes will cure all. The people can't be that gullible right?

Oh wait.


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    James Raider

    Yup, tax the hell out of those dirty rich folks and take half of their capital gains while you’re at it. That’ll show them – tax money already taxed, and tax it again. Taxing capital formation is great, isn’t it? What the hell is capital formation anyway? That’s something the rich do. Who cares. Yah, anyway, that should create a rush of investments in risky ventures and sprout thousands of new businesses, and millions of new jobs. Excellent. No?

    Oh, and don’t forget to raise the roof on death taxes – to 55% – how awesome is that. Damned right, tax that already taxed money, and then tax it again. Those lazy-good-for-nothing ‘inheritors’ don’t deserve it. That gives them a huge advantage over the children of the poor. And anyway, those billions of dollars once collected will be in better hands. They’ll be controlled by our socialist redistributing government bureaucrats, manipulated by liberal socialist politicians.

    Who cares if the new death taxes will require all those assets to be broken up and sold so that the inheritors can afford the taxes due – – those inheritors weren’t going to work those farms, or manage those small to medium sized businesses anyway. What? The rich don’t just keep all that money in the bank? Most of it exists in the form of “assets” – company shares, land, buildings, capital goods, etc.? Ah, who cares?

    Millions of lost jobs as a result? No matter. All that tax money will be in the benevolent hands of the government. That’ll break the stanglehold the rich have on society. Their kids are inbred anyway, they have no right to all those millions in assets just because of who their parents were.

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    Nan G

    Obama’s been appearing to favor unions since day one.
    But I think it has been a ruse to simply get the votes of useful idiots.

    SEE…..The Labor Dept. reported on Thursday that real average hourly earnings dropped again in October for the third month in a row, and are now down 2% from when Obama took office.
    Hurts all workers, unionized or not.

    15% of the population is collecting food stamps.
    Obviously a lot of workers are now ex-workers.

    The annual inflation rate climbed to 2.2% in October.
    Hurts all workers, unionized or not.

    353 coal-fired plants will close as a result of Obama’s environmental rules.
    Hurts coal workers who are unionized plus all the businesses and other workers they support with their dollars.

    Obama seems really focused on only one thing: raising taxes.
    He has no intention of slowing his spending of money he does not have.
    But to cover for the losses he can only do two things:
    Print money (making our money worth less) which the Fed is doing at breakneck speed,
    Raise taxes.

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    Liberal1 (Objectivity)

    I don’t know who you’re talking about when you’re citing “the loss of 18000 jobs—the citation on the internet seem to have deleted. But if you’re talking ab0ut Hostess, they’ve been going bankrupt for a long time—but the CEO continues to increase their salary.

    The vast majority of ‘real’ small businesses (even considering those having fewer than 500 employees for manufacturing businesses and less than $7 million in annual receipts for most non manufacturing businesses.[2]) do not provide a net annual income for their owners of greater that $250, 000.