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26 Responses to “Real Racism And Hatred In America”

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    Just another reason to be a conservative.
    Liberals eat their wounded.

    Conservatives can be pretty ugly as individuals.
    Liberals are ugly in job lots.
    They’ve got that whole “herd mentality” going again.

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    I am certainly not surprised….I’ve read that there is no such thing as a “Palestinian.” Just goes to show the Mob mentality, Mindless, Factless, Indoctrinated, Propagandist Hate from the LEFT…


    “There were no “Palestinian” lands at the time because there were no people claiming to be Palestinians, but rather simply Arabs who lived in the region of Palestine.

    “In 1947, a UN partition plan mandated the creation of two states on the remaining 20 percent of the Palestine Mandate: the State of Israel for the Jews, and another state for the stateless Arabs. But the rulers of eight Arab states did not want a non-Arab state anywhere in the Middle East. Thus they rejected the UN arrangement and simultaneously launched a three-front war of annihilation against the newly created state of Israel — on the very day of its creation in 1948. Israel begged for peace and offered friendship and cooperation to its neighbors. The Arab dictators rejected this offer and answered it with a war, which they ultimately lost.”


    It boggles my mind why American Jews keep voting for and sticking to the Democrats (Left)? I know the Jews have been victims of a horrific history especially the late 30’s and 40’s ….I have to ask, do these American Jew also have a “victim” mentality? Is why they stay with a party [Democrats] that really hates them??

    This is not to say I do not pray for Israel and the Israeli people at this time….It is amazing what they have accomplished as a country in the region they live…their lives are being turned upside down because of nothing more than Hate… I can say the same for the people of America…our lives have changed drastically because of Hate…. I guess this is the reason I don’t get the mentality here in America…

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    “It boggles my mind why American Jews keep voting for and sticking to the Democrats (Left)?” LOL! I, as a Jew think “boggles” is mild! I really have to ask my brethren, “Where in the hell is your mind?”
    I am always at a complete loss as to the Jewish people in this and for that matter other countries who refuse to learn from history, the history you mention in your reply. Yet, just like the lemmings back in NAZI Germany, they refuse to think, preferring the promises and the handouts.

    followers of this sight know my feelings on this, but I’ll throw them out there one more time. If the Jews in America think the persecution and so forth is going to stop in the Mid-East and Europe and in fact not come here, they are deathly wrong as it is here already as personified in this administration and the media. As the U.S. has apparently decided to do all possible to give the radical Muslims legitimacy, one has to assume once they destroy Israel as is their intent (luckily, Israel fights back finally). the violence and war against the Jews will (and in some case already is, just check places like Dearborn, Mich) become prevalent here. and once again, the Jewish people will wonder what the hell hit them, not realizing they ignored their own history.

    Skook, as always another great post. Again you point out not only the hypocrisy of the left but in fact the sheer hatred they exhibit not only towards Israel and so forth, but in fact anyone that dares to stand against there self absorbed positions. One moment of sanity by a mind dead lemming followed by hate and in the end, she buckled under. Sad how so many, especially this youngest generation have no spine to stand up when they are in fact right. Give her a little credit though. A marine was really proud when she showed for a Marine ball as his date.

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    Skook, you have proof every one of those tweets came from a self-proclaimed member of the Left?

    Fishing for racists fodder and attempting to pass it off wholesale as indicative of a group isn’t very difficult. For example, would you care to be asked to answer for all the racist tweets directed at Barack Obama election night, the highest concentrations of which originated in the Deep South, you know, “Right Wing”, Republican country?


    We used a location quotient inspired measure (LQ) that indicates each state’s share of election hate speech tweet relative to its total number of tweets.[3] A score of 1.0 indicates that a state has relatively the same number of hate speech tweets as its total number of tweets. Scores above 1.0 indicate that hate speech is more prevalent than all tweets, suggesting that the state’s “twitterspace” contains more racists post-election tweets than the norm.

    A couple of findings from this analysis
    -Mississippi and Alabama have the highest LQ measures with scores of 7.4 and 8.1, respectively.
    -Other southern states (Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee) surrounding these two core states also have very high LQ scores and form a fairly distinctive cluster in the southeast.
    -The prevalence of post-election racist tweets is not strictly a southern phenomenon as North Dakota (3.5), Utah (3.5) and Missouri (3) have very high LQs. Other states such as West Virginia, Oregon and Minnesota don’t score as high but have a relatively higher number of hate tweets than their overall twitter usage would suggest.
    -The Northeast and West coast (with the exception of Oregon) have a relatively lower number of hate tweets.
    -States shaded in grey had no geocoded hate tweets within our database. Many of these states (Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and South Dakota) have relatively low levels of Twitter use as well. Rhode Island has much higher numbers of geocoded tweets but had no hate tweets that we could identify.

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    Thank you Tom, for the detailed response. I don’t tweet, so the concept is alien to me; however, it is disturbing to see this hatred being expressed, supposedly by young people.

    There are some inconsistencies between the two comparisons. Kim’s group is a fan based personal group; since many of the tweeters were listed as being more “honored” than others for their volume. This illustrates that the people were probably regular tweeting fans.

    Sorry. I have an emergency job. I will be back tonight.

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    I look forward to more of your thoughts on the subject. I should add that i think you were absolutely right to shine a light on the disgusting behavior of the tweeters who directed those tweets at Ms. Kardashian. I’m not sure however if it’s constructive or accurate to assign these individuals collectively to the Obama camp or election victory, but I am open to your perspective.

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    Nan G

    Apparently people missed the video of Obama revelers celebrating his re-election as the death knell for Israel.
    Has that already been pulled?
    I was astonished at the hatred for Israel…..one commenter was even ”part-Jewish,” ……his own words.
    My dad pointed out that in Nazi Germany even a 16th or 32nd Jewish sent people to the gas chambers.

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    they are all screwed up, and despicable,
    I notice many MUSLIM NAMES, is that where they use their hate
    propaganda machine aiming at the young AMERICANS FROM GENERATIONS?

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    Liberal1 (Objectivity)

    One -time conservative ‘Golden Boy’, Bobby Jindal, Republican Governor of Louisiana, in his criticism of the Republican Party made reference to the “dumbing-down of conservatives”—I wonder whom he is talking about?

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    and go on, what’s your point?
    expand, and what is it to you.
    this is about CONSERVATIVES, since when do you care.

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    #5 continued: The actions of agents provocateurs are possible in political situations, facilitated by the anonymity of the internet. Some people view themselves as extremely clever and push the envelope on the freedom of speech by posing as someone from the opposition, and spout vile ugly hatred to malign and impugn others in this assumed persona. I have seen a few posts by strangers to FA that seemed to be of this type, but it is nearly impossible to know for sure. The act itself isn’t the worst aspect; the fact that people are willing to go to almost any lengths to win, not win fairly, but to win. Destroying others with speech that will be accepted by some at face value with semi-logical conclusions drawn. Winning at all cost can include voting multiple times, voting for dead people, and encouraging homeless people to vote for a bottle of booze. All of this is the bottom of the sewer of political action and it seems to be the result of the most base human minds.

    It would be silly to say that there is no racism in America, but claiming that resistance to Obama’s fiscal policies are racist is just as silly. Dealing with real racism is far more effective than chasing fake claims of racism, this tilting at windmills makes people less receptive to claims of actual racism.

    Unfortunately, the denigration of our most loyal and formidable ally in the Middle East has been a major part of the Democrat platform for decades. Consequently, this hatred of Israelis reaches the point of absurdity; eventually, the hatred consumes people and they hate American Jews to the point where any lie or vile accusation is accepted as fact.

    When Biden told Blacks the GOP was going to put them back in chains, he unnecessarily conjured up ugly images from the past to score political gain. This represents a vile form of racism that was allowed to be used against Blacks and their deep seated anger over injustices of the past. Was this legitimate political expression or a cheap vulgar trick? I have yet to read a legitimate political pundit write that anyone should be put in chains or slavery. Thus Biden committed a vile social injustice, not just against Republicans, but against the Black race as well. For he exploited many emotions: fear, anger, humiliation, must be deeply rooted over this peculiar institution called slavery. However, there are no more people alive who were part of that era, but instead of letting the institution die a slow natural death, a comedic thug like Biden must bring up the feelings to the surface for people who are many generations removed from slavery.

    When such feelings are aroused, anger and hatred follow; consequently, hating the Israeli is much easier, since the path of hatred has been paved. This reaction leads to the embrace of the terrorist because he hates the Israeli as well, but there is a problem that results, the terrorist isn’t content with the destruction of Israel, his next goal will be the U.S. and he will use our misdirected hatred to divide and conquer.

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    this is so well explain, and is in it the worse ,when it come from an elected to the rank
    they have to go back to the why does THE PEOPLE are electing them,
    it’s surely not to divide with hate, as they did,on their previous term and again on the second and last,
    they must remember there was those who had the same rank and where impeach for less than promoting hate and divide among this NATION, a worse done than any previous PRESIDENT AND VICEPRESIDENT

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    Larry: From the WSJ on why it is unsafe to have opposing views on campus.

    A 2010 survey by the American Association of Colleges and Universities found that of 24,000 college students, only 35.6% strongly agreed that “it is safe to hold unpopular views on campus.” When the question was asked of 9,000 campus professionals—who are more familiar with the enforcement end of the censorship rules—only 18.8% strongly agreed.

    This is part of the reason Conservatives decide not to join the Jesuits, er professors of academia.

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    You have to keep in mind that it sounded like the majority of delegates at the democratic convention wanted God out of their party. Anything that has to do with God LOVING someone, is hated, but it is OK to use God to HATE someone.

    This reminds me of the man who wanted to join a very prestigious church. He applied several times. Each time he was turned down. One night as he was getting ready for bed, he prayed more desperately to God to help him be accepted by the church. God finally answered him by saying, “You might as well give up. I’ve been trying to get in that church for twenty year, and they haven’t let me in either.”

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    Hard Right

    I will say we are assuming that those posting the tweets are dems the same as tom assumed those posting racist tweets towards obama were Republicans.
    On multiple occassions I have posted multiple links to racist cartoons and comments done and said by those known to be leftists (aka democrats).
    Not once has tom, greg, rich, lib #2, or even Larry commented on them. NOT ONE DENOUNCEMENT. (Yet rich had no problem fishing for me to denounce what akin said about rape. Typical leftist hypocrisy) Frankly, I doubt we ever will see see such a thing. It seems that they think doing so is some kind of treason to the leftist cause, or they fear it will trigger introspective thinking that will lead them to see the reality they fight to deny. Maybe it’s that famous liberal double standard where they have decided the rules don’t apply to them.

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    “Jew-Hatred” in this country is a color-blind, equal-opportunity form of hatred. Especially when it masquerades as “I’m just opposed to the oppressive, Zionist State of Israel.” Riiiiight.

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    Thanks for fleshing out your thoughts. This is my first chance to catch up on this fascinating topic.

    You wrote:

    It would be silly to say that there is no racism in America, but claiming that resistance to Obama’s fiscal policies are racist is just as silly. Dealing with real racism is far more effective than chasing fake claims of racism, this tilting at windmills makes people less receptive to claims of actual racism.

    I think you absolutely captures the Left/Right divide on racism here and it seems to come down to this perpetual question of what is and what isn’t authentically “racist”. Furthermore, the Right appears to be quite taken with the concept that the Left is systematically floating false claims of racism to advance their own ends. The Right even has a term for this: “Reverse racism”. At a certain point not only did reverse racism, in terms of moral perfidy, catch up to actual racism, it surpassed it. (As an aside, I find this fascinating, the idea that a false claim of racism can somehow be worse than actual racism. It’s like saying that wrongfully accusing someone of murder is actually worse than murder itself.)

    We know that racism exists and likely will always exist in some form. Of all the arrows in our arsenal to combat it, the simplest, yet to me the most indispensable, is the expression of our First Amendment right to call it when we see it. This is where I question the Right’s tactics in this area. This meme of reverse racism and accusing those who call out racism as simply trying to achieve a (Leftist) political aim fails several crucial tests in the areas of American ideals, logic and morality. First of all, no claim should be dismissed out of hand. One Tawana Brawly incident twenty years ago does not justify an ongoing into perpetuity blanket suspicion upon all claims of racism made by blacks. Look at the tweets I linked to, we know it exists. Talk to a black adult and float the idea that he should “get over it”, see how he/she feels. Second, each claim deserves to be judged on its own merits and facts and not through a political veil. Third, reflexive cries of reverse racism are de facto witness intimidation. When a person knows he is going to be smeared or harassed for standing up for himself or his neighbor, the likelihood of remaining silent greatly increases. Suppressing information only emboldens racists to act with impunity, thus increasing racism as public knowledge of the extent of its presence in our society is actually decreased. In summation, dropping a political dimension wholesale upon racism is a disservice to victims, an incentive to perpetrators, and worse of all, a systematic obfuscation of the truth.

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    @Tom: I am not sure there are differences in racism that can be delineated by political views. it’s obvious we have a wide consensus of ideas among Conservatives on this blog.

    You, I assume are Black, by the nature of your posts, and through ethnocentrism and personal experience (I am assuming a great deal) you tend to think of racism as a prejudice by the world, especially the White world against Blacks.

    I am a man who appears to be White, but because of conflicting facial features and an unusual ability with animals, (Yes, White people aren’t supposed to be that good with animals) I am asked probing questions on a regular basis. I know my heritage is mixed, and now that my older relatives are at the end of this game of life, they are leveling with me, and boy is it surprising.

    If you are a Black man, I will conclude that you have felt far more persecution than me, but I have seen the hatred from many different vectors, and I have felt the pain that can be inflicted by far lesser human beings who feel they are more special than others or wish to be mean to someone to feel better about themselves. Let’s face it, there are many humans that don’t have much to take pride in other than the color of their hide and a supposed but unproven superior DNA. Good grief! They are here, we are here; the Hitler philosophy was a cruel tragedy on the face of the earth, but there are many weak minded pathetic individuals who have some weird offshoot of the same idea they want to impose on humanity. They are a problem, a terrible problem; they don’t come from one group of people, they are representative of many groups.

    I try to be friendly and upbeat to everyone, but years ago, in Canada, a former Nazi Youth who was a few years older than me and a serious gun collector, took offense because I had served in the American military. The confrontation was so intense over two years, I thought I might need to kill him, but my work picked up in the U.S. and Europe and I forgot about him. He was consumed in hatred and he was blaming the loss of WWII on me, but I was in diapers and was too young to carry a rifle. I mention this as an example of being consumed with hate, it is ugly.

    This is hatred and to counter hatred, I try to uplift everyone’s spirit by saying something nice to all the people I come in contact with; oh sure, there are many sour apples out there, but they can’t blame me for not trying.

    Now, when someone says I am resisting Obama’s fiscal policies because I am a racist, deep inside, I want to scream. I am a fiscal conservative (small c) a product of living in agri-business where there is a small profit margin. Without careful attention to financial matters, the rancher is bankrupt and may go broke no matter how careful he is. That’s a long way from any definition of a racist I have ever heard of.

    While you have your prism to view racism, I have one as well, but mine has a multiplicity of views and I have no loyalty to any particular race other than the race of man.

  19. 23



    A fascinating response. I thank you for sharing those personal details. I am actually not black, but I still consider that to be a very insightful comment on your part, because I think I may have internalized some of these issues to a degree, due to my background. I grew up in a racially diverse small city in the Northeast. My little league team drew equally from my middle class neighborhood and the local projects. None of us thought much about that, we were all just kids. Of course as I got older, the life-altering differences in our situations became alarmingly clear. I can’t remember exactly when I first heard that one of my former little league teammates had been jailed, or shot, or killed. I was probably already in high school and I wasn’t really in touch with those kids anymore because white kids of any means at all in my city were sent to Catholic schools. During the summer I played basketball at the playground and that was my only contact with my old friends. One, in particular I will never forget. While I was going to a good high school, working towards college, he was on a doomed trajectory. He worked at a local fast food restaurant and one day two white kids in a nice car laughed and mocked him with racially derogatory remarks as he carried the trash out. He went back inside, took a chef’s knife, stuck it in his belt and went back out to confront them. Without getting into the gory details, several weeks later I drove him to his lawyer’s office. This middle aged white man, probably meaning well in a tough-love sort of way, proceeded to lecture my friend in the most condescending manner imaginable. Even my clueless seventeen year old mind burned with shame for this man for not grasping the complexity, the hopelessness and pity of the situation, concepts I was still struggling with. His blind and arrogant assumption that life is equally easy to navigate for everyone rang false to me. It’s simply not true. Now that I look back, I realize this friend of mine was likely deeply mentally disturbed. In his circumstances, he had absolutely no chance of not ending up in a maximum security prison. Do we assume the same fate would have descended upon Tagg Romney if he had similar issues? Someone of extraordinary God given gifts of talent and intellect such as yourself can pull himself out of a difficult background, so I understand why you feel that perhaps anyone else should. But not everyone has those gifts. Angst about “wealth distribution” leaves me cold when I know there are people literally dying out there who shouldn’t be. I’m willing to listen to all ideas of how to solve these problems, but one thing I won’t countenance is sneering simplistic bromides against the less fortunate from those who have obviously never witnessed their lot.

  20. 24


    @Tom: Let me tell you this, it takes a lot for me to be intimidated, but when that deep blue eyed, blonde, perfect physical specimen man looked me right in the eye and told me he was going to shoot me in the bush, I had no way of knowing whether he was serious or not, but most people who live in the mountains don’t joke about such matters. If we would have been alone, I would have opened him up with my knife and left him for the bears and coyotes, it bothered me for a long time. Tonight after I wrote the note to you, I have been bothered once again, and thought I didn’t emphasize the seriousness of the situation. I would have had no inhibitions about putting him away, for he was a miserable evil person, but I didn’t want to risk getting caught.

    There is a difference between rage and feeling threatened. I understand the rage of your friend. I often work for extremely wealthy people, usually the horsemen show me a lot of respect, but the non-horsemen who feel threatened are quick to make fun of my rural accent and curious word usage reflecting an area that has been isolated from the normal evolution of modern word usage. Thank goodness, I have a green eyed stare that leaves cowards and bullies wondering if they are going to piss their trousers. I can control my anger from insults and rudeness or i would have been through a lot of grief. I would never consider walking into a bar or going to a party with rowdies drinking; i am a big easy target, but I don’t lose easily.

    Oh well, if you know part of the story, it will help to have a greater understanding of my philosophy and attitudes. Like your Black friends, I don’t suffer fools and rude obnoxious people lightly. I understand how they feel or at least I have a vague idea. When you are good with animals, people will say you aren’t right in the head and much worse things. The people who envy your ability, your physique, or your easy conversation with women will try to provoke you and belittle you. I have spent my adult life in this situation and it may be close to the Black experience.

    On a political note, sometimes we may be much closer in our standards than you might think. We probably just address problems differently. I feel rage inside and after a lifetime of dealing with the strength of horses, humans seem pathetically weak, but still, I resist my urge to take advantage of their weaknesses. I always try to offer the world a smile and a kind word.

  21. 25

    Richard Wheeler

    H.R. Guys like Akin and Mourdock didn’t need your denouncement. The voters of Missouri and Indiana took care of that.
    Skooks and Tom A great example of how two intelligent ,compassionate people from different political prisms can respectfully debate and find common ground.


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