The Coming Financial Disaster [Reader Post]

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We, the people of the US, are heading for a disaster of epic proportions. And when it hits, due to the US influence abroad, the world will feel the hurt at the same magnitude. Why? Fiat currency, that’s why. Combined with rapidly increasing national debt, and interest rates kept artificially low, with massive infusions of “cash” into the market place, the foundation holding up the confidence in the US dollar is starting to crumble.

Given more credit ratings downgrades by the various international credit foundations and agencies, the point of irreversible damage is quickly approaching. When that happens, hyper-inflation will implode the dollar nearly overnite, and nothing the government does will be able to stop the fall. Nothing. And the reason the government can do nothing, at that point, is that our standard of currency, the US dollar, is based on nothing but the confidence of the marketplace, both at home and abroad. When that confidence goes south, the dollar will become worthless as a method of exchange between people, leaving tangible assets and items, along with gold and silver, as the preferred methods.

Given the the sheer number of people living “paycheck to paycheck”, and holding essentially worthless material goods, when that disaster hits millions upon millions will starve off and die out, particularly within the inner city areas. Doom and gloom? Maybe. Maybe not. We will certainly know soon whether or not the US government’s credit rating gets downgraded further. These credit downgrades didn’t happen due to low taxation. They happened because neither of the major political parties seriously addressed the real problem. Spending. And yes, I said both of them, even as the first credit downgrade happened under the watch of the Democrats. Bush lowered taxes, but that arguably created economic growth, resulting in at worst, a wash revenue-wise, but likely a revenue increase. Liberals will argue the contrary, but history doesn't support their assertion.

What Bush did that made conservatives cringe is to spend. With the help of a Republican congress to boot. A medicare prescription drug plan. The Patriot Act. And “No child left behind”. Liberals might wish to include Defense spending, particularly with two wars, but neither of those wars were added to the Federal baseline budget like the previous three items. Then along comes Obama. With a progressive leaning Democrat Congress. $841 Billion Stimulus, give or take a few billion, in which much of that was rolled automatically into the baseline budget. The Omnibus bill, again rolling more spending into the baseline budget. And Obamacare, which by definition, is part of the baseline budget, even as most of the spending hasn’t kicked in yet.

Those baseline budget additions became entrenched in the general federal funding for various programs, agencies and departments, and include an automatic 4-7% increase, annually, due to inflation. For reference, that means $10 Billion added to the baseline budget in 2002 would, due to the automatic increases, cost the taxpayers $17.1 Billion dollars this year, assuming the average automatic increase of 5.5%. A $7.1 Billion increase in spending. And we are talking about hundreds of billions in baseline budget additions.

Contrast that with static tax rates over that same time period, but growth of only 3%, on average(and that is probably a very liberal estimate of GDP growth).

There is no possible way that revenue, even with unprecedented continuous growth for that long of a period could ever catch up to spending. And our government only continues to add additional spending to an already bloated budget. This is why there have been, and will continue to be, credit downgrades.

But can’t tax hikes address the discrepancy between spending and revenue? No, they cannot. Assume spending and revenue were really as the liberals love to point to in 2001, when Bush took over. In the 11 years since then, given no outside influence, no 9/11, no tax hikes or cuts, no housing bust, and a continuous annual 3% growth, spending would have outstripped revenue by $800 Billion, give or take a few billion, assuming a starting point of $1.9 Trillion for both. This kind of spending cannot continue if we expect to remain viable, financially, as a country.

More credit downgrades are in our future, if we continue down that path, even if one assumes an increase to the Clinton era tax rates, and increased capital gains tax rates, that won’t bring in the expected revenue since we don’t live in a vacuum. Those credit downgrades will force the government to increase the interest rates on bonds, just to obtain the cashflow necessary to keep the government running. Those increased interest rates will carry over to private industry, making it virtually impossible to obtain low-interest loans that Americans have come to expect on mortgages, cars, and even credit cards. The credit industry will deteriorate, becoming a much smaller part of our GDP, as less and less people take on the mounting costs of financing purchases, and the GDP will shrink. A lot. When that happens, government revenue will also shrink, while the spending, if not checked, will continue on it’s upward path.

Deficits of $1 Trillion will seem like drops in the bucket, and the debt will skyrocket higher than anyone thought possible. The ultimate inevitability is when the federal government defaults on it’s payments, forcing everyone the world over to shed any dollar holdings they may have, turning the dollar into nothing more than a worthless piece of paper. Greece would have been there, except for an association with the European Union which has artificially propped up there economy using an influx of Euros. However, the austerity measures have been severe, resulting in mass rioting across the country. Now imagine no one there to help prop up our economy. No one to force austerity measures.

Mass rioting will be the least of our problems, when no one can buy the food they need or the fuel they need. With the dollar tied to nothing but consumer and investor confidence in it, when that confidence deteriorates, the disaster will have started, and God help those who aren’t prepared.

It’s too late to move the dollar back to the gold standard. It isn’t too late to stop the gluttonous spending by our government and restore fiscal sanity. When fiscal sanity is restored, the government’s credit rating can be restored, and the dollar can be strengthened. Strengthen the dollar and the disaster can be averted, regardless of what happens in other countries.

The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation. The second is war. Both bring about temporary prosperity. But both bring about permanent ruin. And both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists
– Ernest Hemingway


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    Wm T Sherman

    millions upon millions will starve off and die out, particularly within the inner city areas

    And a lot of those people will have access to cars, by ownership and by theft. People will not stay put and starve if they believe they can take what they need ten, fifty, or a hundred miles away. If your security is limited to a door lock and a burglar alarm then they will kick in your door and do as they please. And remember — they hate you for having things. It’s all your fault. They’ve been told for generations that their plight is all your fault.

    It isn’t too late to stop the gluttonous spending by our government and restore fiscal sanity.

    I think that maybe it is too late. Even the so-called opposition party is not really an opposition party. The R leadership makes its decisions in secret, appeases the Democrats, and attacks conservatives. They scramble to keep their positions at the trough and that’s all we can expect from them. And much of the population has been taught the exact opposite of fiscal restraint for generations. They will continue to vote for shining false promises instead of reality.

  2. 2


    @Wm T Sherman:

    What I meant by “it’s not too late”, is that technically, and according to the credit ratings agencies, it isn’t too late. If spending is addressed, favorably enough for the US to maintain, or even gain back what it lost, credit-wise, then the dollar itself will regain confidence here at home and most importantly, abroad.

    But your point stands. Considering the current makeup of our Congress and federal government in general, it just might be too late. Progressive Republicans and progressive Democrats are too intent on continuing to feed at the public trough, and the conservative members of both parties are in the minority, and hold little to no sway, or say, on the rest of their gluttonous colleagues.

  3. 3


    Obama has doubled down on his call for tax hikes. It’s now up to $1.6 Trillion over ten years, vice $800 Billion.

    And all that even as the CBO says the deficits over that time frame would tally $11 Trillion. Meanwhile, no actual discussion of what spending cuts are on the table, although the latest rumour is that spending cuts will come to one-third of Obama’s proposed tax hikes. That’s $530 Billion, for a total dent in the ten-year deficit prediction of $2.1 Trillion. Leaving approximately $9 Trillion the government will still have to borrow.

    Total debt by 2022? $25 Trillion. Compare that to the expected GDP of $21 Trillion, using the average of expected GDP growth rates, at 2.7%.

    That leaves the US with a debt to GDP ratio of around 120%. Not a very rosy outlook, especially considering the perception that high debt to GDP ratios around the world are receiving.

    And when one is talking of $9 Trillion in deficits left over, after the raping and pillaging of the “rich”, it still comes down to this;

    It’s about the spending, stupid!

    It always has been. But when common sense cannot even get play in Congress, and even spending increase cuts are lambasted and criticized, Mr. Sherman’s assertion that it is already too late looks even more accurate.

  4. 4

    Nan G

    I hope we get out of Long Beach before all the $#!+ hits the fan.
    In Utah having a years’ worth of foodstuffs is not unusual.
    Here, it is VERY odd.
    I have been working through our stores of goods for weeks now.
    I’m looking forward to being with like-minded people in Utah.
    I’m not going to convert, however.

  5. 5

    James Raider

    The Novice at the teleprompter is right now reclaiming that the tax on the ‘rich’ will provide a TRILLION dollars. The MSM has been spouting this lately, forgetting to point out that this is spread over a DECADE. First, it will not happen. Second, it will accomplish nothing, other than help destroy small businesses. Idiot. Idiots.

  6. 6


    @James Raider:

    There are a lot of things that people, in general, do not understand about economics and government budgets. And the media doesn’t help when they imply things like what you mentioned. They make it seem like gouging the “rich” can actually pay for all of their free “stuff”.

  7. 7

    Wm T Sherman

    Many people who should know better have internalized false ideas such as “in general, private sector growth depends on the stimulating effect of government deficit spending,” and “increases in tax rates always lead to more government revenue,” and “the rich collectively have sufficient income to finance the current trillion dollar plus federal deficits through taxation of that income.”

    Truths such as “for four years businesses have been sitting on a trillion dollars in privately-held cash that they see no reason to invest in expansion nor hiring under the current government-maintained environment of economic uncertainty, doubt, and anti-business hostility” are generally unknown to the public.

    The multipler effect of businesses using that trillion in private cash would be much greater than unity, probably much greater than two. And it wouldn’t cost the government a dime — just the opposite, it would increase tax revenues. In contrast, the multiplier effect of $800 billion in stimulus spending, if you’ll recall, was calculated to be 0.7. For every dollar the program consumed, 0.7 dollar worth of economic activity resulted and 0.3 dollar disappeared down a rathole into another dimension. That’s what happens when you spend the money bailing out public employee pension funds and the UAW, and investing in doomed green energy scams to reward campaign bundlers. I remember President Choom snickering contemptuously back in 2009 as he instructed us that it didn’t matter what the money was spent on, it was all stimulus. Obviously not so. And how he laughed with his rent-seeking corporate cronies a year and a half later at the fact that there really isn’t any such thing as “unfunded shovel-ready jobs.”

  8. 9

    Nan G

    People, liberals, mainly, seem to think it is fine to simply ADD the cost of ObamaCare to the prices of everything.
    If you are a doctor, no big deal.
    But what about a business that hires lots of minimum wager workers?
    On Jan. 1, 2014 ObamaCare adds $1.79 per hour to the cost of a full-time employee.
    If your employer opts out it STILL costs him $.98 per hour!
    His only option is to lower the number of full-time workers to under 50.
    And he can raise prices, too.

  9. 10


    Agreed: the math doesn’t add up. And they lie. So yes, something bad is around the corner. Do expect some fallout. But I have to disagree with the following.

    when that disaster hits millions upon millions will starve off and die out… mass rioting.

    That will not happen. Look at Argentina. Venezuela. The USSR breakup.

    Maybe some rioting but not mass, no mass starvation. Hardship is not out of the question.

    There’s going to be some suckage, possibly a lot of semi-anarchy, depends; but the State is not going anywhere. Police will want their paycheck and will show up to work. Trust me, the State will get its money.

    Assets will be threatened. Progressives get quite creative when looking for funding. FDR’s executive order 6102 mandated the confiscation of gold and you thought your safety deposit boxes are safe.

    Think pensions are sacred cows? As if Obama’s Delphi pension theft was an outlier. Hells to the no’s. All part of the playbook.

    Argentina seizes pensions.

    Portugal confiscates pensions.

    Hungary seizes pensions.

    Test: reading comprehsion. What do all these pension confiscations have in common? Private Sector Pensions. Unions not so much – pay to play; suckas play by the rules.

  10. 11

    Liberal1 (Objectivity)

    Anyone can spin the facts to conform with their own particular agenda—in this case a doom and gloom scenario. That’s how the conservative-news-entertainment-complex keeps their readers coming back for more. Unfortunately, with the radio and television division of this complex—to further develop David Frum’s thesis—they have widened and are taking advantage of the consumer’s thirst for this misinformation, apparently through the advertised consumption of commercial products.

  11. 12



    Seizing pensions and any other “creative” ways a government can gain funding won’t matter in the slightest when the wealth they steal is essentially worthless anyways. Especially as the lack of confidence in the dollar spreads worldwide.

    This is what happens when fiat currency is what a country’s wealth is based on. Fiat currency is especially susceptible to inflation as the supply of it is increased in massive amounts, such as the Fed Reserve has been doing with their QE programs. There is no tangible asset backing it other than the “promise” the US government places upon it. When that “promise” is seen to be worthless, the confidence in that currency erodes, and the currency itself becomes worthless as a means of exchange. All the seizures of “wealth” based on that currency won’t do a damn thing for the government to bring back confidence in that currency.

    When that happens, and hyper-inflation sets in, tangible goods will be gobbled up quickly and the majority of trade will happen on the local scale. Considering the vast numbers of people living within the large cities and urban areas, where nothing of tangible value is actually produced, those people will either move out of those areas, or become victims and participants in mass rioting and a mass starvation die-off. One only needs to look at portions of NYC after Sandy hit to see that in much less than a week, without food, water, and power available, dependent humans devolve into animals. Imagine that on a nation-wide, or global, scale. It won’t be pretty.

  12. 13

    Wm T Sherman

    The past is not necessarily a guide to what is about to happen. What Hungary, Argentina, Portugal, and Greece have in common is that they are local failures – elsewhere there are regional and world systems still largely intact, still propping them up. A widespread failure means no reserve, no place to run.

    Let’s consider other local examples — Haiti, Zimbabwe, Detroit, the Dark Ages in Europe. The resources were there but they lost the ability to use them. There is no hard lower limit to how far a society can crash, other than the limit of complete human depopulation. We will not fall that far, but society as we have known it can come to an end and some people may very well not survive it — the most vulnerable in this country are the urban poor and ignorant, who have minimal resources, and who for generations in some cases have been supported by the state and never really learned to take care of themselves; and of course, designated scapegoats.

    We live in society more specialized than any in history. Typical inhabitants do their specialized jobs and buy their food, fuel and housing from others, none of which they can produce. People alive now are less able to cope than an earlier generation that experienced the Great Depression. What we supposed raving gullible extremists are imagining is something in the direction of the aftermath of an electronic pulse device attack frying all the electronics in the country – except what will actually be getting fried is the organization, trust, and relationships between us all. It’s happened from time to time throughout human history. Things fall apart.

  13. 14


    As the author and the commentators above [Bravo Wm T Sherman!] correctly point out, the Obama administration sees two closely related problems:
    1. Some Americans have saved too much. They have retirement funds with lots of money in them that they can’t control. They would like to follow in the paths of Argentina and tap into those funds, but how?
    2. There is a vast ($1T+) amount of profits in the hands of big business that is not being invested — certainly not being invested in building roads, paying school teachers, and providing free phones to the poor.

    The answer is: Qualitative Easing. Printing money debases our currency and reduces the value of the wealth stored in banks and the stock market. We “finance” 67-70% of our new debt by printing money. By increasing the money supply 12.5% when the economy is growing at less than 2%, the value of the money in the bank and the money in your pocket goes down while you watch.

    I wish that someone would have explained this to the American people during the election, but apparently Gov. Romney’s tax bill, Big Bird, free birth control, and bayonets.

    As the author correctly points out, when this gets out of hand, it’s going to be a disaster. You think the dot-com bubble was bad or the housing loan bubble was bad, wait until you see the dollar bubble.

    It’s time to change your investment portfolio to ammunition, can goods, and farmland.

  14. 15



    If the people truly understood what Qualitative Easing actually accomplishes, there would be pitchforks and torches marching on DC and the Fed Reserve.

  15. 16

    Wm T Sherman


    The whole point of it is for people not to understand. A maneuver that is utterly obscure to most people, further obscured by an intentionally bland and misleading name.

    The people who are knowingly bringing this disaster about — what kind of world do they want to live in? What on earth motivates them? All I can come up with is, the same mentality that the Mafia has when they capture a legitimate business operation, then hollow it out and discard it. “We’re smart. We’re cool. All you guys who work for a living are suckers.”

  16. 17


    Recently, a U.S. hedge fund won a court case against Argentina and its demands that Argentina paid up their debt of over $1 billion to the hedge fund which was trying to get their money back that they loaned to prop up the Argentine government. The hedge fund has been trying for 11 years to be repaid.

    Argentina refused to pay, so what did the hedge fund do? It confiscated an Argentine navy ship in Ghana, lock, stock and sails. Now Ghana has said that they will not release the ship to the hedge fund until the government of Ghana is provided with court documents, but it is only a matter of time.

    So what happens when China, and Russia, call in their notes they are holding on U.S. debt? And what happens when those lender nations tell us that our dollar is no longer worth squat and try to conficate the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan as it docks in some not-quite friendly nations that would be more than happy to stick it to the U.S.?

  17. 18


    @Wm T Sherman:

    The whole point of it is for people not to understand.

    Yes, I know. The stated purpose of the QE program is to increase the supply of money available for lending by the multitude of banks across the country, keeping interest rates low, thereby stimulating the economy through purchases made on credit, hoping to achieve a true economic recovery with long and healthy growth.

    The actual purpose is to devalue the currency, making it easier for governments to make the payments on their loans, and effect a situation, globally, where US exports are placed in higher demand due to a perceived lower cost to peoples in countries around the world.

    The actual effect is that the currency will be devalued, and continue to drop in value, relatively to other world currencies. This, though, creates a catalyst for inflation at home, and decreases the value of any investment holdings as well as lowers the effective buying power of those receiving SS and welfare checks at home.

    Jefferson warned us about giving so much power to a centralized bank. I wonder what he’d say about what is happening now.

  18. 19


    Brought up yesterday how progressies the world over have a penchant for other peoples pensions. I just read that Obama knows that playbook. The Treasury and Dept of Labor recently held a round table on the matter.

    A representative of the liberal Pension Rights Center, Rebecca Davis, testified that the government needs to get involved because 401k plans and IRAs are unfair to poor people. She demanded the Obama administration set up a “government-sponsored program administered by the PBGC (the governments’ Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation).” She proclaimed that even “private annuities are problematic.”

    Back on point. @johngalt – We’re mostly in agreement. I think you’ve doubled down on a little more doom than me (but that’s arguable as I’m pretty convinced a war is around the corner). I think we’ll see Greek style riots and maybe a currency crash like Argentina. But Japan has been printing money for the last two decades – I think they are on QE13. I understand the argument behind what you are saying in regards to fiat currency. But Japan is my thermometer and they are still humming along.

    But I do agree – It’s not going to be pretty. A lost decade.

  19. 20


    ‘millions upon millions will starve off and die out, particularly within the inner city areas.’
    Nah. The US is the Saudi Arabia of food. If Egypt even today can keep people from starving by the millions, I assure you that the government here can manage the same, even if it becomes far more incompetent than it is now.
    A better model for likely outcomes in the US is Argentina following their financial collapse.
    Also, the US will never default on its debts so long as they are denominated in dollars. We can just print more. Default is for those who are in the unfortunate position of having their debts denominated in currency they don’t control. I obviously don’t *approve* of the way the government is doing business, but the primary losers are going to be the suckers who loaned the federal government money.
    The thing to watch for IMO (besides inflation) is the federal government offering up land or resources as collateral in some post-dollar scenario – say, if the Chinese stop taking our dollars.

  20. 21


    In my opinion, it comes down to the following: if the fiscal conservatism of the right is truly the saving grace for the country, then the Republican Party has to catch up to the 21st century with respect to social issues. LGBT rights such as legalization of gay marriage is here to stay. Legal access to abortion, sans vaginal ultrasounds and the like, is here to stay. Recreational drug use is going to be a legal option. The illegal immigrants are here to stay. Separationi of church and state (whereby no governement entity may supply a platform for religious expression unless said platform is equally accessible to people of all religious beliefs) is here to stay. IF universal access to health care is here, then access to contraception is going to be a part of that .

    NONE of these issues has jack shit to do with our financial crisis (you can argue that universal health care itself is a big player here, but focusing exclusively on women reproductive rights – which will be a wash financially compared to coverage of pregnancy/delivery/childcare – belies the same unelectable mentality that will cut you right down to the Akin 39%). However, these issues have everything to do with why conservative candidates – who I will entirely accept may have the best strategy to get us out of the the massive debt hole – will be playing an increasingly marginal role in the actual policies our country adapts.

    I’d have a lot more hope for our country if the right could get their shit together, trim the religious fat (let em join the Constituion Party or some such), and give the electorate a socially progressive option that stands on the bedrock of fiscal conservatism and small government.

  21. 22



    You don’t know how wrong you are. Why should anyone vote for a Republican if they are nothing more than Democrat Lite? What you want is the same thing that was tried in 1920’s/30’s Germany. In 1920’s/30’s Germany, after the crash of the Weimar Republic, Germans accepted homosexuality as normal, abortions, while not legal, were encouraged, drug use was made legal as was prostitution, pornography was openly accepted, cabarets were not just a place to drink, but a place where prostitution was available, drugs flowed freely and homosexuality was encouraged. Oh, yeah, and health care was nationalized. Not to mention the mocking of the “religious” who the hip Germans thought archaic and out of touch.

    Your plan: Germany’s been there, done that. How did it work out?

  22. 23


    retire05: Considered joining the Constitution Party?

    You may notice that I kind of leaned toward the rejection of universal health care. The rest of your point is absurd. Even granting (and really stretching to do so) that during Germany’s Golden 20’s (or through the collapse of the Weimar Republic), that homesexuality gained widespread acceptance (how many gay marriages?); that abortions were widely encouraged by being outlawed (ummm); I’d wager anything that of the thousands of published historical analyses of that era, you won’t be able to find a single one citing these as contributing factors to the rise of Nazism. In other words, even if your point were built on historically accurate facts, it’s an utter logic fail. I could just as easily argue “We need to elect only blacks and women into the government because during the 20’s and 30’s, the Germans had only white men in positions of power: how did that turn out?”. No, to make any kind of valid point here, you’d have to actually demonstrate that
    1) homosexuality was widely accepted in the German culture AND
    2) that acceptance somehow contributed to the economic collapse which set the stage for the rise of Nazism.
    Good luck.

    Regardless, my wider point also holds – I’m saying that, to the extent conservatives embrace social positions that are fading into the dustbins of history, they will continue to be increasingly irrelevant to the course this country takes. You kind of skimmed over that point.

  23. 24


    thank you, that is interesting, and yes I think it’s to late, for debates
    by OBAMA AND THE REPUBLICANS, only one will be in good faith
    and the lowest they can put the economy, the easyest they will get the people hopless and to take any s..t they can give them to believe,
    that’s what is there in the people who elected him, regardless of so many warnings.
    they need to be feeling the pain first,

  24. 25

    Wm T Sherman


    NONE of these issues has jack shit to do with our financial crisis

    Which is why they are distractions. They are distractions used by ‘Progressives’ to misdirect attention away from the only important issue of the age, so that they can continue to loot our children’s future to buy votes.

    In order to make the misdirection work, the very real and great increases in tolerance that have already occurred must be dismissed and denied — more and more esoteric and obscure definitions of prejudice are constructed to keep the grievance train moving. Words are assigned new secret meanings that the speakers of the words never intended nor thought. It’s despicable.

    The practioners of this con refuse to admit that things have already gotten a lot better, and will continue to get better no matter who is elected, and they set different interest groups against each other to divide and conquer. All the while, the economy is burning and other fundamental rights unconnected to body orifices or skin tone are being eroded away. But you don’t see and of that – look, squirrel! These grifters play you like a musical instrument. You can be the proudest gay man in the nationwide slum we’re building for all I care. I have other things to worry about. Like, not building the slum. We’re on the same side here – you can’t be fabulous when you have no money.

  25. 26


    it tell me that the more a government encourage corruption
    like this one does, so like NAZI, THEY ARE SICK AS HITLER WAS,
    and doom to destruction with those who are electing them,
    even ignorant of their agenda, they will be destroy by their own party,
    and the more corrupt it will come the faster the destruction will also come.

  26. 27


    Hi ilovebeeswarzone,

    As I recall, you have indicating that you’d love to see our government use nuclear weapons to deal with our “Afghanistan problem”. Presumbaly, you favor the approach for the simple convenience of it – just make our whole problem over there be suddenly dead. However, it seems you view abortion – that is, the killing of unborn children – as a form moral corruption. This confuses me: what should we do about all the unborn children in the pregnant women living in the cities which you feel we should nuke? Should our govenrment just murder them, because allowing them to live (that is, not persuing the nuclear option) would be such an inconvenience and put lives of American troops at risk?


    p.s. Here is a link to the platform of the Constitution Party:
    “The Constitution Party advocates a platform which aims to reflect the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, the Bible, and the Bill of Rights.”

    Is there some reason you don’t switch over to that party – so far as I know, it’s the party that’s pushing directly for the implementation of Sharia – whoops – Biblical law in our land. Seems like it would be right up your alley.

  27. 28


    @Wm T Sherman
    Wm T Sherman,

    I understand the frustration. But our points are two sides of the same coin. If these issues are truly that unimportant in the grand scheme of things, why does the Republican leadership continue to let themselves get beat with them. If this were football, it’d be like having a phenomenal running defense – best in the league – but using starting defensive backs who were once team heroes but now happen to be paraplegic. And you’re complaining that the opponents keep beating you with passing plays (rather than running the ball so you can crush them).

    You can’t have this both ways- if conservatives are really going to get the fiscal issues into play, they’re going to have to cut out the stances on social that are making them increasingly less electable.

  28. 29


    I think you’re all mixed up, the CONSTITUTION IS IN OBAMA ‘S way,
    all of them who choose to be haters , you don’t want another day of infamy as it happened before,
    and what did we do about it? nuke them,
    today we are friend,
    and the haters need to realize that we don’t like them and will never do.until they are nuke shock
    and become the nice people we can deal with,

  29. 30

    Wm T Sherman

    @Kevin: You are ignoring the statistics of the election. Compared to 2008, 9 million fewer voted for Obama and 3 million fewer voted for Romney than voted for McCain. It was a near thing, not a landslide. Romney’s problem was not that he failed to pander to the right interest groups. It was a lack of differentiation from his opponent, and an unwillingness to take the fight to his opponent, coupled with the Obama campaign’s masterful, micro-targeted get out the vote program ‘Narwhal’ designed by a team of engineers from Google, Twitter, and Facebook. The consultants that the Romney campaign hired are a gaggle of hacks and retreads with a track record of failure from the McCain campaign. They did not know what they were doing. The Romney campaign’s internet-based get out the vote program, ORCA, was an unmitigated disaster.

    The arrival of hurricane Sandy and Governor Chris Christie’s de facto defection to the other side had a significant effect as well. Bet you ten bucks he declares as a Democrat soon.

    The Republican base stayed home and that’s what cost Romney the election. The baseless fears of discrimination and civil rights rollbacks fanned by the Obama campaign were not the reason they stayed away. What is needed is to run a candidate who consistently stands for something. That hasn’t been done in a long time.

    The idiotic gaffes of the fossilized Republican candidates Atkins and Mourdock were not the reason either. That didn’t help, but based on what is known about the voter turnout, it didn’t decide the election either.

    You seem quite worried that the civil rights clock is going to be turned back, or that theocratic government will be installed. I think for a lot of leftist activist gays, the truth is starker and a little more depressing: We’re not against you – we don’t want to take away what you have – it’s just that you bore us. Do as thou wilt. Don’t expect us to pay for it.

  30. 31

    Richard Wheeler

    Kevin Would agree that Repubs.must advance the causes of social justice if they want their message of fiscal Coservatism accepted by a Majority of the electorate.
    I find your posts extremely well written. Thanks

  31. 32


    Wm T Sherman
    he had to much class compare to the OBAMA LOW BLOWS he constantly beat him up with smears and lies,
    and insults he showed how vicious he could destroy a person and he
    could destroy a country like AMERICA WITH SUCH HATE DISPLAYED as we have seen,
    the worse never seen before, evil against a good man who refuse to lower himself to his level,
    and MITT thought that AMERICANS where tired of looking for jobs which where destroyed
    BY OBAMA 4 YEARS previous failures
    MITT ROMNEY depended too much on the majority of AMERICANS to take his way
    of jobs creation as soon as he would be in the WHITE HOUSE
    no it’s not him who fail,, IT’S THE PEOPLE, and they will regret it,
    they lost the man who came at the right time to help them improve their lives,

  32. 33


    I’m just taking this post hostage now,
    so to say how we are sad to learned of the train accident killing the wounded warriors and injured more,
    TEXAS is mourning and we are also crying,in memory of that terrible event,
    dear TEXAS may GOD give you comfort, we share your pain.