Happy 8th Birthday Flopping Aces

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November 13th, 2004 was the day I started Flopping Aces on a whim with a post about Arafat's death and Bush winning the election. I had blogged prior to that about my law enforcement career but soon found that to be a bit controversial at work and seeing that I was always interested in politics and foreign affairs I decided to start this blog. I picked the name on a whim also. I was a poker fanatic at the time so I figured why the hell not. No one is going to read it anyways.

13.3 million page views later I can now say I was a bit wrong with that assumption.

In 2004 it was started on blogspot with a cheesy picture of 5 aces.

In 2005 I had a new site made which looked like this:

And by 2008 we had transitioned to this:

Until finally in January of 2011 we moved over to the latest you see now.

So 8 years later we are still around while many other blogs have left the scene. We aren't the biggest and most popular but I like to think we have some of the greatest discussions on the net, with conservatives and liberals all chiming in.

Anyways, I wish to give thanks to everyone who has helped make Flopping Aces successful.

Cheers to you and cheers too many years to come.


Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    Nan G

    I enjoy your blog very much.

    But…..wasn’t there 5 aces in that original pic?
    Either that or I need glasses.

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    I recall the 2008 FLOPPING ACES I thought was the most beautiful l front page,
    thank you for your patience, and sense of free speech you allow for all of us,
    you have seen the chairs swing high and low, and still we survived, the punch from left to right,
    back from right to left, boy it was exilarative to watch and participate in as an ace,
    or a queen or a set of heart, we gave it all
    MANIPULATE IT BETWEEN ALL OF US, FOLLOW IT AND LOOSE IT, AND COME BACK , AND BEGGING FOR MORE, and when we think it’s done with and exhausted,
    come a stranger and way we go again,
    this is an extra ordinary blog, full of such smart players who comment and move the thread,
    up and away to come back to finish the comment idea,
    I find it so interesting, all the time and a learning experience for me.
    best to you

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    Thanks for keeping the place open. I have no doubt it takes much of your time and I am sure there are occasions that it certainly doesn’t seem worth it. I don’t post here often, usually only when I feel I have something worthwhile to contribute or give some insight or info on my little piece of the world called Wisconsin.
    I cruise and post at a lot of conservative blogs and often some of the sights I hit seem to run far more on emotion than they do information. IMHO Flopping Aces is different in that many of the posts are well informed and researched and while our liberal friends may not always agree with some of the facts or analysis I can honestly say that is what keeps me coming back here.
    Once again thx for your efforts and all of the regualr posters here at FA.

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    James Raider


    Thank you for having created a platform with flexibility enough, eyes enough, and tolerance enough, for postings, ventings, and rants we can all enjoy.

    Admittedly your site first really drew my attention because, having read every ‘wild west’ related book known to man since the age of 9, I loved your graphics, then I continued to return, digging into content from your talented writers, and presto, I was a fan. And thank you for authorizing my occasional spoutings.

    Wishing you many continued years of success, and many years of patience.

    Well done.

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    Congrats Curt!

    My participation on FA first occured during hip surgery and it made my recovery much brighter. I have enjoyed and appreciated being a small part of these last couple of years.


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    Flopping Aces is the second site on my list of bookmarks I go through, after Drudge. I go to several sites, but yours has more issues that I feel like commenting on. Were we supposed to bring present?

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    Congratulations on eight great years. You put in a lot of time and money to support this blog and it shows. From your great staff of excellent moderators to the easy to read, follow and comment upon style, Flopping Aces is one of the best Conservative blogs on the interwebz.

    I’ve been lurking around here for about 4 years or so and have found a nice home on the web. I have my personal blog and also I help moderate another great Conservative blog, but I always find time to stop by here.

    Kudos Curt!

    Simply the best.

    ~ Don

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    Congratulation Curt. I forgot how I found you, but I have been hooked ever since. This is the only blog I actually post to. I usually see no real interaction on other blogs, just a bunch of posts for posting’s sake. This blog has some great conversations.

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    Happy Birthday and thanks for all the great discussions!

    “I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.” – Thomas Jefferson

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    if you would have a dollar from all the participants on each comment,
    and half a dollar for each one who read each post,
    how much would you have today?

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    Congratulations! I love to come over to your site and get some perspective from those who know what our brave men and women in uniform are really going through! I think and pray for them often and feel so sad that they risk their lives for the kind crappy soap opera shenanigans going on right now! They are fighting under the command of an incompetent bonehead. And never know if those that make the call to come in to save them while under enemy fire, will?

    I hope you have a long and successful blog and look forward everyday to coming back and enjoying all of your outstanding writing! Again, congratulations on a job well done!

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    FA, My Cyber Home

    When the body hurts too much to sleep
    And the motel bed is uncomfortable
    To the magical yellow screen I creep
    Soon I forget the pains and trouble

    Setting traps by stealth is my game
    Aye, friendly Skook is my code name
    Oh, I so love to engage the witty intellect
    Who scorn we, the academically bereft

    For in the bloody arena of ideas and debate
    It matters not who has the fancy sheep skin
    For victory belongs to he who can so wait
    to push the razored blade of truth deep within

    Happy day Curt, I do enjoy my cyber friends, thanks indeed.

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    Congratulations Curt and to the contributors here…this site is an enjoyable and informative diversion and is greatly appreciated.

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    Happy birthday and many more. I linked to your site from another and have added you to list of “must read” blogs Keep up the good work!

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    Happy 8th birthday!

    I remember discovering FA shortly after starting my own poliblog (after listening to Hugh Hewitt through 2004, and talking up citizen journalists, and after the whole RatherGate debacle).

    I was new to the blogosphere and FA was blogging and linking up some great stuff.

    I think I left a comment and Curt followed me over to my blog and read something I wrote which he seemed to like. So I was flattered when he deputized me.

    FA has a great look (my favorite being the Wild, Wild, West theme) and that’s all thanks to Curt.

    I know my blogging habits have slowed down considerably; but I appreciate reading the comments sections as well as the posts whenever I can.

    A tip of the hat to those who come here willing to engage in debate- especially those liberal commenters who challenge the conservative point-of-view and perspective on current events.

    I hope FA has many more birthdays to come.

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    Richard Wheeler

    Word #34 Yours is a voice of sanity amidst the chaos. Stay involved.
    To Mata Election’s over. C’mon back. You too Aye.
    The hell with the rest of ya LOL

    Semper Fi Go Irish

    Hi Bees