Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

8 Responses to “Treason: Benghazi Revelations Could Sink Obama”

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    Please. If a suspect upbringing, questions about schooling, shifty contemporaries, gun running that cost lives, and everything else hasn’t made one single ripple on the water to stop Obama, let alone slow him down, neither will this. He has a willing and cooperative media to cover his tracks, and the “new” media only preaches to its own choir. We’re toast as a country and Obama may very well become our very own Hugo Chavez before it’s all over.

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    @brstevens: I would ACT On Jesus and I would Like it if anyone who was ready for Jesus to take over our country and give us peace, I would pray that they would do so in giving a donation to my foundation so that I can go where I need to go so that I can act on creating a view point that would open the eyes of the public and let them know that the president does not want their better halves to work for them. We are Crumbling as a Nation not because we didn’t pray enough, but because their were not enough people that were willing to pray with me. I Pray Jesus has a plan for us to meet so that I can talk to you and share what Jesus does through me and I can talk to you about what he wants me to do, so that if he has anything for me, he would send it through you so that I would be even closer to the enemy of Our Lord. I want to call him out on the spot and know that he would talk to me. I would like to introduce My Lord to the face that would give our country over to the enemy so quickly so that he would know that I speak against him as one with God. Let me see the Enemy of My Lord walk in the presence of our Lord, and Let him know that he would not touch the children of God and he could not take Israel if he tried.

    The New World Order is Soon to be in Effect, and I for One will not Stand For It! I would Speak Out Against Satan, AND Those who would follow him so that they would know that I am ready to be Cultivated. I have been Germinated and I am ready to follow my Lord to the Ends of the Earth and beyond so that I would know that I did right by him while I was there. I love you all and it was fun getting to know each and every one of you. I tried to do what was right and I will still be there when you all gather for the day of my Feast. Thankyou for Reading this.

    I write this to you now in Love and Praise of our Lord Jesus.
    Come Home Soon.
    Your Brother,

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    thank you STEVEN,

    I just heard about the BENGHASI TRAGEDY,
    the chairman top intel official mister KING, EXPLAIN all the questions need to be answered,
    and one that capture my attention is the question about he want to know
    if there was a collusion between STEVEN and OBAMA,
    THAT IS important in the concept of refusing help as ask for many time,
    it would prove a willful denial, that is really something

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    This is a guy that freely walks all over the constitution, was not born in the United States, acts like a moron, and would have been convicted for high treason 5o years ago, has a background and an early life that Karl Marx would envy…..and Benghazi, you say, with the death of only 4 Americans will bring him down? I agree with BRSTEVENS, we’re finished as a country, short of a revolution, and in which I could possible get in trouble over the words I have just written. I have no family and no children to directly worry about, and with maybe 5 or 10 years to go, and while I do not worry about my future, that of the wee ones down the road weighs heavily on my mind. Of course. He didn’t do it alone. He had help from millions of stupid Americans and legions of gangster unions. I know this subject is worthy of an analysis by scholars infinitely more informed than me, and that my words fall far short of this, but I know in my heart I am right in what I have said. Obama is our countries greatest enemy, past, present or future.
    Please excuse me I have to take an Obama. Really.

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    I have to agree with brstevens and Art. If all the rest of what has happened has not made a dent in obama, this hardly qualifies. obama could murder someone in the Whitehouse and get away with it. And yes, I really believe that….oh, look, squirrel…………..illicit love affair…………..our America has a concentration time of about 30 seconds….just have to wait for the next soundbite.

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    Richard Wheeler

    Art I got to “was not born in the U.S.” Why would I read further?
    BRSTEVENS The majority of the lamestream media picked Romney to WIN. How’d that happen I wonder?

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    @Richard Wheeler: You’re right. That alone should stand by itself and would require no further argument to crush the MF’er were we still a country of the Constitution, the greatest document to guide a nation ever written; but, you see, it’s me. I need the ranting for I’m beyond incommunicable at this utterly pointless demise of the Greatest Nation. So sorry to have wasted your time with the utterly obvious.

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