Obama To Win Second Term…

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A few bright spots…one big dim spot. Hello Iran…goodbye Isreal. Hello taxes…goodbye freedom. Hello free stuff….goodbye responsibility.

Hello status-quo election with 8% unemployment.


Stanley Kurtz:

Barack Obama has won re-election. Will America now lose it’s distinct characteristics and be transformed into a Euro-style welfare state? Quite possibly, yet there remains one way out. At this point, only a sweeping new grassroots rebellion on the model of the Tea Party could change things. In the wake of a presidential election so discouraging for conservatives, a massive new Tea Party wave may not appear to be in the cards. Yet a resurgent second-term challenge to Obama from populist conservatives is far more likely than it seems.

That’s because the president’s first term hasn’t really happened yet, at least not in the conventional sense. Ordinarily, a president enacts various policies in his first term, the public test-drives the changes, and the president’s reelection campaign is a referendum on those new policies. The difference in Obama’s case is that in order to secure reelection, he has backloaded nearly all of his most transformative and controversial changes into a second term. Obama’s next term will actually put into effect healthcare reform, Dodd-Frank, and a host of other highly controversial policies already surging through the pipeline, yet still barely known to the public.

Obama’s transformative changes to date have been far more theory than practice. While reelection may bring sullen public acceptance when Obama’s most controversial policies actually take effect, the reverse is equally possible. Once people actually begin to experience de facto healthcare rationing, for example, they might get even angrier than they were in 2009-2010 when rationing was only a prospect. The same principle applies to a host of other issues (cap-and-trade via regulation, financial regulations, comprehensive immigration reform, national school curriculum, urban-suburban policy). And this time the public could be angered not only by the policies, but by growing recognition that actual enactment of Obama’s agenda was delayed for political purposes.

The fact that Obama has only very narrowly secured reelection–unusual, since reelected presidents normally expand their initial electoral margins–might seem to contradict this high-conflict scenario. You can certainly argue that a barely-reelected president would be smart to pull in his horns and govern from the middle. Yet that’s not who Barack Obama is, and it’s certainly not the premise upon which he ran his campaign. Obama took the intentionally risky path of alienating half the country with an in-your-face negative campaign because he believed that demographics now allow him to cobble together a leftist majority in support of transformative change. Whether that demographic vision is valid or not, Obama and his advisors believe that it is, and so will govern with relative disregard for opposition, however vocal.

The reelection of a Republican House of Representatives might also seem to have a moderating impact on the president, and to a limited degree it does. Yet Obama has cast aside conventional restraints on executive power with his pre-election orders on welfare reform and immigration. He will thus interpret reelection as a license to rule by executive order–well beyond the traditional limits on executive power. In the absence of intense populist pressure on a Congress facing another Tea Party electoral wave in 2014, it will be impossible to prevent Obama from abusing his executive authority.

Exit thought-

2004 Bush wins re-election, Senate R-55/D-45 with a GOP House
2012 Obama wins re-election, Senate D-55/R-45 with a GOP House

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

176 Responses to “Obama To Win Second Term…”

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    @Budvarakbar: #49
    I’m sorry it took so long to reply. I don’t have an Internet hookup to my desktop computer, so I use my iPhone. For some reason, when I click on a link to a comment in the email, it only goes to the article, and not the comment. You didn’t give a comment number, and I didn’t want to try to find it on the small screen of the iPhone, so I waited until I could take my computer to someone else’s WiFi and use it.

    Too late 2012 was the last chance….

    I’ll let John Paul Jones speak for me:

    I have not yet begun to fight! The USS America hasn’t sunk yet, but it sure is listing to the left a lot.

    http:[email protected]/5240376938/in/photostream/

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    @Smorgasbord: You said:

    Did you know that obama lost in EVERY state that had photo ID?

    Except Florida, but with some of her counties reporting over 100% voting, something hinckey is going on in the Sunshine State.

  3. 155

    Ron H.

    Anticsrocks err I mean Donald King said:

    [email protected] “Sluggo” H.: No anticsrocks is my screen name, my real name is Donald King”

    What? Donald King? Man I love your hair. You were a great boxing promoter….what happened? Are you and Mike Tyson still on speaking terms? I mean you did kind of screw up his career.

    “As I said about you earlier, you are the kind of person that I’d like to purchase for what you are actually worth and sell for what you THINK you’re worth. I could retire tomorrow!”

    Weak, weak and weak. Is that all you got? By the way you sound like you are a man over the age of 60. Tell me I’m wrong on that……

    “But hey, if it makes you feel all big and bad to pick on Ms. Beezy and exploit the language barrier, then what does that say about you? Not much, I’ll tell you that.”

    It doesn’t make me feel big and bad, I just don’t like Bees. She has no opinions of her own she just parrots the latest conservative talking point. She says nothing original and I don’t care for sycophants. I’ve gone toe to toe with numerous commenters on FA (Aye, Mike A., Mata, Hard Right, Ivan, Retire, etc.) They’ve all been perfectly capable of handling my BS and giving it right back. Apparently you think Bees isn’t capable of taking care of herself so maybe you are the one who needs to feel big and bad by sticking up for her.

    “Any time you think you’re bright enough for a debate with me, just shout. Pick the topic and go first, Sluggo. But remember, you have to provide links to your sources, whatever that topic may be.”

    Donald as much as I would love to waste huge amounts of time debating you on FA (do you have a job? You are on FA incessantly so it makes me wonder…are you retired?) I’m just not interested. How would debating you in any way benefit me or improve my quality of life? Will I get paid for debating you? What’s in it for me? Other than helping you stroke your over sized ego I can’t for the life of me see how going back and forth with Don King on the interwebz will in any way be beneficial. Unlike you I don’t have hours a day to blather on endlessly about my political viewpoints. I live in the real world, and in the real world my time is important to me. I seldom comment on FA anymore because I am working quite a bit and don’t have much extra time for frivolous pursuits. Can’t you play with Larry, Tom or Rich? I’m sure they’d love to go back and forth with you. I’m sorry Don, you just aren’t important to me.

    I still love your hair.

    Your pal

    Ron H.

  4. 157

    Ron H.

    Please see above. Bees is perfectly capable of sticking up for herself. See she told me to go “spit on myself”. That’s a start isn’t it? From there I’m sure she will make the inevitable move to dropping an F-bomb here and there. She’s learning the ways of FA.

    The sexual tension between us is palpable. Do you feel it too?

  5. 158


    @Sluggo: You know, I quit hearing about those wild hair and boxing jokes when I was in high school, but I expected as much from the likes of you.

    As to your questions about my personal life, walk west until your hat floats, Sluggo. My age, personal status, address or anything else are none of your business.

    To be honest, I figured you’d back down from the challenge to debate. Take care of your “important” time and run along with your tail tucked between your legs, the grown ups are trying to talk.

  6. 161

    Ron H.

    Wow are you dense. I’m not “hitting” on Bees. It’s called sarcasm. That may escape a man of your age as I’m sure you’re only exposure to humor is The Andy Griffith Show reruns. I stated I didn’t like her then proceed to “hit” on her. A less dense individual would have picked up on the sarcasm. But after all it’s you we’re talking about so………

  7. 162

    Ron H.

    Donald said:

    “To be honest, I figured you’d back down from the challenge to debate. Take care of your “important” time and run along with your tail tucked between your legs, the grown ups are trying to talk”.

    “Tail tucked between my legs”? Are you joking. I’m talking to you right now. I’m responding to your stupid outdated attempts at humor aren’t I? I asked about your age and you dodged the question so whose tail is tucked between their legs? I’m 41. That wasn’t so difficult was it? As far as debating you you know damn well the amount of time it takes to do the research and then type everything out. I read plenty of threads on FA between Mata and Larry, or Aye and Larry that go on for days. And if you look at the time when some of the responses are posted, it’s often late in the evening. So yeah I don’t have that kind of time. But make no mistake Donnie, you don’t intimidate me in the least. I’m here right now so spare me the “I’m afraid of you” BS. Again this coming from a guy who can’t even admit his age…………

    Someone hold me…I’m trembling….

  8. 164


    @Slug: You sure are fixated on my age, aren’t you? LOL it is like you are a puppet, and I’m pulling your strings, Sluggster.

    You say you’re “too busy” to debate me, yet you take plenty of time to try and prove you’re too busy. My one comment garnered three; THREE replies from you. Me thinks you doth protest too much, Sluggy.

    Go ahead and back down, carry on with your “important” life. There’s no shame in backing down, so go on and slime your way back to what usually occupies your time; one can only guess what that is – tearing the wings off of flies, counting how many times your Mom yelled at you to keep the music down in her basement where your room is, getting to that next level of BF3, pretending you have a girlfriend to impress your friends, etc…

    I mean the list goes on, but don’t worry Sluggo, I’m sure you have TONS to keep you busy.

    Hey! Stop gazing at your bellybutton when I’m talking to you! That lint can wait…

  9. 166


    LOL Finally! Some peace and quiet.

    Objectively speaking, as one of the (minority) Lib-Dems, I’ll award you my vote.

    Victory. By judges’ decision.

    I hate pissing contests, myself. I just won’t go there. It’s got to do with Catholic guilt, which most people don’t understand. But, objectively speaking, you won this one. I admire intellect, wherever it reveals itself. There is a whole lot of intellect on this blog, which is why I think it’s not a waste of my time to spend time here. My father just celebrated his 99th birthday on November 8th. He’s better at NY Times crosswords than I. He set a world age group record in masters swimming (95-99 age group). He spends 6 hours a day day trading on schwab.com and made more money in the past three years than I did as a reasonably successful MD in Orange County CA. He doesn’t swim or day trade to set records or to make money but to be happy and to stay young. Obama voter in a swing state (FL). Go Dad! So he’s my hero. I spend a whole lot of time training as a masters athlete and arguing with my esteemed conservative friends here on F/A. I’m now 65 years old, but I don’t plan on retiring until I’m 80, if I can avoid pancreatic cancer and other totally sucky and “unfair” lethal events. So here’s one self-employed, small business lib Dem who’s a maker and not a taker.

    I’m serious about my Flopping Aces open house in February, in Huntington Beach, at Casa Weisenthal (17031 Courtney Lane, Huntington Beach CA 92649), with the only priviso that Curt has got to agree to attend. I’ll commit to hosting any day in February when Curt can attend. Everyone who comes has to agree to pledge to keep Curt’s identity confidential, among true friends. If Curt wants to attend under an assumed name, that’s OK. He’s law enforcement, and, in my view, that’s second only to active duty or retired military.

    – Larry Weisenthal/Huntington Beach CA

  10. 167


    @openid.aol.com/runnswim: lol, thanks Larry. You and I have crossed paths before, but I can honestly say you’ve never resorted to the depths that other libs here on FA have.

    We’ll never agree on politics, you and I, but we’re both human, so there is plenty of room for common ground.

    Thanks for your judgement in the stupid pissing contest I had with Ron H. The only reason I bothered is because he picked on Beezy. Yes I know she can take care of herself, but as a gentleman, I could not stand idly by while he was being such a horse’s ass to her. I guess I’m just old school.

    You’ve got a few years on me, Larry but then again, you’re only as old as you feel, right? I would reveal my age, but since Ron. H. is salivating while reading this, thinking I’ll say it – just gotta pass.

    Since I live in Illinois, big doubts on making the First Annual Flopping Aces Convention. Just drink one for me.

    ~ Don

  11. 168


    so glad to hear of your father wellness and smart brain, it will invigorate the other of same ages who would think that giving up is the proper thing to do in front of the new generation who for some have a poor mindset of the elder, it is a good lesson of life,give him our good wishes,
    and you are in the position to follow in his foot step for longevity, you just must, even to make him proud,
    the thread he follow must be match, by his legacy now, by all,
    long life to you too.

  12. 169


    thank you for being my knight in shining armor,
    I could see how well you do, much better than I,
    I learn so much how to be diplomatic from you with the trolls,
    I might succeed to do the same, if I count to ten before answering to those
    who insult my group here,
    best to you

  13. 170

    Ron H.

    Don said:

    “You say you’re “too busy” to debate me, yet you take plenty of time to try and prove you’re too busy. My one comment garnered three; THREE replies from you. Me thinks you doth protest too much, Sluggy”.

    Man you keep showing how dense you are. I’ll go real slow so even you can follow along dickwad. If you bother to look at the three posts you mentioned, you will see the times that I posted them located at the bottom right. The times are 10:40, 10:48 and 10:50. So I spent a mere ten minutes on you and yet in your little bubble I “took plenty of time”. Wow! Thanks for proving over and over what a dumbass you are. Damn man if ten minutes is a long time for you then that’s pretty pathetic. Go back and reread the last line of my initial refusal to debate you…oh wait I’ll repost it here: “I’m sorry Don, you just aren’t important to me.” I meant it Donnie. You are an anonymous dickwad on some website that I look at every once in awhile. Now please explain to me why I should in any way take you seriously? What impact do you think you have on my life other than providing me with a good laugh? Ding ding…the answer is none. Get over yourself Donnie….again you just aren’t important. Oh and I wasted five minutes typing this out but I’m sure in your tiny little mind you think that’s a lot. Figures…..

    Donnie King also said:

    “Go ahead and back down, carry on with your “important” life. There’s no shame in backing down, so go on and slime your way back to what usually occupies your time; one can only guess what that is – tearing the wings off of flies, counting how many times your Mom yelled at you to keep the music down in her basement where your room is, getting to that next level of BF3, pretending you have a girlfriend to impress your friends, etc”

    Still weak Donnie. Your are truly a pathetic human being. You need to debate a total stranger on some website in order to make you feel like some kind of a man. Try some push ups or maybe jogging. Or better yet walk down to your nearest watering hole and engage someone face to face. Oh wait that takes balls…something you don’t have. Yeah stick to the website.

  14. 171

    Ron H.

    I actually really like you so I’ll try and be civil. I can appreciate the fact that you think Donnie won some imaginary debate that never happened but that is insignificant to me. What I don’t get is why you continually come on here and allow people to basically piss all over you. I have been reading this website off and on for about five or six years, and in that time I have seen numerous authors and commenters call you names and question your intelligence. I believe Aye once made a comment about you letting a patient die…or a friend. I don’t remember the exact words but I’m sure you do as your response to him was filled with anger. Just recently Retire called you an enemy of this country (I defended you by the way). So again what is it you gain from coming here? Do you think you’ve changed anyone’s mind? Do you think any of the conservatives on here are telling themselves, “gee that Larry guy has it all figured out”. Guess what they don’t. The Libs on FA are merely fodder to the conservatives. You guys are the punching bags. I’ve watched over the years as you, Greg, Cary, Gaffa UK and Rich get double teamed and triple teamed. I never thought it was fair and sometimes I would jump in. I used to be quite civil on FA when I first started commenting but after being treated so viciously for so many years I decided it was time to take the gloves off. That’s the person I am to today here on FA. So you may think I’m rude and obnoxious Larry but that’s what happens you get tired of getting dumped on by a bunch of anonymous tough guys. I just don’t get the fact that a nice guy like you would continually allow themselves to be someone’s punching bag. It’s somewhat masochistic. Do you enjoy being treated that way?

    Ron H.

  15. 172


    Hi Ron, Internet debate is just my hobby. It’s a bit like going to a fantasy baseball camp. I’ll never be invited to hold forth on O’Reilly or Hannity, much less the ABC “This Week” round table or Bill Maher’s panel. So this is the closest that I can get to that. I like the challenge of debating. Plus, the debates force me to research things; so it’s actually a very valuable learning experience. I occasionally do lose my temper a bit, when provoked to the extreme, but I have no interest in having the sort of mud slinging pissing contest that you’ve been having on this thread. Most people eventually learn that I don’t do that stuff; so we just focus on the debating the subject matter at hand.

    At one time, Aye was the main vexation to my spirit, but, for the last couple of years or so, we’ve had a good adversarial relationship, of the type I seek when I spend time here. Most recently, Hard Right and I are getting along pretty well, on a personal level, although neither of us will give a millimeter with respect to being on opposite sides, in most cases.

    Retire05 is one of the most challenging, with respect to her insistence on personalizing everything. I understand her, however. She’s very bitter about Obama winning the election. She’s very much in the anger phase of coming to grips with it. She’d love to lash out at Obama, personally, but she has no access to him. She hides behind her pseudonym and doesn’t have the guts to go to a place like The Daily Kos or Huff Po and give the resident liberals a piece of her mind. She prefers the comfort of a discussion board where she is surrounded by fellow denizens of the conservative bubble. So I’m a very convenient target for her. As Yogi Berra famously said, “nobody’s human.” So I just expect nobody to be human, and, when people show their humanity and graciousness, even in the process of disagreeing with me, it makes my heart soar like a hawk.

    So I get a lot out of spending time here. It’s a great break from work — wakes me up, without the caffeine of afternoon coffee. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t do it. Everyone has his/her own idea of fun.

    – Larry Weisenthal/Huntington Beach CA

  16. 173


    I just heard about JED BUSH SON getting in politic,
    he is seeking a office in a political place
    I saw his picture, he is very impressive,
    and I could picture him debating against OBAMA ON ISSUES,
    he would have appeal to the young voters also,
    too bad he did not come in sooner campaigning with the MITT ROMNEY GROUP,

  17. 175


    @Sluggy: I thought I’d wait a bit Sluggy, since you went to great pains to point out that 10 minutes is enough for you. (man, I feel sorry for your girlfriend, if that’s the case)

    LOL, for someone who isn’t “important” to you, you sure get long winded!

    And the junior high names, priceless.

    *fade interior shot, Sluggo’s Mom’s basement
    Sluggo is sitting at his computer*

    “Hey Mom! You should see the names I called this guy on Flopping Aces!! Woo hoo! I’m the man!! And Mom, can you fix me another peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Hurry up, South Park is coming on.”

  18. 176


    you’re on NOVEMBER 2012, LEAVE RON H.

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