Love of country or revenge. Your choice. [Reader Post]

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He did it again. He went off script. He showed us his heart.

On Friday Obama said

“Voting’s the best revenge.”

Yahoo, an unofficial arm of the Obama campaign, then had to scramble to try to explain the remark:

Chris Moody:

MENTOR, Ohio—A campaign aide moved to explain President Barack Obama’s comment in which he referred to voting as “the best revenge,” saying that Obama was referring in part to a television ad Mitt Romney’s campaign released that suggested Chrysler was planning to ship manufacturing jobs out of Ohio to China.

Problem is, Obama never mentioned the ad.

Aides to Barack Obama are defending his remark that ‘voting is the best revenge’ by saying it was made in the context of Mitt Romney’s ads about Jeep jobs – even though the transcript shows the president had not mentioned the ads.

Speaking at Springfield High School in Ohio on Friday, Obama hailed former President Bill Clinton, saying that ‘his economic plan asked the wealthiest Americans to pay a little bit more so we could continue to invest in our people, continue to invest in ideas and innovation, invest in our infrastructure’.

When he added: ‘And at the time the Republican Congress and a Senate candidate by the name of Mitt Romney’ the audience of some 2,800 began to boo.

Obama responded with the standard ad lib he uses when crowds boo Romney on Republicans: ‘No, no, no. Don’t boo – vote. Vote!’ Then he added: ‘Voting is the best revenge.’

In just five words, Obama handed Romney a potentially significant opportunity in the waning days of the campaign.

And Romney was quick to respond

The Obama campaign was offended that anyone would take notice of Obama’s words:

LaBolt also took a shot at the Romney campaign for focusing on the comment. “It’s interesting that that’s the closing argument that the Romney campaign is making. I think that it seems very small,” LaBolt said.

In 2008, Barack Obama said this:

“[I]f you don’t have any fresh ideas, then you use stale tactics to scare the voters. If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from.”

Barack Obama has become that which he decried. He is no longer the candidate of hope and change. He is the candidate of fear and hatred, of division, darkness and despair.

There are two candidates. One wants you to vote out of love of your country and one wants you to vote out revenge.

The difference could not be more stark.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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  1. 1


    Well, when you do not have anything to defend, you must lash out about something. Romney spoke truth! Jeep has a good possibility of going to China and Chrysler has already explored that option in depth. Should have used the Romney plan for bankruptsy instead of the obama crony rewards bankruptcy plan.

  2. 2


    Speaking of obies crony buddies and jobs going to China — here is something that has gone under the radar — while the “olde” incandescent bulbs are systematically being outlawed in the stupidest areas of the country – AND GE light bulb maufacturing plants have been shut down here in the US — voila!! — at my local hardware store just outside the enlightened (yeh – sure) people’s repukic of seattle-stan — the incandescent bulb packages are slowly changing from the good old yellow to a white background — I am thinking hmm – what other mfr — then I look at the label – and it says GE and “made in China (hold a sec — just checked label — also says “Fabricado en China”)

    Isn’t that guy heading GE now on Obies job council — you know – the council that hasn’t had a meeting in over 9 months — or is that the guy from Disney? Can’t keep them straight — TOO many crooks — not enough time!

    Vote DemoCRAP someone else’s job depends on it —

    Or is it Boosch’s fault

  3. 3

    Nan G

    Romney spoke in Ohio this morning.
    The people there had several ready-made signs.
    Some simply said: Romney Ryan.
    But one prevalent one said: VOTE for Love of Country.
    No images of that one on the web …. yet.

  4. 4


    Barack Obama has become that which he decried. He is no longer the candidate of hope and change. He is the candidate of fear and hatred, of division, darkness and despair.

    I must disagree with you here, Dr. J. Obama has ALWAYS been the candidate of fear and hatred, of division, darkness and despair, even in 2008 when his campaign trotted out that slogan of hope and change.

    Divisive politics has been his m.o. since the days he ran for the state senate in Illinois. And back in 2004, his Senate campaign against Alan Keyes had a main goal of causing division based on Keyes only just recently having moved to Illinois. They called him an “outsider”, and blasted Keye’s politics as being divisive, when it was Obama’s own politics back then whose main purpose was to drive a wedge into the political landscape of Illinois.

    But, more recently, in his 2008 Presidential campaign, even as he was talking about “hope and change”, he was demonizing the right, mostly using Bush as the target of the division, in his quest to gain the independent votes necessary for him to win.

    Obama, and the rest of the liberal/progressive Democrats running for office, have only doubled down on that divisiveness this campaign cycle. Here in Indiana we are bombarded with ads by Joe Donnelly, or in support of him, against Richard Mourdock, and they are some of the most negative ads you will find anywhere. Statements taken out of context and repeated until your ears start to bleed. And the one “positive” ad from Donnelly? Claiming to be a “common sense Hoosier” while having a record of supporting the big government nanny-state legislation pushed by Pelosi, Obama, and Reid, including the stimulus and Obamacare.

    Doubling down on divisive, nasty, and overbearing statements about why NOT to vote for the other guy, instead of what they might do to make things better. This is the party of Greg, in Indiana, in a nutshell. I’d gladly trade Greg away to Illinois, where his attitude would fit right in with the political whores in Chicago, rather than keep him in Indiana trying to turn this state into it’s neighbor.

  5. 6

    Liberal1 (Objectivity)

    Why can’t you talk about something important, instead of insinuating charge like this. Is capital punishment a better motive for revenge than getting revenge by voting against all the pain Republicans have foisted upon this population, by the Romney/Ryan to plan to return to a similar plan—especially since, extrapolating from the 281 known DNA exonerations in the US since the late 1980s, a conservative estimate is that 1 percent of the US prison population, approximately 20,000 people, are falsely convicted.

  6. 8


    @Liberal1 (Objectivity):

    How ironic you would worry over the lives of convicted criminals yet on another thread just extolled the benefits of aborting those who might proabably turn to a life of crime if allowed to live. Do you worry about the 1% that are aborted that had the possibility of becoming the next Louis Pasteur or do you want to tout the miracles of modern medicine (DNA identification) only when it comes to criminals? You worry about the unfairness of our judicial system but not the unfairness of killing our intellectual potential?

    You seem very confused on who should be allowed to live and who shouldn’t. Like I said, you’re not a liberal, you’re a Neo-Nazi.

  7. 9



    You seem very confused on who should be allowed to live and who shouldn’t.

    No, retire05, Lib1 is not confused. Lib1 promotes the lives of those who would destroy the lives of others. Lib1 promotes the lives of parasites on society. Those who would rather see the destruction of free society, and the building of a slave-state, by allowing for only those lives of the “useful idiots” to be prolonged just long enough for that to happen.

    The next Louis Pasteur? No.
    The next Abraham Lincoln? No.
    The next Robert Jarvik? No.
    The next GW Carver? No.
    The next Sally Ride? No.
    The next Bill Gates? No.

    The next Xerxes? Check.
    The next Napoleon? Check.
    The next Stalin? Check.
    The next Hitler? Check.
    The next Mao? Check.

  8. 11


    Romney…93,432,902 /67% / 380 electoral probably more
    Obama…..46,013,553 /33% / 158 electoral

    This is the why

    In 2008 129 million voted, 20% liberals, 40% conservatives, 40% independents. Independents broke for Obama 6 to 1 over McCain. Independents felt anger and frustrated with Bush’s last few years of nation building and out of control spending. McCain was viewed neutral to slightly negative. Obama was viewed positive to very positive as his promises targeted the independents for smaller deficits, withdrawals from wars, and bringing Americans together to solve problems. Without any track record or history the independents gave him an opportunity and swung for him 6 to 1 on his word.

    Obama 69,498,215 54% / 365 electoral
    McCain 59,498,240 46% / 173 electoral

    Liberals Obama…………..25,934,687 20%
    Conservatives McCain….51,869,374 40%
    Independents Obama…..43,563,528 34%
    Independents McCain…….8,078,866 6%
    Others……………………………226,979 2%
    Total 2008 votes………..129,673,434 100%

    Obama…..46,013,553 33% / 158 electoral
    Romney…93,432,902 67% / 380 electoral probably more

    Liberals Obama…………..25,934,687 20%
    Conservatives Romney…51,869,374 40%
    Independents Romney….43,563,528 34%
    Independents Obama……..8,078,866 6%
    Others…………………………….226,979 2%
    Total 2008 votes…………129,673,434 100%
    Additional Turnout 2012
    Romney……………………….. …8,000,000
    Total votes 2012……………139,673,434
    Adjustment for voter Fraud
    Add To Obama………………….10,000,000
    Subtract From Romney……..-10,000,000

    Start out 2012 the same 129,673,434 that voted in 2008 but now Obama has not delivered and is trended negative to very negative there is greater increased anger and fears then 2008 from independents. Romney since the debates has trended slightly positive to positive. With this adjustment from 2008 to 2012 we switch independents from 6 to 1 Obama to 6 to 1 Romney. Next we add an additional 10 million voters due to a consistent progression of voter turnout since1960 which has averaged 5 million per presidential election an additional 5 million for supercharged electorate environment since 2010 midterms. This 10 million additional voter turnout is mostly a protest vote against Obama and socialistic liberalism. We give Obama the benefit of 2 million and Romney 8 million just to play it safe.
    Last but not least we adjust Obama up 10 million and Romney down 10 million to cover additional voter fraud this is over and above the fraud in 2008 as Obama’s has his key players in control for the last 4 years. This will translate into at least 380 electoral votes for Romney.

  9. 12


    Lib1 is someone who would want to rid society of anyone who was not the “perfect” human being. If we put into practice his philophy, we would never had the beauty of the music of Beetovan, who was deaf. Hawkins would have been aborted. He does not accept that when you take the life of another human being, your forfeit your own humanity, which is my opinion on convicted murderers.

    So how is taking the life of a helpless human being not yet born any different than taking the life of a helpless victim because you want their stuff, or because you hate them? Do you not relinquish your own humanity when you do that?

    What about the potential of the unborn to become another Hawkins, or Clarence Thomas, or Einstein? We cannot know what potential the unborn hold, yet Lib1 supports their death? Sick.

  10. 13

    Nan G

    Liberals, like Lib 1, have the luxury of never connecting the dots, retir05.
    When revisionists twist our American youths’ minds into SELF-selecting themselves out of our collective gene pools because they’ve been propagandized to hate who and what they are, liberal THINK they’ve achieved something.
    You rightly point out they have really achieved only the narrowing of our gene pool.
    We have lost potential geniuses as well as taxpayers.
    We have lost the potential defenders of our country as well as innovators.
    We have lost potential caregivers for older parents as well as parents for another generation.
    We have lost those who would have conceived of America as a melting pot and now must import those who never will.
    When we traded away our well-to-do potential children for immigrants we also got an anti-education bias.
    Even if there are geniuses among these new immigrants most of them will die on the vine of our sad educational system.
    Their own peer pressure will demand it.

  11. 14


    @Nan G:

    What the pro-abortion proponents will never admit is that they are actually racists. They support Planned Parenthood building large abortion facilities in neighborhoods like those in Sheila Jackson Lee’s district that are primarily black. They support abortion facilities in the barrios, as well as the ghettos. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said (paraphrasing here) how could they ever achieve the dream if they continued to kill the next generation? For people like Lib1, that dream can be nipped by killing off the numbers before they are born.

    But Lib1 will use every other excuse he can think of to support abortion knowing that it impacts the black and Hispanic populations the greatest. If that is not racist, then I don’t know what is.

    We can never know the potential of the unborn. The founder of Wendy’s was adopted. He was also a philanthropist who supported a number of charities that helped under priviledged children. What would those children’s lives have been had he been aborted? Clarence Thomas was a child of a father who deserted him before birth, and a mother who deserted him after his birth, causing his grandparents to raise him. Would the nation be better off had his mother aborted him? What about Obama? His father deserted him, as did his mother when he was ten. I doubt Lib1 would agree that the nation would have been better off had Obama been aborted.

    You see, abortion is a way of control over those who are in the “less desirable” catagory by left wing elites. When Margaret Sanger wanted to promote control over the birth rate of blacks, she recruited uneducated and foolish black church pastors to make the false claim that she was only interested in the “health” of the black mother. History has proven that Sanger’s goals were far from concern about black mother’s health.

  12. 15


    @retire05: It is even more confusing than that. If you remember that murder case in CA where the guy killed his pregnant wife was convicted on 2 counts of murder. If his wife had aborted the child, then she was home free. Because the father killed his unborn kid, then he faced murder charges. Only liberals can screw up policy this much!

  13. 16

    Brother Bob


    @Dr. John: Beautiful post – short and to the point. Game. Set. Match.

    @Johngalt #4 – to further clarify your point: Obama pretended to be the candidate of hope an change, and fooled too damned many of us

  14. 17


    @Brother Bob:

    Yes, Brother Bob, Obama did fool way to many of us Americans. What is scary is that many of those he fooled the first time are coming around for a second helping of gullible stew. If every voter was objective and demanding in who they chose in elections, Obama, while maybe fooling enough of them to win the first time, would be getting set up for the clean sweep across the country.

  15. 18


    “Voting is the Best Revenge” ?!? – Revenge? Isn’t that rich.

    I just read the up coming generation will owe the Government over $200,000!!! HUGE jump from the 2009 $45,000 wouldn’t you say?!?

    Just knowing THAT – I believe the up coming Generation should take OFrauds advice and vote for the other guy out of REVENGE!!

    Well, I know when I go to vote tomorrow, I will be thinking about ‘those words’ Ofraud spewed and will pull the Lever of “Revenge” AGAINST THE OFRAUD….

    Wrong choice of Words Ofraud!!

    VOTE!!…. FOR LOVE OF COUNTRY!! And Liberty and Freedom!!


  16. 20


    Great post. However, when all is said and done, Love of Country must win out. If not, we are doomed. As such, one can almost forget the economy, the sad sack energy policy, the open disdain for America and her ideals as well as the complete dismissal of America’s allies for starters.

    One must only remember one thing this election. Fast and Furious and Benghazi. OBAMA LIED! PEOPLE DIED! OBAMA LIED and is still lying! For love of country, it cannot be allowed that the citizens can and should accept a lying leader (and of course, as most here know, I also refer to most politicians of all stripes). The President of the United States took know action when our people were attacked and allowed them to be murdered. Then he and his surrogates lied about it!

    When did it become acceptable to allow our leaders to do this? Obama Lied! For love of country alone, this man must be voted out, if for nothing else than to atone for the lost lives of American citizens caused by leaders that didn’t give a DAMN!

  17. 21


    @johngalt: #17
    I wonder how many people are voting for Obama again because doing otherwise would force them to admit that they were wrong the first time?
    And the classic definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results.

  18. 22


    I am convinced that Obama’s message to “Vote for revenge” is meant for his “occupy WS” supporters, and the few who believe his “war on women” rhetoric, and those who have been incited by the “republicans are racists” propaganda.

    Meanwhile, millions are still kept unemployed by his administration’s anti-business regulatory agenda. I also note that Obama’s FEMA is as slow and ineffective as Bush’s was during Hurricane Katrina. Military members, veterans and others are angered by Libya-gate and the disenfranchising of military votes. And millions of Americans are very disturbed by his divisiveness and of what this administration has wrought in the last four years. So perhaps Obama should be careful what he asks for.

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