Obama on Hurricane Sandy: “We leave nobody behind”

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Wow….just wow

With the constant stream of new Benghazi revelations and the apparent cover-up by this administration it's hard to believe this failed President even contemplated saying this, let alone actually uttering it.

He left four Americans behind in Libya as nasal polyp treatment-slaughter-audio-tapes-ive-heard-they-are-damning-video/”>they screamed for help for friggin sake!


At least the media is raking him over the coals for this.

Oh wait…..

Exit quote:

“I think Charles is a little too hard on Obama. Frankly, it’s huge progress that he didn’t blame this hurricane on a video.”


Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    He didn’t blame it on Bush, either. Huge progress indeed.
    This President Barack Hussein Obama is a real work of art. He is completely comfortable making this statement, as he sees Bengazi as a separate issue, and like a chameleon, it is perfectly acceptable for him to change his protective coloration to suit his current location.
    Of course there is no hypocrisy here, as here he was talking about New York, not Ben-Gayzi, no connection between the two at all. So what’s the big deal? SARC/OFF

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    Ah, come on now, Curt. Obama doesn’t leave people behind, well, that is, except for Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Ty Woods and Glen Doherty.

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    Are you seriously politicizing what happened here? Even Chris Christie praised Obama for his handling of this disaster. And who said he reacted to fast? Michael “heck of job” Brown!! Unreal. And Romney wants to cut FEMA funds. Yeah, keep politicizing… you’re on the wrong side of that for sure.


    Now excuse me while I rest up to go on a run tomorrow to check on people we haven’t heard from…

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    christie is a koranimal ass licking bag of guts who is as republican as my dog.
    Why would he praise the koranimal in the WH ? That koranimal, commie, criminal POS in the WH has NEVER done ANYTHING right for this country. His mission, and he chose to accept it, is to destroy this country.

    I think christies occasional bouts of ” toughness” are constipation and roller coaster blood sugars.

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    Liberal1 (Objectivity)

    And now you’ve heard the ultra-right-wing-conservative view. For more of the similar comments, scroll down. For the truth, exit now, and go on to read my comment of the next article.

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    Well, of course, Obama was on top of this hurricane. It affected hisvoters fans. You know, those in the northeast that still think he is doing a good job.

    And while I think it is sad that there is some flooding, and what? 80 homes burned, I noticed that Obama put the regional military bases on alert. But he sure sings a different tune when there is a disaster where the people are not his voters fans. I suggest you research the Bastrop Complex fire. But just in case you don’t want to, I will be more than happy to tell you about it:

    the fire encompased almost 40,000 acres in one single county. 1,557 homes, hundreds of barns/outbuilding, cattle, cars, farm equipment, all burned to a crisp. Over 6,000 people were displaced. For days, the governor of the state begged Obama to declare the area a national disaster to facilitate FEMA and provide funds for those who were homeless. Nope. It took a week of raging fires to even get a response from the President to the governor. And what did Obama have to say publically about that fire? Nothing. Not one word. And what was the FEMA response when it finally arrived? Two FEMA workers with an Easy-up tent taking names of those who did not have insurance. If you had insurance on your home, barns, etc, you were told to call a 1-800 number in Washington, D.C. where you got a recorded answer and told to leave your phone number and they would get back to you. After two weeks, some of the burned out homeless were sent to local motels, only because they did not have friends, or family, to stay with, but most victims had been taken in by their churches, their friends or their families in other areas.

    While the fires were raging, there were firefighters from as far away as California and North Dakota, to assist a mainly rural county with volunteer fire departments. The county requested assisstance from the fire department at Fort Hood, and was denied. The National Forestry Service tried to send local volunteer fire fighters home if they were not “federally” certified. C-130s, loaded with fire retardant that had come from California, were grounded by the FAA because the pilots did not have a 24 hour break between the trip from California and flying over a massive burning area. Those planes were later diverted to another smaller fire in another county.

    In the beginning, there were thousands of people in a county convention center designed to hold 1,000. Donations of food, water, medical supplies, pet food, clothing, games for kids, cots, bedding, along with volunteers, poured in, but not from FEMA, Cary, but from churches all across the midwest and southwest, from individual companies that funded the relief. FEMA? What FEMA? The two representatives that just wanted to know if the people who lost their homes had insurance. Heck of a job, Obama.

    And if you had insurance on your lost, burned out home, where everything you owned went up in flames, as well? Well, it has been 13 months and those people have never heard one word from their government.

    So please, don’t tell me how great a job Obama is doing when what he is doing is nothing more than patronage. Yeah, those people need help. And they will get it. Americans are a generous people, and they will donate to help their fellow Americans. And Obama will make a big deal out of it because he is looking for votes. But when it came to a red state, he was AWOL.

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    The thing I find odd is Obama talks about cutting red tape to streamline the processes of getting things done to help those in need. This from the guy who’s been running the red tape factory on overtime ever since he became President.

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    this is outrageous from OBAMA to again let them die, and I detected his trick to go to NJ,
    because he knew CHRIS CRISTY is overwhelmed
    by so much destruction in his STATE and demanding help,, , HE know if he would offer money to his STATE, that he would be thank for it,
    this is the people’s money to help him rebuilt,
    a real scenario, which use the disaster to win point, it’s too obvious,
    hope the people will be astonish to have heard OBAMA SAY, We don’t leave nobody behind,
    it was the most outrageous sentence anyone can hear, and he said it with intent,
    check the pause after,
    and he said that MITT ROMNEY would eliminate FEMA, THAT IS A LIE AGAIN AND AGAIN,
    how can he be voted again with all he have done to hurt this PEOPLE.

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    With that disaster in the hands of the STATES, WHERE THEY NEED MONEY FROM THE FEDERAL,
    OBAMA PLAY POLITIC AGAIN, there is no money in the bucket, he did not prevent to save for the rainy days, imagine a disaster of that magnitude, it will cost billions and more,
    where will OBAMA take the money?
    he will borrow from CHINA again and again,
    how many billions it take to reach another trillion?
    he had spend merrily without thinking of the future real needed demands,
    does any one want him to be re-elect? no way, unless they are the same brainless fools

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    Nan G

    This post’s title made me think of a political cartoon I saw.
    I shows the Obama campaign bus stuck on a pile so its wheels are off the ground.
    Obama asks, “Why aren’t we moving?”
    And one of his campaign men answers, ” You’ve thrown too many people under the bus.”

    Another one of Glenn McCoy’s political cartoons reminds us that Obama PROMISED to lower the sea levels.
    Now might be a good time….

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    Permission, retire05 to use your words of wisdom on blog? If answer is yes, credit retire05 from Flopping Aces comment section or another name? blog is set up to get facebook libs to go look at a story that they otherwise would not link to because they recognize a conservative site. Some are so programmed they won’t even let their eyes, knowingly, land on anything from anywhere that Dear Leader has labeled off limits. http://offthefbwall.wordpress.com/

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    Hey, Bees!
    Here are the figures that I would like to see:
    Amount of Governor Romney’s personal funds that he has used to help the Sandy victims.
    Ditto for President Barack Hussein Obama.
    If President Barack Hussein Obama says that he gave a thousand, the MSM will praise him for his compassion.
    If Governor Romney says that he gave a million, the MSM will excoriate him with claims that “He’s trying to buy the election!”
    We’ll never see the figures, of course. Romney wouldn’t want to be praised for it, and PresBo wouldn’t want to be proven a piker.
    But, boy, will that traitor give our money away! With a forklift!

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    Old fashion land line telephone service has apparently held up to the disaster much better.

    Land line service at our business here in Georgia has been disrupted. Both toll free numbers are out of service. Our ability to make long distance calls has also been disrupted.

    Our provider is in Maine but their switching equipment is right in the heart of the affected area.

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    he might give a lot more, but it come from your pocket not his,
    and he can ruin the USA that way, if he know he will lose the election,

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    Thanks for asking! I just got back in from a 14 mile run (about 7 each way), and everyone I checked on is okay. There’s no power beneath 23rd Street, which is where I needed to head. (If you wish to see my path, it’s here: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/238994437) Never saw it so dark down there. The worst is on Staten Island, which I can’t get to. One of my coaches lives there, and has posted pictures, and it looks bad. Her two sons are both first responders and can’t get to half of their calls. There’s two little boys, ages 4 and 2 missing, and they’ve not found them yet. Praying for the best.


    I find it interesting that you left out the fact that Gov. Perry and local officials had just completed major cuts to the fire and police departments in that area. Guess it doesn’t fit your anti-Obama narrative. http://www.nbcdfw.com/weather/stories/Obama-Signs-Federal-Disaster-Declaration-for-Texas-129582753.html As for me, I’ve never been a fan of Gov. Christie, and I him lots of credit (along with Gov. Cuomo, whom I’ve always supported) for how he’s handled this. This isn’t about partisan politics, it’s about peoples’ lives.

    The idea that Obama would have to do anything to pander for votes HERE, of all places, is entirely laughable.

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    @Cary, #20:

    Indeed. Governor Perry slashed the budget of the Texas Forest Service by $34 million over a 2 year period. Volunteer fire departments had their budgets cut from $30 million to $7 million.

    Texas plans to cut budget of agency battling fires

    He was perfectly happy to take$3.2 billion in federal stimulus money intended for Texas schools, which he subsequently used to plug other holes in the Texas budget, and then attacked the Obama administration for having provided it.

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    If Trump has 5 million dollars burning a hole in his pocket, why doesn’t he donate it regardless?

    Yes, I will definitely update you as soon as I find more info. Thanks for the support!

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    Did anybody else notice that he spoke with his usual computer voice, and still had to read from his TOTUS? No emotion. If George Bush or any other republican would READ like that, I wouldn’t think much of them either.

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    On a non-political note, hurricane Sandy has knocked out 25 percent of all cell phone service across 10 states, and even more cell phone relays are expected to fail in the coming days.

    Number one cause for a cell site outage after a disaster like this: no generator on site. Once the power is out, the site will switch to generator power. Some sites don’t have generators. It can be a huge pain to have a generator at a cell site. This is usually due to environmental regulations. Two of the hardest hurdles to jump to construct a cell site are NEPA (National Environmental Protection Agency) and SHPO (State Historic Preservation Society).

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    same comment on both retire05 and Cary.
    and what they got ,is at least not spend on the OBAMA’S FOX TO BUILD AN ALGEA PLANT

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    he doesn’t take out money from his pocket to spend on the huricane,
    it’s normal to come in and give money for aid to AFFLICTED STATES,
    he make a big public show about it, and claim to not leave any one behind,
    right after he denied to supply help to the BRAVES, LEAVING THEM TO DIE FIGHTING
    AND HOPING FOR SUPPORT TILL THE END, because they knew to think of not getting the help was unthinkable to even envisage that the one representing AMERICA would do it.
    they won’t rest in peace until they are justify,
    one from the left just said it doesn’t matter to find the guilty,
    no it doesn’t matter anymore, because we all know it’s OBAMA’S fault, just because he doesn’t say anything.

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    Nan G

    SCE (Southern California Edison and a few other CA energy companies are sending 17 cargo planes’ worth of generators for the affected back East.
    Obama just despises when big business is more charitable than he is.
    He’d have nationalized energy like he tried to do with autos.
    I wonder what he thought when he learned that all the electric cars left out in the storm were destroyed by exploding into flames?

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    oh my, this put anyone to tears, so tragic, so awfully wrong,
    there are no word to understand it,
    I can understand the parents desperation,
    and we are there unable to change this sadness they will carry all their lives,
    we have the prayers left for us to ask GOD GIVING THEM THE STRENGTH TO SURVIVE SUCH INNER HURT,

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    @Nan G: #30

    I wonder what he thought when he learned that all the electric cars left out in the storm were destroyed by exploding into flames?

    Obama: “The auto industry, which I saved, will have to make more green cars. I can’t let this disaster go to waste. There are union jobs to saved, so the unions can donate more money to their king, no, I mean, to their PRESIDENT.”

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    Nan G

    I wonder if Obama included those DUMPSTER-DIVING NY’ers who live near the Key Food supermarket

    Maybe this is what he meant?
    His MILITARY TRUCKS are not being used to HELP get food to people, they are being used to collect VOTES for Obama!

    Priorities, Obama, priorities.

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    WHY not get some gas trucks on the road to load the cars on different spot
    of those long lines, beginning now, put them all on different place inland where the people demand it,
    this emergency help must be for all who where affected, and must be versatile to bring all the needs
    from socks change to diaper to food to air matterss to on and on and on all at once,
    not concentrate on one alone like OBAMA did. AND RUN.
    AND wasn’t there anyone to help the mother retrieve her two babies, at least try any thing when she yelled for help
    the two where still alive

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    Today I joined with hundreds of runners to affected areas of Staten Island. Running with over 20 pounds strapped to my back was a completely different running experience than I’m used to! Most of these runners would’ve been running the marathon today. I Met people from Louisiana, Los Angles, fellow New Yorkers, and even from France, all who came to help the residents whose homes were devastated in the some of the worst affected areas on Staten Island. All of the goods donated by my wonderful non-runner friends, who were able to give, were distributed and used with a great deal of warm gratitude by the residents there, many of whom have nothing left. We stuck around for a bit, helping clean a street. Imagine everything you own and use everyday – things that are more than just items to you – each possession with a history and memories attached, now in a wet pile on the street being swept away by a bulldozer. I was particularly struck by seeing a supply of oxygen tank masks, the same kind that were used by my father, laying in the street, alongside clothing, remotes, appliances, greeting cards, family photos, etc…. homes horribly damaged and boarded up. National Guardsmen thanked us for coming, and we thanked them in turn. Red Cross workers and even residents from less affected areas who came to help offered us food, and not a single runner I saw accepted, we wanted the residents there to have as much as they could. It was an incredibly enlightening and exhausting experience. I’m grateful that I have a home to come to afterwards. Lots of people don’t tonight.


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    thank you for what you did with the other, you know you where a writer once,
    THAT experience would be so well done by you in a book,
    I kind of detect your writting talent before, and your comment reminded me
    of that, this is an extra ordinary tragedy and the timing is participating so yes that book will be written,
    why not by you,
    let us know when.