This Question Of Treason

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“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

It is becoming obvious to everyone, except the MSM who conveniently ignores the public's outrage, the POTUS let Americans be butchered at a diplomatic post in Benghazi, when the assets were ready and capable of preventing this assault on America and Americans.

Once the attack commenced at 10:00 p.m. Libyan time (4:00 p.m. EST), we know the mission security staff immediately contacted Washington and our embassy in Tripoli. It now appears the White House, Pentagon, State Department, CIA, NDI, JCS and various other military commands monitored the entire battle in real time via frantic phone calls from our compound and video from an overhead drone. The cries for help and support went unanswered.

Our Benghazi mission personnel, including our two former Navy SEALs, fought for seven hours without assistance other than help from our embassy in Tripoli, which launched within 30 minutes an aircraft carrying six Americans and 16 Libyan security guards. It is understood they were instrumental in helping 22 of our Benghazi mission personnel escape the attack.

While our president and members of his administration continue to test new lies trying to deflect blame for this tragedy, a far greater crime than refusing to help American diplomats in peril is being revealed; a crime much more sinister when the question of our president's dubious and possibly duplicitous loyalties and sympathies are brought into question.

This dark page of America's recent history will be both an outrage and shame that America will need to live down and revenge as soon as possible, but there is another question on the horizon. Was President Obama supplying weapons to al-Qaeda?

We now know wh

y Ambassador Christopher Stevens had to be in Benghazi the night of 9/11 to meet a Turkish representative, even though he feared for his safety. According to various reports, one of Stevens’ main missions in Libya was to facilitate the transfer of much of Gadhafi’s military equipment, including the deadly SA-7 – portable SAMs – to Islamists and other al Qaeda-affiliated groups fighting the Assad Regime in Syria. In an excellent article, Aaron Klein states that Stevens routinely used our Benghazi consulate (mission) to coordinate the Turkish, Saudi Arabian and Qatari governments’ support for insurgencies throughout the Middle East. Further, according to Egyptian security sources, Stevens played a “central role in recruiting Islamic jihadists to fight the Assad Regime in Syria.”

In actions reminiscent of the Obama/Holder Fast and Furious debacle, but of a much larger and more sinister nature; since supplying arms to drug cartels to use against Mexican nationals and our border security personnel is fairly insignificant when compared to arming our enemies with weapons that will be used to kill American troops and to shoot down civilian airliners. (Yes, for you Liberals, this latest transgression will put you in the crosshairs of the Islamic Fundamentalist if you fly commercially.)

While the office of the presidency is playing international security with the ethics of a Chicago gang member, desperate American pleas for help were ignored and our enemy is being armed.

In the final analysis, after the refusal of the state directed media to address the terrorist attack in Benghazi, it is the power of the president's own propaganda machine that will trap him with the same flowery silliness typical of Vanity Fair's adulation of Obama.

A decision Barack Obama had made, more or less on his own. The president’s decision reached forward into the impersonal future—Qaddafi would be killed, Libya would hold its first free elections—but it also reached back into the personal past, to the things that had made Obama capable of walking alone into a room with a pencil and walking out a bit later with a conviction….He was especially alive to the power of a story to influence the American public. He believed he had been elected chiefly because he had told a story. Now the United States had forged a broad international coalition to help people who claimed to share our values rid themselves of a tyrant.

Without a doubt, Americans need to rid the world of a tyrant, but this one is much closer to home.


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    Tom in CA


    What BS.
    The Conservative response to the Libya attacks would have been ‘save them’. Unfortunately Mr. Obama feared upsetting the Muslim religious zealots and his political spin of Al Qaeda is gone at the expense of 4 US lives.


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    @Liberal1 (Objectivity):

    If his actions make the light poor so be it. Our President said he is responsible and wants to find out what happened. Well he was there in the White House during this 7 hour mess. If information isn’t being relayed to him during this then his administration has bigger problems than we know. With video and emails available it’s hard to understand why no answers unless the facts are damming. Why was a trip to Vegas so important the next day instead of a press conference? It’s not often we have an ambassador murdered. We’re still waiting for the press conference on this issue today.
    What many of us safely believe is he already knows what happened. Much of the surrounding discussions support that. After all this isn’t a man with a history of big decisions and a deep background in much of anything beyond community organizing. A deer in the headlights moment for him with what being his thoughts? The re-election campaign? The lives of those in danger and how his actions would be perceived? So instead we get inaction with him knowing much of the media has his back. The facts may be harmful to his campaign if released now. So stalling and distraction is the modus operandi. This man could not stand the same media treatment GWB got for eight years.

    It was his administration that kept up the “video” excuse for at least 10 days. Now we don’t hear much about that. Oddly enough Bill Mahr made an anti religion movie Religilous or something to that nature. The last 20 minutes are a complete slam on Islam. This movie was actually shown in theatres. No one rioted.

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    All readers, ATTEND:
    This information must spread through the internet. It will not spread through the media.
    “Provide for the common defense” is in the preamble to the Constitution for a reason. Such provision was not possible under the Articles of Confederation.
    The President has decided that protecting diplomats is not in his portfolio. His job is to make Islam look good. This means arming Al Quaeda in Syria, so that he can overthrow Assad and replace him with the Muslim Brotherhood. Eventually we will have Iran-Syria-Iraq-Egypt-Saudi Arabia as the axis of the new Caliphate.
    And the prime candidate for the Twelfth Imam is our own Hussein.
    So spread the word. Help was requested from Benghazi but refused. At the highest level.

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    It is a grievous fault and grievous shall he answer it! Willie had the right idea several centuries ago! It will come out and he will be punished for it and his other sins! I early voted for Romney and Ryan, everyone do your duty and well will cleanse our country of this blight of Communistic idiots!

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    Mr. Irons

    @Liberal1 (Objectivity):

    You do understand that 4 Americans are now dead from White House Incompetence, and if the stand down orders from the White House was followed to the letter than the civilian workers at the Consulate would have been butchered or held as hostages making the death toll of Americans horrifically too high and the Libyan security forces at the Consulate was poorly manned and geared to deal with almost 20 to 40 foot mobiles with mortar support. Those SEALs who died violated the Stand Down order to rescue pinned in Consulate workers, and try to get the Ambassador out of the area. But apparently you rather wallow in objective stupidity and ignorance than face the American blood on the walls and deal that YOUR liberal side can not cope or handle an enemy that wants to slaughter you and has declared a state of War on the United States since 1996 after the 1993 WTC attack or did your shallow mind ignore these things.

    War is ruthless, hellish and nightmarish but you can not win wars by hamstringing and restricting a fighting force to an idiotic set of Rules of Engagement slanted to humanitarian intentions. Wars fought to win are not waged to win the hearts and minds of the Enemy, it is fought to nullify the threat of the enemy with all and possible means up to and including the Enemy’s destruction. The Middle Eastern cultures and Nations do not play by Western Culture thought process of American Liberals and the notions of being “Humane”, they fight to slaughter and butcher their enemies and destroy any threat to their societies. This can be seen in Qaddafi’s army trying to nullify the Rebels of Libya which now splintered into the various rogue hostile Militias that a few helped with the assault on the Consulate and are making a very weakened Libya harder to establish an organized Government; or the Assad situation with Assad’s forces brutally killing Syrian rebels while the Syrian rebels butcher and maim Jewish and Christian minorities attempting to flee the Nation.

    You want to talk about American Conservative “Warlust?” Take a look at your own Democrats, including the current Vice President Biden who needed very little assistance to vote for the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq or Hillary Clinton who also needed very little help making up her mind to vote yes. Or how about the fact the current President Obama went into Libya with ground special forces and Marines to wage a military campaign to oust Qaddafi without Congressional approval of War? You talk about Conservatives being bloodlust bound? We only condone a fight if our lives and liberty are at stake, it seems Liberals love to play armchair general with American Lives a lot when they are in power case in point Kosovo, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Pakistan.

    If Bill Clinton was the President during this horrible event, Bill would NOT be going to Vegas the next day. He would have the backbone at least to be at the Pentagon getting briefed on who and what hit the US Consulate with such ruthless planning. He might have pulled a solution like what he did with Kosovo, but he wouldn’t have been playing around in Vegas like Obama did. But hey, you Liberals want to defend this current President fine have at it. Maybe now the Press will start seeing why the Green on Blue violence in Afghanistan is really all about, given how the Military has to bend over backwards by Executive Order to win hearts and minds and not able to fully defend themselves from hostile Afghans who see America as invaders.

    Also what “Disinformation” in the Romney ads can you prove? You spew a lot of horseshit, but you provide no facts or proof. For someone so, “Objective” you’re more prejudiced and ignorant of your surroundings.

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    @Nan G:# 47
    “Or they would stop beating the dead horse of there not being forces available to reach the site in time.”

    Nan, they will not stop beating that dead horse. Too many people will believe it, no matter what the facts say.
    As long as they beat the horse, some will believe that Obama did all that he could to help.
    If they ever admit the truth, fewer people will believe it.
    Obama is desperately hanging on to every believer that he can.

  7. 58



    If they ever admit the truth, fewer people will believe it.

    Thomas Sowell has a good article on the strategy being deployed by the admin.

    Confidence men know that their victim – “the mark” as he has been called – is eventually going to realize that he has been cheated. But it makes a big difference whether he realizes it immediately, and goes to the police, or realizes it after the confidence man is long gone.

    So part of the confidence racket is creating a period of uncertainty, during which the victim is not yet sure of what is happening. This delaying process has been called “cooling out the mark.”

    Read more here

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    @Nan G: #48
    Obama isn’t attending Christian or Jewish events, has no time to visit with Christian or Jewish leaders, but he has time to host Muslim events, and finds time to have known Muslim terrorists visit the white house (I don’t capatalize white house any more). He didn’t wear an American flag pin, wouldn’t say the Pledge Of Allegience, didn’t know how to pronounce “Navy corpsman,” went on an apology tour to non-friendly countries, and made the USA an unfriendly country to our friends.

    Who’s side do you think he is on?

  9. 60


    @Smorgasbord: #59
    As with all narcissists, he is on his own side. No one else, be they Democrat or Republican, Christian or Muslim, matters.
    We are all just cardboard cutouts, placed here for his entertainment.

  10. 61


    @Zelsdorf Ragshaft III: #54
    A long time ago I quit capitalizing, republican, democrat, congress, and white house for the same reason. I will now add barack obama to the list, since I have less respect for him than any of the others.

  11. 62


    @Petercat: #60
    I think obama could be classed as a cardboard cutout. He can’t speak intelligently unless someone writes his words for him, and one afternoon he read someone else’s speech he heard THAT morning, and even thanked himself for being there, but never knew it was the other person’s speech until the other person told him.

  12. 63

    Sua Sponte

    @Liberal1 (Objectivity):

    That’s the ultra-conservative response to everything: Kill ‘em all!

    Sooo you’re against Dear Leaders (PBUH) kill list and drone strikes?….Don’t worry lib, we know you wouldn’t, besides, hard to cause any damage with a wet dish rag….Oh, and for your ability to speak freely, no matter how nutty as a fruitcake it is….You’re welcome….Thanks for being “that guy”….Everyone needs someone to be able to point at and laugh..

  13. 64

    Sua Sponte


    @Skookum says: Good find Sue S, but if you would copy the link address and then tap the link button above the commentary box you write in, the situation would be more precise.

    Roger, will do

  14. 65


    @Smorgasbord: #62
    “I think obama could be classed as a cardboard cutout.” True, very true. The problem is that he doesn’t know it. And is incapable of ever figuring it out. Even though Valerie Jarrett has to move him around once in a while, to make it seem as if he’s alive.

  15. 66


    @Sua Sponte: #63
    “Oh, and for your ability to speak freely, no matter how nutty as a fruitcake it is….You’re welcome….Thanks for being “that guy”….Everyone needs someone to be able to point at and laugh..”

    Thanks, Sue. Now I have to clean sprayed coffee out of my keyboard. Yeccch.
    I need sleep.

  16. 71



    If the attackers were ready to use stingers, might they have used them on the reinforcement aircraft coming to the Benghazi airport? They would have to expect help to be sent, no?

  17. 72

    Richard Wheeler

    I can’t post any quotes from my grandmother much less Obama’s.
    Petercat “far right” alert** Mike Huckabee told me today,as a Christian, if I vote for BHO I’m going to hell.