Obama’s Concern For Big Bird Overshadows Concerns For Diplomatic Security

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The Obama Administration Has Peculiar Priorities

Obama Frets Over Big Bird, But He, His Administration, and the Obama Media Lie About Benghazi And The Deaths Of Americans

Today congressional hearings commence on the Benghazi attack; consequently, the State Department decided to tell the truth, everything the administration reported on the terrorist attack in Libya has been an outright lie. President Obama, Ambassador Susan Rice, White House Spokesman Jay Carney and the president’s news service, the Main Stream Media, told the American public and the world, nothing but lies.

We were told over and over by Obama that a two-bit video was responsible for inflaming Islamic passions and resulted in the deaths of an American Ambassador and three embassy employees. He lied, but why?

Could it be, he was humiliated because of his speech in Charlotte; he declared al-Qaeda to be emasculated and a few days later, on September 11, they launched a coordinated attack on the consulate in Benghazi with heavy weapons and butchered four Americans. Obama didn’t want to look like a fool, and perhaps he didn’t know the late Ambassador Stevens had requested security and the consulate had already been attacked 13 times this year, since he had attended less than half his daily security briefings and none in the preceding week.

There is no doubt he would still be blaming the film and creating unending speculation with his lies, but it was inevitable, the truth was going to emerge at the congressional hearing on Benghazi and the lies were going to be exposed.

United States security officer Eric Nordstrom, based in Tripoli until two months before the attack, requested more security in Benghazi, but was told by Obama State Department official Charlene Lamb, they wanted to keep security “artificially low,” based on a memo of his comments now before a congressional committee.

He also mentions over two hundred security breaches in Libya, from militia gunfights to bombings in Libya, forty-eight of them in Benghazi, during the 2011 to 2012 time frame in a chronologically based report, as reasons for more security. His requests were ignored.

Nordstrom was interviewed by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, on October 1, and the memo was a summary of Nordstom’s testimony prepared by the committee’s minority Democrat staff.

Nordstrom’s requests for security will likely be an important point in Wednesday’s hearing of what caused the failures in Benghazi.

The State Department has maintained there were no problems after conducting an internal review: despite the results of this internal review, congress is conducting its own investigation and hearings.

The State Department has refused comment on Nordstrom’s testimony, saying instead, the testimony will come out at the hearing.

The seemingly witless Director of National Intelligence, General James Clapper, told a conference on Tuesday, there was no advance warning of the Benghazi attack.

He was indignant of the media portrayals of him as “hapless and hopeless” after the administration’s change in analysis of the Benghazi attack from a spontaneous demonstration to coordinated terrorist attack.

Clapper maintains it is unrealistic to expect U.S. intelligence to have an “a God’s eye, God’s ear certitude” immediately after an attack like Benghazi.

It is also more difficult to have God’s help when you are expected to follow the lies of the administration.

Not only was security compromised or ignored by Obama’s Administration, but the entire administration and the Obama Media have been involved in a universal cover-up. It is one thing to make a mistake in judgment, concerning security, but to be involved in a cover up is another issue. There were no lies spun to protect American interests. These lies have been spread to protect the image of President Obama before an election.

Competency, integrity, and honesty are all key issues now that the president has complained about the death of an American Ambassador and three employees being “bumps in the road” to his reelection efforts; but he has underestimated the compassion and intelligence of the American people. Americans realize the atrocities in Benghazi didn’t need to happen; unfortunately, by the administration’s overt efforts to make Libya seem like a major foreign policy success, and thus by refusing to use due care and diligence by using adequate security measures, four Americans are dead. The fact that the president, his administration, and the media were willing to lie about the disaster, until the moment of exposure by congress, reflects on the competency and integrity of the President and those involved.

The president is now expressing his concern for the future of Big Bird after ignoring the pleas for help in Libya, before and during the attack. It has become obvious, the president is first and foremost a president of celebrities, and after all, Big Bird is a popular celebrity.

We are led by a culture of dishonesty. It is now considered acceptable to lie if it suits a purpose and our freedom of the press has become a mockery; since their interpretation of the Bill of Rights has become the freedom to lie in defense of a dishonest president.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. The book Fifty-Thousand Years is awaiting me to finish a final proofread and it should be sent to the formatter in a matter of days. I am still working, so it is not easy to devote the time I need to finish the project. The cover is a beautiful wok of art. I would put it up here if I could figure out how to make it work.

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  1. 51



    I have two choices when it comes to the SEAL team taking out ObL:

    first choice: Obama didn’t know that it was going down and was blindsided by Panetta, Clinton and Gates. That is why he showed up in the Situation Room in his golfing duds after being called off the golf course because the SEALs were landing in Abottabad.

    second choice: Obama knew about the raid having ordered it, knew the SEALs had lifted off from Afghanistan to head for Abottabad but knowing he had sent Americans into the belly of the beast could go play golf anyway, making him a cold, heartless bastard.

    Which choice should I take?

  2. 52


    @ Mike,

    So to complicate the garden variety hypocrisy regarding Obama’s defense record, it’s your belief Obama should be held responsible for “almost” not making the call to eliminate Osama (what others might refer to as debating a difficult decision), but deserves zero credit for the actual decision? So now we’re blaming Obama for hypotheticals that never came to pass (and that are basically nothing more than hearsay) while denying credit on reality? Intereresting. This is even more illogical and laughable than the standard FA conceit that Obama has nothing to do with a success that only he could order, because it was the biggest call of the last four years; but has everything to do with micromanaging security at every US embassy on Earth. There are many questions that should be asked about what happened that night in Benghazi. They just shouldn’t be asked by people who long ago burned to ashes any credibility they have on the subject of Obama. Reality isn’t a buffet to be picked over, sampled and discarded if you don’t like the flavor. There are basic rules of logic. This one is pretty simple: he can’t deserve a shred of responsibility for Benghazi if, under the same understanding of his role as POTUS, you claim he had no responsibility for the death of Bin Ladin.

  3. 53



    Tom, I have said before, and will repeat here again, I don’t blame Obama for the mistakes this Administration is making. I simply don’t believe he is in control of anything, except for being eye candy for the harpies on The View, and is nothing more than Howdy Doody to Valerie Jarrett’s Buffalo Bob.

  4. 54

    another vet

    Something this administration never learned is that you may as well start with the truth because that is where you are going to end up. Even Big Bird knows that.

  5. 55



    From the president’s statement on Benghazi:

    “While the United States rejects efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others, we must all unequivocally oppose the kind of senseless violence that took the lives of these public servants,”

    Is this the ultimate straw man? The president placed the blame for the attack on the consulate in Benghazi on those who have no tolerance of religion rather than on al-Qaeda. Very slick move, was it Jarrett or Clinton?

    He has effectively diminished the ill-feeling toward al-Qaeda and toward his administration for ignoring the repeated calls for increased security.

  6. 57


    @Greg: You are a sad person whose delusional ramblings attempt to convince us all that the majority of intelligent women are self-serving sex fiends bent on killing the babies that they created via the front ally butchers at Un-Planned Parenthood. Even more important is their (UPP) record of 36% of annual abortions reserved for Black American women. Particularly disturbing is that for a Black population compromising 12% of the general population UPP’s 36% success rate contributes to a 3 to 1 genocide success rate for the Margaret Sanger arm of the democrap party (just got to kill dem babies of color, dey be sooo ugly. Now I know where the sick saying of “No fetus can beat us” came from: the democrap plantation.

  7. 58


    on 23,
    would have had at least 15 grenades each, or more, they could have swing those in the front of the mob,
    those closer to them, plus as they come, that could have freaked up the rest to leave when they would see the blood spitting on all sides, and they could have hold until who what or when could have come to help if there was anyone in THE USA WITH THE COURAGE ENOUGH TO ON THEIR OWN FLY loaded with a bomb, to drop on the crowd, maybe from the PENTAGONE, TO SAVE THEM WITHOUT ANY NEED TO GET APPROVAL THAT HAS BEEN REFUSE BEFORE ANYWAY,
    what else is there to do when the PRESIDENT IS FAILING TO HELP WHEN NEEDED in extremist,
    there was no time to waste,

    it really demonstrate the vulnerability of the USA NOW
    HOW QUICK IT WOULD BE DEALT WITH, IF YOU DEPEND ON THE PRESIDENT TO HAVE SECONDS TO DECIDE, knowing the time he need to react to emergency, he must take the time to secure his own image first

  8. 59



    Marine, abortion is an emotionally charged issue, but is an unrelated tangent to this article. There is excellent commentary with new ideas emerging in the discussion. Let’s stay on topic and kick the abortion football on another thread.

  9. 60



    Bees, although your grenade theory may have made a difference, most of these situations are chaotic with multiple changes in plans. Remember, Ambassador Stevens was in a “safe” house at a different location. No one has mentioned whether the other man who was killed had former military training. Thus he may not have been familiar with the weapons. The former SEALs probably had light weapons against rocket propelled grenades, mortars, and automatic rifles. They held out against an estimated 200 attackers for over eight hours, while our president and his men worried that help was an hour away. It was an heroic stand by anyone’s standards.

    I think our president and his men are embarrassed over the dithering that allowed our consulate to be overrun; consequently, we are not going to hear the details that are known, but it is safe to assume, a few more former military men or embassy Marines (Marines are used to guard embassies, often ceremonial, but sometimes for real) might have meant they could have held out until the public could humiliate the president out of his stupor of inaction.

  10. 61


    without having ever touch a grenade, AND BE REPLACE BY HATERS IN AMERICA
    ON TOP OF ALL OUTRAGES? and they vote for OBAMA,

  11. 62

    another vet

    @Skook: Remember, the four who gave their lives in the service of their country were “bumps in the road”. This man’s top three priorities are- me, I, and myself. You can pick the order.

  12. 63



    Lamb testified that when Ambassador Stevens was at the safe house (where he was murdered) he had only one security guard with him. That security guard was NOT an American and he fled the scene. Stevens died alone.

    You see, in our politically correct world, we have now outsourced the security of American foreign service to those whose loyalties are questionable. We can’t have these Islamic nations thinking we don’t trust their citizens to provide security for U.S. foreign service, that would be just too big an insult against the Islamic nation. That would go against Obama’s policy of appeasement. Obama is only against outsourcing as long as it is not insulting to Islam.

    We also know that the Libyan guards tasked with securing the perimeter of the Benghazi consulate fled when the consulate was attacked.

    The request for additional security personnel was for “combat” troops, i.e. military that already had combat experience. Three times that request was denied.

    There is no way of making a silk purse out of this sow’s ear. It was a complete breakdown on the part of the State Department that misjudged the rapidly deteriorating situation on the ground in Libya, especially Benghazi. Lt. Col. Wood said “It was only a matter of time. We were the last flag standing.” meaning that everyone else, including the Brits and the Red Cross, had already pulled out of Benghazi.

    What you had was career State making decisions on security in one of the world’s worst hot-spots who were nothing more than pencil pushers and had never even been to Libya. They discounted any boots-on-the-ground observations. Look for Yemen to be the next to explode.

    The deaths of four American foreign service members under any other administration would be the end of that administration, yet the NYSlimes continues to try to cover for Obama/Clinton, and we all know the NYSlimes is the Bible of the left.

    This entire fiaco makes me sick at my stomach.

  13. 64


    Why did CNN bury Nic Robertson’s report on the protest in Cairo made on Sept. 11, 2012, the day of the protest?


    During Robertson’s interview with Blind Sheik’s brother who organized the protest, notice anything missing in why they were going to protest? Like using the internet movie as an excuse?

    So who created the narrative that these protests, including the non-existant protest in Benghazi, was due to a video?

  14. 65


    the NYSLIME are talking for their many MUSLIMS READERS,
    they sure won’t dare excite them on the wrong side
    they have to keep them , how did OBAMA said it?
    and BLOOMBERG is working hard at it too,
    he got them their own MOSQUE, right around THE 9/11 SITE,

  15. 66


    the VIDEO WW111
    TO BE

  16. 67



    The Innocence of Islam was distributed to Egyptian TV media by Saleh, the Egyptian Coptic who was working with Bacile/Nakoula on translation and distribution. Prior to the film, he did not know Nakoula/Bacile. Excerpts were aired on Egytian TV on Sept 9th, just before Sept 11th, by multiple stations including Khaled Abdullah… who is now facing facing accusations of religious crimes by Egyptian prosecutors, along with eight other people. Abdullah is a hardliner Islamist, known for inflammatory broadcasts.

    Abdullah’s audience is mostly Salafists, who made up the bulk of the Sept 11th mob that scaled the walls of the US Cairo Embassy, and tore down Old Glory.

    Ansar al Sharia had about 50 supporters protesting in front of Tibesty Hotel in Benghazi, per Al Jazeera’ Twitter feed. However it was not on Sept 11th.

  17. 69

    Sua Sponte

    @Greg…….You have definitely set the bar as a tool….Now I see why the military sent you packing, if serving at all, based on your comments, a low grade errand boy at best.
    …There’s only so much even they can take…..Thank you from all the lives spared because you were’t a part of any decision making process….You’re bitterness at being self-aware that you were and are less than the best is readily apparent…Clown…

  18. 71


    @Sua Sponte, #69:

    If you’re going to act effectively on your own authority, a cool level head is a prerequisite. You seem to lack that. You might want to consider a finding a different user name.

  19. 72


    Sua Sponte is the coolest around, I don’t think she need to change name
    may be you do, with all the bullshit you shoot at the tolerant CONSERVATIVES HERE,
    good we have Sua Sponte to catch you on the act,

  20. 73


    I think the discussions would be a lot better if people refrained from personal insults, personal accusations, and personal attacks. Opinions can be challenged very vigorously without disrespecting the person who holds them. Sua Sponte seems to obsess about anyone with differing opinions having had military service. I don’t make a big deal out of past service, but I do dislike being constantly insulted on the point.

  21. 74


    THE CONSERVATIVES don’t have your problem,
    did it ever occur to you that you are on the wrong side and at

  22. 76



    Hey Skook: Don’t take this the wrong way, But ALL marines are combat Marines.. From the cooks to recon, from the day they pass boot till the day their called to “the last muster ” Don’t be fooled by pretty dress uniforms at parties..

    Had they been properly equipped i think we would be reading a different story.


    P.S.. Best line ever told to me by a Marine.. ” I only know one good way to kill a man with a rifle, But i know fifteen ways to kill a man with my thumb “…..lol…..

  23. 77


    We should all try to keep the level of discourse as high as possible. Creativity tends to be admired and can be extremely effective. Name calling and manure slinging is what ruins the discourse on other blogs and makes a review of the commentary following well-written articles a waste of time. The best blogs attract the highest levels of commentary; discourse that often surpasses the original article in ideas and insight.

    We have a good community here and we should strive to let our discourse improve, rather than letting it devolve into the senseless blather we read on some of the other blogs. Tempers flare, but don’t get mad and curse others, and we don’t want you to kick the cat, just get more intense and write more effectively.

    Now, go to your corners and come out fighting with your keyboards, and may the most effective writer with the best ideas win.

  24. 78


    Warner, thanks for the reminder, but I am an 0311 Parris Island Marine. A little past my prime, but still willing and able to pack a rifle with steady hands and a good eye.
    Semper Fidelis

  25. 79


    GOOD ADVICES, it’s hard to compete with you, but this time you are the AUTHOR,
    so you won’t count in the best idea,,
    I’m thinking that I might swing the best one, I can feel it coming, and if I don’t forget it before I type it,,I’LL have a chance,
    now everybody put your mind to low, do it for me,
    I wanna win, I might, I should, I’m working at it, it’s fuzzy now but it will clear, I promise, ah shot,I forgot.

  26. 82

    Sua Sponte

    @Greg: Well, maybe you ought not to act like a tool, that would be a start…You believe you offer a “compelling” counter discussion when it fact it’s just tripe…Carrying the water for an administration covering up for the murder of four Americans, then have the belief you can come on here and support the lie with “a different view point”….There is no different view point” high speed and it’s been proven over and over again, yet you continue on with the facade and the want to whine when you’re called to the carpet…That’s why challenge your service, in twenty five years I have yet to meet a military member with as left leaning apologetics…You get challenged on an issue then immediately revert to “well I’m not able to speak for why someone did or didn’t do something”….There’s an easy solution to that, STFU and quit trying to insult everyones intelligence…Cables requesting security are denied, that’s a proven fact…Mulitple media outlets have shown the administration stated the attack occured when a demonstration about a video nobody saw got out of hand, that’s a proven fact…It’s easy for a cake-eater to sit there and sharpshoot, you’re not the one going down range or are currently down range on a DSS and have to wonder wether you’re going to be supported or thrown under a bus when the POTUS is more concerned about Big Bird than security, yet you vigorously defend their position…That makes you a tool…..As far as the user name is concerned, it’s obvious you’ve never been part of the organization that bears that motto, so I understand your ignorance…

  27. 83


    Nan G
    the link tell of a person who has an irrational side
    on concentration, by the way he fixate on something like the big bird which you find in every part of his life like a crutch he need to lean on to find his way after a session of drug which cloud the mind, we know from himself he was on drug, and probably still is.
    or an idea like the SOLYNDRA affair where he put so much millions to make it work
    and still won’t give it up, if he learn of a defeat,
    and again on his irrational too many CAMPAIGNS which began quite a long time ago,
    and still going on like he is fixate on it on and on like an impulsion,
    and other things too, which give one the bad feeling of thinking he has an irrational behaviour
    and he now fixate on ROMNEY and on and on , he tell it as a joke, and people laugh,
    but to him it’s repetitive to the point of compulsion as if he find he must do it or die.
    as the most important things of all which he feel must do,

  28. 85


    @Greg: Gregory, seriously?

    What would have been the point of that, when there would be no possibility whatsoever that such a lie could be maintained?

    As you well know, EC is so accustomed to having the press cover his ass, he figured they would let him skate on this one. but as you point out, it was so dumb, there was no way it was going to be covered up. Gross incompetence….

  29. 86


    @Greg: Gregory, seriously?

    Romney has now clarified today’s clarification that anti-abortion legislation will not be part of his agenda.

    You should run and hide your face if you support any of EC’s abortion positions. remember, he is for killing babies EVEN AFTER they are born. If you don’t believe that, check on his voting record on abortion as a state rep. it’s on the record. but thanks for the laugh of the day….

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