Next presidential debate: Mitt vs. O’s Teleprompter?!?!

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President Obama’s faithful want him to take the mittens off in his next debate and trounce his Republican opponent by bringing out his secret weapon: The Teleprompter!

Apparently some Obama supporters felt the president was at a disadvantage without usage of his teleprompter in last week’s debate. (Well…truth be told, they’re probably right). They think it was unfair in the last debate that the president debated at a handicap:

As one man stated, “How’s he going to memorize an hour and a half debate?”

Watch Rebel Pundit interview some of the president’s most loyal supporters at an Obama for America rally in Wisconsin Thursday, via Breitbart, for more:

“How unfair was it for the Debate Commission to not allow the president to use his teleprompter?” the interviewer asks at the beginning of the clip.

From there, a number of Obama supporters are seen saying, among other things, that they had no idea Obama was “off-prompter,” and that he probably would have fared better if he had been able to read his answers.

“Why? Why would you not let him use his teleprompter, you know?” one young man asks in response.

To be fair, however, there were some who were torn on the issue, and one who said Obama was strategically “holding back.”

Soon after, the video ends on a “fair” note with two women saying: “Shouldn’t they both be able to [use their teleprompters]?”

(H/T: Breitbart)

Looking forward to the VP debate!

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  1. 2

    Nan G

    All this and yet SNL claims they had no fodder for humor from the debate!

    How could they have missed using a teleprompter?
    Or stringing together all O’s “Ummmm…….errrrr…….uhhhh……ummmmmm……s?”

  2. 3


    Are these people remotely serious??? It boggles my mind…how the hell do you ‘debate’ by using a teleprompter? OMG !!

    No pre-written crapola, I want to hear the “real” OFraud…

    Typical Liberals when they lose the argument – Not Fair! – Not Fair!- Not Fair! – Not Fair! – Not Fair! – Not Fair!

    Sheesh!!! I’m surprised they didn’t rally for a “do over”…

  3. 7

    another vet

    @Greg: For someone who harps a lot about a woman’s right to abortion being a privacy issue, you sure seem to have a fetish about Romney’s underwear! : )

  4. 8


    The new meme is Romney is a “liar” because he didn’t accept Obama’s strawman campaign depictions of him and his policies as accurate. That’s what they are calling the “new” Romney that showed up to the debate (ie., someone who was different than Obama’s campaign’s (and the media) characterization. What they mean is the “real” Romney got to respond and debate directly to accusations based on Obama’s strawman. Obama was lost. His campaign can only conclude that the actual factual romeny and his record and plans have all changed because they are different from their own misunderstanding and mischaracterizations and distortions of them. (you just have to laugh at that one).

    Obama created a strawman out of Mitt and his policies. Unfortunately for him…it was the real Mitt that showed up for the debate..and not the punching bag that Obama created for himself. For defending himself and his beliefs…in front of such misrepresentations and distortions….he’s called a “liar”. Great campaign Mr President. Obama must have truly run out of ideas that instead of offering up his “own” specifics…all he can do is try to misrepresent his opponents and tar him. Great job. Very inspiring. Lets all prepare for the screams of racism and voter fraud that are “sure’ to come if Mitt wins.

  5. 9


    Yes, I think it is outrageous, Obama won the presidency by parroting messages from smarter guys who type in the proper words for his teleprompter. How can we expect him to perform on his own without help. It is the marvelous part of the Obama personality, he can take on the brain of anyone who types in the words. It is an advantage and many people realize just how critical it is for Obama to have his “brains” in the background doing the many wondrous things he is incapable of doing. Give the man a chance; otherwise, he will appear to be little more than an incompetent blithering idiot.

  6. 10


    Obama’s debate problem is NOT a teleprompter.

    What idiots! Who uses a teleprompter in a debate? I studied debate in high school years ago. No one ever, and no presidential candidate since, has ever requested or required the services of a teleprompter.

    But Obama won’t use a teleprompter. Although Obama is NOT a stellar orator, if the loss to Romney in the first debate was embarrassing and huge loss; Obama’s use of a teleprompter would be total devastation for him; it would definitively show the public that Obama is of the lowest kind — very odd.

    Try this on as some of the many reasons Obama lost the first debate to Romney and eventually Obama will lose the election to Romney:

    -High gas prices; TWICE the price since Obama took office.
    -Bad economic environment. No real help for small or medium businesses.
    -Attacks on religion under the guise of equality of contraception to poor; frustrating the Catholics.
    -Expounding Gay Rights and same-sex-marriages. Millions of black voters and black priests are upset and will not vote for Obama on moral grounds.
    -Obama is regulating coal companies to stall them.
    -Obama is blocking off-shore drilling; exposing America to the price gouging of OPEC; sending billions of dollars to the Arabs instead of encouraging oil independence.
    -Favoring “Green” when “Green” is failing like heck.
    -Obama turned down Canadian pipeline — a policy that favors Arabs and not Americans.
    -No cogent Middle East policy.
    -Showed Netanyahu serious disrespect during the Prime Minister’s state visit to Washington.
    -Fed defining Obama’s bad economy policy with QE3 (that’s 3, as in three strikes you’re out!)
    -Low housing starts.
    -Unemployment essentially still high with jobs at part-time, people underemployed. Many no longer looking.
    -Health costs rising and to rise even more with taxes from Obamacare.
    -Illegal attempt to affect gun control as with “Fast and Furious” scandal.
    -Low car sales.
    -Foreclosures still happening; only now staggered by banks to avoid retaliation.
    -High food prices and product shrinkage.
    -National deficit higher than any time.
    -Wild unsubstantiated spending; encumbering our posterity.
    -Uncontrolled border with Mexico and pandering to ILLEGALS; that’s illegal Obama.
    -Obama’s withholding legal records requested by Congress in the “Fast and Furious” investigation.
    -No transparency with the American public, which Obama promised.

    I ask, would any teleprompter change any of this Obama disaster? The question is NOT rhetorical. The answer is NO.

  7. 11

    James Raider

    @AdrianS: #10,

    Here’s another addition for the teleprompter defenders:

    1. The Nation is haemorrhaging jobs paying over $40,000 while it is creating jobs paying less than $40,000.

    2. For all those new graduates, 53% are unemployed or underemployed.

    This is just not going to end well.

  8. 12


    Let’s imagine a Romney / TOTUS debate. We have to IMAGINE that TOTUS isn’t preloaded with answers, since neither one can be told what the questions are. If TOTUS answers the question too quickly, people will know it had been preloaded.

    (1) Moderator asks TOTUS a question.
    (2) We all wait while the ones who decide what TOTUS will say, decide what TOTUS will say.
    (3) Obama reads from TOTUS.
    (4) Anyone with an open mind figures out that others are telling Obama what to say.

    I have changed my mind on the TOTUS issue. Let Obama have his TOTUS so the world will know he can’t think for himself, and they will start wondering who is telling what to put in TOTUS.

  9. 14

    Sua Sponte

    Greg, see you’re all rested up from the long weekend to give us another week of you clownmanship and general toolery……Underwear fetish?….Good for you…..Being different is fine, might want to keep it to yourself though….

  10. 16


    @A.Men: Numbers for Romney at are looking good and very encouraging. I am so fearful, still, of the fraud and the crimes the O camp are willing to do.
    God save America.

  11. 17


    @Sua Sponte: I’ll never forget my conversation with an 80 year old Annapolis grad with whom I swam regularly on our beautiful beach here in Florida in 2008 in which he declared he was voting for The Fraud. Stunned, I said why, how could you? His reply was equally stunning: “He has such a beautiful speaking voice”.

    Please God, help us.

  12. 18


    @Art: #17

    “He has such a beautiful speaking voice”.

    I suggest you ask them what they thought of Hitler’s speaking voice. They should remember it.

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